Three Good Friends

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Big Dicks

This story was written in collaboration with biwifecurious and Atpctcdt.


Three Friends

Jim arrived at the hotel tired after work. He stripped off his clothes and headed to the shower. A rope he can’t remember leaving out is lying on his side table. Nothing else is out of place though, so he shrugs and heads to the bathroom. He takes his time in the shower, the hot water feels so good on his body. He lathers up and washes, starting to play with his cock. He is feeling horny and wishing for some company as he starts to get hard. Suddenly he hears something that makes him stop and turn off the water to go investigate.

Towelling dry, he wraps it around his hips and quickly comes into the room. He sees one of the straight wooden chairs in the middle of the room that he doesn’t recall being placed there. He comes closer to move it back when all of a sudden, he feels hands over his eyes. These are soft gentle hands and he smiles. Company after all!

A softly accented voice tells him to sit down and keep his eyes closed. Jim willingly agrees, and feels the towel being removed before he sits on the chair. He is blindfolded and feels ropes being wound around him, securing him to the chair. Long hair brushes his shoulders as the blindfold is secured and the ropes hold him in place. That’s when he realizes that there is more than one set of hands tying him and soft puffs of laughter come from two different throats.

He sits there wondering who exactly is in his room, and what their plan is. A smile of delight and anticipation creases his face. Soft laughs but no words yet fill his ears and he feels nails running through his chest hair. Jim knows he will enjoy this evening!

Diana and Eve have been scheming to set up this meeting ever since he introduced them. Their plan for the evening was going to blow his mind, they hoped.

They get him secured so he can’t get loose. “We will have our way with him and there is nothing at all he can do about it,” whispers Diana to Eve, but Jim hears it perfectly well.

“Just sit back and enjoy,” Diana murmurs into Jim’s ear. He jerks a little at her warm breath but continues smiling. Suddenly she removes the blindfold and he sees the two most gorgeous woman he knows, the two women he’d been dying to fuck for so long, standing in front of him. Both are blonde and lushly curved, one taller than the other, both any man’s dream pair of sexy women.

Diana lifts her hair and turns her back to Eve, asking her to untie her pretty halter style sun dress. As she unties it, it falls to the ground exposing her naked body.

She then asks Eve, “Now we can take that sexy top off you and get you out of those shorts.” Quickly Eve is as naked as Diana and they stand, posing provocatively in front of Jim.


Diana puts her arm around Eve and asks, “If I may?”

Eve is unsure of exactly what Diana has planned but she trusts her; now getting increasingly curious and horny, Eve nods. Diana starts to gently cup and fondle Eve’s breasts, licking and sucking each nipple.

“Oh!” Eve exclaims. Enjoying the feeling, she giggles a bit nervously.

Knowing that this will be Eve’s first bi experience, Diana promises to be easy and gentle, to only go as far as Eve is comfortable, however, if she likes what is happening, she can let her know and Diana will take it further. She enjoys touching, licking, and kissing the female body; she thrives on the reactions and plays on them to increase the pleasure.

Diana turns Eve around to face Jim and stands behind her, running her hands over every inch of Eve’s curvy body, showing him what he can’t touch. Diana moves her hands over breasts and hard nipples, lightly pinching and flicking them, then wandering down towards her bare pussy.

Eve ‘s eyes are wide as she feels Diana hands, so different from a man’s; different texture, different touch.


Jim’s eyes follow every movement of Diana’s hands as they caress each delicious curve and indentation. He licks his lips and longs to have his hands free.


Diana turns Eve to face her and starts touching her again. Using both hands, Diana brushes back Eve’s blond hair and touches her – from the top of her face, running her finger tips around her earlobes, down her jawline, to where her fingertips meet at her chin. She traces Eve’s lips ever so lightly and leans in for a kiss. Super soft lips meet and part and cling again.

Feeling the other woman’s breathing starting to change ever so slightly, Diana ask if she is comfortable and Eve breathes a single word, “Yes.”

Eve now brings her hands into play, following the same path Diana took. Touching soft skin was such a novelty, so different from a man’s. Running her hands over another woman’s breasts is not like touching her own; feeling the weight and firm resiliency, bahis firmaları the nipples hardening under her fingertips is fascinating and sexy!

Diana starts to play with Eve nipples again – both women starting to get wetter and wanting more. Diana asked Eve if she is ready.

“Ready?” she asks.

“For what’s next,” Diana says with a smile and another soft kiss.

This feels so good! Eve’s head is spinning with lust. Being touched by Diana and knowing Jim is watching is making her burn. This is really turning out to be a fun night!

Diana, wanting to make certain because she wants this time to be everything Eve has thought about, asks her again, “Is this good? Do you want to continue?”

Eve quivers and whimpers, “Yes! Please…”

Diana turns and leads Eve to the side of the bed. Pushing her down, she starts to crawl up between Eve’s legs, licking and kissing all the way up. Diana gets to her inner thigh and the kisses are longer and more seductive. Diana loves the sexual smells she is getting closer to. She can tell that Eve is liking this so far – the begging noises coming from Eve makes the other woman smile.

“Damn! Please, ooohh!”

Using her finger tips. Diana spreads those beautiful lips to expose that hot, wet pussy. That first lick is always the best!! The scent, the taste… that is what Diana desires. Eve has driven her crazy for awhile, but Diana wouldn’t admit it. She wants to make sure she pleases her in more ways than one tonight. She can’t hold back any longer.


She crawls up a little more with her ass up in the air. That would be a perfect position for Jim – if he were untied. His groan from across the room gives testament to that.

The sounds from the bed – the cries and moans and slurping and licking are amazing. The delicious smell of hot pussy fills the room – all these contrive to drive Jim’s lust. His cock feels like its about to break it is so hard.


Eve seems to enjoy Diana’s tongue, the way Diana gently licks, and nibbles her clit hood. Moans of ecstasy are heard from both of the women. Diana feels Eve start to buck against her tongue indicating that she really enjoys what she is doing, but wants more. One of the things that Diana is known for is her long tongue that she can form into a point. The hotter she gets the more she uses it, and she is very hot right now.

Diana slowly slips a finger into that wet pussy and feels Eve push into it. Diana pulls her finger out and turn to Jim and start sucking Eve’s juices off of her fingers, smiling at his almost anguished expression.

Diana looks up at Eve to see her expression striving to be an attentive lover, wanting her partner to want more, wanting to make sure she is being pleased.

Diana teasingly asks, “Does that feels good? Should I stop now?”

“Oh god no!!” Eve cries out. “Please don’t stop!!”

Diana pushes even closer and grabs both of Eve’s hips from underneath. She wants to make sure that Eve can’t get away. Diana, using her tongue, forces it into Eve, licking hard and harder, sucking and nibbling on her clit. Her breathing has gotten faster and Diana is not holding back.

Diana has enjoyed Eve so much! Her juices are so sweet and she wants more. Eve is trying to get away from that deeply probing tongue, its almost too much, but Diana refuses to allow it. She wants to taste those sweeter juices that only hard climaxing can bring.

“Oh! Oh! Ooohhh!!” Screaming moans erupt and Eve ‘s hips are lifting.


Jim is practically walking his chair; he is struggling so hard to get closer. But the ties hold him. He is aching to be released. Eve’s moans and squeals are driving him wild with hard driving lust. Diana’s ass is pointing right at him and he can see her puffy pink pussy lips between her legs as her head bobs up-and-down on Eve’s pussy. All he can think of is pounding her pussy which would shove her face deeper into Eve’s.

He continues trying to get the two ladies to take a break for just a minute and untie him, but Diana is too intent on eating pussy and Eve has lost all ability to even think as she is expertly shown the way only a woman can pleasure another woman.


“Not yet Jim,” Diana says finally lifting her head. “I am going to thoroughly enjoy her without your interruptions.”

The ladies, or rather Diana, ignore him as Eve is not conscious of anything but that tongue working on her, making her aware that she hasn’t felt like this before!

Diana continues licking and focusing on Eve’s clit, sliding her tongue into Eve’s pussy. Diana is enjoying this so much she starts to breath heavier and faster. Diana is close to cumming herself. Diana slips a finger into Eve, then a second one using the “come here” motion while sucking on her clit. Eve begins to moan louder and louder as kaçak iddaa Diana buries her head in Eve’s pussy and refuses to let up until Eve releases her gift to Diana. Eve moans loudly, repeatedly, her hips lifting, trying to get away, but Diana refuses to let up. Eve’s moans turn into a keening scream as the orgasm rips through her and she squirts all over Diana’s face.


Jim is craning his head trying to get a better view, but the ladies aren’t paying him any attention, too concerned with their own play.

“Oo oo oo!” Little mewling sounds are driving him wild. He’s heard them before but these sounds were different. More primal and lustful. Jim growls even louder and starts asking, pleading to be set free.

Diana tortures more sounds from Eve, takes a quick look at Jim, then returns her attention to Eve as she starts to thrash about the bed madly as her third orgasm in as many minutes rips through her body.

He watches Diana head dip as she clamps her mouth down just like Jim wants to be doing and sucks out every last drop of Eve’s cream. Diana finally pulls away and crawls up the bed to lie beside Eve. Her fingers lightly teasing aftershocks from her throbbing pussy as the two of them kiss deeply.

Eve, still unable to even think about moving just lies there as Diana continues to play with her.

Diana looks at Jim with a wicked grin and asked, “Did you like that?”

With his voice a growl, he said, “Untie me you teasing little slut and both of you will find out just how much I liked it!”

Laughing again, Diana gets up and crawls slowly toward Eve’s head placing her knees on each side. She hovers over Eve’s face with a questioning look at her.

Eve staring up into Diana’s dripping wet pussy, thinks, ‘Can I do it?’ She wants to please Diana as a thank you for such an amazing pussy licking. ‘Oh God yes!’ she thinks as she grasps Diana’s hips and brings her down and buries her tongue deep into Diana’s wet succulent womanhood. She does her best to remember and replicate what Diana did to her.

Diana lowers her upper body so that she is on all fours so Jim can watch as Eve’s tongue slides in and out of Diana. Running her pussy up and down Eve’s face, it only takes a second to get to the brink. Diana starts to scream out as she squeezes her own breast and her juices start pouring down Eve’s chin.

Desperate not to miss a drop, as she has never tasted anything so sweet, Eve laps frantically between her friend’s legs trying to catch all her cum juice.

Falling to her side, Diana kisses Eve and thanks her for being such a quick learner.

“We just have to do this again so you can have more practice!”

Eve laughs and they hug each other. After today, Eve knows she will never look at Diana the same way.

Diana then whispers something low into Eve’s ear, who looks over at Jim and his straining hard dick. She laughs and agrees with Diana.


Jim watches from across the room, bound to this chair and can’t believe these two would put him through this delicious torture, but he is unable to do anything about it. So many dreams of his are happening just a few feet away and yet he can only watch! This wasn’t quite how he envisioned this particular fantasy.

Diana and Eve walk over to him. He admires their lushly curved bodies and desperately hopes they will untie him now so he can use his hands to explore each and every curve as he has been longing to do.

Eve goes behind him, raising his hopes of release, but she just ensures that his hands are still tightly bound. Diana take the cuffs off of his legs then pushes his knees apart. Each woman sits on one of them, straddling his thighs. The feel of both wet pussies against his skin is intoxicating. His head swims as each woman take turns leaning forward to feed him their big bountiful breasts. His tongue is skillful and all four nipples are glistening wetly and are hard and pink and erect. His thighs are wet as well from them grinding their saturated pussies on him as he sucked at their nipples.

Eve, or is it Diana, he can’t see which one, reaches down and grabs his cock and starts to stroke it.

Diana teases him asks, “How badly do you want to fuck us right now?”

Jim growled again and bucked his hips. “Untie my hands!” he demanded.

In response both women smothered his face with their breasts, cutting off both his words and his breath. They laughed a little breathlessly at his struggles, then backed off enough for him to draw in air.

“What would you do if we did?” Eve asked coyly.

Diana shakes her head. “Oh no not yet! We aren’t ready to stop playing yet!”

Diana slides off Jim’s leg and gets down on her knees, motioning Eve to do the same. They both start teasing Jim’s cock with their tongues and playing with his balls. He was told to scoot to the edge kaçak bahis of the chair and he obeys. One woman’s mouth sucking and licking just the tip as the other sucks and licks his balls and plays with his ass.

Jim is aching to grab the back of Eve’s head and shove it down his shaft. Diana is teasing him by lubing her finger in her own dripping pussy then sliding it in his ass. She starts rubbing his prostate and the sweet salty precum is oozing out in a steady stream that Eve greedily laps up, swirling her tongue around that fat purple head. Keeping that finger working his ass, Diana joins Eve and both women suck and lick his cock, up and down, balls and tip. Their wet mouths drive him crazy and he feels his balls tighten and he shoots a huge load of cum over both their faces even though they try to catch it in their mouths.

His breath is ragged and harsh as he looks down at the two cum splattered, grinning faces between his spread thighs.

“Damnit ladies! I think you broke me!”

They both laugh as they look at each other, and Diana says, “You don’t think you’re done, do you? No, the night is just beginning and its your turn to please both of us now!”

Jim smiled, a big grin, and his cock twitched.

It was going to be a long, hot night.

With his hands finally untied, Jim pulled both women in for a hug and kissed them soundly.

“Damn ladies! Where did you come from?” he asks.

“Oh, you know us ladies,” says Diana.

“Always planning things!” says Eve.

Jim just grinned and hugged them again, marvelling that he could finally get his hands on these two hot women.

Still hot and eager, Diana and Eve both took a hand and pulled him over to the bed pushing him down on his back in the middle. They curled on either side of him and their hands caressed and fondled him. He felt their soft breasts and bellies pressed against him surrounding him in soft sensual delight. They all exchanged deep kisses with each other and Jim’s cock was nice and hard again in no time.

“Can I ride him first?” Eve asked Diana.

“Sure honey,” Diana replies.

“Hey?” Jim exclaims, “Don’t I get a say?” He was kidding, but felt he should have some say in the next part of the evening after having been teased so hard.

“No hon,” says Diana. “You’re going to be doing something else with your mouth.”

With that, the women rearranged themselves with Eve sliding her wet slit up and down Jim’s hard cock, lubing it up with her slick juices. She was so eager to have his cock in her but she wanted to savour it at the same time. His hardness felt so good! Eve lifted slightly and slowly impaled herself, feeling each hard inch filling her up.

Meanwhile, Diana positioned herself on Jim’s face and straddled his eagerly awaiting mouth with her wet pussy.

The two women were facing each other as they rode Jim for their pleasure. Diana slowly caressed Eve’s heaving chest and ground her pussy into his face, savoring his probing tongue.

Jim decided there was no reason that he couldn’t play too – reaching his hands up he rubbed and pinched nipples not sure whose he was encountering. Jim’s wants and desires were coming true and it felt as if he was in a dream.

Eve was so turned on by Jim’s rock-hard curved cock that she rode him like it may be her last time. Eve used Diana’s stiff shoulder, Jim’s hand and Diana’s breast to steady her movements which caused Diana to push further on Jim’s face.

Low moans of pleasure could be heard throughout the room. The smell of sex was heavy in the air.

Eve leaned over and took Diana’s breasts into her mouth, one at a time, and gently nibbled and sucked on them. The giggles and playful sounds continued until loud moans replaced them.

Eve sat up on Jim and started bucking harder – hips thrusting, gyrating on his erect manhood. Diana orgasmed hard causing her to soak Jim’s face, but he just licked even harder, swallowing what he could. Diana slowly crawled off of Jim and laid down beside him and they both watched Eve bouncing up and down on his cock, her face flushed and her generous breasts bouncing as she neared her own peak. She looked down and saw Jim’s chin glistening with Diana’s juices – a fabulous sight!

Diana curled up next to him in his right arm and started playing with his coarse, soft chest hair. Looking up, she stretched up a little higher and started kissing him passionately, tasting her own juices.

This sight turned Eve on even more and during the passionate kiss both she and Jim climaxed hard at the same time. Moans turned into growls for Jim and Eve screamed out her pleasure. Eve sagged bonelessly on him and then somehow crawled up to his awaiting left arm. Diana couldn’t resist one more tasty treat and took it upon herself to side down his body. She slowly started to suck the juices of her two best friends off his semi-hard cock.

This was it… Exactly what Jim had wanted, had fantasized about. He had his two lovely ladies who not only had become good friends and confidants, now they were his lovers as well.

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