The Taming of Natalie Ch. 02

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Natalie avoided me for an entire day and, not surprisingly, I felt her distance keenly.

I struggled with my feelings. I had lusted after her for a long time now. It wasn’t a passing phase. Maybe it was an infatuation. Probably was, in fact, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be more. It had the deep, heart-twisting yearning of more. So, seeing her in such a private, intimate moment was incredibly erotic, and more importantly she had been thinking of me during it! I wanted to pursue a deeper, more sexual relationship with her, in secret, of course. The taboo nature made it all the more exciting. She was forbidden fruit—a sweet, succulent, juicy peach.

On the other hand, she was my step-sister. People would be horrified if they found out about my feelings toward Natalie, especially my parents. It just wasn’t done. It was wrong. It was incest.

But was it, really? We weren’t related by blood and hadn’t lived together for long, and though I regularly dreamed of having sex with Natalie, I had no intention of impregnating her. Yes, I had been attracted to Natalie instantly, the first time I saw her through my bedroom window, but she was the one who came into my room the first night barely dressed. She started it! I was a slave to my hormones. In the end we were related to one another by … what? A piece of paper in the county clerk’s office. If not for that, we’d be total strangers.

I resolved to pursue her and maintain the secret. She was worth it. I’d make her understand.

Thursday afternoon rolled around. My father was off on another real estate excursion and Doris left for the grocery store. Soft music came from Natalie’s room. I steeled myself, taking a long deep breath, and strode to her door. Time to be brave. I knocked lightly.

The pop music inside ended abruptly. Natalie opened the door and peered at me from underneath long lashes. We locked eyes and she bit her lip and stepped back to let me into her room. Sighing with relief, I entered. She shut the door behind me. Her hair was tied back in a pony-tail, and she wore no make-up. A white T-shirt flowed over her breasts and ended just before her waist, leaving a teasing strip of skin bare just below. A pair of tight pink shorts hugged her hips. Natalie had a thing for the color pink.

“We should talk,” I said.

She nodded, but wouldn’t make eye contact with me. She sat cross-legged on her bed, like she had so often on mine. Smooth, pale and freshly-shaved, her long legs and bare feet made me hard. I sat beside her on the bed, and nervously curled my fingers into my lap.

“I’m sorry I … didn’t mean to … ” I trailed off because it was a lie. A direct lie. I had meant to. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever known, she flirted with me on a daily basis, and I had stumbled upon her masturbating. Of course I had meant to watch.

“How much did you see?” she asked in a small voice.

“A lot of it. I don’t know when you started.”

She blushed and licked her lips before replying. “And you just watched me?”



I swallowed hard and tried to pretend I was brave. “At first I didn’t want to embarrass you, and then … well, you were so pretty and … “

“Mostly naked.”


“I didn’t think anyone would be up at that hour.”

“What were you doing in the living room anyway?” If she wanted to masturbate she could have just done what I had been doing for months. Lock the door to her room, and do it in peace without the worry of being caught.

“There was … a show on.” She giggled nervously. Yes, there was, and I had watched it. “One that made me want to touch myself.”

Oh, she meant she was watching porn. Interesting. “You? Natalie, the perfect little good girl, watched porn?” It was pure flattery. I knew she wasn’t a perfect little good girl. I liked her mischievous side, how she had depth to her, a depth I was just beginning to discover. I wanted to explore her. Not just her body, but her mind too.

“I’m not perfect, and I can be bad.”

I grinned at her. “I bet you can.” And I intended to thoroughly map that bad side.

Natalie slapped my shoulder playfully, but afterward she looked up with an arched eyebrow. “Did you tell anyone you saw me?”

My jaw dropped. Is that what she was worried about? “No, of course not. I’d never do that.”

Her features relaxed. In fact, her whole body slumped. She hung her head again, a stray wisp of hair falling across her forehead. “Do you think I’m a freak?”

“For watching porn and touching yourself? No. We all do it. I do it.”

A small bahis firmaları smile played across Natalie’s lips, she glanced down at my crotch, and it was my turn to blush. I had a full erection, barely hidden by my clasped hands.

“Did you like watching me?” she asked.

I cleared my throat. That was my opening. “Yes. I look at you sometimes and I wonder.”

“What? What do you wonder?”

“What you look like naked,” I said, honestly.

She flushed an even deeper red and turned her head away, smiling broadly. She liked that I thought about her that way. It was a relief. She could have been angry for crossing that line. “Well, you got an eye full.”

“I’m sorry if I made you—”

“You peeped on me in a very private moment—”

“You were in the living room.”

“At three in the morning.” Her slim eyebrows narrowed. Even annoyed she was stunningly gorgeous. “Do you imagine me naked a lot? Like, when we do things together?”


She bit her lip and toyed with a stray lock of her hair. I could see the wheels spinning in her head, and I wondered if I should be scared. “I’m nothing special, Josh.”

“You’re special to me.” That part wasn’t flattery. One day of silence between us and I had been climbing the walls. Work had been hell because I couldn’t concentrate. Everyone bugged me and I snapped at people. All of that after one lousy day. I had it bad for her.

Natalie continued curling her gossamer hair around her fingers, as she stared at me. Her smile was soft and warm, but I saw apprehension in her face. “I don’t know what to say.”

An awkward silence fell so I stood up. I had botched it and she probably wanted me to leave. When I looked down at her, sitting on her bed, barefoot, large innocent blue eyes watching me, her mouth parted a little as if she were breathless, I knew I couldn’t leave things the way they were. I had to make a grand gesture.

I kneeled in front of her, between her legs. A brief image of me stroking her pussy with my tongue flashed in my mind. My imagination was far too active sometimes. My cock hardened to steel. I swallowed, trying to compose myself. “Would you accept an apology for watching you?”

“Yes,” she muttered.

Go for it, I told myself, just do it. I rose and pushed myself toward her. She gave a little squeak and fell backward onto her bed. I followed, lying on to top of her, my chest pressing into her firm breasts. My erection rubbing up against the crotch of her shorts. Shock and surprise registered on her face, but also … excitement. I leaned in and kissed her hard on the mouth. Slim arms wrapped around my neck, and one of her hands held the back of my head.

After a brief hesitation, she kissed me back and, unexpectedly, I felt her thighs lift and close against my hips as if we were fucking.

An eternity passed. I didn’t want it to end, but like all good things, it did. I pulled back and away, dizzy with desire. “I’m sorry for watching you,” I said. Another lie. I wasn’t sorry. Not even a little.

She propped herself up on twin elbows, breathing deep and heavy, the blush still in her cheeks. Her legs remained wantonly spread. Her voice took on a husky tone I hadn’t heard before. “Apology accepted, big brother.”

I turned to go, and as I stepped into the hallway, ready to close the door behind me, Natalie called to me.

Peeking my head back into her room, I asked, “What?”

“Maybe I’ll show you what I look like naked so you won’t have to imagine it.”


Coming around the last turn of the track, the finish line up ahead after a long straight-away, I tried to pass Natalie on the inside while staying on the course. My bumper made contact with her rear end and she spun out. I shot past, a video game opportunist to the very last.

She cursed when I zoomed over the black and white checkered line and took the flag.

“No fair,” she whined. “I had that.”

She sat on my bed in her usual nighttime attire. Nightshirt and panties. She had an exhibitionist streak a mile wide, and now that she was certain of my interest, she played it up. I didn’t mind. More for me to ogle, but it was a delicate situation. She only dressed like this for me when our parents weren’t around, and I wasn’t allowed to touch.

At night when our parents were asleep in their room, their door closed, there was still the possibility of being caught with me. A nighttime foray to the fridge was not unheard of, as we both knew, but I think she liked the danger.

“I win,” I said, grinning from ear to ear. I put my controller down, and kaçak iddaa lay back on the bed. My comforter was soft and pillowy, a steel gray cloud of cushion. Natalie seemed to like it too. I loved to watch her stretch out on it, her pale skin a perfect contrast.

Natalie grumbled. “Best five out of seven then. You cheated. Cheater.”

As if she hadn’t spun me out a few times already. “Three out of five. That was the bet, and it’s Mr. Cheater to you.”

“Fine,” she pouted. Lithe as a cat, she climbed on top of me. She had been into gymnastics when she was younger and was exceptionally flexible. She reached up to brush the hair out of her face, raising her pale blue nightshirt up for a brief peek of tight purple panties. I drank in the sight greedily.

Before I knew it, my hands were on her thighs. They were soft and warm and silky smooth. I felt her muscles tense beneath my touch, and then relax. I began to move them north, hoping against common sense that she’d let me touch her. Just a quick caress, my fingers gliding over her mound, my thumb pressing her sensitive nub. That’s all I wanted. No, that’s a lie. That’s not all I wanted, but I’d take it if that’s all I was offered.

“Bad.” she giggled and slapped my hands away. “The bet was a kiss, not a feel.” She leaned over me, her nightshirt hanging down. I imagined her breasts dangling just underneath it. She lowered herself down to her elbows, pressing her body against mine.

My cock thrummed at the feel of her atop me. I’d have committed murder for her to take it out and suck it. She’d look so sexy with her head bobbing up and down, her eyes raised up to meet mine.

Natalie brought me back to reality by brushing her lips against mine. Not a kiss, a tease. Her hot breath smelling like sugary peppermint—more like toothpaste than gum—wafted over my mouth. I moaned a little before I could stop myself.

“How does that feel?” she asked. Her lips were a millimeter away from mine.

“Good,” was all I could think to say.

“Well, this is what you did to me the other day when you kissed me. I had to change my panties because of you.”

I gasped a little at the revelation. She sounded serious, and I suddenly felt very proud of myself. My breathing became deep and ragged, my cock aching for her. I wasn’t a virgin. I knew what it was like to have my shaft buried in a warm, hot pussy and I wanted hers very badly. This game of sexual one-upsmanship was going to end very nicely if neither of us lost our nerve.

“Stop for a second,” I panted.


“I won a kiss, but this isn’t how I want it,” I finally managed.

She scowled at me. “What’s wrong with this?”

“Nothing, but I know what I want from you.”

Natalie rolled off of me. Her creamy thighs flashing through the air. She righted herself beside me, laying on her stomach, her bare legs idly kicking back and forth in the air. Her panty-clad butt exposed for me to see. Maybe she didn’t notice. Maybe she did and didn’t care. “You could have told me before I straddled you.”

Still lying on my back, I shrugged. “I could have, I guess.”

She slapped me playfully on the shoulder. “How do you want your kiss, then?”

“I want to kiss you.”

It was her turn to shrug. “Tomato. Toemato. You could have collected it just now.” She might be pretty when annoyed, but she was even more so when pouting.

“Anywhere I want, and at the time of my choosing. It’ll be a surprise, but not now.”

Natalie rolled her pretty blue eyes. “OK. As long as our parents aren’t around, you can kiss me anywhere in the house you want, but not outside where someone could see.”

I held out my hand. “Deal?”

Natalie offered me a pert smile. We shook on it. “Deal.” She shifted again, sitting up, yawned and stretched. I caught her glancing out of the corner of her eye at me as she did it. I was on to her. “I’m tired. Work was tough today,” she said and climbed off my mattress. “I should get to bed. Coming?”

The ‘coming?’ part was a secret little flirt of ours now. It never failed to turn me on, and it had spawned a fantasy of sneaking into her room at night where I’d find her fast asleep, stretched out for my pleasure in the nude. She didn’t sleep like that, I knew, but the daydream was so good I replayed it in my mind day after day.

This time I had a comeback prepared.

“Yes, I’ll be coming. But only after I lock my door.” Strictly speaking, it was one hundred percent true.

I was rewarded with a blush and a bitten lip. “Tease.”

I marveled again at how she could perpetuate the kaçak bahis innocent, naïve girl persona, and still be so sexual with me. It made me feel somewhat like a plaything, which wasn’t bad on the surface, but no one likes to be seen as just a toy, no matter how titillating. I wanted her to see me as a man, to know that I had my own desires and had the will to make them a reality.

Rolling onto my side, I crooked a finger at her in a ‘come here’ gesture and she did. Despite her attitude, I was starting to see a bit of submissiveness surface in her personality. I liked it.

“When I said ‘anywhere I want’,” I whispered to her, “I meant anywhere on your body.”

Her mouth opened in the perfect little ‘o’ of surprise.


The next morning, I let Natalie get in the shower first. Doris was outside tending her herb garden, as she always did first thing, and my father was off to Petersburg to show a property. Orange sunlight streamed into my room, filtered through the tree just outside my open window. The morning air smelled of dew-laden vegetation, fresh and natural.

I waited, sitting on my bed in only a pair of boxers, gathering my courage. When the water shut off, I made my way to the bathroom door and counted, slowly, to fifty. Then, without knocking, I opened the door, stepped inside without looking and closed it behind me.

It was steamy in the bathroom, the air moist and clingy. Natalie stood by the sink, a towel wrapped around her curvy body, and another around her head. For the life of me, I never understood the use of the second one.

“Hey, wait your turn,” she said, but with a smile in her voice.

I edged up behind her and put my hands on her toweled hips. “I came to collect my kiss.”

She inhaled sharply, and turned around slowly so she was facing me. As she did, my hands trailed the towel. I wanted to pull it off more than anything in the world, but I knew that was the wrong way to go about it. Natalie wouldn’t respect that. She liked the slow tease.

The towel rode low on her chest and ended just an inch or two below the juncture of her legs. I licked my lips at the sight of her cleavage, and her bare thighs.

“Now?” she asked, her eyes wide. “I’m hardly wearing anyting.”

“Mmmhmmm,” I hummed back, as if that detail had escaped me and I was just now realizing it. I leaned in close as if to kiss her lips, but then stopped. I raised a hand, touched her neck with my fingers and ran them down to her collarbone. “I just have to decide where.”

“But … but, I—” she stammered.

“A deal’s a deal,” I said. I slid my fingers over her flushed skin. God, she was so silky smooth. Pale and virginal. My fingers made their away across her chest, following the swell of her breasts.

Her eyes closed, and she began to breathe out of her mouth. She gripped the counter’s edge with both hands. In a small, shaky voice she asked, “Where?”

“Haven’t decided yet.”

My other hand dipped down from her hip to her bare thigh. I glided my fingers down as far as they could reach, and then trailed them back up the inside. Natalie clamped her thighs closed. Closing my fingers between them. It felt so good to have them trapped there.

“Oh God,” she breathed. Her head tilted back a little.

“Anywhere I want,” I reiterated.

Natalie’s lips opened, but that was all. I liked that she was incapable of words.

Reluctantly, I pulled my fingers free of her thighs, but angled upwards. They skimmed her mound, and I felt wet pubic hair. Natalie whimpered as she shuddered.

She was primed, and this is what I had been dreaming of. Time to be brave again.

I pulled her towel down a little exposing one of her breasts.

Natalie exhaled loudly when her small pink aereola and erect nipple came into view. It was perfect, beautiful beyond words to describe.

“Oh, Josh,” she whimpered.

I leaned down and took her nipple between my lips, kissing it first and then giving it a slight tug. It had very little taste, but the texture was amazing. Pebbled and crinkly, but soft.

She moaned aloud, pushing her chest forward against my mouth. I took the opportunity to circle my tongue around the hard nub before pulling away.

I had never been so hard in all my life. My cock actually hurt, and not in a good way. I had to get back to my room and relieve myself or my balls were going to detonate.

“I can’t wait to win another bet with you,” I whispered, my lips close to her ear.

I left her standing in the same position, one breast poking from beneath her towel, hands gripping the edges of the sink, her thighs clamped together. Her mouth had dropped open, wide innocent blue eyes staring unblinking at me. Undisguised lust was painted all over her pretty face.

(to be continued)

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