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Jessica stood transfixed, shocked but aroused by what she had walked in on. She had heard movement in her parents bedroom, and came in to ask her father a question knowing her mother was out running errands. Upon entering their room she had to walk about ten feet, passing the entry to their large master bathroom, before actually ‘entering’ the main space of the bedroom. This was where she stood frozen, staring at the scene before her. Her father George, a large muscular ‘man’s man’, was completely naked and kneeling on the bed facing partially away from her — he was sitting sideways to her, but the layout of the room put her essentially over his right shoulder. A small purple box of some kind was situated just behind his muscular ass, and he was rocking back and forth on two rather large dildoes attached to it. The greased up rubber cocks were stretching his ass open quite a bit, so much that it looked painful to her. He obviously was enjoying it as he rocked back and forth vigorously, fucking himself with the motion. His left arm propped him up on some pillows, while his right stroked his lubed up cock.

After her initial shock wore off, Jessica began to slowly back out of the room. This was when she realized she was soaking wet, a reaction which was equally shocking to her. She paused in the corridor, out of sight from her father but still within ear shot of his movements, his grunts and little whimpers. Hugging the wall, she slid back up to the corner again, her brown eyes wide to take in the unexpected erotica before her.

George had obviously been at it for at least a few minutes, as his breathing was accelerated and a light sheen of perspiration had popped up on his forehead above his closed eyes. His well-muscled body tensed and flexed as he moved, his face almost looked in agony, his mouth hanging open and brow furrowed. This was when she noticed he was wearing headphones, with the cord plugged into his phone on the pillows to his left.

As she continued to watch her father pleasure himself in a way she never would have expected, he shifted positions slightly. His right arm came off his cock, and both hands went back to his ankles as he arched his back slightly and shifted his movement from a back and forth to more of a hip rolling maneuver, grinding his ass on the two large cocks stretching him open. Jessica’s eyes widened a bit at the mobility of his hips. Prior to seeing this, she never would have thought her father could move like a hula dancer. He whimpered again, “Fuuck..” escaping under his breath. Her eyes were drawn to his unrestrained cock as he ground on the two cocks. This was the first time she had seen his member, and while he wasn’t fully hard, his cock flopping around to his movement showed that he was more than adequate.

George was in ecstasy, loving the stretch he received from the two cocks in his ass. He had been married to Jessica’s mother Tracey for 20 years, and had always thought he was as straight as they came. A few years prior to this, though, they had started experimenting. It was still just the two of them, but Tracey had started using toys on him. The first couple times were a little uncomfortable but still fun, resulting in mind-blowing orgasms like he had never experienced. Soon it became a regular part of their sex life, though he still attacked her pussy at every opportunity. For a guy in his forties, George still had the libido of a man almost half his age. After a while, the ‘normal-sized’ toys she had bought weren’t enough, so they found bigger ones. And bigger. Eventually, George completely embraced the idea that he was an anal size-queen, and the toys got quite a bit larger. He also started using two at a time — he especially loved when Tracey put two in, and fucked him with an alternating rhythm, one cock going in as the other came out. She used two ‘normal’ sized cocks for that (both were slightly larger than the average guy, around 8 inches long and similar in girth), but he had recently begun playing with his own combination — one of the bigger ones they had bought, along with one of the normal ones. The stretch he received from this was overwhelming — the first time he had gotten them in together, he hadn’t lasted but about a minute.

Today, he had come home to find Tracey out running errands and Jessica off with a friend, so he decided to have a little ‘me’ time. After stripping nude, he had gotten everything set up, lubed himself and the toys, and stuffed his ass full. The headphones in his ears played an audio recording Tracey had made for him before she went away one weekend. He enjoyed when his cock riding was accompanied by her rather explicit ‘verbal abuse’. She called him a faggot, and a bitch. She told him how his pathetic dick wasn’t enough for her anymore, and that she had found these ‘real men’ to satisfy her — but first, they were going to fuck him and cum in his faggot ass so they would last longer with her. Assuming he had plenty of time before the girls got home, he had plugged in and forgotten everything but the pinbahis yeni giriş husky female voice berating him and the two cocks in his ass. He was using his new combination, but had found that if he alternated between in-and-out while stroking himself and sitting back to grind without stroking, he could last longer. This kept him in ecstasy longer, and made his orgasm that much more intense when he finally let himself cum.

Jessica was in awe at the amount of cock (albeit fake) her father was taking, and taking rather easily — he was stroking pretty well up and down on the two of them. She was also still in shock at seeing her father like this. He was a married man, and looked to all the world like your standard heterosexual, masculine man. Hell, several of her friends in high school and now in college had called him a DILF, along with more explicit comments. She had never looked at her father in a sexual way — he was, after all, her dad — but she knew that most of the women in town had a thing for him.

A movement caught her attention from the corner of her eye, and she snapped her head over to find her mother coming to a stop just behind her shoulder. A surge of adrenaline shot through her, but she still couldn’t move. Tracey was watching George, a strange smolder evident in her eyes from Jessica’s vantage. Tracey slowly turned to look at Jessica, her eyes following down the girl’s right arm to where she suddenly realized her hand was jammed inside her yoga pants and panties, stroking her wet little teen pussy. She went to pull her hand out, but her mother stopped her with a hand on her forearm. She leaned in close, whispering in her ear. “Jess, you shouldn’t be watching this…but it is kinda hot, isn’t it?”

Tracey pulled back slightly, looking in her daughter’s wide eyes. Jessica hesitated, then slowly nodded silently. Her mother grinned slightly, and nodded toward George. Jessica turned her attention back to her father, who was stroking his cock again and riding the two cocks more aggressively. His breathing had become almost ragged as he was obviously nearing his orgasm. Tracey smiled wickedly, and leaned in again. “Watch this.”

Tracey stepped quickly into the room, closing the distance to the bed in a few steps. Her right hand clamped over his eyes as her left hand grabbed his shoulder, stopping his movement and pulling him down on the cocks. He froze for a second, his hand still holding his semi-erect cock. Then he settled back with her direction, grunting as his rectum stretched to accommodate. Tracey looked down past his ass, pulling him down until both cocks were balls deep. Then, keeping a firm hand over his eyes, she reached with her left and pulled the earplug from his ear. Turning slightly so she could see Jessica’s reaction, Tracey hissed in his ear loud enough for them both to hear.

“You little faggot, you couldn’t wait until I got home? You went and spread that ass open for the first cocks to come along?”

George stuttered a little, still surprised by his wife’s appearance. “Uhh…sorry, baby I was just-“

“Don’t sorry baby me, you little bitch. Spreading that sissy ass open for two real men to use, is that right you little cum dumpster? Fine, you want to get fucked?” Tracey watched as her daughter’s legs buckled slightly as she leaned against the wall, her body shaking in orgasm at her mother’s foul words.

“Yes, ma’am. Please, I need cock in my ass. I was so close to cumming on their amazing cocks. Please, ma’am.” George was still oblivious to his daughter’s presence, and was twitching slightly in his highly excited and now frustrated state.

Tracey snickered. “You are such a little faggot, begging for cock. What would you do if your daughter found you like this, found her daddy getting fucked in the ass and begging for more? Huh?”

“Uuhh…that’s not, Tracey –“

His words were cut off by the resounding smack of her free hand against his exposed ass cheek. “Don’t Tracey me! Tell me, would you like for me to bring your daughter in so she can see what a little faggot bitch her daddy is?”

A slight whimper escaped his mouth, as his hips almost imperceptibly began grinding on the two cocks lodged deep in his stretched ass. His cock, previously in a semi-erect state, was now slowly rising to full hardness. “No ma’am, please don’t do that.”

Tracey giggled slightly at the visible reaction in his cock, not expecting this. But she went with it. “I think your cock says otherwise. As soon as I mentioned your pretty little girl, that cock of yours started rising by itself and you started grinding your ass again. I think you like the idea of having your pretty little girl in here watching you take all the cocks I can find, sucking them and getting fucked.”

Jessica’s mind was reeling as her second orgasm hit, her fingers still squishing away at her soaking slit. Her free hand was covering her mouth as she leaned against the wall, trying not to betray her presence. Watching her father had gotten her rather excited, pinbahis giriş but watching her mother take charge and the filth spewing from her mouth had driven her over the edge.

“No, please ma’am. I’ll do anything, just please don’t do that.” His cock was now fully erect, and was just as impressive as Jessica had guessed from it’s previous state.

Tracey giggled, watching the reactions of both her husband and daughter. “Anything, huh? Ok, here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to keep your eyes closed while I remove my hand. I’m going to blindfold you, and it’s going to stay on while I give you what you want. Understand?”

“Yes ma’am. Thank you.”

Tracey pulled her hand away slowly to make sure he was complying, then quickly grabbed a scarf from her dresser. Rolling it slightly, she tied it around his head, completely covering his eyes. Pulling the other ear plug out, she took his phone and put it on his night stand.

“Keep your hands off your cock, little faggot. I will be right back, while I am gone I want you to keep these men entertained with that loose ass of yours. I want you to grind on their cocks, and tell them how much you enjoy them. Get busy.”

“Yes ma’am,” George said, as his hips began grinding back and forth. “Oh, fuck, that’s so good. You feel so good in my ass. So fucking good…”

Tracey stepped across to where Jessica was recovering from her orgasm, her legs still shaking. She pulled her head up so they made eye contact, and leaned in close. Both women could see the lust burning in the other one’s eyes.

“This is all just a game, regardless of what you hear me say. You’ve already seen a lot more than you should have. You can walk away now and close the door, or you can stay and help me finish your father. Your choice.”

The glow in Jessica’s eyes never wavered. Mother and daughter stood staring into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, then Tracey smiled.

“I’m going to get undressed. Feel free to join me.”

The two women quietly disrobed in the entryway, their movements mostly masked by George’s continued mumbling and moaning about the cocks in his ass. As they took off the last of their garments, they openly admired each other’s bodies. Tracey had always been athletic, and had continued keeping herself in shape into her 40’s. If George was the neighborhood DILF, she was every bit the MILF — shapely legs, round, firm ass, slim waist with an almost flat stomach, large firm breasts (which were implants, but who cares) and muscular yet feminine shoulders. Jessica was already following in her mother’s footsteps, her slim figure a younger representation of her mother’s, although with smaller yet perky breasts.

Standing together nude, they both turned to watch George, still grinding away on the two cocks as he had been instructed, his cock fully hard and barely waving from his movement. Tracey reached between her own legs and gave her moistened clit a few good strokes, just enough to relieve the tingle she was already feeling. Then she nodded toward her husband and walked toward him, Jessica following tentatively behind.

Jessica paused off to the side as Tracey moved right up in front of him, kneeling with her knees almost touching his. “That’s a good little faggot, serving these real men while I was busy,” she cooed in his ear, taking his hard cock in her right hand as she pulled his head forward with her left. His hands came up to roam freely, ravenously over her supple body, one hand grabbing her ass while the other dipped into her wet pussy to rub her clit. She pulled his face to her breast, and he latched onto one of her hard nipples, suckling like an infant.

“Look at you, running your hands all over me while you have big hard cocks buried in your ass. You’d rather take cock in the ass like a little bitch than fuck your wife, wouldn’t you? That’s how I know you’re a Faggot.”

He moaned into her breast, her words obviously having their intended effect. His grinding became slightly erratic, his hips almost appeared to be fucking her hand rather than riding cock. Jessica stood to the side, pinching one of her nipples as she stroked her clit in a blur, feeling another orgasm on the horizon.

“That’s okay my little faggot. Once these Men have filled your sissy ass with come, I’ll make you suck them clean and get them ready again. Then they’ll last longer while they fuck my married pussy. Maybe I’ll let you watch this time, would you like that, faggot?”

George pulled away from her breast, his lips nibbling and sucking up to the hollow of her neck as he moaned. “Yes ma’am, please let me watch while they fuck my wife.” His pumping and grinding became more insistent.

Tracey let go of him, eliciting a moan of disappointment. “Uh-uh-uh, little faggot. I don’t want you to come like this. I want you on your back, legs spread for cock like the bitch you are.”

She pushed him down on the cocks again, then slid around beside him. Digging in at the base of both toys, she released their suction pinbahis güvenilirmi cup grip from the purple box. Holding them in place with one hand, she pushed the box out of the way. Knowing what was expected of him, George turned slightly in place and laid on his back. Tracey said “Hold,” and he immediately reached under to hold both cocks in place.

Tracey beckoned Jessica closer, then pointed between her husband’s legs at the two cocks stretching his gaping ass open. As Jessica hesitantly slid up on the bed between her father’s legs, she looked at her mother askance. Tracey pointed at the two cocks again, then mimicked the alternating-piston movement her husband loved so much. Jessica nodded, then, brow furrowed slightly, reached in and took hold of the base of each cock in her father’s ass. As soon as she touched them, she felt a sudden gush of fluid from her worked up pussy. Tracey moved slightly behind her, watching over her shoulder. Jessica could feel her mother’s hard nipples grazing across her back, sending electric impulses straight down to her soaking cunt.

“Good little faggot, now spread your legs like the bitch you are,” Tracey hissed. Without thinking, her left hand had settled on her daughter’s lithe hip as George’s legs spread, his feet going up in the air. Jessica began moving the two cocks, one going in as the other came out. There was a surprising amount of resistance, given how freely he had seemed to have been moving on them a second ago. She leaned in slightly to get better leverage. As her father moaned anew from the sensation, she looked up from her perspective between his legs. The two cocks — one by itself was as big as the cocks she had seen in what little porn she had watched, the other cock dwarfed it by a considerable margin — were stretching his ass open more than she thought was possible. His almost hairless ball sack — he obviously kept it trimmed — hung down to just above the top cock. His own rather impressive cock, stood hard and proud above his stomach, shining with the lube still on it. His hands were behind his knees, holding his legs spread obscenely and comically wide open to allow access. His face, the blindfold still in place, was tilted slightly back, his mouth wide open as he grunted and groaned from the movement.

“That’s it, fuck my faggot husband. That’s how he likes it, in and out, just like that.”

Tracey’s words served a double effect — George thought it was her normal banter, pretending to egg on the two ‘men’ fucking him, while she was actually giving her daughter instruction on how to fuck her father’s ass.

“What a little faggot bitch, taking all that cock instead of fucking his wife. Now move together, that’s it, shove both of those fat cocks in at the same time, good. Oooh, he likes that, don’t you little faggot?”

George was grimacing now from the ecstasy, nodding his head as he was unable to answer. Jessica continued following direction, shoving both cocks in and out at the same time, marveling at the amount of cock her father could take.

“Oooh, they like that faggot ass, I can tell. -Alternate- Yeah, that’s it fuck that bitch ass and fill it with come. I think they’re gonna come in your ass, my little faggot. Go ahead, stroke that cock for me while they fuck your ass harder(Jessica continued her movement, but rammed in balls deep on each stroke)…and faster(she sped up her stroking as her father howled at her fury). Oh, but don’t be so loud, you wouldn’t want your sweet daughter to hear you and come find out what the ruckus is, do you?”

This obviously triggered George, as his hand sped up and down his slick shaft, nearing his end. Tracey slid around Jessica’s shoulder, her hand reaching out for the blindfold.

“You deny it, but I think you like the idea of your sweet, pretty girl finding you with cock buried in your ass.” George’s head twisted side to side in denial as he began futilely pumping his hips. Trying to time it just right, Tracey paused, and then snatched the scarf off his eyes with one hand while the other grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up just enough. His eyes flew open in surprise at his naked daughter, mouth open and panting slightly in both exertion and arousal, kneeling between his spread legs as she pistoned the two cocks in and out of his gaping ass. He kept eye contact with her as his cock erupted, jet after jet of come launching through the air. Transfixed by the sight of her father coming, Jessica continued her motions, stroking in and out of his clenching ass. He continued stroking, grunting as he kept coming. After 5 or 6 jets had arced up his body, Tracey reached in and stopped Jessica, pulling her hands away from the toys. His clenching orgasm pushed both cocks out of his ass, and the sudden emptiness caused his orgasm to lengthen just a bit, enough for one or two more feeble spurts of liquid to leave his swollen cock head.

Her hands suddenly free, Jessica stuffed them both between her legs, one going to madly stroke her clit while the other slammed into her dripping cunt. She was on the verge of orgasm from watching him, so her ministrations did not take long to push herself over into the biggest orgasm of her young life. As wave after wave crashed over her, she hunched forward, falling between her father’s open legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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