Together Alone

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I enjoy touching, feeling. I love the sensations that tingle through my fingertips. I’ll run my hand along a stone wall as I walk alongside it. The sharp, almost painful effect is so invigorating. My nerve-endings respond favourably to such stimulation, reminding me that I am alive, that I can feel. With this is mind, I have loved my imaginations as to what my fingers might find as they roam over your body, while instead they explored my own.

When I slip into bed at night, my skin against the crisp cotton of my sheets, I can feel you here with me. As my hardened nipples rub against the mattress they are rubbing against your chest. The tangle of sheets across my back, your fingers dancing upon my flesh, teasing me.

I can feel your cock hardening against me, pressing against my mound as I taunt you with the circular motions of my hips. I’m sure you must be able to feel the moisture seeping from me, my natural lubrication calling to you, letting you know that I am ready to take your hard, pulsing cock into me, to feel you drive into my waiting body, our pelvic bones meshing, becoming illegal bahis one. I want to feel you thrust inside me so badly, but I deny myself that pleasure so that I may give you more.

Shuffling down under the bed covers, I find my self faced with your strong, throbbing erection. I hear your sharp intake of breath as I trace its tip with a finger before clasping its solid heat in my palm. Your hips jerk from the bed as I glide my cock-filled fist from the head to the base of your shaft. I explore the weight of you, the veiny ridges, the power radiating from you.

My hand gently cups your balls as I bend closer, my lips soon replacing my palm as I taste and explore your tightening sac, causing you to squirm delightfully upon my bed. I can hold out no longer, and I left my face, my lips closing around your head, taking your desire into my hot and willing mouth. I am eager to taste the passion that will explode from you as I tend to you with my mouth, lips and tongue. First however, I want to be filled by you, milk you dry with the pressure of my internal muscles as you drive illegal bahis siteleri deep within me.

So, I let you slip from the haven of my mouth, and fall against the bed, urging you to rise above me. You straddle my restless hips, your cock glistening with my saliva. Despite my plea for you to fuck me, you begin to tease me, increasing my pleasure as well as your own. Your hands cup my breasts, hardened nipples jutting against your big palms. You measure their size, feel the softness of my skin, all the while causing my erect nipples such stimulation that they are crying out for your mouth. I long to feel your mouth upon me, as to gently tug on my nipple with your lips and teeth. You can see the pleasure on my face, the lust in my eyes a reflection of that which is coursing through your veins.

You move between my open legs, my knees raised at your sides. My hands are raised to feel the power in your arms as you lean over me. My left hand I run over my ribcage, as you drop sweet kisses on the tips of my breasts. Finally I get what I was silently asking for, and you suckle canlı bahis siteleri at me, causing my back to arch from the bed, closer to you. You know you are driving me crazy, but you pull away. An instant later, you then take my mouth with a passion that foretells of how you will take me.

My own hand is sweeping lower; it now slips over my mound, into the hot, wet and swollen folds below. I tease my hard clitoris as you brace yourself on one arm, our fingers tangling slightly as you guide yourself to my entrance. With a hungry look that must surely match my own, you surge forward, and our hips meet. As I wrap my legs around your back, we grind against each other, becoming as close as possible. Over and over. As impossible as it seems, the fire within me soon becomes an inferno, and I can do nothing more than call your name as I orgasm.

Feeling the power of my pleasure play against you inside me, the flutter of my aftershocks, you too are soon collapsing against me, satiated. As my arms wrap around to rest upon your back, and I still hold you close with my thighs, you whisper to me. Kissing my closed eyelids, a smile, a satiated smile crosses your lips. We’ve only just begun.

The sheets around me are tangled and damp, and the sound of my breathing, and pleasure-soaked sighs, fills the darkened room. I miss you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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