Vibration Quickie

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After a long day of work, she parks her blue car in the driveway. Turns off the engine. The sun is about to set causing her part of the world to dip into darkness. She pulls the key out of the ignition and grabs her purse and exits out of the car. When she closes the car door, she locks it. Walking into her house after unlocking it, she grabs the mail on the floor that came through the mail slot of the door.

She says as she is thumbing through them, “Bills. Bills. Bills. Oh and look, more bills. Ugh!”

She chucks everything on the table near the entrance and locks the door.

She kicks off her shoes and pads her way into the kitchen to grab a cold one from the fridge. A lovely pink water cooler. She makes her way to the living room and sits down in the comfortable beige recliner. Sipping on the refreshing beverage causes her to slip further into the chair. Placing the pink water cooler on the lamp stand next to the chair, she flips the light on. She rummages through the basket next to her recliner, she grabs a hand held massager to help aid in relaxing sore muscles. She’s had this thing for a while. She ordered casino şirketleri it off one of those infomercial channels that comes on late at night.

Flipping it on, the motorized sound fills the air. She bends over and works on her sore feet and calves after being up on them all day serving customers at the local diner. The vibrating pressure eases her muscles and relaxes them. The woman realizes that her back needs the vibrating love as well. She reaches back and works from her shoulders slowly moving down to her lower back. Sighing escapes her mouth.

She works the massager back up to her shoulders and moves to the front of her chest. The massager works down her chest over boobs and under. With her free hand she unbuttons her yellow blouse, revealing silky skin and a green lace push up bra. Her breasts are quite large. The massager moves over the large mounds. She sinks back into the chair getting comfortable.

The massager elicits a response between her thighs, an erotic response. Her breathing gets a little shallower. The vibration from the massager works around her boobs through the bra. casino firmaları Her free hand pulls them down from their cups letting them all hang out exposed to the elements. The nipples erect. Little peaks on flesh mounds. She pulls on one of them while the other is being loved on by the massager. Her back arches a bit. She switches the device from one hand to the other so that they can have equal play with her nipples. She pinches this one this time. She accidentally drops the massager in her lap.

The vibration causes her to clinch her pussy together in need. The vibration feels so good on her thighs, but more importantly in between them. She lets the massager vibrate there for a bit. Her boobs need a bit of more play time. Her hands take over the massagers work by kneading her fleshy pillowy globes. Kneading. Kneading. Pulling her nipples. Twisting her nipples. Back arches. Her thighs part and the vibrating massager slips in between the thighs causing the apex between her thighs to moisten in her panties.

All thoughts of her boobs now forgotten. She moves the massager firmly between her legs. A low moan güvenilir casino comes out of her mouth.

“This feels so good,” she says to the empty room.

Her hips gyrate slowly. She moves the massager back and forth between her legs. Her panties are getting wetter and wetter. She decides to take it up a notch by flicking the setting to one of the higher vibration settings. More moans come out of her mouth, louder.

She starts to buck her hips back and forth on the massager as the vibrations cause her to be sent over the edge. Rocking and rocking on the massager. The primal side of her takes over and she slips out of the chair, so that she can part her legs wider to give the massager better access. She continues to hold the sexy vibrations on her panties soaked through while she is still wearing her work pants.

The woman’s hips circle of their own accord. She can feel the bubbling up of an orgasm ready to take flight. She continues to hold fast the massager and her finger flips the setting to the highest vibration and that sends her to vibration heaven. She yells out her release and collapses while the vibrations still rolls on and on. She breathes deep shallow breaths as if she just did a fantastic workout. The woman turns off the massager. Grabs the pink water cooler and gulps it down

She thinks to herself, “I could really use a nice hot shower now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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