Training for 5K Run

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It will displace your reality. We begin to awaken each day with a ravenous hunger for our lovers touch and an insatiable thirst to caress them.

Running or jogging during October in Dallas can be an unpleasant activity because of the heat and humidity. But October 2015 is pleasant in the early morning, on her sugar daddy’s estate with a personal trainer. Ellen is training for a 5K run, she is training on my Turtle Creek estate not far from her penthouse. She asked me, innocently my thought, about her running routes and I suggested that I could have a route laid out on my estate for her. Ellen has
, for lack of a better word, a problem for me. She is a award winning journalist, but anytime that I’m alone with her I can count on experiencing one of her breasts being rubbed against me. She is young, attractive, sensuous, and sexy. Her voice, looks, smile, body language and eyes all made it clear that she is mine. As with any young attractive woman, my cock always said, ‘yes’ when it came to Ellen. One early morning I decided to go down to the trail. I stood in the trees waiting for her, she made her way carefully down the long hill and circled the wooded area, as she is working on the resolve to make it back up the long, steep hill. She hears a voice to her left say, ” It’s about time you got here.”

Ellen peers into the relative darkness to her left and sees me sitting on the end of a picnic table and she jogs over to see who it is. As she suspected, it is me. I reached out and grabbed her by her sweat-soaked tee shirt and pulled her towards me and she came to rest against the picnic table with my legs dangling on each side of her. Before I had an inkling of her intent, she yanked down my shorts and jock strap and grasped my cock. She said, ” You sure make it hard for a girl to say no to you.” as she begins rhythmically jerking me off. I begin to sweat and breath deep. My cock is rock hard as she skillfully strokes it. Smiling, I push her away far enough so I can jump down off the end of the picnic table and in one fluid motion take my shorts and jock strap off. Ellen jumps up on the end of the picnic table, I remove her shorts and panties. Once there, she leans forward and capturing my cock and pulling me to her. She kisses me and said, ” I’ve been playing with myself as I jogged and I’m very horny.” I look between her wide open legs and even in the poor morning light I see not only her bald pussy, but her pussy lips are open and glistening with wetness. She apparently has been playing with herself and she is apparently very horny.

As she stroked me, I lift her shirt and discover that she is braless. I place my hands on her small breasts and gently massage them and she makes a hissing sound as she grimaced from the pleasure. When I touch and gently twist her nipples she said, ” Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I’m painfully hard as I push my cock against her pussy. She quickly inserts the head of my cock into her pussy’s entrance and I shove it all the way in. Her eyes shot open, she moans, ” Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!: and her pussy clamps down hard on my cock and she became as rigid as a board and then she collapses against me. I had the sense to hold her tight until she is aware of us again. She looks at me and I smile and said, ” Gee, Ellen, you were horny. I’m sorry you had to wait so long.” She responded, ” You bastard. You’ve known for two hours that you could have me.” I laugh and said, ” Well, I’ve got you now.” Ellen’s response is, ” Oh my God, yes. I want it!” Her pussy is literally hot to the touch and as slick as any pussy I have experienced. I slowly withdrew my cock and then shove it back hard into her and quickly found a good rhythm that rocks her body and made her tits jiggle. We are, like two wild animals in a fucking frenzy. It isn’t long before she is panting like bayan escort gaziantep a hard working locomotive and, with a long groan, she again became rigid and collapses against me. I feel my orgasm building and building. Finally, I groan, ” Here it comes” and I fire rope after rope of cum into Ellen. I thought the top of my head would blow off I came so hard. We clutch each other and I doubt that either of us knew where we were for a few minutes. When I had regained my senses I said, I’m still hard.”

Ellen put a hand on my chest and asked, ” Please….no more.” I look into her eyes and said, ” Ellen, you started this. Let me finish it.” Again I slam her pussy frantically until finally I got the relief I’m seeking as I emptied myself into her. We clung to each other and kiss for a long time. Finally I step back and my now limp cock fell out of her pussy. Ellen said, ” I am truly fucked. Thank you.” I smile and said, ” Thank you. Let’s go to the house…I’m not finished with you.” She held onto me and I lifted her off the picnic table. I put my jock and shorts back on and helped her to dress. Hand in hand we staggered, giggling, up the hill until we were at the entrance of the drive way. As we entered the house, she hears me moving behind her then she feels herself being spun around. With uncharacteristic speed and agility, I lift her up with one hand and put her over my shoulder. I turn and begin marching with my beautiful young prize out of the kitchen and towards the staircase. ” What are you doing!?” Ellen gasps, shocked at what is happening.

” I told you…I’m not done yet, baby.” I panted, beginning to get sweaty from carrying her. Ellen is in a complete state of confusion and disarray. Coming to her senses, she can’t help but think of a cave man carrying a young beauty back to my lair. She suddenly realized what is happening and had no idea what to do. I walk into my dimly-lit bedroom and threw her onto my bed and licked my lips. She always is scared after quickie sex knowing that I’m very horny after wards and the long rough hard sex is to come. She starts to panic; she did not want this at all. Hooking up with me a half an hour ago is one thing, but having a longer rough session is an entirely different matter. ” Wait John, I’m not ready for you!” Ellen squealed, looking up at me; I begin unbuttoning my shirt, letting my gut hang loose. My bare chest is gross, I have hair everywhere. Then I took off my pants, and Ellen can see the tent in my briefs. She gulps as I slowly took off my briefs, revealing my fully erect dick. Ellen gasps, my 9 inch, uncut, and very thick cock is bobbing up and down. I have a huge bush of hair around the knot at the base of my cock, and she can see my two balls are rock hard.

” Oh Ellen.” I moan, putting my hand to my rock-hard member. ” I was just warming up eariler.” I begin furiously jacking myself off, my eyes locked on Ellen’s breasts. ” I’m going to make you mine!” Ellen shook her head, but before she can utter a word, I jump on top of her. I start trying to make out with her again, furiously. I begin to rub my rough hands all over her stomach and back, making my way towards her chest. I put my hands on her breasts squeezing roughly, still furiously kissing her. Her small breasts fit my hand and mouth perfectly. Smiling, I lick my lips and feast on her breasts. ” Please John…” She moans, she feels her pussy growing hot and wet, despite her lack of attraction to me. ” Yes, baby. You are going to please me.” I growled, moving my lips to her chest. I start to slowly kiss her right tit. I put my mouth on it, extended my tongue to it, and gently flicked her nipple. This sent shivers down Ellen’s body. I then put my mouth on her right breast and start to roughly kiss it. I’m in ecstasy. As I maul her tits with my mouth, I move my hands down to her waist and gently slip her thong off.

Ellen laying on the bed completely naked. She knew what was coming next. ” John, ohhhh!!” She moans, as my finger slides across her slick pussy. Her eyes are closed and a second later she feels my warm and wet tongue licking her slit. She looks down and sees my ridged tongue darting in and out of her vagina. Despite herself, she is getting insanely turned on. She is now slowly grinding her hips, feeling the insane pleasure of my moist tongue on her wet clit. She knew this is exactly what she wants. She knew what was coming next. I lick my lips again, then press my body down on her. My hairy chest pushing against her soft breasts, my hairy belly pressing against her soft stomach. Every inch of me engulfing her, she feels my cock against her lower waist. Ellen is gasping. Her young body always has difficulty having my large body on top of her. I’m licking every inch of her body. I slowly move my lips up to her ears, and begin to kiss her neck. ” Oh, Ellen,” I moan, ” I don’t deserve you. Well, now you’re about to give ME what I WANT!” She desperately tries to push me away, trying to squirm out from under me, but it is no use: She is pinned down. As she squirms, she feels my huge cock bounce around, in between her soft thighs. She put her hands up to my chest and tries to push me off. Her squirming, however, only continues to turn me on.

” John!!” She moans, feeling my cock slap against her wet panties. Her head and her heart are beginning to surrender to me, but she just can’t. Looking up into my eyes, she realizes that she needs me…needs my meaty cock in her vagina. ” Oh baby!” I panted, ” You’re mine now!” I put my mouth back over hers and shove my cock into her. Suddenly, I push my huge manhood into her with all my strength and came to rest balls deep inside her. I buried my tongue in her mouth again and her whole body got stiff, as I penetrated her tight pussy completely. Ellen screams into my mouth. I feel her tits against my naked hairy chest, and her tight pussy is squeezing me hard. I finally take my mouth off of hers and stare into her eyes with wanton lust. I begin to thrust harder, giving Ellen a hard deep fuck. I wrap one of my arms around her back, pulling her sexy body up against me, and put the other on her sexy, tight ass. I squeeze her ass cheek hard, Ellen screams again. Then, I put both hands on her ass and begin playing with it, as my huge cock continues to slide in and out slow and steady. I move my hands around to her waist, grabbing her tight as I slam into her. All nine inches of uncut thick cock sliding inside of her. Ellen screams, as I moan piggishly.

I move my hands from her waist to her long, smooth sexy legs. I rub her thighs for a few moments, and then spread her legs, as far as they will go. Then I begin slamming into her like a wild man: I’m focused on fucking her, as fast, hard and deep as possible. I move my lips away from hers, and begin to lick her ear, grunting in passion. With each long hard thrust, her sexy small tits bounce, as she screams. The sound of her screaming drives me ram her harder. I force my mouth down onto hers and start to feverishly make out with her. Ellen laying under me, in complete surrender. The sharp pains are slowly being replaced by a dull ache. I squeeze her ass again, causing Ellen to moan, as she involuntarily flicks her tongue into my mouth. She is slowly beginning to feel pleasure from my rough fucking.
Now her mouth is open, I’m worming my tongue throughout her mouth, wildly caressing her tight ass. This causes her to moan louder than before, her young body surrendering completely. My large body is pushing down on her. She can’t move; she can’t resist. I grab her legs again, and then roughly pull them around my waist, granting me more access.

Even though I’m an ugly monster, the rough fucking is overwhelming her. My hands are constantly squeezing her ass, making her moan. Her small twenty eight-year-old breasts are pushing up against my hairy chest, which feel amazing to her, considering this always turns her on. It feels wonderful to have my huge cock inside her, stretching her to the limit. Every time I shove into her, she moans. The rhythmic thumping of my large, rock- hard ball sack smashing against her ass is really turning her on. Even though when I’m very horny, I’m the ugliest man alive, Ellen slowly gives in. ” Oh God…Oh God.” Ellen moans. Suddenly, the rough uncontrolled fucking and the kissing became overwhelming, then she has her first orgasm. Her back arches up and her hips involuntarily thrust up against me. She moans, as the orgasm seizes her, I push my tongue deep into her mouth as she moans in ecstasy. She has again lost her innocence to me. She creams all over my cock, she realizes, she no longer can deny her lust for me. Panting, I move my lips to her ear. ” Oh Ellen,” I moan, as her vagina squeezes my stationary cock. ” Oh, Ellen, does this feel good?” ” Oh yes!” She whispers. ” Say it baby!” I commanded. ” Tell me how I’m making you feel!” ” You’re making me feel SOOO GOOOD…You’re making me a complete a woman!” She whispers.

I pull completely out of her, then roughly push my huge cock all the way back into her. As I push in, Ellen bucks her hips up, grinding against my huge cock. I’m grunting like an animal, and she is moaning. I begin to pick up speed again, and each time, she responds by pushing up against me. Again Ellen is feeling amazing having another session of rough sex with me. She didn’t want to admit it, it feels amazing. As we continue to fuck, Ellen looks down to watch my cock move in and out of her. The size of my cock and the roughness of the whole thing is too much for her. Her silky, blond hair is a total mess, yet it she looks amazingly hot. Finally, after forty minutes, she finally gives in. She wraps her arms around my neck and holds me against her, as she starts to grind her hips harder and faster against my cock. I continue to fuck her, as she licks my ear. ” Ohhh … fuck me harder!” She is complete woman, going after what she wants. She pulls my body against hers, while she fucks me. Every time I shove into her, she would lift her hips up to give me full access to her. She is creaming my cock, as we fucked each other.

Then, I paused and flipped her over. I laid her flat-down on the bed and spread her sexy legs as far as they can go. Ellen didn’t realize what was happening, until she feels my body crashing down on her back. I reach around her body and rest my hands on her breasts. Every time I shove into her, her tits bounce. I begin caressing her breasts again, causing her to moan. She turns her head, and I move my lips to hers, making out again. ” Ohhh … Fuck me harder!” Ellen screams. As I hear her say this, I feel her body tense up, as her orgasm hits her. She grips my cock so hard with her pussy that she forces me over the edge, as well. ” Fuuuckkkk yeeeaahh, baby,” is all I can say, as I emptied into her. I feel my cock jerking, as I pump spurt after spurt of cum into her. We are both panting hard. I held her tight in my arms. Both of us are having a rough time catching our breathes. Both our bodies are sweaty, and I’m still buried deep in Ellen. She can tell that I’m still hard. I pull my cock out of her and got off of her. Ellen is still panting. I picked her up and laid her down on the bed. Then, I laid next to her, pulling her on top of me, and pulled the covers of the bed around them. I wrap my arms around her body, and give her a long, deep kiss. ” It’s your turn to fuck me!” I whispered, looking Ellen in the eyes. ” I’m not finished and you’re mine!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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