Two Strangers Ch. 01

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It was dark when I awoke. I glanced at the clock on the bedside table; it didn’t surprise me to see that it was only 10pm. I’d decided on an early night after driving all day, but I couldn’t sleep. No matter how many different motels in different towns I slept in, the beds were always the same…I could never settle. Guess I was a creature of habit; I preferred my own bed on the few occasions my job allowed me to sleep in it.

I was one of the old school, a travelling salesman. Spent around 9 months of the year on the road trying to drum up business, driving from one rundown town to the next. Let’s face it, there wasn’t much call out in the sticks for what I was selling…though being a lingerie salesman had its perks occasionally, like the mother and daughter in Iowa, or the twin sisters near Phoenix!

I’d been on my own for around 3 years now, since my divorce, and though I enjoyed my own company there were times I missed the intimacy of a relationship, the warmth and closeness of sharing togetherness. Anyway, here I was in a small town just outside Brooklyn. I started my vacation tomorrow, and an old Airforce buddy of mine had offered me the use of his cabin, not too far from here. Apparently it was miles from the nearest town, on the edge of a small wood. I was looking forward to the solitude, and the heavy snow they’d apparently had the last few days heightened my anticipation even more…I just had to pick up some provisions and I was set.

I knew I wouldn’t get back to sleep for a while, so I took a quick shower, deciding to hit a bar for a couple of drinks, maybe check out the locals. Leaving my car in the parking lot I set off downtown…

I walked into the first bar I found…Al Green was on the jukebox…at least it had good music here. I climbed on a stool at the bar and ordered a beer. Looking round I was pleased to notice it wasn’t too crowded; I’ve never enjoyed crowds, this place had a nice ambience about it. There were maybe 6 or 7 couples in there, and 4 guys playing pool, but no unattached women. Well, I wasn’t out to find company anyway, so I just “people watched”

The door opened, and I glanced at the newcomers…two women walked in together, they were obviously regulars, the bartender calling “Usual ladies?” as they sat at a table not too far from me. I turned a little on my stool so I could check them out. They canlı bahis were both in their mid 40’s or so, one of them an attractive, slim redhead, the other with shoulder length blonde hair and the most beautiful hazel green eyes I’ve ever seen. She was a larger lady, something I enjoyed in my women. She was absolutely stunning, yet there was a vulnerability about her that made me want to take her in my arms and protect her.

I couldn’t take my eyes from her…she was bound to notice if I didn’t look away, yet she seemed preoccupied. Her friend saw me looking though, nudging her arm and leaning forward to whisper something, glancing over at me as she did so. My blonde vision looked up and casually glanced at me, offering me a sad smile as she did so.

I’d finished my beer and had plJenniferd to leave until she walked in…calling the bartender over I ordered another, adding “and whatever the ladies are drinking”…The waitress took over the drinks, pointing me out as the guy who’d bought them. Both women raised their glasses to me in a silent thanks.

I’d never been any good at approaching women; guess I’ve always been a little shy and unsure of myself, yet I knew if I didn’t do something I’d never see her again. I sat there, pretending to look around the bar, my gaze always returning to the same table, trying to pluck up enough courage to go talk to her. They sat, heads together talking quietly; suddenly the red-haired one got up and walked over to me.

” Hi!” she said, “thanks for the drinks, wanna join us? I’m Jennifer and that’s Patti”, she said. “I’d love to” I replied, stepping off the stool and following her to the table…

Jennifer took a seat opposite her friend, leaving me to sit between them. ” Hi” I said to Patti, offering her my hand, “I’m Garry”. She took my hand, gently, holding it for just a fraction longer than necessary, her hand warm in mine. ” “I’m Patti”, she replied, “Thanks for the drink”.

The next hour flew past; the three of us made small talk, having another couple of drinks, enjoying each other’s company. After I’d been to the men’s room, as I sat down, I nonchalantly slid my chair a little closer to Patti, hoping she wouldn’t notice. Jennifer did, however; “It’s getting late” she said, “coming Patti?”

Without taking her eyes from me Patti said “I’m gonna stay a while, I’ll call you tomorrow OK?”

Jennifer bahis siteleri stood, and smiling, said “OK…nice to meet you Garry, don’t keep her out too late”, giving me a peck on the cheek as she left.

“So”, I said to Patti, “just you and me…” She gave me a little half-smile, sliding her chair closer to mine, until our thighs were brushing gently against each other. This woman fascinated me as no other had. The week I had plJenniferd alone in the cabin suddenly didn’t seem so attractive any more; I wanted to spend time with Patti, but how did I broach the subject? She may be in a relationship, may have committments…who knows if she even wanted to spend time with me?

“I hope you don’t think I’m too forward Patti, but I’m staying at a motel up the road…would you like to come back for a coffee? No strings? And then I promise to put you in a cab home…”

She finished her drink, picked up her purse and stood, saying “I’d love a coffee…” I held the door for her as we left the bar, and was delighted to feel her slip her arm through mine, as we began the short walk to my motel room.

Once there, I took her coat and she sat in the easy chair as I made us both a coffee. There was only the one chair, so I sat on the bed facing her as we talked.

She was so easy to talk to; I found myself telling her all about myself, and my divorce three years ago, how I’d grown apart from my wife. I wanted to know about her, mainly was she in a relationship…I still hoped that she’d be free (and want) to spend the next week with me. Her eyes misted over, a small tear in the corner of each one…”Hey” I said, dropping to my knees in front of her, taking her hands…”I’m sorry Patti, I didn’t mean to pry…” “It’s okay” she said,… Taking her hand I helped her to her feet…”Lie on the bed Patti, can I just hold you?”

“That would be nice” she answered, as I lay beside her. I put my arm behind her and she lay with her head on my chest and began to talk. It seemed she was married, but she had a very high sex drive, and although she loved her husband, he just didn’t satisfy her sexually. She had even cheated on him before.

She lay in my arms as we talked; I knew that if I made a move, that she would let me fuck her, yet she just seemed too vulnerable at that moment – I wasn’t the type of guy to take advantage of a woman in bahis şirketleri that state.

“It’s after 4am Patti” I told her, “Do you want me to call you a cab?”

“Can I just sleep here? I’ll go home later, I just need to rest” She was tired from all our revelations to each other; if it meant I could spend a few more hours with her then who was I to argue? I got off the bed as she kicked off her shoes, covering her with a sheet. She watched as I took a pillow and blanket over to the easy chair to make up a makeshift bed for myself; no way could I take advantage of her…and as much as I wanted her I could never take advantage of her.

“No Garry, don’t sleep there…will you just hold me till I wake?” I took off my shoes, watching as she lifted the sheet to let me in. We lay facing each other, her eyes a little puffy and red from her tears, yet she was still so beautiful. “Try and sleep pretty lady” I whispered, leaning into her to kiss away her salty tears. She looked at me sleepily, and gently kissed me on the lips, before burying her face in my neck.

I lay there, holding this beautiful lady. I couldn’t take my eyes from her; I watched as the exhaustion slowly slipped from her face as she slept, her eyelids flickering rapidly as she dreamt, hopefully of me.

She lay with her head on my chest, her hand resting on my stomach. My own hand lay flat against her hip, not moving for fear of waking her. Her hair smelled of newly cut grass washed in the spring rains…I was intoxicated by her.

I must have lain like that for hours; though I felt a little tired I wouldn’t allow myself to sleep in case I never saw her again after she left. A shaft of early morning sunlight caught her face as I watched; she looked like an angel.

I awoke, not knowing where I was, the noise of early morning traffic waking me. Looking down and seeing Patti, I realised that it hadn’t all been a dream. The clock told me it was 9.30…I eased gently away from her as I needed to take a leak. When I returned she was sitting up on the bed…”Hi” she said…

“Feel like a little breakfast?” I asked, “then I’ll drive you home”

“Ok” she replied, “just give me a minute to wash up”. Ten minutes later we were facing each other across a booth in a diner just down the road from where we’d met last night. I’d expected things to be a little awkward; after all we were two strangers who had told each other our hurts and fears just a few hours earlier. Strangely though, we were so much at ease with each other, as though we’d known each other all our lives. I decided to go for it…

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