The Trust Ch. 01

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First let me thank you all for the votes and emails. And as I’ve said before, this is not meant to be the next great novel, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sorry to disappoint. I started it wanting to do a running chronicle that spans years like a soap opera, so it may never actually reach a satisfactory end for some people. With that in mind, if you haven’t read all previous chapters, I suggest you do so before proceeding.

If I haven’t already scared you off, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing it. All mistakes are mine. All people, places and institutions are made up, this story in no way reflects reality and any similarities to it are coincidental. Enjoy.


Chapter 01

Mason Cabot lay awake on his eighteenth birthday contemplating his future. Later that day he had a meeting scheduled with his legal guardian, at which control of his parents estate would be turned over to him. The problem was, he wasn’t sure he was ready for it. Truthfully, he wasn’t sure he wanted any part of it. He had loving memories of his mother, but his father had been a dark brooding presence in his life. The boogeyman that haunted his childhood dreams, and the idea that he was expected to carry on some kind of legacy for the man felt like one of those nightmares coming true.

Both of his parents had died when he was eight, his mother in a car bombing, while almost simultaneously, his father’s Gulfstream V blew apart over the Atlantic. Though it took several days to confirm the latter when the small jet failed to reach its expected destination. Not having any other living relatives, the law firm handling his father’s affairs had carried out the will and petitioned the court to gain custody, turning Mason’s care over to a third year associate named Allan Gregory, while the estate was placed in a trust that the firm would manage until Mason’s eighteenth birthday

The one bright spot about that time in his life, had been his nanny Brigid. She was a five foot five Irish beauty with bright copper hair and an aversion to clothing. She had stepped in and showered him with the love and affection he needed to make it out of those dark days. Filling his memories with her laughter and her music.

Brigid was a bit of a free spirit when it came to being nude, claiming her skin was too sensitive, but truthfully she just liked to feel free. And quite frankly she had every right to feel comfortable that way, since she was flawless, even the scattering of freckles over her alabaster skin adding to her charm. It wasn’t uncommon for him to come home and find her partially or fully naked while puttering around the house. Generally once she knew he was home, she’d put something on, but she never seemed to mind being caught, or in much of a hurry to disappear.

Mason could feel his cock stirring at just the thought of her. The way her heavy breasts swayed as she walked, or bounced all akinble as she skipped down the stairs. Even now at thirty-four, he thought she might be the most beautiful woman alive. He pushed the covers aside and took hold of himself, picturing her trim yet lush body as he began to stroke his morning wood.

Brigid, the object of his growing fantasy, was watching the clock. She had a lot to do that day and was organizing it in her head as she too lay in bed. She couldn’t believe her little Mase was eighteen. And part of her felt like crying because things were going to change. But mostly she felt pride in the man he was turning into. She shivered a little at the memory of his deep blue eyes following her around the house. She’d given up feeling guilty about the obvious lust she inspired in him as he got older and had come to enjoy it. Not that she ever planned on anything happening between them, but it did her self-esteem good to still have that effect on a strapping young man like Mason. And what a strapping young man he had turned in to. Five eleven and a heavy shouldered hundred and eighty-five pounds, coal-black hair that always seemed dusty and mussed, narrow hips with a well-defined six-pack. But it was his hands that usually made her shiver, a brawler’s hands, big and thick, but surprisingly gentle any time they touched her. Throwing back the covers, she shook herself out of her own growing fantasy. “No time for that nonsense today.” she scolded herself as she rose and reached for her short robe, it was time to wake Mason and get this day started.

She wasn’t ready for the sight that greeted her as she entered Mason’s room though. He generally slept like a hibernating bear, requiring at least a shoulder shake to get him awake. Today he was definitely awake, in more ways than one. She froze, taking in the sight of his naked body sprawled out before her, biting off an apology when she saw his eyes were closed. The covers were pushed down, exposing his well muscled frame, but it was the cock that took her breath away. It had to be close to eight inches and was veiny and thick like the hand he was slowly stroking it with. She could feel her nipples perabet tightening as she watched.

Now there had been a time when Brigid had happily considered herself something of a slut. But over the last decade that had tapered off as her devotion to Mason had deepened. Despite her decision to continue being a semi nudist, she’d had very few sexual liaisons during that time. And the sound of him muttering her name now sent a hot flush through her body that left a liquid trail down the inside of her thigh. Almost in a trance, she climbed on to his bed, her hand reaching for him.

Mason’s eyes flew open as he felt the bed shift. Fear and confusion warring with excitement at the sight of Brigid kneeling beside him. Her robe open and left breast hanging out as her hand joined his. “Oh God Brigid.” he groaned, feeling her hand touch him for the first time. He fell silent as she placed her left hand lightly to his mouth, her eyes locking with his.

“It’s okay Mase,” she breathed, “just relax and let me say happy birthday.”

Mason felt like his heart was trying to break out of his chest, a couple of girlfriends had fumbled around with him before, but this was Brigid, the star of his every fantasy. He actually trembled as she pushed his hand aside and took a firm grip on his cock. His eyes following hers as she looked at it, barely daring to breathe as she began stroking him.

Brigid couldn’t believe she was doing this, she’d had a lot of fun over the years teasing him and herself, but had never considered actually doing anything. The moment she held him though. she was lost, It was beautiful, “It’s beautiful Mase.” She murmured, watching as the skin gathered under the head as she stroked up, his heavy balls rising and then relaxing back to his thighs as she slid back down. It was more than beautiful, it felt powerful, thicker and stiffer than any she could ever remember holding before. A groan of pure lust forced itself from her chest as she began stroking him with a purpose.

Mason had been about to cum before any of this had happened, and could feel his balls tightening up again as Brigid started stroking him faster, her exposed breast swaying, so close, stealing his breath as his eminent climax approached.

Brigid could feel it swelling, getting harder and she knew Mason was close. In fascination she watched as the first pulse of his cum squeezed past her grip to land in a long stripe almost to his collarbone. Followed in quick rhythm by three more pulses, each one shorter in range but seeming just as heavy in volume. She could feel Mason’s body relax as the final flow oozed out of the tip and ran down to pool at her thumb. Unable to resist, she leaned down and licked up the little pool, before using her tongue to clean the head of his cock. Mason’s moan brought her eyes back to his and she grinned as she took him into her mouth. Her other hand playing in the mess on his stomach.

Mason wanted to touch her, but was afraid to do anything that might break this spell or wake him from this dream. So he lay there watching in awe as she took him into her mouth. Her flaming hair falling across her face as the warm wet haven engulfed him. He was conscious of her hard nipple brushing the tops of his thigh, her lips and tongue caressing his shaft. He was more than a little overwhelmed by it all. Her hand rubbing his cum into his skin absently, her fingers following the ridges of his washboard abs. Her eyes were half hooded yet hungry when she looked up at him.

“God your beautiful.” He blurted, unable to hold it in, and she had never been more so. Any chance that he might go soft after cumming was long gone. Her eyes opened wide, a light filling them he had never seen before, crinkling at the sides as she smiled around his cock.

Then she rose up and straddled him, using her right hand to work his head into the folds of her. As she saw him start to say something she again covered his mouth gently with her free hand and hushed him. “Don’t go on saying a bunch of silly things, just enjoy your birthday.” She told him as she slowly sat back, his thick cock stretching her in ways no other had ever done. She could feel every inch of it slide past her clit, a shudder going up her spine with a detour that lit up her nipples. She had never been so full, his cock just felt massive inside her. Rocking her hips slowly, she took his hands and pulled them to her breasts.

“Oh God!” He moaned, his toes curling as she sank slowly back, his cock sliding into a woman for the first time. It was wet and warm and soft all at once, yet tight. God it was tight, he could feel her slowly yielding to him, her lips getting tighter and tighter as they got closer to the base of his cock and she opened to let him in. He knew he would have already lost it when she started rocking her hips if he hadn’t just cum a few seconds ago. When she brought his hands to her tits, he was amazed at the feel of them. They were nothing like he had imagined, hell none of this was. Her tits were perabet giriş heavy, and firm yet plush all rolled into one. While her big nipples were everything he had always hoped they would be. He could tell they were sensitive, because just brushing one made her jump, but they were far harder than he’d expected. His never got like that. And the grunt she made when he pinched both of them at once told him he was always going to love them.

Brigid was fast approaching a climax of her own, and she started grinding into Mason seeking it. Her clit crushed hard against his pelvis as she started panting and moaning. She had seldom reached orgasm from fucking in the past, usually achieving satisfaction after the fact at her own hands, not that she didn’t find enjoyment in the act itself. But to her surprise, it was coming fast and it was going to be big.

Mason watched Brigid almost spell-bound as her eyes rolled back in her head followed by her head itself falling back to exposing her long graceful neck. Things started moving in wonderful ways deep inside her, little shudders caressing his cock seemed to turn into quakes that ran up her frame. These started coming faster and stronger as she ground herself faster and harder against him and little moans and grunts began capping each one. He thought she was going to squeeze him off when her whole body went rigid and just seemed to vibrate on top of him. Her nails digging into his forearms as she clutched at him.

Brigid had never cum so hard in her life, she actually felt light-headed for a bit and slumped over to lie on Mason’s chest, drained yet enjoying the after glow of it. She felt him put his arms around her and hold her tight. Still wonderfully full of his hard cock. She wanted to lay like that forever, but Mason had other ideas.

Mason took a minute or two to enjoy the feel of Brigid’s breasts crushed against his and process the obvious fact that she’d had an orgasm, then he decided he was done being passive. He’d spent years dreaming of this day and he had things to do. Holding her tight, he rolled them both over so that he was on top.

“Mase,” she began but it was his turn to silence her by pressing a couple of fingers to her lips.

“Don’t be saying any silly things,” he said back to her with a grin, ” just let me enjoy my birthday.” and he replaced his fingers with his lips. Brigid stiffened for half a second, then seemed to melt under him, her mouth becoming soft and open to his tongue. He kissed her for what seemed like an eternity, but when she started moving her hips, he slid down to her throat. His lips nuzzling under her jawline. She let out a groan of protest as he slid from her, but sank her fingers into his hair as he sucked at first one nipple then the other, her chest arching up to meet him. She started panting again as he kissed around her navel, and moaned his name as he ran his tongue through her pubic hair to curl around her little hooded clit.

He’d dreamed about doing this, maybe more than actually fucking. When he watched porn, this seemed to be the most intimate act of them all. He wanted to know what she tasted like and smelled like. He wanted to see her up close and vulnerable. Drawing back enough, he slowly began to explore this wonder that was a woman. Just the tip of his index finger tracing softly along her lips, his thumb pulling back the hood to expose her clit to him and his caressing finger.

Brigid propped herself up on her elbows and felt her heart sore at the look of wonder on his handsome face. He was so gentle, his touch like a feather, yet she could feel the fluids running out of her, she was so wet she felt like a teenager again. Maybe it was capturing just a little of what she saw in his eyes.

Mason wasn’t disappointed, he loved every part of this, leaning back in he started exploring with his tongue, enjoying the clean slightly coppery taste of her. Feeling a tendon pop out on the inside of her thigh as he ran his tongue through her slit, he turned his head and kissed her there. When she moaned, he gave in to an impulse and bit her there. This lit her up like the Fourth of July, as she squirmed so hard he had to hold on tight or loose her, all the time she was squealing and giggling like a little girl.

“Mase…stop!” She finally got out breathlessly, pushing at the top of his head.

Relenting, he chuckled and returned to her soft lips, laving them broadly with the flat of his tongue.

Brigid was stunned by the fact that she’d had yet another orgasm already, granted it was nothing along the scale of the first one, but she wasn’t multi-orgasmic and had never believed all that crap in the women’s magazines. What’s more, she could tell that she was heading for another much bigger one if he kept doing what he was doing now.

Remembering the beauty of that moment when she had cum on his cock, Mason decided to see if he could do better from there, so he went to work with a will. Holding her hips firmly, he began probing with his tongue perabet güvenilir mi and sucking at her lips and licking her clit and any thing else that seemed to cause her to move or moan. And he was soon rewarded as her whole body seemed to arch up off the bed and a gush of warm liquid washed over his tongue and chin. He was surprised that it had little real taste to it, only a slight tang and he dug in after more. Drawing a wail from his helpless victim.

Brigid finally rolled on to her side and curled up in the fetal position to escape her torment. Shudders of pleasure almost painful coursed through her body. Then she felt Mason move up behind her, spooning her and wrapping her once more in his strong arms. It was hard to believe this was this boy’s.. no, this man’s first time with a woman. He had done more to her than she thought possible. And she found herself crying.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, fearful that she regretted what they had done. But she giggled through her tears.

“My little Mase has become a man,” she told him, “and I’m very proud of him.”

Mason just grinned and grabbed his still hard cock. Dipping down a bit, he tried lining it up to enter her, but wasn’t having much luck until she gave him a hand. Then they both groaned as he sank his full length back into her tender depths. He slipped out twice trying to get his rhythm, but she helped him find his way back each time, and soon he was thrusting hard enough that she was being scooted across the bed. She grabbed his hip and guided him on top of her again as she turned on to her stomach. The new angle making her seem even tighter if that was possible.

Supporting most of his weight on his left arm, Mason slip his right under and around her right shoulder for leverage and started long stroking her. He could feel his own climax building deep in his balls and he wanted it.

The power and passion of the way he was taking her was setting Brigid off again, she could feel it washing over her, washing her away. Submerging her in glowing waves of pleasure. Then she felt a different warmth and knew he had cum for her. It had been a long time since she had felt that, and she loved it. It was the feeling that had once let her define herself as a slut. The knowledge that she had the very essence of life in her. No, she wasn’t going to end up pregnant, she took the pill to regulate her periods, but the mere receiving of a man’s cum inside her body had always given her a special sense of satisfaction.

“Thank you.” He whispered.


It was about an hour later and Mason was getting his Chevelle out for the trip into Charleston. It was a thirty mile drive along the Elk River that he actually enjoyed. And the gun-metal grey nineteen seventy Chevelle SS was his baby. It had flat black rally stripes and a red interior. Brigid’s father Marcus Kelly, Mason’s friend and co-conspirator, had helped him restore it. His love of old muscle cars having fueled Mason’s to start with. Mason had worried for a time that their friendship was going to fall apart when he insisted on making a few modifications to the car. The ironworks custom frame and an all-aluminum C6 Corvette suspension were easy to swallow, but when Mason ordered a Gen IV LSA small-block to drop into it instead of the traditional 454 big block, he thought Marcus was going to come unglued. The supercharged LSA’s five hundred fifty-six net horsepower, finally brought him around though. Mated to a Tremec T56 Magnum six-speed manual transmission and a GMR nine-inch rear end, it had more than enough balls to satisfy anyone.

Danny, Marcus’ herd dog stood off to the side, patiently waiting for a sign Mason wanted to greet him. Danny was a three-year old Belgian Tervuren, he looked like a black Collie, and he was the most disciplined member of the family. Smart as a whip and affectionate, Danny was also very proper, he never approached you, standing very still and tall until you made eye contact and said his name. Then he turned into a puppy and wagged his whole body. After that he would follow you around for hours, unless he was told to get to work. Usually by Marcus. Mason called him over and gave him a good scratch, then climbed in the car as Danny ran off happy.

Popping Toys In The Attic in the Cd player, he headed into town for his meeting. He still couldn’t believe what had happened that morning. Although it had ended much more abruptly then he would have liked. They had been cuddling for maybe ten minutes and he was starting to get more ideas when Brigid had simply slapped him on the hip and told him to get a shower. Then grabbed her robe and left his room. By the time he got downstairs he was disappointed to find her dressed, but the pile of bacon and hash browns she put before him soon had him feeling better.

When she had placed his glass of orange juice in front of him, then leaned in and hugged him to her chest, her fingers combing through his hair, Mason was reassured that she wasn’t upset about what they had done. And couldn’t help himself, he had always wanted to grab that ass. She jumped with a squeal and slapped him on the shoulder. But she was swaying it pretty good as she went back in the kitchen. Just as he was finishing, she stuck her head back around the corner.

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