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Big Tits

She came home from work and shut the door and leaned against it. What a bitch of a day, she thought. She hated getting home after dark. She threw her keys and purse down and kicked off her shoes. She picked up her shoes and began walking to the stairs when she noticed how quiet it was in the house. No TV, no radio, no sounds at all. She looked into the living room and didn’t see anything, walked to the kitchen and didn’t see anything amiss there either. Something was different. When she made her way back to the staircase she then noticed the post it not on the wall. She pulled it off and read it.

Take off your shoes. She laughed, dropped her shoes and started up the stairs. In the middle of the stairs she saw another note.

Take off your blouse. She raised an eyebrow, and decided to play along. She took off her blouse and dropped it on the floor. She took 2 more steps and found another.

Take off your skirt. She smiled and slid her skirt past her hips and left it on the stairs and continued to the top of the stairs, she found another note.

Take down your hair. She reached up and unpinned her hair, shook her head and let it tumble to her shoulders. She walked to the bedroom door, standing only in her green bra and panties. She rolled down her thigh high stockings and read the next note at the doorway.

Enter only if you are willing to turn yourself over to me and be pleasured all night long. Well this was interesting, she thought to herself. She smiled and pushed open the door. The room was lit up with candles which were all over the room. She breathed in the scent of them and saw the bed turned down and saw pink rose petals strewn on the bed, and on the floor leading to her feet. She also saw a huge vase filled with pink roses at her side of the bed. She took a step into the room and heard the door close behind her. She started to turn around and felt his hands on her shoulders, and felt warm breath at her ear.

“Don’t turn around.” He whispered. He slowly unsnapped her bra and smoothed it down her shoulders and took it off. “Close your eyes.” She heard him say. She did so, wondering what he was doing. She felt him tug at her panties and pull them down her legs. Suddenly she felt something on her face, a silk scarf. She felt him tie it at the back of her head.

“What are we doing?” she whispered.

“Didn’t you read the note before you came in here?”

She remembered the note, and the phrase turn yourself over to me. She took a deep breath. She wasn’t certain what he meant to do, but she knew he would never hurt her, so she smiled and nodded.

“You’ll turn yourself over to me and let me pleasure you?” he murmured into her ear. Kissing her neck slowly, reaching around and cupping her breasts and massaging them. She gasped and felt him step up behind her and realized he was completely naked. She felt his warm chest against her back and felt his hips push against her rear. She breathed heavier, reaching back with her hands and touching his hips. He reached down and took her hands in his and held them at her tummy.

“You can’t touch yet.” He whispered. “This is for you right now.

He released her hands and stepped in front of her, pulling her to the bed. He turned her around and she felt the mattress at the back of her legs. Not being able to see anything she was dependent upon him, she realized. She felt his lips caress hers softly.

“Will you?” he said against her lips.

“Will I what?” she asked, forgetting the question.

“Let me pleasure you.” He ran a finger down her throat and between her breasts. He cupped both breasts in his hands and kissed her deeply, sweeping his tongue into her mouth. She lost herself in the pleasure of his mouth; she loved kissing him like this. “Is that a yes?” he whispered.

“Yes.” She whimpered against his lips.

“Lay down on the bed, baby.”

She slowly sat down and lay down on the bed and sighed deeply. The bed and the room smelled of roses and she felt the petals against her skin as she lay back. She felt him sit down at the side of her. She felt his hands on her hand, he lifted it and she felt something smooth and silky against her wrist. He repeated the movement with her other wrist and she realized her hands were now tied to the brass bed.

She felt his lips against hers and kissed him back, relaxing into the kiss and sliding her tongue into his mouth. He ran his hands up her arms and back down again. He massaged her breasts and flicked her nipples with his thumbs. She moaned into his mouth, arching her back so she could feel more of him.

Suddenly he was gone. She moaned at the loss illegal bahis of him, but heard him in the room. She whispered his name.

“I’m here.” She heard him whisper and then he was, sitting back beside her again. She felt the mattress dip when he sat down and she felt him lean over her with one hand. She felt him lean next to her face.

“Do you trust me sweetheart?” she heard him whisper into her ear.

“Yes.” She said without hesitation. “I trust you.” Realizing as she said that she completely did. She felt something on her cheek, something soft and velvety feeling against her lips, stroking down her chin.

She felt it brush down her throat, run across the tops of her breasts, then glide between them. She then felt it circle each nipple softly, brushing across her nipples and making them harder. She gasped softly and arched her back.

“What is that?” she whispered.

She felt it drag up between her breasts and up her throat and brush across her lips. She felt it come to rest on her lips and she inhaled and smelled a rose. She smiled and sniffed the rose deeply. It was suddenly gone, and she felt his lips against hers as his body leaned against her. His lips moved back and forth over hers, barely touching them. She felt his tongue graze her top lip and then felt her lower lip being sucked gently into his mouth.

His hands were on her breasts, thumbing her nipples and making them harder than they already were. She moaned and felt his tongue enter her mouth and he sealed her mouth with his and kissed her deeply. She tangled her tongue with his, arched her back and sighed against his mouth. She lifted her hips up from the bed slightly, wanting to ease the ache that was building in her.

She felt his mouth leave hers, kissing his way down her neck, sucking gently at her pulse point. He kissed his way down to her breast, and licked all around the nipple, teasing her and smiling against her breast. He opened his mouth and swirled his tongue around her nipple, closing his lips around it he sucked gently. She gasped and arched her back and pushed her breast into his mouth.

He closed his teeth around her nipple gently and tugged on it, pulling it softly. He flicked his tongue back and forth over it repeatedly, hearing her gasp and moan. He brought one hand up to her other breast and massaged it gently, pulling on her other nipple and making it harden against his fingers. She moaned and writhed against him, arching her back and lifting her hips up from the bed over and over.

He dragged his tongue up her breast and neck and kissed her earlobe.

“Easy.” He whispered. “I’ll get you there. I want to touch you first.”

He then slowly slid down her body and spread her thighs open and settled between them. He slowly ran his hands over her thighs and grazed her pussy lips with his fingers. He gently blew against her pussy, looking up to see her lips open wide as she gasped. He smiled and leaned in, spread her outer lips and took a long lick all the way up her dampening pussy.

She moaned loudly and spread her legs wider. He held her open and nuzzled his nose against her clit, then flicked his tongue against it softly. Her hips bucked up off the bed, but he held her down and continued working his mouth on her. Licking her inner lips lightly, pushing his tongue into her opening, then dragging it up to her clit and massaging it long and hard with his full tongue. He held her hips in his hands and moaned into her pussy, letting the vibrations add to her pleasure.

She writhed on the bed, her hips pumping up and down against his mouth, moaning loudly, urging him not to stop, to make her cum on his tongue. He slid up her body, kissed her lips gently; she could taste herself on his lips. He reached under the pillow beside her and slid back down her body.

He kissed her clit softly, and then she felt something against her lips. She felt the humming and heard the vibrations and gasped. She felt him run the vibrator up and down her pussy, just outside of it and whimpered. She braced her heels into the bed and thrust her hips up to his mouth. He held her down with one hand on her tummy, murmuring to her, telling her to relax.

She felt him insert the vibrator, pushing it in a little at a time, then pulling it back out and pushing it back in again. He did it repeatedly, slowly, and gently, in and out of her pussy, while she writhed on the bed, tugging on the scarves the bound her, and panted for him to let her cum. He slowed the thrusting even more than he had been and leaned up and placed his lips on her clit and sucked it softly, flicking his tongue over it fast illegal bahis siteleri and sure. She bucked up off the bed, begging him to let her cum, moaning his name over and over.

He began thrusting the vibrator in faster, sucking harder on her clit, finally letting her get to her climax. Sliding the vibrator in to the hilt he let it lay inside her and turned up the vibrations, and sucked her clit harder, moaning against her hot and very wet pussy. He flicked his tongue rapidly over her clit and looked up and watched her body lose control, as she arched her back, ground her pussy against his mouth, and moaned loudly until she cried out his name and her body stiffened and she came hard, pulling hard on scarves that held her wrists, and fell back on the bed.

He pulled the vibrator out of her and laid it on the table beside the bed and slid his body up on top of her, bracing himself above her on his elbows. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips, listening to her pant and come down from her orgasm. He stroked her hair away from her forehead and kissed her longingly.

She opened her mouth and kissed him back, tasting her essence on his tongue. She moaned against his mouth, arching her back and pushing her breasts into his chest. She wrapped her thighs around his hips and slipped her tongue into his mouth, stroking it against his.

She felt him pull away and whimpered.

“Untie me.” She whispered. “I want to touch you.”

“Not yet.” He murmured, and licked her lower lip.

“Then let me see you.” She begged prettily.

“Alright.” He agreed, and pulled the scarf off of her head and untied it in his hands. He looked into her eyes and smiled at her.

She blinked and looked at him and smiled. She watched him sit up partially beside her. He dragged the scarf across her breasts and raised his eyebrows as he watched her intake of breath and her nipples stiffen again. He then dragged it down her tummy, with it just barely touching her skin. He let it rest just above her pussy, letting the end brush her hair. She whimpered his name, and shifted her hips.

He rose up on one arm and let the scarf drag down her thighs and then back up again. He looked down at her, moist lips parted, her slight heavy breathing, and her breasts rising and falling with each breath. He pulled the scarf up over her breasts, up her arms and back down again, feeling it catch he looked up to see she had grabbed it with her teeth. He tugged lightly and she bit down harder and shook her head slowly.

He smiled and laid his forehead against hers.

“Let go.” He warned lightly.

She shook her head and said no through her teeth.

“Let go, or I’ll give you something to do with that pretty mouth.” He grinned. She raised her upper lip and barred her teeth at him, daring him.

He reached down between her legs and stroked her clit with one finger. She cried out in surprise and he pulled the scarf away, laughing. He rose up on his knees, by her side and looked down at her. Her eyes widened as she saw how hard he was and she licked her lips.

He ran his hand over her hair and looked down at her. He took his cock in his hand and stroked it lightly.

“Remember when I told you to let go?” he whispered. She nodded and smiled at him. She moved toward him as much as she could, let her breasts brush against his cock, never taking her eyes off of him. He groaned and pushed his hips toward her mouth. She opened her mouth and licked the head and heard him moan as he held her head and pushed his cock into her mouth slowly.

She sucked the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue all over the head, and then fully stroking the head with the length of her tongue. She looked up at him, seeing him looking down on her and whispering to her not to stop, stroking her hair. She tugged on the scarves, wanted to be let go so she could touch him. She pulled her mouth off of him and leaned back.

“Untie me, please.” She whimpered.

“No.” he whispered and leaned over her and settled his hips between her legs, and bracing himself on his arms above her.

“Please David, let me go. I want to touch you.” She tugged on the scarves, and whimpered.

He shook his head and leaned down and kissed her mouth softly. He shushed her against her lips and kissed down her cheek and buried his face in her neck and bit down gently. He shifted his hips and pressed his cock to her pussy, pushing the head against her clit and stroking slowly.

She moaned and pushed her hips upward, loving the feel of him against her. He slowly pushed his cock downward, letting it rub her clit all the way as he canlı bahis siteleri rocked against her. He leaned back bracing his weight on his knees and put his hands under her knees and lifted her legs and spread them wide, and slowly pushed the head of his cock downward and into her opening.

He groaned and pushed deeper into her pussy, feeling her warmth encase him. He felt her raise her hips up to meet his and thrust himself all the way inside her. He leaned forward and braced himself over her and began to pump his hips slowly against hers. She moaned and lifted her hips up and wrapped her thighs around his hips. She arched her back, loving the feel of him inside her and on top of her. She tugged on the scarves, and whimpered at not being able to touch him and hold him. She looked up at him with her eyes wide and pleading.

“Please.” She begged.

“Alright,” he whispered and tugged on the scarves one at a time and released her arms. She sighed and pushed herself up with her feet and arms and forced him to sit up and bring him with her. She wrapped her arms around him and moaned into his chest.

He held her close to him and tangled his hand in her hair and raised her head up to him and met her mouth with his as he settled back on his knees with her against him. She moaned into his mouth and wrapped herself tighter around him, rocking against his hips. She suddenly rocked harder against him and pushed him onto his back.

He lay back, stunned she’d pushed him over and laughed. She raised an eyebrow at him and leaned over him and lifted up her hips and thrust down quickly. He groaned loud and bucked his hips up against her. She smiled a womanly smile and began to pump her hips against his and ride him. She lifted her hips up and down over him. Lifting herself almost all the way off of him and then thrusting back down onto him, she rode him until she began to whimper and moan.

He opened his eyes and saw her biting her lip, her eyes closed, and her head falling back. She began to grind her hips onto his wildly, moaning his name over and over. He reached up with one hand and held one breast, brushing her nipple with his thumb, and with the other brushed her clit with his thumb, sending her over the edge.

She cried out and ground onto him, clenching his cock inside her and arched her back and came. She fell forward and he reached up to catch her and hold her to him as her body shook on top of his. She fell against him and buried her face in his neck, panting hard. He stroked her hair and whispered her name as he let her calm down, feeling her breathing slow, and her heart beat begin a regular beating.

He felt her lips against his neck, her little licks with her tongue, and moaned into her ear. He stroked her back and gently rolled her over with the weight of his body. She looked up at him with glazed eyes and smiled. She stroked his lips with her fingers and whispered his name.

He leaned down and kissed her deeply and pushed his hips forward. She moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms and legs around him and shifted her hips upward. She pushed her tongue against his and sucked it into her mouth.

He kissed his way down her neck and buried his face against her shoulder. She leaned in and whispered into his ear.

“Cum inside me, David.”

Her words sent him over the edge and he began to pump fast and furious inside her. He thrust his hips against hers, grunting against her shoulder, hearing her whisper into his ear, urging him to cum inside her, hearing his name on her lips, he pumped once more and came hard inside her. He went rock still for a moment, and then fell on top of her, his face buried in her neck breathing hard and fast.

She stroked his back and shoulders, whispering his name and telling him how much she enjoyed him. He rolled over and pulled her with him, so they were both on their sides facing each other, kissing her gently on the lips, sucking her lower lip into his mouth. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her deeply.

She kissed him back, holding his face with her hands, tangling her legs with his. The lay holding each other for a long time, enjoying each other and relaxing against each other. She pulled back and smiled at him. She ran her fingers over his lips.

“You did all this for me?” she asked, looking around at the room, seeing the candles, the roses, and seeing petals strewn all over each others bodies as they had moved all over the bed.

“Well,” he began, “I think both of us benefited from it.” He chuckled, and kissed her softly. “But yes, I did this for you.” He then lay back and pulled her with him, resting her head on his shoulder.

“You are so sweet.” She whispered and kissed his cheek and laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

“Yea well, only for you. Don’t let it get around. You’ll ruin my reputation.” He chuckled softly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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