The Sunlight Episodes Ch. 05

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Amber ran back up the stairs with a handful of ice cubes wrapped in paper towels, told me to hold it against my lip, then hurried back down the stairs, saying she had a midnight snack cooking on the stove. When she came back five minutes later she had a plate of grilled cheese sandwiches in one hand and two glasses of a red table wine in the other. She sat on the bed, putting the plate between us, and handed me my glass. She took a big sip from hers.

“Let me see your lip, David. . . That’s good, honey, it already looks much better.”

“It feels fine.”

“That’s good. Next time don’t fuck me so hard, okay? That way I won’t get all excited and start biting down on your lip. It’s really all your fault, David. Next time just be a little more gentle with my pussy, okay sweetie?”

“I’ll try.”

“That’s all I’m asking.”

“Keep talking.”

“I will.”

“Go ahead.”

“Not right now! We have to eat before it gets cold. Eat your sandwich. Four bites for you and four for me.”

Normally, I don’t have to encourage her. Amber will talk about anything and everything. Whatever pops into her head. That’s one of the many reasons we get along so well. She likes to talk and I like to listen.

Amber had made two grilled cheese sandwiches each one cut in four bite sized pieces. Honestly, they were very good, right up there with the best I’d ever had. She said good ingredients are important and that there are lots of choices, but tonight she used ciabatta bread in half inch slices and fontina and parmigiano cheese because that’s what I had on hand. The real trick, however, is to grill both sides of each slice of bread. You grill one side, flip it over like a pancake browned side up, add the cheese, a dab of butter and a pinch of sea salt, wait a minute until the underside is brown and the cheese on top starts to melt, and that’s it, close the sides up and cut and serve.

“Now you know how to cook the perfect grilled cheese, David. Don’t tell anybody okay? It’s my own secret recipe. I won’t like it if you tell people my secrets.”

“Your secrets are safe with me.”

“That’s good. Also, don’t tell people about my pussy, okay?”

“What about it?”

“Anything about it! I don’t want you talking about my pussy to your friends or, you know, people at the store or wherever.”

“At the store?”

“I’m teasing you, David! Don’t you get it? I’m telling you it’s just for you, honey. Nobody else.”

“That’s. . . sweet?”

“Of course it is. . . but seriously, don’t talk about my pussy. I know guys like to do that. Brag about all the hot pussy they’re getting.”

“Not really something I would do Amber, with anybody.”

She smiled and nodded like we had just settled a major worry. Then I realized that maybe for a teenage girl, and Amber is still just nineteen, maybe for her, locker room gossip had been a major worry.

When we finished our midnight snack Amber took the empty plate downstairs and came back with an opened bottle of wine and poured us each another glass. We sat on the bed, sipping at our drinks, the moonlight and the shadows dancing on Amber’s face. I leaned in to kiss her, but she turned away and kissed me on my shoulder instead, then up to my neck, then my cheek, and only then on my mouth, a gentle closed mouth kiss.

“David, don’t be mad at me, but I think I’ve had enough for today. I just want to snuggle and talk for awhile, then I want to sleep with you. Is that okay?”

“It’s fine. I like it here like this. With the moonlight shining in.”

“It’s perfect.” Amber said.

I put my empty glass on the bedside table and laid back in bed. Amber finished her wine in one gulp, leaned over me and tried to set her glass there as well, instead it fell on its side and teetered near the edge. I caught it before it rolled off the table.

“David, you need two bedside tables! I want one over here on my side of the bed.”

“That’s your side of the bed?”

“Yep. The right side is my side. No arguing.”

I told her I had a matching bedside table in the room across the hall. A room now just used for storage. However, I remembered the table still had some of Katie’s things in the drawer, so I told Amber I’d clean it up and move it into the bedroom in the morning.

“Sounds good.” Amber said.

She rolled over on top of me and pushed my legs apart with her knees. Then she scooted down and positioned my cock between her breasts. It seemed like I’d been hard all day but I quickly stiffened once again and she started rubbing one of her nipples on the underside of my shaft and pushing herself between my balls.

“Don’t get any ideas, David. I’m just practicing for tomorrow.”


She sat up and leaned back, looking down at herself, she began pushing her breasts together and rubbing her nipples hard. Amber has perfect handfuls of firm and supple breasts and her nipples are rosy red and puffy. She looked at me and grinned mischievously.

“I have to give you something to wake up early for! Or else you might be casino siteleri a lazy bones and want to sleep in. So tomorrow first thing in the morning I want you to fuck my tits. Is that okay, honey? Do you think you can cum that way? Because I know I can.”

“I’m pretty sure I can too Amber. . . So, is that your morning surprise?”

Earlier in the evening Amber had mentioned a surprise for me in the morning.

“Of course not. The surprise is for after breakfast. Do I have to explain everything?”

Unconsciously she had reached down and started to rub the head of my erection in the palm of her hand and only when my precum started oozing out did she look down at the results of her attentions. She smiled and started lightly pushing against the tip, pumping at the engorged purple head with her palm.

“Are you disappointed about the titty fuck, honey?” she said.

I shook my head no but I was thinking yes. I know I was feeling an urgent need to see my cock thrusting between her supple breasts. She now had her other hand firmly wrapped around the base of my cock. Then she grabbed onto me with both hands, trying to get her fingers around the shaft.

“I love how big you are, honey. Look, I’ve got both hands wrapped around you and your head still pokes out the top! And when you’re all hard like this I can’t even make my fingers touch. That’s just how I like my lover, David. Big, but not, you know, scary big. . . What are you eight inches?”

“No. I think more like seven.”

“Should I get a ruler?” She gave me a goofy smile.


“Because, when I talk about you with my girlfriends I want to know what I’m talking about. That way, when they ask about you, I’ll pretend to blush and say my new boyfriend’s got a big fat eight-inch cock! I just want accuracy, David.”

“Well, it’s maybe seven something. Sorry to disappoint Amber, but I’m sure the most I would top out at would be seven and a half. Believe me, I would know if I was eight inches. Guys know exactly where we stand.”

“Awww, honey. I’m not disappointed. I’m just teasing you. You’re way big enough for me. Guys are always so sensitive about their cocks,” she said, shaking her head. “This isn’t porn, David. This is the real world. Seven is plenty big enough.”

She still had both her hands wrapped around me and she started making little squeezing motions like she was milking me.

“The first time I saw you I thought you were beautiful. Really, you’re perfect. The first time you fucked me my only thought was how great we fit together. How full I was. Honestly, David, I love your cock. See my nipples? They love it too.”

She had settled her chest over me, one hand supporting herself on the bed, the other still wrapped tight around the base of my cock. I reached out and held her breasts together, enveloping the exposed top half of my shaft, the head of my cock protruding clear just below her chin. I began pressing and poking at her nipples with my thumbs. Her cleavage was literally sparkling in the light. I had to blink to focus my vision. She had tiny specs of gold glitter sprinkled all over her cleavage. I wondered where it came from? It wasn’t there earlier in the evening when I was nursing on her nipples. Now there was gold glitter on her breasts and on her nipples and now on the head of my cock as I slid between her breasts, moist and beading up with sweat.

“Where did all the glitter come from Amber?”

“Shhh, not now honey, just keep fucking me,” she said. “Let me catch my breath.”

Her grip tightened around the base of my cock, the heel of her hand pushing against my balls, the shaft and head disappearing then poking clear again as together we fucked my cock between her tits.

“I decorated myself with glitter downstairs when I was making our snack. I knew this is what I wanted,” she whispered. “I wanted to be fucked just like this, honey. I was teasing you about waiting until morning,” she said between her purring moans. “I wanted to see if you’d be. . . keep fucking me, honey. . . I just wanted. . . to see if you’d be disappointed. God, honey, I can come this way, I hope you’re ready too.”

I was ready anytime she wanted.

When I saw a glazed unfocused look coming into her eyes, I started cumming as well. She laughed as the first spurt of cum shot into the air between us, landing over my shoulder on the pillow, then two spurts more up and into her chin, then a final smaller spray out onto my hands and into her tender rosy nipples. I rubbed the warm cream all over her firm and sexy tits, now slick with cum. A single strand of white gooey sperm extended down from her chin, wavering in the air, before breaking free and falling to my chest.

“Oh my god, so much cum,” she laughed. “Did you see me, David? I was trying to catch it in my mouth!”

She wiped a glob of cream from her chin with three fingers, stuck out her tongue and licked some off, then spread the rest over her lips. She leaned down and kissed me, cum flooding into my mouth.

“I’m not going to be the canlı casino only naughty one,” she said as she kissed me. “You do everything I do, honey. Everything I do, you do it too,” she was now collapsed on my chest, whispering in my ear, her lips still wet with cum. “When I’m naughty, . . . I do it and you do it too. . . When you. . . when I do it to you. . . what am I saying?” she giggled softly. “I forget sometimes. I talk so much.” She closed her eyes and purred into my ear. “So much cum all over me, David.”

We laid breathing together maybe ten minutes or more. I was lightly running my fingers, barely touching her skin, up and down her spine. She gave me soft kisses to my cheek and neck.

“Want to take a shower?” I asked her as I lifted my head up and turned the pillow over behind me so the wet splatter would be out of the way underneath the pillow.

“Together? Take a shower together?” Amber asked.

“No, I mean, we made a mess. I thought you might want to clean up?”

“I don’t want to clean up. I like the feel and the smell. Clorox and honey, David. It’s nice. And it feels so sexy on my nipples. I love the way your cum dries tight against my skin, like glue.”

“No shower then?”

“I don’t think so, not tonight. Let’s just sleep now, honey,” Amber said. “Set your phone alarm for six, okay? We have a busy day. I want to get started early. . .”

Her mention of an early morning reminded me of Katie. I had forgotten she was flying home in the morning. I guess it really was going to be a busy day now that my ex-wife was on her way. I filled Amber in about Katie and her father and how she was flying in from D.C. to see him at the hospital in the morning. I told her I wanted to go to the hospital as well because I still was close to her dad, and that I wasn’t sure but it sounded serious, otherwise she wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to catch a flight.

“So, should I go to the hospital with you?”

“If you want to.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“I think I should start meeting people you know, David. Even your ex-wife. Who knows? We might become friends!”

I nodded but didn’t say anything. I would be seriously surprised if Katelyn and Amber became friends. I was trying to play out introducing them in my head.

All I could imagine was Katie looking at me and laughing, pulling me aside and telling me, seriously David, did you have to hook up with a teenage version of myself? I know that’s pretty much exactly what she would say and, of course, she would have a right to her opinion. However, I think the truth is that while they are both beautiful with similar facial features and body types that might even match measure for measure; Amber has straight Swedish blonde hair whereas Katie is more of a wavy caramel or honey blonde. So really not even close to the same hair. Another difference is that Amber has lustrous deep green eyes while Katie’s are a changeable blue to gray, depending on the light.

Despite the clear differences, it would be just like Katie to play up their similarities to make her point, a point she’s made several times before; that my attraction to other women is more about her than me.

“So what do you think, David?” Amber was saying, shaking my arm to get my attention.

“Think about what?”

“About my going to the hospital?”

“I was thinking. . . we should all go to the hospital together, all three of us. Why not? It’s true, you guys might just get along.”

“That’s what I think too, sweetie.” She snuggled in tight. “What time is it?”

“You should get a watch, Amber.”

“I don’t want a watch, David.”

“It’s almost one-thirty.”

“It’s time to sleep David,” she sighed. “Goodnight, honey.”

I have dated since my divorce, it’s not like I never have, and Katie had even known about a few, but never anyone seriously, and I had always stayed at their house or their apartment. Amber was the first to sleep in Katie’s bed. We were spooned together with me from behind. I was slipping into sleep when I heard Amber whisper.


“I’m almost asleep Amber.”

“You forgot to say goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Amber.”

She reached around my leg and softly rubbed the back of my knee, then scratched her fingernails lightly against that tender part of skin. And then she took a fold of skin between her thumb and her forefinger and pinched, not hard enough to hurt, but definitely enough to get my attention.

“Don’t ever forget to say goodnight, David.”

* * * *

When you’ve lived alone for ten years it can be a strange and uneasy feeling waking next to another person. Your time and your thoughts are no longer just your own. Should I shower first? I wonder what she wants for breakfast? How can such a gorgeous young girl snore like a rhinoceros? I was awake at five-thirty pondering these and other questions when Amber snorted and coughed and turned on her side, and then she was quiet again. I put my hand lightly on her back to test her breathing. She looked so fragile in her sleep I thought kaçak casino if I blinked she might disappear. I blinked and she was still there so I got up and walked naked down the stairs.

I found some clean clothes in the laundry room, khaki shorts, briefs, and a faded indigo blue t-shirt, took a quick shower in the guest bathroom, dressed, and went to the kitchen to brew coffee. I could hear Amber in the upstairs bathroom doing whatever it is girls do in the morning. I heard her shower first, but now she was running water in the tub for some reason, I couldn’t imagine why she would shower and now be taking a bath. I listened for awhile, couldn’t figure out what she was up to, and went about making protein smoothies for breakfast. Quick, easy and healthy. I make them about five days a week, mostly for breakfast, every now and then for lunch.

Normally it takes five minutes tops to make a smoothie in the blender, but I decided to take it slow, line up all the ingredients and drink a cup of coffee first. I wanted to give Amber some time to finish whatever she was up to before I went back upstairs. I looked around the kitchen and noticed everything was clean and organized. At some point Amber had cleaned the kitchen? No other explanation. I made the smoothie, drank an eight ounce glass, and took another upstairs for Amber.

I stood at the bathroom door and watched her scrubbing the bathtub. She was wearing a white t-back sports bra with yellow accents and tight little matching running shorts. Very stylish and coordinated. Her hair was pulled back in a sexy ponytail.

“Smoothie?” I held the glass out for her. “Protein, bunch of other good stuff in there.”

“Thanks, honey.” She stood up and drank the entire glass in four or five gulps. “That’s yummy, David,” she said, handing me back the glass.

“Want to know what’s in it now that you’re finished?”

“I know what’s in it. Protein powder, grape juice, berries, yogurt, a banana, some kind of oats, and maybe a few other things.”

“Pretty good guess.”

“David, you didn’t invent protein drinks. I have them all the time.”

“So, looks like you’re a clean freak, Amber. When did you do the kitchen?”

“About three to three-thirty. You were asleep. Then I came back to bed.”

“Now you’re cleaning the bathroom?”

“No need to thank me, honey.”

“Okay. I almost did, but now I won’t.”

She laughed and stepped in to kiss me. A nice hard kiss. Her skin smelled fresh like lavender soap. She told me she just liked things clean, not that I was terrible, but guys have different standards and she wanted to feel at home. She also told me not to worry my surprise was still on, that it was scheduled for eight to ten o’clock. She then casually mentioned she had texted Megan and she was bringing some more of her things over, mostly clothes, shoes, and some books.

“Megan’s coming over?”

“She’ll be here at seven.”

“Looks like you have everything under control, you know, schedule wise.”

“I like things organized.”

“I can see that.”

“We’re a couple now, David. We have to work together. Why don’t you go clear some dresser drawers for me and some closet space. I have lots of clothes.”

I nodded and went in the bedroom. The bed was made, the blinds were up and the windows were open, all six of them. The room was filled with light and cool fresh early morning air. I hadn’t had every window open in years. I looked over to Amber’s house and saw Megan standing at her bedroom window looking back at me. She waved and I waved back. She was wearing a white and pink version of Amber’s outfit. I mean, except for the color, they were exact copies. I guessed they shopped for clothes together despite their disagreements. Megan disappeared. Two minutes later there was knocking at my door.

“That’s Megan, honey. Will you get that?” Amber said.

Clearly I had lost control of everything that happened in my house. Amber was now in charge. Still, I thought, wasn’t it just yesterday that Amber and Megan were arguing on their patio and Megan was stripping off her bikini, showing herself off to me, right in front of Amber? Was that now just forgotten? I walked down the stairs and opened the door.

“Hi, David. Remember me?”

“Hi, Megan.”

She handed me a big box and told me to give it to Amber. She said she had four more just like it and turned and ran back to her house. We relayed all five boxes to Amber. I would carry one up the stairs and when I came back down, Megan would be at the door with another. After the last one, when I came down the stairs, Megan was sitting in the chair opposite and across the coffee table from the couch.

“Well? Have a seat, David.” Megan said, pointing to the couch, inviting me to sit down. I sat down. “So, how’ve ya been?” Megan said, and laughed at the absurdity of the awkward situation.

“I’m happy, Megan.”

“I can see that, David. It would have been nice to know that yesterday. How happy you are with Amber.”

“You have the same outfit as Amber. Very coordinated,” I said, making hand motions to try to indicate I meant everything she was wearing, the entire outfit. I thought changing the conversation to innocuous small talk about clothes might be the right tack to take with Megan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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