Using a Matchmaker Pt. 03

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“Patti is sending the limo to pick us up at your place at around 3:30. We should get to Citifield by 4:30 so plenty of time to mingle with the players before the game. How about we meet for brunch before that?” I asked Jaime.

“Better idea! I’ll make you breakfast. Come by at 11,” she responded quite confidently.

Nothing witty came to mind quickly to respond to her assertive suggestion, so I resorted to my old standby, “sounds good.”

“Yes, it does,” she responded seductively, and I knew French toast or eggs Benedict were not the only delicacies I was going to eat tomorrow morning.

I left my apartment in midtown around 10:30 with a backpack on my shoulder. I had a change of clothes for the post game activities. At the Citibike station by my place I unlocked a bike and peddled my way to Jamie’s apartment on First Avenue.

As I rode my thoughts wandered to the previous week’s engagements with Megan and Abby. I had so much fun and so much sex with two extremely gorgeous bald women. How was this date with Jaime going to top both of those? Then I smiled reminding myself of the breakfast she was about to make us.

I docked the bike a block away from her building. There was a liquor store on the corner that opened at 11. I bought two bottles of rose and a bottle of Kettle One. Her doorman let me up to her tenth floor apartment.

I knocked on the door and was almost floored by the site of her. Jaime had buzzed her hair down to nothing leaving only the short bangs to offset her hazel eyes. After letting me ogle her for another second, she kissed me and pulled me inside.

She wore a form fitting yoga outfit, and my eyes followed her ass from the hallway into the kitchen. “Nice place you have here. I have some wine and some vodka. What do you prefer?”

“I have some juice in the fridge. Make a drink and put the wine in there for later,” she responded.

She also had some seltzer, so I made two potent spritzers. I handed her a glass and asked, “what is on the menu?”

“Banana pancakes and bacon, or I can make some eggs.”

“Pancakes sound great.”

Jamie gave me a quick tour of her apartment and directed me to sit on the couch, while she went to work in the kitchen. “Are you sure you don’t need any help?” I asked.

“Not now, but you get to clean up.”

I responded, “Good deal,” to the pancakes. I then moved on to her haircut. “At Patti’s office after your haircut you mentioned that your boss would have no issue with your hair. I assume it went well, as you have shaved most of your head down to nothing.”

“Ian and the other executives loved it. I got many compliments and more than a few head rubs from my coworkers. Even though I have managed to deal with the attention to my head, I was a little anxious about speaking at a conference yesterday. I almost wore a wig, but Ian said to go as I am. After a few minutes I did not mind my industry colleagues thinking I had gone nuts.”

“You can go nuts for me anytime,” I said with a laugh.

Jaime laughed back and continued, “After the meeting it was almost six, so I went to a barbershop on the way home. I was so excited to sit in the leather barber chair in my blue pencil skirt and white blouse.”

She looked at the bulge in my shorts. I looked back at her and acknowledged, “As you can see you have my attention. Please continue.”

“Let’s eat first. The pancakes are ready. Just to mention I had to come home right after he completed the haircut to finish off the orgasm that built in that barber’s chair.”

My erection finally subsided after the first pancake. “These are delicious. I have not had pancakes in a long time.”

“Thank you. I was careful not to overcook them.”

She told me more about her travels, and I explained more about my investment business. As we finished eating, I asked her about our plans for later, “Do you like baseball?”

“I dated one of the pitchers on my high school team. I went to see him play a lot our senior year,”

“Interesting, and did that translate into dating athletes in college or beyond?” I asked.

“No, my boyfriend in college could scale a mountain and ski down the other side, but he did not play on a team. However, we have many athletes stay in our hotels, and I have become more of a fan over the years. I love the Rangers and Henrick Lundquist. Also, a few Mets and Yankees have stayed with us at the hotel.”

We sat for a few more minutes, then I gathered the plates from the table and cleaned up in the kitchen. Jaime directed, “I will let you attend to your chores. I have a couple of things to do in the meantime.”

“Yes, my lady.” It took me another ten minutes to wash the pans and put everything into the dishwasher. “Do you want another drink?” I asked her loudly, so she would hear me.

“Sure. I will be out in a minute.”

I almost dropped the glasses, when she emerged from the bedroom. She had removed the yoga clothes and replaced them with a pink negligee, a white garter belt, and matching canlı bahis stockings. “Wow!” was all I could muster. Sometimes, I am a man of few words.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked with amusement. We each took a large drink of the cocktail, and Jaime came over to lead me to the bedroom. We stood by the door, and she knelt down to untie my sneakers. She slid off each one along with the socks. Jaime stood up rubbing her nighty along my penis and up to my chest. She had me bend over a little, so she could pull off my shirt. “I only have to remove your shorts to set you free. But not so fast.”

My cock was raging for a release. But Jamie retreated to the bed, and I knew I had to keep it caged for a little while longer. I lied down next to her and place a hand on her head tilting her lips towards mine. While we flicked tongues, pecked our lips, and got lost in our saliva, my hands rubbed all over her shaved head. I massaged her neck muscles, scratched the top of her crown, and played with all the contours of her ears.

Still wearing my shorts I moved down her body. Jaime had smallish boobs, so I could fit her whole tit in my mouth. She started to moan loudly, as I bit down on her left nipple and then the right one. I pulled up the negligee exposing her belly. I licked all over the taught muscles inserting my tongue into her navel. My hands slid down her nylons, and that tactile sensation had my cock struggling to break free.

At this point my second breakfast was ready to be served. I pulled off her panties. With no further nibbling foreplay, I buried my face into her vagina. My tongue probed as deeply as possible until she shuddered. I moistened my pinky with her juices and inserted it into her ass. She shuddered again and screamed, “fuck me!”

I stripped off my shorts, and he was loose. My fully enlarged cock had a mind of its own to seek out a soft warm place to explode, and Jaime’s pussy was ready to provide that home. She got up on all fours near the edge of the bed, and I walked into her open hole. No fuss, just an easy glide right inside of her.

“I am not too sure how long I can hold out,” I said after five thrusts up against her ass.

“Go right ahead. I am about to come again myself.”

I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me as tightly as possible. I arched over her ass into a position of maximum tension, and my cock released its cum in five spasms. I felt her whole body convulse, as we collapsed face down on the bed with me still inside of her. I licked the back of her shaved head hoping to revive my erection but to no avail. I had to settle for post coital exhaustion.

We took a shower washing away the sweat and the smell of sex. “Do you want to shave off the little fuzz I have?” Jaime asked me.

“I would not want to cut you given we are going to leave in a little while. Besides, I think you look great as is.”‘

I put back on the clothes I wore over, while Jaime put on a short white dress with a halter top. “One of the advantages of small boobs; no need to wear a bra all the time. Let’s go for a walk along the river for an hour. By then Destin will be here.”

“Sounds good,” I said with a big smile. We took our stuff for the evening down to leave with her doorman to save some time after we got back.

We walked along the East River holding hands. On the promenade behind Gracie Mansion I pulled Jaime in close and kissed her with a full open tongue. My hand caressed her neck and the back of her head. After we broke our embrace an older couple politely clapped. We just smiled and walked back towards Jaime’s building.

We returned holding hands to see Patti’s team. Gary had out his camera to film us. Destin spoke up, “Hey guys. Are you ready for a big night?” he asked. “We meet with a few of the players at five, so we should leave soon to beat the traffic.”

Jaime gave hugs to Destin and Gary, as I went inside to collect our things from the lobby. Gary opened the trunk and took our bags. “Gary, I see Patti has you doing everything today. This should cover at least a couple of hot dogs and a beer.” I handed him a $100. He chuckled and said thank you.

With little traffic we arrived at Citifield around 5PM. We had a locker room visit scheduled for 5:30. An older man and a young woman approached the Limo, as we unloaded our stuff from the trunk. Gary quickly had a camera ready to film this greeting. The guy introduced themselves, “Hi, we are your hosts today. I am Kevin and this is Emily.” We all shook hands and finished the pleasantries.

We entered the stadium and toured through the Mets Hall of Fame. We saw plenty of pictures of the heroes of 69′ and 86′. Jaime called me over to a replica of her hero. “Hey Jason, take a picture of me with Mr. Met. Put a little fringe on the front of his baseball head and we could be twins.”

After another ten minutes Kevin led us to the clubhouse. The Mets had just finished warm ups and a few of the players were in the clubhouse to greet us. We shook hands with bahis siteleri Michael Conforto and Jaun Lagares. Jacob deGrom was pitching the game, so he was in the bullpen. But the pitcher from last night was there to say hello. “Hi, Noah Syndegard, glad you could come say hello,” he introduced himself.

“Wow, it’s Thor!” exclaimed Gary.

His massive hand engulfed all of ours with Jaime’s completely disappearing. “Hi Noah, good to see you again,” she said with a slight smile.

However, the rush of blood to her face and scalp belied her nervousness meeting this baseball Allstar, again. She did say, “again,” I thought to myself.

“Jaime, from the Public hotel,” he said with a huge smile. He took a step towards her and gave a big hug. “I did not recognize you at first with no hair, but you look great.”

“I have Jason to thank for the haircut. I really like it, as well. I may even keep it this way for a while.”

“Matz and I really appreciated the great rooms you had for us with the extra long bed. And thanks for the tickets for the Killers concert. We had a great time.”

“You are so welcome. Jason and I are looking forward to tonight’s game.”

I am not sure why a felt the need to break the momentum of their conversation, but I interjected, “I hope deGrom can pitch as well as you did last night.”

“He said he is ready to pitch a no-hitter tonight, so that would be a little better than mine.”

“Not much better. You only let up one hit,” said Destin.

We said our goodbyes and they hugged again. This time the embrace lasted longer, and his big fingers rubbed her nape and even a little more up her scalp. I held my tongue. But clearly, I was not the center of her attention right now. Moreover, I noticed Gary had filmed the whole scene.

We settled into our seats just above the Mets dugout. We ordered a few fancy sandwiches and beers. All of which were included in the package I bought. Jaime and I cozied up in our seats. I kissed her neck and nuzzled my nose behind her ear. I even rubbed her leg up under her skirt a bit. My little jealous streak had worn off, and I felt very comfortable with her again.

DeGrom retired all nine batters through the first three innings, so he was on his way to the no-hitter. With the Mets batting in the bottom half Jaime starting texting someone. “Is something going on with work?” I asked her.

“No. It is Noah.”

“He has a phone on the bench?” I asked facetiously.

“He said he is in the clubhouse.”

“What does he want? Is he inviting all of us back to his place tonight?” I asked with my jealousy boiling over.

“Just me,” she answered in a soft voice.

I did not say a word for a few minutes. Conforto was batting, and he crushed a pitch to deep center. The fielder gave chase, but the ball cleared the fence landing next to the NY apple. The crowd erupted along with the apple, and the Mets took a 1-0 lead. I grabbed Jaime in a deep embrace and whispered in her ear. “Go with him tonight. Who am I to compete with a Norse god?”

She laughed and hugged me back. “Thank you.”

We did not talk much for the next hour, as deGrom mowed through the next four innings with only one walk and two hits. Instead of enjoying the game with Jaime, I stewed in my self-pity. This night was not what I expected. Finally, I came to the resolution that even though I paid for this date with Jaime, by no means was I entitled to be with her at the end of the night. We had the crazy sex at the beginning of the date instead of the end. It was all backwards, but we it worked out.

Once I got past my ego, I asked Jaime, “What is up for tonight? I hope it is better than a trip to The Catskills I had planned for us.”

She responded, “That sounds like it would have been great. We are just going back to his place, and we’ll see what happens. Noah said he is going nuts thinking about rubbing my head, it is a good thing he is not pitching tonight.”

“Another guy who appreciates a woman with no hair. Funny, given how long he keeps his own.”

Jaime smiled at me and reiterated, “thanks again for understanding.” She paused for a moment then continued, “did you connect with either of the other woman?”

“Abby and I had a great time playing golf, but she is going to Europe for work. I liked Megan, and she surprised me right after I left Patti’s. We spontaneously had a great time.”

“And the sex, was it better than ours?”

Now it was my turn to blush. “I could ask you the same thing.”

Jaime replied, “about a year ago Noah stayed at the hotel. We flirted a lot and he invited me to his room, when I got off that night. I told him I could not be with him in the hotel for policy reasons. I gave him my number to go out the next weekend, but I never heard from him. Now he wants to be with me like nothing happened.”

“It must be the haircut. A bald head does that to more guys than you think.”

“I am fine with that, as I was doing it for you. So, even if this is just a fling with bahis şirketleri a star athlete instead of a wealthy entrepreneur, then I can live with that. Now, you can answer my question about the other two women.”

“Let’s just say I had the chance to be with three totally hot bald women over the past week. It really was a fantasy come true and well worth the money for charity. Patti has been amazing set all of this up.”

Jaime probed a little more, “Abby left but what about Megan?”

“I guess I can call her, but it will be a weird with you sitting right here.”

“I can leave,” she offered.

I waved for her to stay, as I texted Megan, “do you have a minute to talk?”

Jaime and I sat through another half inning of deGrom’s brilliance, when Megan texted back, “What’s up, handsome?”

“Are you up for a spur-of-the-moment trip for the weekend?”

“With you, not sure. I thought you are at the game with Jaime tonight.”

The texting in front of Jaime was going to get messy, so I walked away and called Megan.

“Hey beautiful. We are at the game, but it is not going to work out. I would really like to take you.”

“Am I the consolation prize?”

“Of course not. You are awesome, and I can’t wait to go hiking with you tomorrow.”

“And to rub my bald head again,” she laughed. “Ok, I can be your booby prize.”

“Megan, you are no one’s booby prize. I will be by your apartment at 11PM.”

I called Patti to fill her in about the change of plans. She agreed to have Gary drive us to The Catskills. I ensured her I would take care of him, and he would be able to get some more footage of Megan and me up there.

I returned to our seats just as deGrom left the mound. He pitched eight awesome innings, and the Mets were leading 2-0. The closer would come in for the ninth, so I felt no obligation sticking around. “Megan agreed to come with me tonight,” I informed Jaime. “I wish you and Noah the best,” We hugged goodbye, and I left to meet Destin and Gary at the car.

Emily walked to the valet with me to get Jaime’s stuff. Gary saw us, “Destin wanted to stay for the end of the game. He will take the train home.”

We drove to Megan’s apartment back in the city. She was waiting by the door wearing the same tie-dyed dress from the other day, and she had not shaved her head again. I got out of the car to greet her, and Gary popped open the trunk. “Hi Megan, let me take that.” I gave her a quick kiss, stowed her bag in the trunk, and followed her into the back seat.

“HI, Gary. Are you going to drive us all the way to The Catskills tonight?” she asked.

“Jason said he will drive for a little while, if I get tired. And good to see you again. Kick back and enjoy the ride,” Gary said to her.

Megan and I cuddled up in the back seat, as Gary followed his GPS to take us north to the mountains. After ten minutes of softly stroking her bristly head, Megan asked, “So what happened with Jaime tonight?”

I closed the privacy partition leaving Gary to imagine what we were going to do in the back seat. “Thank you for being so understanding. Megan, you are the grand prize.”

“Thanks, and no more apologies. I agreed to come with you because we connected last week. If this is the path a potential relationship takes, then I am along for the ride, even to The Catskills.” We laughed, and I hugged her hard. “So, what happened with Jaime tonight?”

“She reconnected with Thor, and I got tossed aside.”

“What does that mean?”

“She knows Noah Syndergaard, and we got introduced to him at the meet and greet.”

“How well does she know him? Has she experienced his mighty hammer?”

“Ha ha, she says they did not sleep together, yet. But I am sure he will use his hammer tonight.”

Megan could hear the doubt in my voice. “Yours works just fine,” she reassured me reaching her hand into my pants. “I really enjoyed our time last week, and I am sure you impressed the other two. No need to reply to that,” she cut me off before I responded to her jab.

Sitting on my left Megan unzipped my shorts to get a better grip of my cock. In return I slid off her little thong and stuck two fingers of my right hand into her vagina. She squirmed and cooed a little, as my thumb rubbed her clit. We continued to kiss and lick each other furiously. After a few minutes we were ready to screw, so I laid her back on the seat pulling her legs up into the air, “time to use your hammer to nail me!” she commanded.

Even in a limo having sex in the back seat involves some contortion. I braced my hands on the far door with my feet on the door behind me. Megan laid underneath me with her feet by her head and her pussy extremely wet and wide open. I thrust my hammer in one shot without looking. Thankfully, I plugged her vagina with the head of my hammer, and I did not miss a little lower into her anus. Not that I think she would have minded, but this was not the time for accidental anal.

I built up quite a rhythm pounding deep inside of her. Holding myself up on the door I thought for a moment I heard it opening. “Why did you stop? I am starting to come,” Megan asked.

“I don’t want to tumble out of the car. I am making sure the door is locked.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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