Tying Her Up

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As she and I lay in bed, she reads a book and thinks I’m asleep. That is until my hand begins to caress her leg, moving up and down her thigh, tracing higher and higher till she brushes it away. She slides her feet up the bed, pulling her knees up to support her book. Determined and not ready for bed myself, my fingers reach under her thighs now, slipping all the way down to her ass and back up to the inside of her knee, then back down, now moving closer and closer to the line of her panties.

“What are you doing?” She protests in a coy tone.

“Oh nothing” I reply as my fingers slide into her panties, finding her moist twat “you don’t seem to mind all that much.”

“We need to go to sleep” she mutters, then tries to say something else that turns in to a soft moan as my fingers begin to rub against her clit.

She continues to read her book, at least tries to; my fingers begin to press hard and deliberately as I pull myself under the covers and move my head in between her legs. She holds her knees together as pull the blanket away, exposing her to the cool air.

Again, she protests, but the naughty smile on her face betrays her.

I grab her hips and force her to the center of the bed before bahis firmaları prying her knees open to kiss my way down her thighs. Her hands move to push my head back as she playfully fights my advances. I grab her wrists and pin them to the bed as my mouth moves up her body, I bite the bottom of her tank top and pull it up to expose her glorious breasts; I release her hands and mine return to her body. She tries again to push against me and again I pin her hands to the bed as my mouth reaches her neck. Kissing and biting her, she begins to moan softly and drops her guard, allowing my hand to reach between her legs to find her cunt soaked from my rough advances.

“You don’t seem to mind at all” I whisper in her ear as she attempts to resist again. I pull myself up, looking down on her; the look on her face changes to confusion as I reach out to the side of the bed. To her surprise pull out a black strap from under the edge of the bed sheet and wrap it around her wrist.

“What!?” She gasps as I tie her hand with the nylon strap and then move over to the other side. Surprised and unsure of what is happening I’m able to tie her other wrist with little resistance. She pulls against the straps, and I see that she kaçak iddaa is almost able to put her hands together.

“Well that’s not very tight” she quips.

In response I suddenly grab one side and yank on it, pulling her hand down to the edge of the bed on the other side.

“Huh?” She gasps as I forcefully pull the almost free hand down to the edge and tie a knot in the strap, shortening it, leaving her very little room to move.

She tries to speak again and slap I her face, telling her to be quiet “shh, we don’t want the kids to hear us.”

My lips move to hers and she kisses me passionately as her hands pull at her restraints. I reach between her legs again, pushing her panties aside to tease her further. I begin moving myself down her body, kissing as I go, stopping to bite her nipple and moving on till my lips reach my fingers, toying with her cunt. She’s almost panting now, breathing hard and jumping at every movement of my fingers. I tell her again to be quiet but she can’t.

My hands slide around her hips, fingers wrap around the thin strips of her panties and forcefully pull them out from under her then slowly up her long smooth legs and off.

She’s not resisting anymore, but she’s kaçak bahis not being quiet either…

I force my fingers back into her twat and begin rubbing back and forth against her spot, making her writhe and pull on the nylon straps.

“OH, FUCK. FUCK ME, PLEASE!” She gasps.

I reach forward and grab her by the jaw “I told you to be quiet” I growl before stuffing her wet panties into her mouth.

Hovering over her now; I push my boxers down, releasing my cock, stiff and throbbing from teasing and toying with her, I rub it against her clit.

“Is this what you want?” I ask.

She nods yes as a muffled “please” escapes her stuffed mouth.

I tease her a few seconds more before slowly pushing my pulsating cock into her velvety cunt. She moans softly as it fills her.

My hands on her hips now, holding her up as I begin to drive myself harder into her, no longer teasing, fucking her now. She gasps and moans through the drenched panties still stuffed in her mouth. Rocking back and forth against my thrusts and tugging against the straps I can feel her body nearing climax. My body thrusts and tenses against hers, she moans and shakes as it crashes into both us. Her cunt milking every last drop of cum from me as I push myself deep and hard into her…

Our movements slow as we settle, and I gently remove the panties from her mouth. With knees shaking and a blissful smile on her face she says “thank you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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