“The Squeaky Hamper Hinge” Pt. 03

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Things were a bit awkward between my girlfriend’s daughter and I after our last encounter. I’m not sure if she had had second thoughts about what we had done… Or maybe it was because she started seeing this one guy on a semi-regular basis. I wasn’t sure what to think but didn’t want to push my luck.

At first I thought it was just her but then I felt weird about it. Dinners at the table were a bit awkward when we all happened to be there and my g/f had made a big meal and insisted everyone stay and eat. It was just odd how every time either one of us entered a room the other was in, we all but tried to not make eye contact. There was also very little conversation between us.

At one point, her mom, my girlfriend, asked if we had had a fight or a disagreement because she could sense there was some tension between us. She was just being nosy I suppose and I just told her it was just the kid and her hormones. She pretty much laughed it off and said something like, “Yea that must be it!”

Then one of the nights I was spending at her house I heard the daughter come in. I usually wake up when I hear the door. I’m a pretty light sleeper when not in my own bed.


It wasn’t the normal 2AM drunken stumble that usually wakes me up either. I looked at my phone and saw that it was just after 11:30 at night. I could hear her downstairs. The sounds of the keys on the kitchen counter and her rummaging around in the fridge gave me enough of an excuse to go down there to see what was up without making it obvious that is.

I put on a pair of sweats and made my way to the kitchen where she was sitting with her back to me at the breakfast bar. She was in a little black dress (the kind that zippers up from the back), stockings, and heels.

I cleared my throat as not to startle her. She didn’t even look up from her bowl of cold pasta she was sort of eating.

So I said: “Hey you’re home early.”

When she looked up I could see the mascara streaked tears on her cheeks and realized she was sobbing softly. She also had the reddest of red lipstick and it had a glossy shine to it. (All I can compare it to is the stuff you see Taylor Swift wear.)

My mind wandered for a brief second imagining those shiny lips smearing that red all over what was already becoming semi-hard in my sweatpants.

I wasn’t quite sure what to say or do or even where the line was but part of me felt sorry for her. The other part… well, It was starting to tent my sweatpants seeing her like this.

Still unsure what I was doing I put my arm out to comfort her, she turned and just fell into my arms sobbing.

Here I am with this beautiful girl sobbing in my arms. I’m standing there in just my sweatpants and holding this gorgeous girl as she wept onto my bare chest. I could now smell her. The mix of her perfume and just her scent. Mmmm… It was the incredible aroma of a young woman, musky mixed with perfume.

It was bound to happen and it was inevitable…

Now I was hard, really hard. I was at a level of stiffness that was almost painful.

Without any prompting from me she starts explaining the events of the evening between sniffles as I reached and handed her a paper towel. It seems her and her girlfriends were out clubbing and they spotted the guy she had been seeing on the regular getting down and dirty on the dance floor.

I just nodded. And she blurted out “With another girl! Can you believe that?!”

I nodded and said “I see.”

She went on and explained how her friends had wanted to leave but she insisted on staying. When she confronted him, he said she didn’t own him and that he could do whatever he wanted with whoever he wanted. She said she threw a drink in his face and at that point security who must have been monitoring the confrontation asked her and her friends to leave.

I just said, “Well, I guess he wasn’t good for you then.” Knowing she had been seeing other guys during the time she had been seeing him but eh. Whatever.

She nodded, as I rubbed her back. The slipperiness of grandbetting giriş her black satiny dress under my hand felt good. But it was the V of exposed skin on her back that felt even better beneath my hand. The warmth of her skin… How smooth it was.

I went to the bathroom to get a washcloth and some tissues and when I came back she pointed at the bulge in my sweatpants and said, “Really? “Is that all you guys think about?”

I just stood there and said, “Well it’s just a natural reaction.” As I cleared the bowl of half eaten pasta from the counter.

She asked me what that was supposed to mean. I simply replied that she was a very attractive woman and that the guy was a fool for messing around on her and that she could do much better than him.

She wiped the remnants of her tears and said “You think I’m pretty?”

Well I have to tell you, she’s this hot little piece of ass that any guy in their right mind wouldn’t mind getting with. Especially with the way she dresses in those short dresses.

But I couldn’t tell her that.

I just said, “Sure you’re pretty.” Careful to use her own words. Even now in her disheveled state she looked quite adorable.

I must have made some sort of face or something because It was then that she realized she must have looked like a mess, with all the crying she had done, and got up and went into the bathroom.

I wasn’t sure if I should wait for her to come out of the bathroom to make sure she was going to ok or just go back to bed as I really didn’t have any other reason to be up this late.

I got a bowl of Ice cream extending my stay in the kitchen. I could always say I had come down because I was hungry if she asked what I was doing up.

As I was putting the ice cream container back into the freezer she emerged from the bathroom and had cleaned her face up from the makeup she had on.

This girl is one of those girls that look naturally beautiful without makeup on and seeing her like this began to reawaken my erection that had started to subside. I also noticed she had reapplied some lip gloss making her lips shinier than before if that was even possible.

Luckily I was behind the counter and she could only see me from the waist up as it was quite evident someone was wide awake down there now. She sat back down and said “Can I have some?” I got another bowl and put a few scoops into it for her.

Handing her a spoon she said, “Thanks, My mom is lucky to have found such a nice guy.” She had that sparkle in her eyes that had a bit of mischievous look. And I knew that look all too well.

Just watching her eat ice cream was incredible. How she licked the spoon. She made eye contact letting the ice cream drip off her spoon and onto her outstretched tongue.

It must have been obvious how I was admiring her because she looked down at her bowl and softly and so innocently said “Are you watching me eat ice cream?”

I tried to come up with something funny to say in response but I just looked down at my bowl as well and kept eating.

What seemed to be a minute or two went by and I looked up at her. I could just about see her slightly freckled cheeks and those shiney lips…

She was looking at me with those soft brown eyes of hers. Really staring at me…

Our eyes locked and she said, “So do you really think I’m pretty? Or are you just saying that to make me feel better?”

I thought for a moment… I felt I needed to reassure her if what I think was happening was really happening. Without saying anything more she got off her stool and walked around the counter put her bowl in the sink and turned to looked at me.

I finally replied. “You have a lot going for you… Let’s see… Your smart, well educated, uh…and you’re a very beautiful woman.”

“You think I’m beautiful? What about me makes me beautiful?” she asked.

As she said this she sat on the stool next to me and began to take her heels off and rubbed her feet through her black nylons. I could feel the conversation starting grandbetting yeni giriş to get odd in a good way.

Watching her rubbing her feet and being so close to me. I could smell her again. That intoxicating scent.

That’s when I realized how short her little dress really was. It had ridden halfway up her thigh and the way she was rubbing her feet was giving me a pretty decent view up it. I could see where her stockings ended and the flesh began. I could also see that she had a neon green thong on. The kind that might glow in the dark under black lights at a club.

I looked back up and she seemed to be waiting for me to say something. Did she see me staring at her thighs and beyond?

“Well?” She said.

I replied, “Well what?”

She said, “You’re not even paying attention to what I’m saying. I had asked what makes me beautiful?”

I replied, “Well uh lot’s of things.”

She put the foot she was rubbing and placed it on my lap and sort of brushed the strained erection my sweatpants was doing a horrible job of concealing. She looked down at her foot, then my bulge, smiled, and said “Go on.. Like what exactly?”

I shifted in the stool. “Well uh…”

“Could it be that I let you borrow my underwear whenever you want?” She started to rub her foot into my crotch. She was now openly smirking.

“Mmm. Maybe this one of them?” I asked.

“I don’t know. You tell me. Is this a good quality of mine?” As she said this she pulled at the drawstring of my sweatpants with her foot loosening them enough to cause the head to all but peek out of the waistband. All I could do was sit there and enjoy the sensations of this girls foot rubbing me.

Finally I said, “Well sure, you have attractive feet and very sexy legs.”

As the words came out I realized what I had just said. This must have been the green light she was waiting for.

“So you like my feet and think I’m sexy?” She was now rubbing the tip of my D with her toes. The silk of her stockings felt incredibly soft. She stopped and reached down and tugged at the drawstring and pulled my sweatpants exposing me fully erect already glistening with precum oozing.

“What’s this she softly said” as she reached down licking it off her finger.


I was in heaven and playing with fire at the same time. My girlfriend although a heavy sleeper could still get up and come downstairs at any moment.

I sat up in my stool and said, “We should either stop this or take it somewhere more private.”

She was now rubbing her stocking feet up and down my shaft. Literally giving me a foot job through her nylons.

She said with that smirk “Well, what do you want to do?”

It didn’t sound like she needed any convincing. I stood up and did my best to pull up my sweatpants and motioned her to follow me out back to the pool house.

The pool house is a building about the size of a large shed. There’s an area with a bench where people can change and an area to shower off. It was pretty dark out and although the pool house had lights I didn’t want to risk anyone seeing us out here this late. You could see after your eyes adjusted to the darkness. There was just enough light from the moon shining through the skylight.

Once inside she turned her back to me and said “A little help?” as she lifted her hair up?

I unzipped her dress slowly, almost too slowly because she was wiggling a little bit. When it fell to the floor she turned to face me. She was in black silk-like stockings, a lacy half-bra that just about covered her nipples, and that lime green thong

I didn’t want to assume anything but I also didn’t want to waste any opportunity. I was immediately kissing her neck and shoulder working my way down to her right breast which was now falling out of her bra. She let out a soft moan.

I inhaled her scent. Her body was just producing pheromones that were driving me mad. When my mouth got to her breast I teased it with my tongue and sucked the nipple into my mouth and swirled grandbetting güvenilirmi my tongue around it and teased it more by lightly biting it. Her hands which had been around me had now become fingernails on my back. I’m sure she was leaving marks.

I worked my way to her left breast with the same hunger lapping at her incredible cleavage along the way. She moaned again.

She reached down under my sweatpants and wrapped a hand around me and started stroking.

I grabbed an ass cheek and was working my way inwards towards her moistness with my fingers when she pushed me back and onto the end of the bench.

“What do you think you’re doing Mr.” she said in a hushed tone.

She unclasped her now very crooked bra and dropped it onto her discarded dress. She sat on the other end of the bench facing me and placed each stocking foot on my penis. She curled her toes inward and ran each foot along each side.

The silkiness of the stockings felt incredible. My gaze went from her feet curled around my penis up her legs to her calves and on to the little green thong she still had on. I glanced up at her and she was admiring her “footwork” and she caught my gaze.

“Is this what makes me beautiful?” She asked in that soft, sexy voice.

She started rubbing herself through the thin neon green fabric and let out a slight moan.

I wanted to help her and tried to sit up but she just pushed me with her feet back down against the bench.

“You may think this is for you…” She said “But this is really for me so just sit there and enjoy the show.”

She pulled the thong to one side and her puffed pussy lips were glistening in the moonlight with her wetness. She licked her fingers and rubbed the full length of her slit before putting first one, then two fingers inside. She let out another longer moan and closed her eyes.

Getting lost in her own world she had all but stopped the rubbing action of her feet on my aching cock. I placed my own hands on her feet and began to guide them up and down my shaft.

This got her attention, opening her eyes, she said, “And did I say you could do that?”

I was beyond her completely controlling the situation as I was getting close and gripped her feet tighter. This seemed to startle her as her eyes got really wide.

I told her in a low tone but with as much authority in my voice that I could muster, “As much as you might think this is all for you, I’m going to get mine as well so you can either join me in whatever this is we are doing or we can stop right now.”

She knew I meant it because she just curled her toes tighter around me and said, “Then do it. Make a mess of my stockings. You know you want to. Cum on my feet.” Going back to rubbing herself, with first one hand then both, to what was a nearing orgasm for herself.

I watched her watching me and her eyes half shut as she let out the slightest of squeals and her body bucked on the bench, her hands never leaving her now sopping wet pussy.

After a minute or so she calmed down and let out a sigh.

Looking at her I told her I wanted to taste her to which she stuck two fingers in herself and then offered them to me. I sucked them slowly one at a time never breaking eye contact. Then I said “You next.” I want you to taste.

She stuck them back in and pulled out wet sticky strands and let them drip on to her tongue that she had stuck out and made a slurping sound sucking them into her mouth.

The sound of her slurping sent me over the edge and without warning I shot the first string far up onto her right thigh, landing on bare skin. Startled, she jumped but I held her firm by her feet. The second stream not traveling as far spewed onto her lower left leg. The contrast of my white goo on her black nylon was beautiful. The rest seemed to ooze out and onto her toes.

I slowly release my grip.

She looked down at my mess and said, “A little warning next time?”

She got up and rolled her stockings down, wiped her leg, and threw them balled up at me. “You can wash these and get them back to me.” She wrapped herself in a towel and grabbed her clothes and shoes and was out the door.

I watched her in the moonlight go back into the house and just laid there with her stockings in my hands. I’d be putting these to good use before I returned them for sure.

End of Part 3

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