Two Months of Weekends Pt. 02

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Paul’s fingers were tightly gripping Regan’s blonde hair. He was shuddering in pleasure, trying to hold off the final moment when he’d be feeding her his cum. Or maybe he’d cum on her face this time. Regan liked to surprise him sometimes. Often she’d push the head of his cock into her gagging throat until it would grip and milk him until he fed her cum right into her belly. She was getting better at not gagging on his swollen cock. Sometimes she’d pull him out and stroke with a rapid pumping motion, whispering the filthiest things Paul had heard until his pearlescent cum coated Regan’s face and dripped from her hair. One particularly memorable time, Regan rubbed his cum into her skin like a lotion and stayed like that all day as Paul and Regan did some errands. It was particularly memorable because Regan kept licking her lips in a very dramatic way until Paul pulled the truck over and shoved Regan’s head down into his lap, right on the side of the street. There had been times when they almost were caught, but that was the closest. Paul had been cumming in her mouth, pulling on her hair, as Theodore, Regan’s vet friend, waved from across the street.

Paul’s mind was brought back to the moment as Regan pulled herself off his cock and started stroking, moving beneath him to lick and suck his balls, rolling her tongue over them. Her other hand was furiously rubbing her clit, already soaking wet from two orgasms – she was hoping for a third the moment Paul came for her.

“Cum for your auntie, sweetie. Give it to me, I’m hungry for it,” she moaned around his balls. Paul steadied himself against the counter top and looked down at his beautiful aunt.

“Make me cum then, little slut. Make me cum like the whore you are.” Paul pushed forward against her and twisted them around, shoving his cock back into her mouth and pushing her back until her head hit the drawers of the counter-island. “I’m going to fuck your little mouth, you want that?”

Regan moaned lustfully around his cock, slobbering on it and savoring the taste, as her own orgasm approached. She shoved herself forward, impaling her throat on his shaft until it slid forcefully down her throat. Paul started moving roughly, fucking her mouth against the counter, thrusting his hips and making her head stay fixed firmly to the drawers. Her eyes rolled back a bit as she approached the edge. Paul was treating her so nasty and it was throwing gas into the fire of her already burning lust.

“You’re just a slut for your nephew, aren’t you? Admit it.” He growled, not stopping or pulling his cock out of her mouth. He moved with insistence, the head of his prick fucking her throat and she welcomed him into it.

Regan moaned again, drool ran from her lips to her chin and landed on her bobbing tits, already slick with sweat and wetness from Paul’s tongue, earlier. Her skin was marked with teeth marks as well. They were becoming more and more ravenous for each other. Regan closed her eyes as she crested over the edge and her orgasm started to overtake her.

Likewise, Paul’s degrading of his aunt didn’t just send her over the edge, but him as well. He could feel his cock stiffen and his body tighten as his fingers pulled at her hair. At the last minute, he looked down, a bit stunned, as Regan shoved him off and grabbed his slobbery cock, stroking it fast. She barely had time to open her eyes and mouth, much less time to speak, before Paul’s white cream launched towards her excited face.

In seconds, it was over, and they were both panting. Paul was leaning against Regan, grasping at her hand to get her to stop stroking him – he was too sensitive now. Regan’s head was swimming and her body moved almost automatically. Her fingers gently rubbed her face, playing with his cum, tasting it and feeling it on her skin as her other hand gently tweaked her nipple. Finally, after a long happy minute, her eyes focused and she looked up at her nephew, standing above her.

“Are you quite certain you have to move back to Philadelphia?” Regan smiled up at him and reached up, needing his help to stand on shaky legs and sore knees.

“Unfortunately,” he said simply as he reached down to pull her up, catching her and steadying her on her wobbly legs, her breasts pressed against his chest as they stood naked in her kitchen together. “But we weren’t going to talk about that, remember?” He smiled as he thought back several weeks in his time in Point Hope.

Paul’s room sat empty for days now. All his clothes were in a long empty dresser in his Aunt Regan’s room. And sharing one bed together, they held each other all through the night. Every night. It took days to get used to sharing a bed, but they found each other during their dreams and clung tightly to one another, finally. Regan had woken with a jolt, a nightmare or a dream dripping with anxiety, she wouldn’t remember. All she remembered is Paul holding her tighter, sensing her move and gripping her body closer to his. She remembered his barely awake voice asking if she was ok. She remembered her quiet answer klasbahis yeni giriş that she was now. And his reassurance that he was here. And then the simplest words. “I love you Regan.” Not Aunt Regan. Not Auntie. Just Regan. She knew he did, of course he did. But another layer was there now. They didn’t say another word about him leaving.

Until now. Regan had perhaps been in denial about him leaving, and Paul was unconcerned. He knew he had to leave, but he knew he’d be back next summer. And he knew that cell phones existed for a reason. She frowned a bit.

“I can’t help it,” she said as she stood near him, looking up at him with a hand on his chest.

“You don’t have to worry so much. A little distance won’t keep us apart. Pinky promise.” He stuck his little pinky out, grinning at her. Regan grinned back, happy at his reassurance – coupled with weeks of nightly repeated reassurances – and leaned forward. She took his pinky in her mouth and gave it a little suck, looking up at him.

“Sorry, nephew. Couldn’t help myself.” She grinned up at him and winked, turning around to walk to the kitchen counter and get herself some water. Paul looked down at his hand and then back towards his Aunt’s naked pale butt. She was in a cheeky mood, and he grinned.

“So I’ve got an idea,” he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her body, pressing his softening cock against her perky butt. “I only have a couple weeks left here, obviously. Why don’t I come with you and Ted the next couple weeks? You’re gone for hours every day and I don’t see you at all when you have to go up to Barrow you get back so late. We’d get to spend more time together.”

Regan leaned back against him, her skin was starting to get chilly now that their lust had worn off. She sipped her water and tapped her toes on the wood floor. Finally, she turned around and smiled. “That’s a great idea. I can train you to be my assistant.” She grinned widely again. “Then you can come work for me full time someday.”

“Perfect. It’s a plan,” Paul said, laughing as he pulled her close again. Regan’s house echoed with joy, once again filling rooms that had only felt sadness for months. And they were happy.

Regan’s dream shifted, moving from color to color and light to light. Her body twitched as warm water poured up her skin and washed over her. It slowly grew smaller and tighter, until finally she felt the warmth in her core, in her belly. It felt good. She opened herself up to it and sighed as she woke slowly. She was being swayed in her dream, gently rocked in a swing made of warm light, rocking faster as the wind picked up. She spread her legs to put her feet under the swing and hold on. The light hardened and took shape, growing from her belly until it covered her and pushed her down. It was hot now, and it touched her solidly. She pushed up against it, feeling it grow hotter and the warmth moved deeper into her belly. She could have looked down and seen the glowing light inside her, behind her belly button.

With one particularly powerful thrust, Regan reached forward and touched Paul’s arms, keeping her eyes closed, she knew her lover’s body. His cock was plunging deep into her sleeping pussy, teasing her body that he had grown intimately more familiar with. Her nephew did this most nights. He woke up lustful and rigid, with the energy of a man two decades her junior, and he woke her with touches that made her feel young again. He held her in his arms and sometimes she woke easily. Sometimes a simple kiss on her sleeping lips was enough to rouse her, and sometimes she woke up to the sound of Paul grunting as he came inside of her willing body. One wonderful morning she woke up to an orgasm that broke her dream and sent her careening into reality, grinding her pussy on Paul’s scruffy face. And this morning she could feel her nephew’s cock throbbing harder, pumping into her with powerful regular strokes. He was slowly pulling out and then thrusting into her harder. His body was on her, hands under her back, holding her close to him as his hips lifted and slammed against hers.

He sensed she was awake and she confirmed it when she lifted her knees to squeeze Paul and welcome him deeper into her. He kissed her face and began to thrust faster. His cock plunged comfortably deep into her warm pussy, stretching her around him inch by inch. Every morning that she felt him became more magical and she leaned back and closed her eyes, allowing her young lover to use her body for both their pleasure.

“Fuck me faster, I’m hungry,” she whispered softly as she brought her hands up behind him, rubbing his naked back up and down. She gently traced light scratches against his skin, feeling his weight move on her and into her.

He did not respond, he only just kissed her sleepy face and parted lips. He moved faster into her, the head of his cock very nearly as deep as it could go. He filled her perfectly, stretching her just enough but not too much, and as he moved faster, their hips collided like they were meant to klasbahis giriş fit together.

Slowly, Regan felt her orgasm coming closer. Sometimes she came hard and fast, hit with the all encompassing fire that burned every part of her. Today it was a slower one that built up and gently pushed her over the edge until she was free falling naked through the warm sunlight and splashing into Paul’s arms. It built slower and slower, the warmth spreading as she clinged more tightly to Paul, digging her nails into his skin. With a soft gasp and her eyes shut tightly, she gripped him firmly and felt her senses drift away, focusing only his cock, thrusting, throbbing, and then pulsating inside of her as she clamped down on him firmly, squeezing his shaft and taking his cum deep inside of herself. She was a wash of love and lust and swimming through darkness behind her closed eyes, comforted and moaning softly as she stroked her lover’s skin until they both came back to their early morning reality, finding themselves in a soft bed once again.

“What time is it?” She asked, still keeping her eyes closed. She whimpered softly as he pulled out of her. She could feel that characteristic small rivulet flow slowly now, and she always felt a bit empty when Paul pulled out.

“Just after five,” he responded, the first words he had said. The house was dark still, approaching that period of civil twilight, just light enough to see.

She curled up next to him and grumbled, grabbing his butt and shaking him. “Thank you for waking me up so nicely. Get ready. Ted will be here by six.” She got out of bed, ignoring the small wet spot and the tangle of sheets for now, and walked naked to the shower to rinse herself off. It didn’t take long for Paul to sit up and join her in the shower, wrapping his arms around her and cupping her breasts from beneath. She sighed softly and leaned back under the warm water as their bodies were rinsed clean.

“Have I told you how happy you make me?” She asked him. Regan did not like being alone, and Paul had filled a void in her life.

“Many times.” Paul responded. They had talked, extensively, about the nature of their incestuous relationship and, while they were related certainly, they had decided that, practically, it did not influence them if they did not focus on it. Now the conversations had shifted from “if” they should be together to what they should do now that they are. Now, they just enjoyed each other. Regan moved back against Paul and he ran his hands over her breasts to make a show of washing them.

“Well I am. I’m glad you’re here.” She turned to face him and smiled, running her hands over his soft cock to make a show of washing it. “But you need to get dressed. We have to be on a boat in about an hour.”

“What if I’m still horny?” He grinned and wrapped his hand around hers, stroking himself with her hand and staring into her eyes.

“Then you’d better cum for me, my love, and you’d better do it fast.” She smiled and kissed him, stroking a bit faster. “You know, if you had wanted to fuck me harder this morning, you could have. I can take it.” She grinned, breaking the kiss only for a moment to speak.

“I wanted to be slower. I wanted to take my time. I wanted to see if you could wake up cumming again.” He wrapped his arms around her and throbbed in her hand, already getting firm again.

“Then don’t shove a thick cock inside of me, that’ll wake me up for sure.” She moved her other hand and started to rub his chest, flicking a finger over his nipple. He jumped and looked at her, giving her butt a small slap in retaliation.

The moment was broken. “Regan?” she could hear the French Canadian voice shout up the stairs.

“Shit! It’s Ted! He’s here early!” She released his cock, his dismay was not noticed over her panic, and she leapt from the shower, soaking wet, and wrapped a towel around herself. “Get dressed!” she practically hissed at Paul. “I’ll distract him!” She opened the door and looked down the hallway towards Pearl’s and her rooms. She could see Ted sitting at the kitchen counter downstairs, facing her bedroom. There was no way she could get to her room without being seen. Her mind went a mile a minute.

I distract him downstairs, Paul goes to bedroom. What if he asks after Paul? No. I get dressed and he looks for Paul to chat with him. No. Fuck. Paul goes to the bedroom to get dressed. Shit, Ted figures out we were showering together – where else would I have been? Ok. I go get dressed, Paul is still sleeping, I’ll get him up while Ted readies boat?

She breathed deep and stepped forward. “Hey Ted. What are you doing here so early?” She clutched the towel around her breasts firmly. Ted looked up at her standing behind the railing. She tried to hide her anxiety.

“It’s after six, I’m late even!” He laughed up at her. “Where is young master Paul, he should be ready if he’s coming with us!”

“Ted!” she half-laughed, half-croaked. It came out strange. “You forgot to change your clocks! It’s just after 5. Spring ahead, klasbahis güvenilirmi fall behind?”

Ted’s face slowly shifted from jovial to unsure and then to embarrassment. He checked his watch and then looked around Regan’s kitchen at her clocks before sighing and dropping his shoulder. “I’m so sorry Regan. I forgot to change my watch. I’ll just wait and have some coffee, you take your time – no rush at all!”

Regan pursed her lips and hurried down the hall towards hers, and practically Paul’s, room. The sheets were in disarray like they left them but now it seemed more like she was hiding a crime scene. The towel dropped to the floor and the sheets were quickly fixed and she dressed faster than ever before, praying Paul had the good sense to be quiet.

She came out, dressed, and Ted had turned to stand facing out the large windows, his back to her. Regan walked down to the bathroom and quickly hurried Paul along towards their room. He held a towel over his now soft cock, and it would have been tempting and amusing if not for the fear Regan felt. Minutes later, they both came down the stairs, fully dressed, hair as dry as they could manage in the quick minutes.

“Hi Ted!” Paul broke the silence first. Ted turned to face them, his face neutral for a moment before smiling.

“Young Master Paul, are you ready for your first trip up the Alaskan coast?” He grinned and looked between the two.

“Ready as I will ever be.” Paul knew that the Alaskan government provided Regan with a boat to head up to coastal cities and provide medical care. He learned that Ted was her partner on this endeavor, as he provided veterinary services in the same places. It worked out well, as the trip up to Barrow took several hours. And he knew they had to travel either by boat or by plane. There was an airport in Point Hope, but most of the time they were able to go up by boat. And, fortunately, they did not have to go every week to this remote place. Normally, they went to Barrow on Wednesday, stayed the night in town, and motored back Thursday morning. However, their schedule had changed due to some pregnancies.

They loaded onto the boat and, after a short tour of the boat, which was mostly the helm and the sleeping quarters, a room in the bow that contained two sturdy cots, a bookshelf of medical texts, a hot plate, and a locked cabinet that was filled with medical tools, the three were off. The sunrise hit them as they traveled up the coast and Paul had the deep suspicion that he was a third wheel on this party. He was a guest that did not belong. But he busied himself learning about Ted’s veterinary practices and some of Regan’s past patients, while the other was manning the helm. Finally, boredom overtook him and he excused himself, retiring down to the sleeping quarters.

Paul woke with a start in the dim room. Sunlight streamed in through the window in the door – enough to see that his Aunt was kneeling next to his cot and grinning at him. “So I didn’t get to make you cum in the shower this morning, honey.” She smiled and reached down, groping him through his pants.

He smiled back, sitting up onto his elbows to look at her. “No, you did not. That was very mean of you. I’ve been bursting with cum for hours because of it,” he responded, with a bit more drama. “And it’s definitely something that you should make up to me.” He grinned and pulled her face closer to kiss her, slipping his tongue into her mouth and sighing softly into her lips. His cock grew harder just being near his aunt, who had proven nearly as insatiable as a lover as he was.

It didn’t take long before Regan had shifted down the cot until his pants were open and Paul’s cock was in her mouth. Her hands rested on his chest and leg as he leaned back, being treated like a king as Regan bobbed her head up and down his rigid shaft. He leaned his head back and smiled content, feeling very loving and very happy with his life. He put one hand under his head and the other he brought to his chest to clasp his fingers around Regan’s hand. She squeezed back and sucked on his cock harder, her lips pursed even more around his thick mushroom-shaped head. Her cheeks hollowed as she bore down, nearly bumping against her throat on each bob into her mouth. She slowly closed her eyes as she began to savor her act, enjoying it more and more with each passing moment. It didn’t take long until her drool was running down the shaft of Paul’s rock hard cock, and even onto his balls. Paul’s hands moved from under his head to behind Regan’s, although he had no need; she sucked him voraciously with no encouragement. He held her hair after a moment, keeping it out of the way, and he squeezed her other hand as though it were the only thing keeping him sane.

Paul kept his eyes closed and allowed his imagination to wander. He fantasized about being a king with Regan as his queen. Or concubine maybe, even more naughty. She would tend to his cock while he tended to matters of state. He would fall asleep and wake up to her hands and mouth, she would keep him satisfied and she would live to please him, cherishing the time his cock was in her mouth. He smiled and groaned as Regan wrapped her tongue around his cock and he imagined calling her his queen, but as the fantasy broke he gripped her hair tightly and started to cum.

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