The Seduction of Miles

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My sister’s bright green hair flew in my face as she rode my hog up and down and side to side and back and forth and in swirls, our hips grinding together. And then I rolled us over and now I was on top. I leered down into her bright blue-green eyes as I gathered her legs in my arms. Splaying her legs apart, I pushed my cock inside her until the tip tapped bottom. “Oh, Miles,” she moaned.

You have to understand, my sister Niss is one beautiful and sexy woman. I didn’t have a chance. Pixie face. Sparkling eyes. Pale pink lips. Pale skin and freckles on slender limbs. Hair a different color depending on her mood.

I had been secretly fantasizing about having sex with Niss ever since she turned 15 and started developing into a smoking hot woman. Her body is sensual, petite and tight. The gentle curves. Her sweet little tits and ass.

I stole looks at her whenever I could, though I would be mortified if she ever caught me staring. I loved gazing into her eyes, although whenever our eyes met, I would immediately look away. I loved following the lines of the back of her legs and the curve of her ass. And her boobs! Niss proudly displayed her perky breasts, particularly in the tight halter tops she favored, her nipples standing out.

Out of nowhere she would ambush me. She would rub against me and a split-second later push me away. “I want you. Haha. Just kidding. No, I’m not. Do me, or not. Whatever.” The ass-grabs and the ass-kickings.

Talk about mixed signals.

Did I want her? Hell, yes. I wanted her, like a man desires any sexy woman. Then again, if the idea of fucking her brother repulsed her, things between us could get awkward, not to mention what my parents would do if they found out.

You shut it down.

Things happen, you find other priorities, you move on. You graduate and move into a bombed-out studio but hey, at least it’s a place of your own. You work as assistant manager at a bakery.

You bring women home to bed but whenever you close your eyes you see you sister. You find yourself pounding your pud into the panties you once stole from her laundry basket, more often than not.

A couple of years later Niss graduated high school. She wanted to move out of the family home and asked if I would help her find a place. It just so happened that someone a few blocks away from me was renting the basement apartment in their house.

I helped her move in. I did all the heavy lifting. Niss guided me to where she wanted her furniture, which wasn’t that much. Then we moved onto the boxes. We’d be passing each other with boxes in our arms, Niss rubbing her breasts against my back, grabbing my ass. But if I made a move, she would push me away. I was going crazy.

The sun was starting to go down when we finished moving her stuff into her apartment. Niss suggested we go for a swim in Mom and Dad’s pool. As I drove us there I felt a mix of anticipation and dread. If she was sending signals, they were coming in loudly but, alas, no more clearly.

Oh, what the hell. It was now or never.

I pulled over. I took a gulp of air and confessed my feelings to Niss. About wanting to kiss her lips while my hands fondle her body. Cock out. Sliding into her wet pussy. Fucking with wild abandon.

Niss responded by confessing she’d had a crush on me for years, while taking off her shorts and tank top. She was now clad in only pink panties. You see, she said, she used to fantasize about seducing me wearing only her pink panties. Getting me hard and riding me to exhaustion.

We were facing each other. The only bahis firmaları sound the drone of the car engine. She was looking at me intently, fingers rubbing her pussy through cotton panties. The come fuck me look in her eyes. My already erect cock becoming even harder.

Niss slipped onto her knees and liberated my stiff cock from my shorts. She winked at me before starting to go down. Pulling her head away was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Holding her face in my hands I said, “We’re going to do this right. Despoiling every room in our parent’s home.”

Niss giggled. “Okay.”

We started in the front hallway. Niss jumped up and straddled me. Our lips were plastered together. Our tongues snaked together sensually. We grabbed and clutched each other. Zippers were unzipped. Buttons undone. Feminine hands guided my hard cock into her tight pussy. I cupped her smooth, firm ass cheeks in my hands. Pulled her up and down on my cock. Pushed her against the front door. Grunts. Cries.

Next stop on the Taboo Train: Mom and Dad’s bed. What made the bed stand out from other beds were its four restraints. Verboten to das kindern. Until now. What Mommy and Daddy do not know does not hurt them.

Wordlessly, Niss sank to her knees. She pulled my rod out of my shorts and slipped it into her eager mouth. I shuddered involuntarily. She grabbed me around the legs to better pull my cock deep in her throat. My eyes closed involuntarily and my knees began to buckle. Niss guided me backward until the backs of my legs hit the bed.

Before I knew it my wrists were in restraints. I heard a closet open and when I looked I saw Niss brandishing a small flogger, grinning wickedly. “There is only one rule: serve me. Whatever I want, whenever I want it. Failure to comply with this one simple rule will result in vigorous punishment.

“Now lie back and open your mouth. It’s appetizer time.” I did as told. Niss straddled my face before lowering her pussy to my mouth. My lips and her hot pussy lips formed a seal. My tongue snaked to tease her clit. My tongue thrashed between her pussy lips. I may have hummed Ravel’s Bolero. I ate her like I’d never eaten anyone in my life. I even tongued her butthole. Her body went still and then shuddered. “Goddammit, Miles!” she yelled, pussy juice spilling down my cheeks.

She rolled onto her side and took my hard cock in hand. She stroked it up and down, slowly at first but then faster in tempo until her hand and my cock were a blur. Oh, my God. My sister gives the best handjobs, ever, as it turns out.

Niss got onto her knees and stared at my cock. While maintaining a firm grip on my meat stick, she opened her mouth and folded her lips around the head. Her hand was just inches below, jacking me off in time with her mouth. I wanted to grab her hair but the damn restrains prevented me.

When she was satisfied with how hard she’d got me, she straddled my hips. We locked eyes as she impaled herself on my stony cock. She eased up and down before upping the tempo. “Ngh, ngh,” she grunted in pleasure.

Her bright green hair flew in my face as she rode my hog up and down and side to side and back and forth and in swirls, our hips grinding together. “Oh, Miles,” she moaned.

Niss rode my saddle horn for a long-ass time. Cowgirl. Reverse Cowgirl. Leaning Forward. Leaning backward. Riding the g-spot and the clit. Undulating atop me with abandon. She came again and again, over and over. Yelling my name. Yelling MY name.

And now she was slumped over, her breath hot against my neck. My cock was hot and kaçak iddaa wet. And I was fucking my sister! I was in Nirvana, baby.

Niss unlocked the wrist restraints. I flipped her onto her back. I sank my cock into her pussy and began to ride my little sister missionary. Thrusting hard. I pulled Niss onto her hands and knees, her ass staring at my junk. I pushed my prick back into her pussy, eliciting another moan of pleasure. “Fuck me, Miles,” she moaned. She pushed her hips back as I thrust mine forward, our hips slapping together. When I came it was with a long-awaited shout. Our juices mixed at the base of my cock

We continued fucking our way through the house, starting with her bedroom. Niss happened to have a copy of the Kama Sutra, so we experimented with various positions. We found some we wanted to pursue more. And, as God is my witness, we pursued them to their logical conclusion.

We only took breaks to eat, use the toilet or take a shower. And then we would be back to exploring the limits of each other’s bodies.

We woke up the next day on a blanket in the den. Or, rather, Niss woke me up with a blowjob. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed this gift. She gives better head than any other woman I know. My sister has a mouth like a wet vac. And you would not believe what she can do with her tongue.

I stroked her hair as she lay on her left side, her face resting on my stomach. I gently grabbed a handful of hair and pulled. “Oh,” she moaned around a mouthful of sausage. I ran my hand down her back to the crack of her ass. My middle finger slid along her slit to the clit. I gently rubbed the tiny nub, evoking squeals of pleasure from my sister.

I was thirsty for her pussy juice so I grabbed her waist and set her pink folds inches over my face. I lapped slowly and then faster. Her cries of ecstasy became louder until she could no longer be eaten and suck my cock. She arched her back and yowled when I slid a finger into her wet, tight pussy.

I fingered just behind the lower ridge at the opening of her pussy, sending her into an all-new frenzy. She got onto her hands and knees. She gestured for me to mount her doggy-style. “Fuck me proper, brother,” she said in a throaty moan. My hips were hitting her ass in no time flat. Her hips were in my hands. My cock easily slid in to her pussy and tapped bottom.

I pulled out until only my prick head was enclosed in her pussy lips. I pushed halfway back in and pulled halfway out, establishing a rhythm. I pulled her hips back toward me with every forward thrust of my hard cock. Groans of pleasure escaped our throats the harder we fucked. The slapping of our flesh echoed in her bedroom and, it seemed, throughout the entire house.

Niss crawled forward and lay on her back, her legs in a welcoming half-circle. Desire burning in our eyes, she shot her hips forward as I pushed my cock into her pussy again. Niss closed her eyes as she spread her legs even more. I sank even deeper. “Fuck me, brother,” she moaned.

That got me going. I reached forward and pulled Niss to me. She turned her face to me and opened her sweet lips to mine. We kissed while her pussy massaged my cock. I cupped her ass cheeks and guided her tush up and down while we faced each other.

I laid Niss on her back. I guided my cock back into her pussy and grabbed her hips. I pulled her against me over and over, thrusting my cock into her slippery pussy. And then I leaned toward her, tilting her hips. Her legs closed around my hips and held on for dear life as I pounded her pussy. “Oh, fuck!” she yelled. “Harder, kaçak bahis Miles, Harder!”

Her wish was my command. I reached inside me for a little more oomph and found it. I rocked her pussy like a hurricane, baby. She dug her nails in my back and screamed louder than I had ever heard her as her body began bucking uncontrollably. She began screaming in ecstasy.

That was it. Stars shot behind my eyelids as a tidal wave of pleasure shot up and down my spine. Igniting my cock, spurting my seed in my sister’s hot pussy.

Gradually, our breathing got back to normal. We stared into each other’s eyes. I flipped over onto my back. “That was incredible.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Niss agreed.

We lay there in the den not saying anything. I found the sound of my sister’s breathing intoxicating. I began to get a woody again. Niss sat up and looked at me. She smirked. “Not so fast, sailor,” she said. “Mom and Dad are coming home in four hours and we have a house to clean up.”

She was right, of course. The place looked like the Tazmanian Devil had hit it. Stuff was strewn everywhere. Nothing was broken, thank God. Eh, I’ve worked harder jobs in less time.

After I grabbed a few breakfast bars, I started putting things right in the den while Niss worked in the living room. She was clad only in a pair of white shorts and a tight red t-shirt. My cock was getting hard again. God, how I wanted to rip Niss’s clothes off and fuck her on the sofa again.

But then I remembered the ‘rents would be arriving before I knew it and there would be questions, awkward questions. “Say, Miles, Niss, why is our bed mussed up when your mother made it before she left?” That sort of thing.

I ignored my boner and doubled down on cleaning. It wasn’t difficult. After I straightened up the den I went out to the pool area. I set the lounge chairs up straight—we had become pretty wild and tipped them over. I grabbed the towel that was starchy with my jizz and brought it back in the house. Niss was doing a load of laundry, so I threw the towel in with the cum-stained sheets.

“Are we good?” I asked Niss.

She nodded, her green pigtails bobbing back and forth. “The rest of the house looks just like they left it. All we have to do now is wait for the sheets to dry, and then we can make their bed.” We made out until the sheets dried.

We headed upstairs and made Mom and Dad’s bed. Just in time too. We had barely enough time to slip out to the pool when our parents called out to us. “We’re out by the pool,” I called back.

Mom and Dad held each other by the waist as they approached us. My parents were comfortable around each other and it showed. They held hands and kissed wherever they went. It used to gross me out as a kid but the older I grew, the sweeter it seemed.

Dad spoke first. “We saw your car in the driveway, Miles, so we knew you had to be here. But your sister is here too. Are you two an item?” he joked.

If he only knew. I rolled my eyes. “Right, Dad.”

Mom playfully scolded Dad. “Oh, Jack, don’t embarrass him. Niss and Miles can hang out and it doesn’t have to be sexual.”

My face was turning red.

“Mom! Dad! Stop being pervs!” Niss demanded.

“Just sayin,'” Mom said over her shoulder as she went back into the house.

I grinned at Niss, my sister, my lover.

Dad asked if we had plans that afternoon. What he meant was did we want go fishing. Sorry, Dad, I have my own trouser trout to take care of. “We’re going to go bodysurfing,” I lied.

“Sounds very sensuous,” Dad said. “Have fun.” He leaned in. “If your sister is anything like your mother,” he whispered, “your shlong will be sore by noon tomorrow.”

Wow. Thanks for the heads-up, Dad. Now I know what I have to look forward to.

I grinned to myself.

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