The Tangled Web Ch. 21

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Christmas 2005 – Sara’s Midnight Service

The Tangled Web is a story spanning several years and is based on the complicated lives of Sara and Sam, lovers who are brother and sister, and those they live with. Set in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories. Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each chapter stand as a complete and satisfying story in itself.

* * * * *

The little stone-built church was packed with worshipers, some devout, some slightly merry, but all happily trolling forth the cheerful words of the closing carol into the candlelit darkness of the ancient building’s vaulted roof.

‘…Yea, Lord we greet thee, born this happy morning…’

For nearly a thousand years the village church had welcomed Christmas revellers from the tiny Yorkshire hamlet and the farms around every year without fail. And now it was welcoming two new arrivals, the brother and sister couple Sara and Sam, whose very relationship was considered a sin.

It was Christmas Eve and the midnight mass was coming to a close. Back in their cottage, the excited twins were finally asleep, watched over by their Grandmother who was staying with her two children for the season.

Sara and Sam had taken the opportunity to go to the service together. Sara sang out confidently and tunefully. Sam less confident made sure that he sang less loudly than those standing in front and behind him.

“… Oh come let us adore him…Chri-ist the Lord…”

Anonymous in the midst of the full congregation, Sara squeezed her brother Sam’s hand as they sang out into the darkness. She glanced up into his strong, handsome face and smiled cheekily. There was love in her eyes, but much more than the love a sister normally showed her brother.

Sam squeezed her hand in return, their long thick overcoats brushing against each other.

As the procession of choir and clergy passed along the aisle and out into the cold night air, the service ended with many wishes of ‘Happy Christmas’ being passed from friend to friend; with warm handshakes between neighbours and a hundred happy kisses on the cheek before the cheerful congregation themselves followed the choir out through the heavy wooden doors.

Sara and Sam walked hand in hand in the darkness along the uneven lane that led towards their cottage. The ground crunched under their feet as it froze in the cold Christmas morning air. A bright moon lit up the roofs of the old stone houses past which they walked in contented silence.

As they neared the stream, a neighbour called out to them in a loud stage whisper.

“Merry Christmas you two! Love to the kids!”

Sara felt Sam’s strong fingers squeezing hers. She felt a warm feeling inside her. How very different from the hidden, secretive life in the city they had left behind.

The small, picturesque village in which they had lived for nearly a year knew Sara and Sam simply as the normal, very pleasant, husband and wife parents of the two mischievous but incredibly cute twins that now attended the local village infant school.

They had settled very well into village life. Sara played an active part in the local school parents’ association and, although Sam was away from home a lot, they had made many good friends in their new neighbourhood. They had started attending the local parish church too on a regular basis; partly to help establish themselves in the village community, but also as part of Sam’s new plan.

They were to be married the following spring.

To be more precise, they were to have their union blessed in a church service that so closely resembled a wedding that, to quote the vicar, ‘only a theologian would be able to spot the difference.’

How had this miracle come about? In the end, it had been simple – at least it had been so far.

The Church of England leaves a great deal of decision making in the hands of its local clergy. It is not unusual for British couples who were originally married in a civil ceremony to want a church blessing later in life – often to celebrate a significant anniversary or if one partner becomes more religious after the original wedding. Usually Church of England vicars are pleased to perform blessing ceremonies for married couples which to the layman look and feel just like real weddings.

But crucially, because they are not wedding ceremonies in the legal sense, no personal history checks need to be made. If the vicar is satisfied, then the ceremony can take place. No birth certificates need be presented which would have shown Sara and Sam had the same parents. No original marriage certificates need be shown which Sara and Sam would have been unable to provide.

By presenting themselves to their new community as a couple already married in a registry office, Sara and Sam had easily persuaded their new vicar, a delightful, committed man in his early sixties, to perform a church ceremony for them in the spring.

They are naturally ecstatic about this. All bahis firmaları their new friends will be invited and their mother and Uncle Steven will also be there. Sara and Sam both wished that their old friends could be there too, but sadly had to face the fact that they would probably never be able to see them again – at least never as a couple with children.

Meanwhile, this was their first Christmas in their new cottage as a real, accepted couple. They were determined to make the most of it.

As the two lovers crossed the little hump-backed bridge which straddled the village stream, Sara paused and gazed down into the jet black fast flowing waters.

“Do you remember our first weekend in York?” She asked, snuggling up close to her brother in the cold.

“How could I ever forget it?” Sam replied, putting his arm around her shoulders. “We stood on the bridge and watched the water that night, too.” He pondered a little longer. “It was the first time we actually woke up in the same bed together. At least, the first time since we were children.”

“Not that we got a lot of sleep!” Sara teased. “And here we are – together.” She went on. “And have two wonderful boisterous children of our own.”

She turned to face her brother and raised her mouth to his. They kissed, Sam’s long, strong arms enfolding her, the bright moon shining on them from above.

“Sam?” Sara asked tentatively when at last their lips parted.

“What, Midge?” He softly replied, nuzzling her soft brown hair.

“Sam, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“What is it, Midge? I can’t buy you any more presents at this time of night!” He grinned.

Sara smiled back. “That’s true.” She paused. “But you can give me a wonderful gift.”

Sam looked at her in surprise. “What do you mean?”

His sister wriggled around in his arms until their faces were only inches from each other.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, Sam. Now that things are going so well for us, I…”

She paused. Sam had a feeling deep within his belly that he knew what she was going to say.

“Sam, I want us to have another baby. One that’s really, truly ours. With your name, not David’s on the birth certificate.”

“Midge, I…” Sam began but Sara interrupted him.

“Don’t say no straight away! Think about it! The twins are old enough to go to nursery school now, and will be in proper school next year. We’re going to be married – well, as close as can ever get to it. We’re going to see Uncle Steven in Canada and you never know what might come of that!”

“But Midge, I…” Sam tried again, but again Sara cut in.

“And you know I’ve always wanted a big family, Sam. I’ve said that ever since we were small.” She chuckled. “I wanted you to play ‘mothers and fathers’ with me even then, do you remember?”

“Midge!” Sam broke in. “Please let me get a word in edgeways!”

Sara laughed again. “I have been going on, haven’t I?”

“I don’t blame you. You’ve been working up to this for a while, haven’t you?” Sam asked her.

Sara nodded. “I’ve been waiting for tonight.”

“And you’re really serious? You know it increases the risk of… of being discovered?”

“I know. But I don’t think by much. And I really believe it’s a price worth paying, Sam. Don’t you?”

Sam considered it for a while. He took his sister’s hand and led her slowly along the narrowing lane until they could see the lights of their cottage in the darkness.

“Mum’s still awake. Her bedroom light’s still on.” Sara observed in a whisper.

“Then I’d better give you my answer now.” Sam said under his breath. Sara grabbed his arm eagerly.

“What is it, Sam?” Her eyes were bright and gleaming in the moonlight. Sam found her sweetness and naïveté overpoweringly attractive.

“Yes, Midge. The answer’s yes. I want another baby too.”

“Really, Sam?”


Sara hurled herself at her brother, flinging her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly, peppering his face with kisses. Sam staggered under her weight.

“Steady on!” He laughed, and kissed her deeply on the lips as they stood under the pouch. After a long time, their embrace broke and Sam reached into his pocket for the front door key.

The cottage welcomed them warmly as they entered, closing the door firmly behind them as the grandfather clock in the stone hallway struck one a.m.

Sam took off his long dark blue overcoat and hung it on one of the wooden pegs on the wall behind the door. He draped his scarf over the peg too and turned to his sister who stood with a look of pure happiness on her sweet, innocent face.

“Shall we have a nightcap before bed?” He suggested, stressing the last word meaningfully.

“Mmmm” Assented Sara, equally meaningfully and followed him into the lounge.

After their walk in the cold, the heat in the room was stifling at first but soon became very pleasant. In the pale stone fireplace, a large wood fire was roaring. A round silver tray stood on the small kaçak iddaa coffee table bearing a bottle and two glasses.

“I don’t know how you can keep that coat on in this heat.” Sam said as they crossed to the fireplace.

“Look!” Sara called to her brother. “Mum’s so sweet. She’s built the fire up for us and left us a drink and a mince pie each.” She poured two small brandies in bright bowl glasses and offered one to her brother. Sam took it and raised his glass to her.

“Merry Christmas!” He said. They touched glasses gently and sipped the warming, fiery liquid. Sara felt it burn as it slipped down her throat. She liked its coarseness. It gave her courage.

“To our new baby?” She offered as a toast.

“Mustn’t count our chickens…” Sam scolded, but then relented. “To the great pleasure of trying.” He grinned suggestively at his sister.

They both sipped their brandies. Sara winced again as it burned her throat. Her eyes opened wide as she grinned at her brother.

“Well, there’s no time like the present, Sam!” She said, her voice suggestive in the extreme as she crossed to the lounge door.

“What do you mean?” Sam asked disingenuously, hoping he had not misunderstood her.

“I mean, it’s time to open your first present.” She whispered, turning the key in the old iron lock. It closed with a satisfying ‘click’.

Turning back towards him, and with a rather dramatic gesture, Sara let her long overcoat fall slowly open. Sam gasped in astonishment and delight.

Beneath the heavy folds of her coat, Sara wore nothing but a tiny red thong trimmed with white fur, a tiny matching red bra and white stay-up stockings.

“Midge, I…You…I mean…” Sam found himself utterly speechless.

Sara raised a finger to her lips to silence him. She crossed the lounge floor slowly, the light of the roaring fire turning her pale skin to a rich orange. As she reached her astounded brother, she placed a single finger under his open jaw and closed his gaping mouth with a grin.

Placing her warm moist lips on his, she reached her arms around his neck and pulled his ear to her lips.

“Holding hands on the bridge isn’t the only thing that’s just like our first weekend away, Sam.” She slipped her arms out of the coat sleeves.

“Merry Christmas big brother!” She whispered, and her long coat fell around her ankles.

Sam’s arms slipped around his sister’s long, smooth, naked back and pulled her close to him. His lips found hers once again and their mouths opened wide in a deep embrace. Sam felt a tide of wild animal passion rising within him. His tongue delved deep into Sara’s hot mouth until it found hers and the two writhed over and round each other like snakes in a pit.

Sara pressed herself against her brother’s groin, feeling the hardness within his trousers that she wanted so badly. Her breasts rubbed against his sweater, the coarse wool arousing her hardening nipples, barely protected by the tiny bra’s thin cloth.

Sam’s hands slipped down his sister’s back until he found her soft, round buttocks. She winced with the coldness of his touch on her warm skin, but relaxed as his fingers gently kneaded her cheeks and traced the line of her thong around her waist before diving deep into the cleft between her buttocks. Sara moaned into his open mouth as Sam’s fingers brushed against her vulva from behind.

Sam felt his sister’s dampness on his delving fingertips and thrust his tongue deeper into her mouth. She sucked eagerly on it as his hands spread out over her buttocks once again.

Sara felt Sam’s fingertips brush against the smooth skin of her long, smooth back as they travelled slowly, tantalisingly up her spine until they reached the loose bow that secured the back of her red and white bra. Sam toyed with the cord, seeking out the loose end. His tongue delved deeper into his sister’s mouth as he pulled, at first gently, then more firmly on the bow. It came apart easily, the cord falling down Sara’s sides, releasing her small, firm breasts.

Sam’s hands massaged Sara’s back and shoulders as he explored her warm skin. She felt his fingers travelling yet further upwards towards her neck and under her soft brown hair until they found the second bow. This yielded instantly to Sam’s touch and the tiny bra fell away, falling to the floor unnoticed.

Sara’s breasts, now freed from their ludicrously inadequate bonds, were crushed against Sam’s jumper in their embrace. She felt the coarseness of its material, painful yet strangely arousing as her nipples rubbed against his chest. Her knees felt a little weak as she realised how much her body ached for her brother’s once again.

Sam’s hands stroked Sara’s back lightly from top to bottom and from side to side, from her slim shoulders down to her smooth buttocks where his fingers fanned out over their soft roundness. Sara’s arms snaked around his neck again, drawing his mouth against hers more firmly than ever as her naked body tingled with the touch of his skin on hers.

Without daring to kaçak bahis breaking their embrace, Sam bent his knees slightly and slipped his palms under his sister’s bottom. Taking her buttocks firmly in his hands, he lifted her bodily from the floor. Sara instinctively opened her thighs and wrapped her slender legs around Sam’s waist as he carried her unsteadily to the long couch in front of the fire. As he slowly lowered her onto the dark tartan rug that covered its seat, his legs knocked into a small side table, sending a book and a small lamp crashing onto the floor.

Sara hooted with laughter, their mouths finally parting.

“You’re supposed to sweep ME off my feet, not the furniture!”

“Ssshhh!” Sam hissed, giggling himself. “Mum’s upstairs!”

“It’s alright! She knows about us, remember?”

“That doesn’t mean I want her listening every time we do it, silly!” Sam retorted.

“Well get on with it, then!” Sara laughed. “It’s not very warm in this thing!” She indicated her Santa’s little helper underwear. It was ludicrously small, Sam thought. And ludicrously corny too! But God! It was turning him on. Sam felt his erection straining within his trousers.

Quickly, he began to undress. First his shoes and socks, then his trousers were flung aside as Sara watched from the couch, the tartan rug pulled over her. Even after all this time, she still found him irresistibly attractive. His legs were still strong and athletic, his waist slim, his belly flat, his chest, though slim, still well defined, and his bottom…well she didn’t think she would ever tire of looking at those taut cheeks. Her fingers under the rug strayed between her thighs as she watched him hurriedly disrobe.

Sam’s sweater and shirt joined the discarded bra in the corner of the room. Sara watched in the fire lit darkness as her naked brother knelt in front of her. He smiled a knowing smile as he purposefully lifted her legs and, sliding his palms under her soft buttocks, grasped the waist of the thong. With a deft pull, he slipped it downwards, over her cheeks and thighs and over her knees before throwing it into the dark corner of the room.

Sam knelt between his sister’s thighs and looked up into her face. In her eyes he saw warmth, love and a desire so powerful it made his heart beat loudly in his chest. Slowly, his eyes fixed on Sara’s, Sam turned his head to his right and kissed the inside of her left knee. The stocking was smooth and silky on his lips; her skin beneath it warm and with an intensely feminine smell.

Sara moaned softly. Sam traced a long line of soft, tiny kissed down the inside of her thigh until the stocking ended and his mouth was within tongue’s length of the sparse, pale brown hair that covered her moist vulva. Sara could feel his hot breath on her outer lips and involuntarily pressed herself towards his mouth.

Sam, teasingly, ran his tongue in one single, light stroke from the base of her slit to her proud, outstanding clitoris, then moved his mouth back to the inside of her left knee and traced another line of delicate kissed down her thigh until, once again, his breath was upon Sara’s vulva.

Sam felt the familiar coarse roughness of Sara’s sparse pubic hair on his tongue as he drew it slowly over her hot wetness. He felt her fleshy outer lips part and the softness of her inner lips as the tip of his tongue passed the full length of her slit. He could taste her increasing arousal, strong and slightly metallic on his tongue as it passed over her clitoris, small and hard and peeking cheekily out from within the safety of its fleshy hood.

Sara shivered involuntarily as her brother probed her deepest secrets with his warm, active tongue. She could feel the warmth of his body against her inner thighs as his broad shoulders pressed them wider apart to let his active mouth gain closer and closer access to her core. She gasped with delight as the warm, wet, rough surface of his tongue was drawn almost electrically across the delicate underside of her clitoris. She felt herself opening, wider and wider, wanting so badly to feel Sam’s strength and virility inside her once again.

Sam smelt and tasted his sister’s increasing arousal and felt his own rising to match hers. The heat of the fire on his back was matched by the burning sensation in his almost painful erection as he lifted his head from Sara’s vulva and pulled her by the hands onto the thick rug in front of the fire. Sara slipped from the couch to her knees, from her knees to her buttocks and from there to lie on her back on the deep pile rug, the fire’s heat making the whole of her left side tingle.

Sam knelt between her open thighs, his weight taken forwards on his strong arms as he loomed over her. Their mouths touched again. Sara could taste her arousal on her brother’s lips. She moaned softly. Sam felt her writhe beneath him and lowered his lips to her hard, erect nipples, taking each gently into his mouth in turn, his tongue lightly dancing over its tip.

Their bodies almost orange in the firelight, Sam’s tongue traced a glistening line from her breasts down his sister’s belly, pausing to toy with her navel. Sara giggled. Sam loved it! Her whole body trembled when she laughed, as if they were both children again.

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