Two weeks with Horas – Chapter 1

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I thought it would be just helping my brother. Boy, was I wrong.

My brother, Brian, and his wife, Leena, rang to say they were going on holidays and could me and Cathy look after their Doberman for two weeks. I didn’t bother to ask my wife, Cathy, as I knew she wouldn’t be too keen on having a dog around. I thought it would be funny watching her fend off Horas (that really is his name) as my brother had let slip one day that Horas was “intact” and I suspected that he pleased Leena. I was shocked at first but held my tongue. Of course my impression of Leena changed.

I told Brian I would be happy to. After all brothers always help each other. They arrived on Friday night with the dog and all the bits and pieces for him plus a shopping list of food. Wow, he ate nearly as much as me. They said it was a load off their minds that they could leave him with us. I expected Cathy to arc up once they left but she was calm and went about organising things for the dog. I was a bit upset as I had hoped she would complain. I just love teasing her and making her mad. It usual ends in wild sex. This time, nothing.

Once Horas was settled we watched a bit of TV and then went to bed. Cathy seemed horny and suggested we take a shower together. After which we had a great sex session. I wasn’t complaining just confused. Next morning we had breakfast and feed Horas. He seemed to have settled in well and Cathy was actually playing with him. I had to go into the office to check some work that was causing problems. Cathy said she was ok with the dog and I should take my time and get the work fixed. I told her I would be gone most of the day.

I got to the office and got stuck into the work and just after lunch I got it done. Feeling very pleased with myself I headed home. I walked into the house and at first all was quiet but as I walked in to the lounge Gaziosmanpaşa Escort room I could hear moaning and then a squeal. I rushed to the bedroom and stood in the doorway shocked to my core. Cathy was kneeling on the floor at the end of the bed. Her body resting on the bed. She was naked and Horas was on top of her pounding like crazy. “Oh yes good doggy” she screamed “fuck your naughty bitch” and then made noises I knew well, she was cumming. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, I was rocked to the core.

Horas slowed and then stopped humping and she groaned. (I found out later that was when he tied with her). I backed up and went into the lounge room and sat on the couch my head in my hands. I had suspected that Leena was maybe doing it with Horas but my wife? It was too weird to contemplate. It was maybe 10 minutes when Horas came trotting out of the bedroom followed by the sound of the shower in the ensuite. Horas lay done in his bed and began to lick his cock. I was shocked how big it was. It was another 10 minutes when Cathy came out wearing just a robe.

It was her turn to be shocked. “Your home” she stammered. She looked at Horas and then back to me “You saw us didn’t you” she said and sat down beside me. I shook my head “how could you? How did it happen?” I said. She then started to tell me a story, a story that had me upset but also turned on. She told me she had visited Leena one day and she didn’t answer the front door. She thought she might be in the backyard so she walked around and there was Leena and Horas on the back lawn. Horas was on top of Leena and she was moaning and saying what a nice boy he was. She saw me but couldn’t move as he had knotted with her. Cathy said it was the most erotic scene she had seen. She sat on a sun lounge and watch Horas finish his activity. Leena was crying and saying Escort Bayan how embarrassed she was. Cathy admitted she was turned on and half an hour later Horas had her too. After that they often got together when my Brother and I went to the footy or played golf.

I was gobsmacked. “Does Brian know” I asked. “Oh yes” she replied “he helped her train him”. I couldn’t believe it. My brother knew about Leena and Horas. “Does he also know about you?” I asked. “No honey, Leena said she wouldn’t say anything. We didn’t want you to know”. Now I was angry “How long has this been going on” I said, trying not to explode. “About 6 months I guess” she replied “I am sorry honey. It just sort of happened and got out of control”. “I have to think about this” I said “I just can’t deal with it right now”. Cathy cuddled up to me and began to rub my crutch though my pants. “Don’t be mad darling. I still want your cock” she said seductively. Then she started kissing me. She opened her robe and she was naked. I could never resist her. 10 minutes later we were in the bedroom and it was my turn to have her.

I was so intent on proving I could fuck her better than a bloody dog and I was pounding her. “Slow down honey” she said between moans “make it last”. I did as I was told and humped her for about 10 minutes before unloading. She had already cum once. “That was so good darling” she said cuddling up to me. “If you are happy with me why the dog” I asked. She explained that from the very first time she loved the pure animal sex with Horas. No emotion from him, no lust, just pure sex to tie with a bitch and plant his seed. I asked and was told about the knot. A swelling at the base of a dog’s cock which, when swollen, tied to the bitch so she could not escape being he emptied his doggy cum in her.

I was starting to understand. She liked being istanbul Escort a prisoner to a dog’s need to procreate. While a man’s need was to express love and/or lust. She further explained that foreplay was needed to get the juices flowing with a man but dog oozed pre-cum to facilitate his entry into the bitch. I had to smile at her de***********ion of herself as a bitch. Then she said a dog was able to recover in a few minutes, which was a worry as I took some time, and a bit of work, to front up again. Looking back I suppose our conversation might seem a bit weird but I had seen her in raptures as Horas had his way with her. It was obvious that he had been well trained and knew exactly what to do with his human bitch. I could see her gleaming. “You would like him again wouldn’t you” I said. She smiled “yes darling, would you like to watch?”

Coming out of the bedroom Horas looked up and his eyes fixed on Cathy. She had told me that Horas recognised the scent of a woman’s pussy. I guess it was strong after our coupling. He jumped up and trotted over as Cathy sat on the couch. He pushed his nose between her thighs and began to lick her pussy. Her legs were spread as wide as possible and she gasped and then began to moan. “Oh yes that is the spot” as he licked her pussy and clit. His tail was waging wildly as he got more excited. Cathy obviously knew the signs and quickly turned around and dropped her knees. “Take me. Horas mount” she said and then squealed as Horas mounted her. A couple of false starts then he found the target. She yelled as he went to work.

“Oh Brad thank you” she wailed. I assumed she was saying thanks for letting her do it with Horas. I watched transfixed as he growled and grunted and Cathy moaned. It was so surreal. It only took a couple of minutes before he tied to her. About 5 minutes later he pulled out to a loud squeal from Cathy. She looked up at me sitting on the couch. Seeing my erection she mumbled “”fuck me Brad. Fuck me right now”. Her pussy was soaked in doggy cum and hers and five minutes later it was soaked in mine. It was crazy.

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