The Sauna Ch. 01

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How did I get myself in this situation? I thought, as I stared through the glass door of my brand new sauna, at my son Kirk, on his knees, jacking his fat, hard cock, while blatantly staring at me. With his free hand, he was holding my white panties under his nose, taking big whiffs and clearly getting aroused by my scent. He was pumping his cock hard and fast, obviously trying to cum as quickly as possible.

He gawked at my big, saggy tits and down in between my legs, sticking out his tongue and lewdly pretending to lick my trimmed cunt. God, he was starting to make me wet. Thankfully, he came less than thirty seconds later, blasting his vile, gooey cum all over the floor and the sauna door. Not wasting any time, he zipped up, cleaned off his spunk and then walked down the stairs, leaving me sitting there, wet and flabbergasted.

My mind trailed off, thinking about how I had gotten myself into this mess.

I guess it all started about three months ago. I had dragged the whole family – my husband Kent, my daughter Kim (22) and my son Kirk (20) – to a trade exposition of consumer electronics. When we came across a booth which showcased sauna cabins and whirlpools, I convinced hubby to take a closer look.

I had long been on the lookout for a moderately priced sauna cabin. I took about six sauna’s a month, at the local gym – and that’s only because I simply didn’t have the time for more visits. To not have to go to the gym anymore, would save me quite a bit of time.

Now, as luck would have it, there were some discounted floor models, which the saleswoman wanted to get rid of, before the end of the exposition. One of them was a two-person sauna with all the options and specs I wanted. There was a catch however. The cabin door was one-way glass; you could see into the cabin, but not out when inside.

After the four of us had taken turns getting in and out of the sauna, Kent and I started negotiating, trying to lower the price a bit more. The kids quickly got bored and moved off to a nearby coffee stand. As a result, they didn’t hear us strike a deal for another door, with normal two-way glass – on top of an extra price cut.

As the new door had to be manufactured to order, it would take several weeks for it to be available. We agreed, settled on a delivery date for just the cabin and moved on. The kids, still playing on their phones over a coffee, hadn’t heard the whole ‘door replacing’ thing.

Just three days later, the cabin itself was delivered and installed by two technicians. That night, when the kids came home from college, we all went up to see how our newest acquisition looked in the spacious attic. Kim and Kirk walked in and out several times, testing the one-way glass – and having some fun with it. I assume this is where my perverted son got his idea from in the first place.

And now, for the final piece of the puzzle. Three weeks later, while hubby was at work and the kids were off to class, I got a phone call from the sauna company. They wanted to know if I was home. The new door had arrived, and since one of their technicians had an opening in his schedule that same afternoon, he could swing by and install it. Naturally, I agreed.

He arrived around three, replaced the door and was out of there in less than ten minutes. Figuring I’d have time for a quick sauna before the kids came home, I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and headed up to the attic, where I took off my clothes and got in.

Then, about seven minutes later, Kirk came walking up the stairs of the attic, in his soccer outfit. From how clean he looked, I assumed practice had been cancelled for some reason. Before I had the chance to grab my towel from under me, and cover myself up, he yanked down his shorts and boxers and began tugging his half-hard dick.

I was baffled, not only by what he was doing, but also by the fact that he was blatantly staring at me, through the sauna door. Judging from how at ease he was, I realized that he had probably done this before, over the past three weeks – quite possibly every time I had taken a sauna.

Oblivious that the glass had been replaced, he still assumed that I couldn’t see him. For some reason, I didn’t get up or let on that I knew he was there. When, after about ten seconds, he got down on his knees, I realized it was too late to act now.

If I got up now, Kirk would know I had waited for so long. Besides, I didn’t want to face him right now, knowing that he’d spied on me, and pleasured himself god knows how many times. Then, I remembered something. Kim had used the sauna three days ago. Surely, Kirk wouldn’t have…

I interrupted my own thoughts as I realized how naive they were. If he did this to his mother, why wouldn’t he do it to his sister – who was half my age and had a smoking hot body. God, his cock was huge! I couldn’t help but admire it as I kept pretending to stare off into space.

And so, this is where the story started…

I got out of the sauna, feeling pendik escort less ashamed and dirty than I had expected. In a sense, I felt flattered. But I was also in shock from seeing my own son blow his load, less than a meter away from me. Regardless of how passive I had reacted before, I realized I couldn’t let this slide. I would have to have a serious talk with him.

Of course, I didn’t. I had plenty of opportunity while the two of us were alone downstairs, and he was telling me about his day – and how soccer practice got cancelled. And when Kim and my husband came home, it would have been too awkward to say anything about it. At least, that’s what I told myself.

At the very least, I could have easily mentioned the replacement of the sauna door during dinner. Sure, it would have caused some discomfort, but I am pretty sure Kirk wouldn’t have tried it again. But for some reason, I didn’t…

Kim was going over to a friend’s house to study, so I knew, at least, she’d be safe from her brother’s peeping eyes. And surely I wouldn’t be taking another sauna, tonight… would I? It seemed like a logical assumption, but I had underestimated how horny the whole experience had made me.

The memory of my own son masturbating while gawking at me, and the look of pure ecstasy on his contorted face while he had shot his load, was enough to make me do the unthinkable. As my husband and Kirk were watching tv, I announced casually that I’d be taking a sauna.

As I headed up to the attic, I couldn’t believe how wet I was. My god, I was such a slut. I was actually hoping that Kirk would come up, and do what he had done, earlier today – and probably dozens of times before that!

True enough, after just a few minutes, I noticed him sneaking up the stairs and taking off his clothes again. He got on his knees and started tugging that big dick of his again. He smelled my bra and panties, which I had deliberately left on the floor, for him to use. God, I felt like a slut. And I was horny as fuck. A dangerous combination…

Suddenly, I moved my right hand to my left tit and gently wobbled it up and down, looking down at it, pretending not to know that my son was right there, lusting after me. The gentle wobble quickly turned into a lewd, lecherous shake and before long I was boorishly slapping my fat, saggy tit back and forth, getting myself – and Kirk – all worked up.

Shocked to see his mother behave like that, my poor boy swiftly started shuddering and bucking, flinging his thick cum all over the door. I trembled with lust as I noticed several big globs of his sperm starting to slide down the glass. Unfortunately, he wiped it all off with some tissues – which he just happened to have in his sweat pants at the time – and left.

He was barely halfway down the stairs when I started rubbing my clit. God, I was so fucking horny. After a couple of minutes, I turned off the sauna, put on my robe and snuck down to the first floor. As I heard soft music coming from Kirk’s room, I realized hubby was alone downstairs.

I quietly headed down to the living room, where I took off my robe and got on my knees in front of the couch, and a flabbergasted hubby.

“I want your sperm,” I said, bluntly, as I undid his pants and produced his flaccid cock.

“Fuck,” he whispered, surprised as I started sucking.

“What about Kirk?” he grunted.

“He’s in his room, I don’t think he’ll be coming out any time soon,” I replied, taking out his cock long enough to say that. That seemed to reassure him, as he tilted his head back and enjoyed the blowjob I was giving him. Still horny as fuck, I put my left hand down between my legs and slipped two fingers up my soaking wet twat.

I knew that he could hear me fingering myself, as I wasn’t being particularly silent, but I didn’t care. I knew it was wrong to think of Kirk’s cock – which was even bigger than my already well-endowed husband – but I simply couldn’t stop myself.

When I climaxed, about three minutes later, my husband, shocked and not used to me cumming in this position, asked, “Are you… cumming?”

“Pffuck yeah,” I moaned around his spasming dick. That was enough to make him spurt. He shot his gooey load in my mouth and I swallowed it all, while orgasming around my own fingers and fantasizing about my son’s cock.

Even after we’d both cum, I stayed on my knees and kept licking his balls for a little while longer, just for fun. Afterwards, I snuggled up against him on the couch, as he finished watching his show. Then, we went upstairs and headed for bed.

The following morning, Kirk’s cock was the first thing on my perverted mind. I reached out and woke hubby up with a passionate handjob. He quickly wanted more, and before long, I was on all fours, taking his cock from behind. He pulled my hair, slapped my ass and fucked me hard, deep and rough. It was exactly what I needed.

Unfortunately, as usual, he was unable to make me cum. After shooting his load up maltepe escort my slutty pussy and cuddling for a few minutes, he left, as he had to get ready for work. I stayed in bed and asked hubby to take care of breakfast, as I wasn’t quite ready to face Kirk in my current state of arousal.

As soon as everyone was out the door, I got up and had some breakfast myself. I spent the rest of the day thinking about Kirk and what he had done, and why I hadn’t stopped him. By late afternoon, I was so fucking horny that I ended up browsing mom-son porn on my laptop. I played with myself a little bit, but didn’t cum. God, I was such a perverted slut!

I made sure I was decent, and freshly washed – albeit still a tad raunchy – by the time hubby and the kids came home. While Kirk and his father started watching tv, Kim came into the kitchen and started telling me about her day – something she often did.

Afterwards, as she was helping me with dinner, she asked, “Hey mom, can I take another sauna tonight?”

Shit, I thought. I didn’t see that one coming.

“The last one really helped me relax,” she added, as she reached for her neck with her right hand and slowly tilted her head back, clearly experiencing considerable discomfort.

“I uh… was actually thinking of having one myself,” I stated, somehow thinking that that would solve the problem.

“Why don’t we take one together then?” Kim asked.

“You mean, you and me?”

“Relax, we can keep our towels on if you’re embarrassed,” she smiled.

“It’s not that,” I stammered, “I uh… it would be a bit strange, no?”

“We’ll figure it out,” she smiled, as she walked out of the kitchen, clearly considering the matter closed.

“Oh okay,” I whispered meekly. Fuck! She was going to find out about the glass, and if Kirk tried something – which I am sure he would – she’d surely throw a fit. Then, everyone would find out what a slut I had been… and I wasn’t quite ready to deal with those consequences.

So, if I couldn’t – or wouldn’t – stop Kirk, and I couldn’t keep Kim out of the sauna, there was only one thing left to do. I was going to have to include her into whatever was going on, and hope that she could keep her mouth shut. Of course, there were plenty of other solutions, but none which I was – in my current state of arousal – willing to entertain.

Although I was pretty nervous, not to mention fucking horny, I made it through dinner without arousing suspicion. Afterwards, I put the guys in charge of clearing the table and taking care of the dishes, while informing them that Kim and I were going to take a sauna together.

“Okay, you girls enjoy,” hubby replied, barely interested. Kirk, although he didn’t let on, was probably already thinking of paying us a visit, and jacking that big cock of his. I realized that I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare Kim for what was coming.

While we were taking our clothes off, it was obvious that she was as nervous as I was, but for a different reason. She wanted to prove that she was cool with being naked in front of each other, while I was worried about being branded a pervert, if and when this whole thing was going to explode in my face – pun intended.

“So, towel or no towel,” she asked, as she held up a large, yellow one. She was down to her underwear, and clearly nervous about taking off the rest.

“No towel,” I replied, as I took off my last pieces of clothing – my bra and panties – and letting her have a good look at my saggy tits and my bush. Realizing it was her turn, Kim took off her skimpy panties and bra, dropped them on the floor, and just stood there, her hands awkwardly pressed against her legs – not really knowing where else to put them.

After glancing each other up and down for a few seconds, we stepped inside and sat down. Almost immediately, Kim asked, “Hey, is that a new door?”

“Yeah, about that,” I said, realizing Kirk would be up soon, “Whatever happens, stay calm and pretend you can’t see outwards, okay?”

“What?” she asked, confused, “What do you mean? What is going to happen?”

“Just trust me, pull up your legs and face me,” I said. Confused, and just a tad worried, Kim did as she was told, leaning her back against the right inner wall – as I did the same on the left – and putting her feet up on the bench, right next to mine.

Nervously, she kept looking through the glass door, not sure what to expect. When, barely two minutes later, Kirk appeared at the top of the open staircase, Kim’s eyes grew wide. She clearly had no idea what was going on, or what was going to happen.

When she saw her brother reaching into his trousers and whipping out his already hard cock, Kim gasped. I thought for sure she was going to scream and barge out but, fortunately, she didn’t. As Kirk stepped closer and started pumping his massive erection, she quickly turned her head to face me and crossed her arms in front of her, to cover up her tits.

“How did you kno…” kartal escort she whispered, moving her mouth as little as possible. She interrupted herself as she realized that she already knew the answer to her question.

“… he’s done this before, hasn’t he?” she whispered, gritting her teeth, “Oh my god!”

Thankful that she stayed relatively calm, I took a deep breath and replied, “The two-way glass was installed yesterday; he’s… uh… done it twice before!”

“Oh my god!” Kim whispered, genuinely shocked, “Oh my god!”

As her brain was trying to process what was happening, she suddenly thought of something. Her eyes grew wide and she whispered, slightly raising her voice, “You said no towels… you wanted him to see you… you wanted him to see ME!”

Afraid that he’d overhear, I whispered, “Sss, relax!”

“Relax? Mom, that’s your son out there, my brother… on his knees, masturbating!”

“I know,” I whispered. I couldn’t keep from squeezing my legs together.

“You’re… you’re… this is making you wet, isn’t it?” she stammered, angry and shocked.

“Yessss, “I hissed, “God help me, but yessss…”

The fact that Kim now knew my dirty secret only fueled my lust. Unable to control myself any longer, I swung my legs forward, facing the door and showing Kirk my rack. And as if that wasn’t enough, I slowly parted my legs, granting him a prime view of my pussy.

“Mom… what the… oh my goooddd!” Kim whispered, covering her mouth in shock.

“You are such a SLUT,” she whispered, over articulating that last word. I knew she was right. I was behaving outrageously – and I had no intention of stopping. I looked down at my left boob as I cupped it with my right hand, and gently tweaked my nipple.

“Oh for crying out loud,” Kim whispered, truly disgusted, “Don’t you have any…”

But then, Kirk arched his back, jumped up and began spraying his thick, gooey cum all over the glass door. I noticed her gawking at the scene, and I could tell she was impressed by her brother’s performance. As soon as she realized I was looking at her, however, she averted her eyes and pretended to be disgusted and annoyed.

Once he was done, he quickly zipped up, cleaned off his cum and made himself scarce. Barely twenty seconds later, Kim got up and stepped out of the sauna.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“To my room,” she replied, pissed off with me, “I can’t believe you dragged me into this!”

“Don’t forget to put some clothes on,” I whispered, as she was closing the door. Honestly, I don’t know why I said that.

“Are you kidding me?” she said, shooting me a furious look, before storming off.

Kim had gone along in my little perversion, but at what cost? I knew I had crossed yet another line with my son, but I was more worried about my relationship with Kim. Would she be able to forgive me? Was she ever going to talk to me again?

These, and many more unpleasant questions kept running around in my mind. Suddenly feeling pretty ashamed and guilty about what I had done, I decided to call it a night and went straight to bed after my botched sauna. Kim didn’t come out of her room all evening, and neither did Kirk.

In the morning, after a good night’s sleep, I was horny as fuck again. I woke up before my husband and just laid there, for a few minutes, playing with myself. Then, I reached out and held my index finger under his nose. That woke him up in a heartbeat. He looked at me, realized what I was doing, and was on top of me in just a few seconds.

He gave me the harsh and brutal fucking that I craved. He even turned me around and fucked me on all fours for a while, ramming his morning wood into me with a wonderful callousness, and making me cum twice. Being the horny bitch that I was, I told him to cum in my face, which he did, happily.

He covered my entire slut face with his gooey morning load and collapsed beside me. Not used to this kind of lewd behavior from his mundane wife, he stared at me for the longest time, unable to hide his grin – probably thinking what a lucky bastard he was.

I skipped breakfast, again. This time not to avoid Kirk, but Kim. There was no way to undo what I had done, but I reckoned that some extra time away from each other would benefit us both. Although I had the whole day to think of a way to make things right again, a heartfelt apology was the best I could come up with. I just hoped that it would be enough.

That evening, at dinner, Kim continued to give me the silent treatment. She did however talk to dad, and even Kirk – apparently she didn’t blame him for what had happened. So, imagine my surprise when, after dinner, she came and found me in the kitchen.

“I am sorry for the things I said last night,” she said, “It was just a lot to take in.”

Needless to say, I was more than a little surprised.

“Uh, that’s okay, hon,” I whispered, taken aback by this unexpected turn of events.

Before I could offer her my well-rehearsed apology, she asked, “So, are you going to take another sauna tonight?”

“I… uh… I don’t know yet, sweetie,” I stammered.

“I think you should,” she blurted out, a bit embarrassed.

“You do?” I asked, baffled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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