They Were Lit Addicts

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There it was again…the headboards knocking against his wall. His newlywed neighbors were enjoying their marital fruit as they were supposed to. He loved everything about his apartment, except that. Not because it bothered him, but because it kept him horny all the time, thinking how lucky that guy was because of the fact that his neighbor’s wife was absolutely gorgeous.

Nevertheless, this time he it was even more antagonizing, because he was meeting the woman that was number one in his fantasy file, this hot little talker he met from Literotica. They met each other in the chat rooms, talked it up. She seemed to be drawn to him. She dropped any conversation when he logged into the lounge. She smiled to her computer screen and tried not to lose control, as soon as his little name popped up on the user list. The then chatter about taking it to the other level started. Telephone numbers were exchanged, he worked up the courage to call her. Finally a voice to put with those little letters. They were opposites on the phone. His slow southern draw, and her fast-paced northern accent. But they were perfect for each other as they both moaned and masturbated to the sounds of each other’s heavy breathing. Her keeping quiet because of her kids, and him keeping quiet for the simple fact that he was tucked into the corner of his office trying not to get caught with his pants down. But that wasn’t enough any more. It was like an addiction, always that urge for a little something extra, controlling their lives. Sure, the phone sex was amazing, but they weren’t satisfied. She wanted to feel him reach the depths of her soul. He wanted to feel her body wrapped around his. And now they were gonna get the chance. She was down south, visiting an old friend. So she allowed herself an extra day before coming back, just so she could make that fateful trip through Alabama. Her cyber-love memories were the only thing that kept her from falling asleep at the wheel.

All night he had been thinking about how fast they had come along, waiting on her to arrive. Then he heard the sounds of heels coming up the stairs, it brought him out of his daze. The steps stopped and he opened the door before she could even knock…silence…they stared at each other.

She was drop dead sexy. Black stilettos. Black skirt. White spaghetti strapped shirt, covered by a tiny black blouse. Hair pulled up in a ponytail. He was stunning in his khakis, white oxford shirt, untucked, barely even on. The buttons were only done up half way, and the sleeves were rolled-up just below his elbows. Hair was kept short, never fixed perfect.

She looked up with a sheepish grin, and they realized their dreams were about to come true. He stepped forward and greeted her with a kiss. His hands cupped her face. Hers instinctively wrapped around him, digging her nails in his back and pulling him close. He claims canlı bahis he will never forget the way she tasted. Her sweet kiss was deep, long passionate, driven, and seemingly never-ending. Their tongues collided and danced with each other. She moaned for the first time, knowing it wouldn’t be the last, as he nibbled her bottom lip.

They both forgot the fact that they were standing just outside his doorway. He was in the middle of the three apartments upstairs. The newly wed couple on one side, two college girl roommates on the other. At the moment, the newly wed couple was trying to catch their breath, and the girls were out of town for the weekend. As the thoughts of his whereabouts raced in his mind, he lost his inhibitions and pushed her back against the rail.

Their low moans slightly echoed in the hallway. She stopped when she felt the rail brush against her back, asking “What now?” He just grinned and turned her around. She was slightly hesitant, only because she didn’t know her surroundings, not because she didn’t want it. Without realizing, she had placed her hands on the rail, and stuck her ass out. She looked over her shoulder and started to question him, “But what…” She never finished he put one finger on her lips, and started to lift her skirt. She noticed his sly grin again and decided to quit worrying. She took his finger into her lips and lowered her head. How could he not imagine that that was his dick?

His hand stroked her bare ass cheek. He realized then that she had a silk black thong on. She worked on his finger as he spread her ass cheeks with his other hand. His fingers cupped her cheek, while his thumb was trying to burrow it’s way under the thin strap, separating him from the one thing he had only seen in his young mind.

She took his hand from her mouth and brought it to her chest. She took off her blouse laid it over the rail, and slipped her spaghetti straps down past her shoulders. He pulled her shirt down under her breast, Perfect tits. Her nipples stood erect. Hell, they were perked from the moment he opened the damn door. She loved the feel of his hand on her breast, and she started to message the other one herself. Her eyes closed as she lost her breath, quickly turning around to watch him as he started exploring her body.

His thumb had found it’s way to her slit. He tried to remember if he had ever seen a woman more beautiful. Then he thought what would happen if somebody walked up on them? Had he ever touched a pussy as wet as the one before him? Why now, am I having trouble with my fly? How many times will I make love to this gorgeous lady tonight? His pause was driving her crazy; she pushed back towards him. His thumb sliding into her for the first time. She tried to bite her bottom lip but her moan escaped anyway. He moved his thumb around, exploring every inch of her inner walls. He paused bahis siteleri only momentarily to undo his pants.

She held herself against the rail with one hand. The other reaching around and pulling her thong to the ground and kicking them to the side, now exposing, even more of her round ass, and her mound trying to escape from between her thighs. Her heels made her the perfect height for him to slip in.

He pulled his cock out of his boxer-briefs; he was average, six inches. No woman ever claimed he should be in porn, but nobody teased him either. He was exceptionally thick. He easily filled every woman he had been with. He was rock hard. Every time he thought about how close he was, it throbbed with anticipation. To tease her he slid his dick under her. He loved the way her tiny little patch of hair tickled him as he slid his way up.

She reached underneath and held his dick pressed against her. She started to sway her hips side to side, causing her swollen lips to embrace his cock. His wide vein on top of his cock rubbed against her swollen clit. A low moan escaped his body as he felt the warmth of her pussy surround his cock. She was soaking wet, and her juices started to run down his rigid shaft. Spiraling underneath and then trickling down to the center of his balls and dripping to the floor. His head kicked back in pleasure. Her breathing was very heavy and loud, she barely heard him whisper, “Do you want me?”

She struggled to answer him. He had slowly started to rock back and forth, when she whispered back “yeyess.” He took his dick in his hand and started to trace the outside of her lips, letting the head touch her wetness and using her juices as a lube for his hand. He stroked his dick as he playfully snapped back, “I mean, if you don’t want this, I’ll stop” She whined back “Oh, please don’t, please fuck me right here. Please baby.”

He couldn’t play any longer. He slowly started shoving into her. Her lips parted all the way. Her walls stretched around his dick. He could feel her pussy grab at his dick, trying hurry his pace. His hands held her ass cheeks apart as he watched himself enter her. Almost a dream, he had waited for this moment for the past year, and now he was going to cum on her like he had imagined a thousand, if not a million times before.

She finally felt his waist press up against her backside. She pressed back against him knowing he could not get any deeper inside her. She lifted up her ass a bit, and lowered back down, almost not enough to even notice, but with his cock in her womb, it was mind-numbing pleasure. She looked down the outline of her body, past her breast, and down her tummy. She stared at her pussy as it was stretched apart and she could see his balls hanging below, with the reflection of light coming on them, because they were covered in her juices. As she stood motionless, forgetting bahis şirketleri she was in an apartment hallway, he started sliding out of her.

As she turned around, with a begging look as he was pulling out, he changed his pace. He put his hands around her waist and pulled her body back to him and started pounding his body against hers. He couldn’t contain himself, he slammed his body into hers, as she bounced off him. He tried every way to fuck her faster. She lost control, “Oh God!” she screamed, “Oh God, oh, oh.” They both heard the sounds of his balls slapping against her pussy. She braced herself with both hands on the rail as they both bucked wildly against each other. She was in pure ecstasy. He was in heaven. They had been right all along, they were made for each other. They found perfect rhythm, as he continued his deep but quick strokes.

Between Moaning, she called to him…”Oooh, fuck me, mmmm, fuck my baby.” He boldly grabbed her hair, with a gentle tug he growled, “Do you like the way my dick feels in you, girl?”

She looked back at him innocently, “No, mmmmm.” He panicked for a second and started to speak, but she quickly spoke again, “I LOVE your dick in me.” He didn’t know it was possible, but he shoved his cock in her even deeper that before. He slapped her ass, followed by a soothing rub for a few seconds, and another harsh slap. She loved it. She was mesmorized as she watched her tits bounce up and down while he fucked her. When they went down, for a brief moment she could see his dick as it started sliding out of her, then her breast would flash before her again. She felt her legs get weak.

“Oh god, baby, You’re gonna make me cum.” He struggled to not blow his load at that moment, but he knew she needed to cum first. “I want you to cum on my dick, baby doll.” She was past the point of being able to speak, she just moaned and shook her head yes as she felt the walls of her vagina start to tremble. The fire began to burn in the center of her body. Then with all of her breath, “I’m cummmming, Oh my god, I’m cumming all over you.”

Her words drove him over the edge. He felt his balls tighten and he shoved into her one last time. He felt her body start to go limp as he held her ass against him, shooting his cum inside her.

She was out of breath, every square inch of her body feeling the pleasure of their orgasms. She felt stream after stream fill her up. Their mixed juices running down her thighs and his. He released her hips and slid out of heaven. She turned and grinned as she lowered herself to her knees. He stood in front of her with his young dick still hard, wet from her cum along with his own. She took his shaft in her hand licked the underside of his swollen head, as he jumped back from the intense sensitivity.

As they giggled, she caught something in the corner of her eye. Her smile went to shock as she saw they newlyweds standing in their doorway, just feet away from them. But judging by the bulge in the groom’s pants, and the perky little nipples poking through the bride’s tee shirt, the night might not end…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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