The Ring Ch. 04

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I would advise anyone who has not read the first three chapters of this story to go back and read them. It will explain a lot. For those of you who do not wish to read from the beginning I’m posting the last few paragraphs of chapter 3.


Susan had heard screams coming from next door, thinking her neighbor was in trouble she ran next door help. When she flung the door open and saw her best friend straddling her son’s cock she was furious.

She hollered!! “What the fuck? I can’t believe it!! You, of all people fucking my son!! You fucking whore!! How could you? You were my best friend!!”

Clara jumped off Chase and grabbed her apron, she tried to cover herself and explain. “Susan I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me. We were in the kitchen drinking lemonade and the next thing I know we were in here having sex.”

Chase stood up; walked towards his mom and said. “Listen mom, it’s not her fault, I was the one who seduced her. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone but I needed the release. Please trust me mom this was the best thing for all of us.”

“What the hell do you mean the best” She stopped in midsentence when she noticed her son’s big hardening cock. It was bouncing up and down in front of her like a king cobra ready to strike.

She was being drawn towards it. It was amazing and its smell was intoxicating. She had to touch it. She stepped closer and wrapped both hands around his cock. She marveled at its size and girth.

She knelt before her son and asked. “Can I taste it?

Before he had a chance to answer, she wrapped her warm mouth around his cock.

Chase hollered, “Mom NOOOOO!!”

End of chapter 3

Chase’s mind was in turmoil. He wanted to stop his mom but the pleasure her mouth was giving to his cock was like no other he had experienced. Her luscious mouth was sending ripples of pleasure throughout his body. His willpower was waning. It would be a mere seconds before he would past the point of no return.

With one last expression of willpower, he pulled his mother away from his cock. Practically throwing her away from him he screamed. “I’m so sorry mom; I hope one day you will be able to forgive me!”

After breaking free from his mother Chase ran out Clara’s front door as fast as he could. He ran into his mother’s house and shut and locked the door. As he leaned against the door to catch his breath he heard a loud gasp.

Standing there in the foyer was his sister Melody. Her eyes were glued to his massive hard cock. It was bouncing up and down uncontrollably. Before he could speak, Melody started walking towards him.

Chase’s head started pounding incessantly. The pain was becoming unbearable. Before he had a chance to lock himself into his bedroom, he suddenly passed out.

Meanwhile, back the Clara’s house Susan was inconsolable. She was uncontrollably sobbing. Clara went and wrapped her arms around her and tried to convince her everything was going to be alright.

Susan looked at Clara and said. “How can you say everything is going to be alright? My son hate’s me. I just tried to rape him for god’s sake. It’s my entire fault!”

Trying to be of comfort, Clara told her. “Listen to me, you did nothing wrong. I don’t know how to explain what happened but there is something special about your son. His body must emit some type of powerful pheromones because one minute we were in the kitchen drinking ice tea and before I knew it we were here in the living room fucking like two long lost lovers. I promise you he doesn’t hate you. Stay here with me and let him calm down, I’m sure everything will be alright.”

“Thank you, you’re right. After he calms down maybe we can sit down and talk. I can tell him I’m sorry and only hope he will forgive me.” Susan told Clara.

Clara helped Susan to the couch and hugged her tight. She knew Susan needed comforting and she was not going to let her friend down.

They sat there in silence for some time until Susan asked Clara. “If I tell you something very personal, will you promise to keep it between the two of us?”

Clara answered, “Of course dear, you know you can tell me anything. I would never do anything to betray our friendship.” (Unless you count the fact I fucked your son.)

“Well, it’s like this, it’s been three years since I divorced Chase’s father and well, uh, uh, I haven’t been intimate with another man since. I guess that’s the reason why when I walked in and saw Chase’s huge cock I forgot he was my son. I think my mind went numb. All I wanted was his beautiful cock. It was beautiful, wasn’t it?” Susan confided to her friend.

Clara hugged her friend tight and said. “Yes dear, your son has one magnificent cock. I am so sorry; I didn’t know you were so lonely. If I had known, maybe I could have helped.”

Clara was so engrossed in trying to help her friend; she had not realized she was still naked, until Susan’s arm accidentally brushed against one of her bare breasts. It sent a tingle of pleasure bahis firmaları down her spine. She had a sudden urge to kiss her friend.

Turning her head towards her friend, she looked deep into Susan’s eyes and kissed her gently on the lips. Susan responded in kind by kissing her back. It was the first time either of the women had experienced another woman’s loving kiss.

Claire took the lead and started to slowly undress Susan while they continued kissing. Once Susan was undressed Clara led her friend by the hand upstairs to her bedroom. It was as if the two lovely women were in some kind of hypnotic trance.

Once the women were on Clara’s bed, they explored each other’s bodies with their hands and lips. Clara started kissing her way down to Susan’s treasure box. To her amazement, Susan’s pussy was already dripping wet.

When Clara began kissing Susan’s neatly trimmed pussy, she started to moan loudly. Clara loved the taste of the intoxicating nectar flowing from her friend’s pussy. Grabbing Susan by the ass Clara pulled her cunt to her face and began teasing her clit. Her actions were driving Susan wild with lust. Trying to push her over the edge Clara took her thumb and shoved it up Susan’s ass.

When Clara’s tongue penetrated Susan’s ass, Susan lost it and came all over her friends face and into her mouth. Clara thought she might drown from the tasty fluids flowing from her friend’s flaming pussy, yet she continued her assault on Susan’s clit. After moaning loudly, Susan cried out. “Oohh my god, right there, yesss, don’t stop, I’m cumming!”

Susan’s screams of pleasure made Clara feel proud. Clara was ecstatic that she had brought her friend to climax so quickly. She continued her assault on Susan’s overflowing cunt. The more her friend’s pussy flooded her mouth, the harder Clara sucked on her clit.

Susan thought she might die from the pleasure her best friend was giving her. Tremors of pleasure were flowing throughout her body. She would definitely want to do this again, but at the moment all she could concentrate on was the tremendous pleasure she was receiving at the moment.

Grabbing Clara by the head, Susan pulled her up to her face and gave her a long, hard kiss. She wanted her friend to know how much she appreciated her efforts to please her. They lay together for a long while kissing and thanking each other for their special friendship. Eventually, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

While the lovely women next door were making love, Chase was waking up in the foyer of his mother’s house.

He felt something wet and warm around his cock. Looking toward his cock, he saw his naked sister sucking his cock like a real pro. She definitely knew what she was doing. He thought, ‘This is definitely not the first cock she has sucked. I’ll bet she could make a porn star jealous.’

Gone were his feelings of guilt. All he wanted now was to fuck the gorgeous woman sucking his cock. Eventually when he pulled her head from his cock, Melody looked at him and said. “It’s about time you woke up little brother, I’ve been sucking your cock for what seems like hours. How about you show your big sister if you know how to use your huge piece of man meat?”

Chase pushed his sister on to her back and aimed his massive weapon at the entrance of her forbidden pussy. After stroking the angry head of his cock up and down the folds of her wet pussy, he slowly inserted his big cock an inch at a time into her inviting cunt.

Melody squealed from both pain and delight. “Holy shit, your cock is sooo biggg! It feels like you’re splitting me in two! I can’t believe we are actually fucking! Fuck me hard little brother! Make me cum!”

Chase had no feelings of regret. Hornica had finally won the battle over Chase’s conscience. With Chase’s will broken, he would fuck any woman Hornica wished him too.

Chase began to thrust his cock in and out of his sister. She wrapped one leg and then the other around his back to allow him to fuck her as deep as possible. They both enjoyed this position immensely. Chase was deeper inside of his sister than any of the other women he had fucked. Melody was the first woman who had the ability to take almost of his cock inside of her.

In an instance, Chase stopped his wicked assault on his sister’s pussy. Reaching down and pulling her up to her feet, he promptly spun her against the wall. She knew exactly what he wanted. She placed her hands on the wall and thrust her ass out towards him.

Chase came up from behind and plunged his massive tool deep into her flowing pussy. She loved the feel of his cock buried deep inside of her cunt. She began to grunt loudly with each stroke of his big cock. She knew she had found the man of her dreams. He was giving her the fuck of her life.

“Yesss, right there little brother, I’m so close! You are making meee cuumm! Oohh, Ugh, ooohhh god, that’s it I’m Cumminggg!” Melody shouted out!

When Chase felt his sister’s orgasmic dam burst, kaçak iddaa he shoved his cock deep into her volcanic pussy one last time. Over and over he spurted his incestuous cum deep into his sister’s cunt. He screamed out. “Ugh! Fuck! I’m Cumming too!”

Aahh! Oohh shit! I can feel you cumminggg in meee! Melody screamed. She nearly passed out from the incredible pleasure her body was experiencing.

The two incestuous lovers trembled and shook as each of their orgasms rocked their bodies. Eventually the two fell in a heap on the floor. They lay slumped together for several minutes trying to compose themselves.

Finally, Melody cooed. “Mmmmm, you are amazing little brother. That was the best fuck I’ve ever had. Promise me, we will do this over and over again.”

“You were pretty amazing too sis. I never thought I would ever say this, but I promise to fuck you anytime or anywhere you want.” Chase replied to his sister.

Melody suggested they take a quick shower before their mom showed up. Chase told her. “That’s a very good idea but after we take a shower I need to tell you something. You are not going to believe what happened before I came home.”

The two incestuous lovers went upstairs and showered separately. They were afraid if they showered together, they would only end up another furious fuck session. Once they had finished their showers and gotten dressed, they met the living room.

Chase knew he could not tell his sister about the ring. It was forbidden and he knew there would be dire consequences if he ever spoke of it. While he did not want to lie to his sister, he knew it was for the best.

Melody watched her brother fidgeting as she sat beside him on the couch. She asked him? “Well, are you going to tell me what happened earlier are not?”

Chase decided to spin his tale from the beginning of his trip. He told her. “Okay sis, here it goes. It all started when I left Florida to come here. I stopped off in New Orleans to spend the night and decided to go down to the French quarter. That’s when everything gets kind of strange.”

Melody interrupted and questioned him. “Strange, what do you mean strange? What happened?”

Chase said. “I’m getting did that. I don’t know if you knew it but I was a virgin when I left home.”

Melody hit him in the arm and exclaimed. “Bullshit! After the fucking you just gave me, there is no way you were a virgin when you left from dad’s house!”

Chase told Melody if she did not stop interrupting him, he would never be able to finish his story. After she agreed to keep quiet, Chase continued his story. “Like I was saying, I went down to the French quarter and had a psychic tell me my fortune. She told me I would have many women in my life but of course I didn’t believe her. Anyways, as I headed back to the hotel I bumped into a hooker. Well, to make a long story short, she was the first woman I had sex with.”

“No shit, you had sex with a looker? I hope you used a condom?” Melody asked him.

Chase reminded his sister again, if she kept interrupting him he would never be able to finish a story. He started telling his story again. “Of course I used a condom, but listen, it gets weirder the next morning; I was taking a shower when I started thinking how nice it would be to fuck someone in the shower. The next I know, the beautiful maid that was cleaning my room came into the shower and fucked my brains out. I have to tell you it was awesome.”

Melody went to interrupt him again but Chase stopped her. He then went on to tell her about what happened with the girl at the gas station and how he happened upon Rose after her car broke down. He was about to tell her about the incident at Clara’s house when she interrupted him again. This time it was a different type of interruption.

Chase’s story had Melody’s pussy dripping wet with desire. She leaned in to kiss him when he stopped her. He told her. “Listen to me, what I have to tell you next is going to blow your socks off.”

Showing her brother a pouty face, she said. “Well, go ahead and finish your story but I’m so horny if your story gets any better I’m going to need some cock in a hurry.”

“After I finish telling you what happened next you might not ever want to fuck me again.” Chase told her.

“I will guarantee you there is nothing you can say that will change my mind about fucking you! I promise you that!” Melody exclaimed!

“Well okay then, here goes nothing. After I ran out of the house this morning I went for a long walk to get my head straight. On my way back home I met Clara from next door. She offered me some iced tea and I accepted. To make a long story short, we had just finished fucking when the front door swung open and mom came running inside.” Chase was explaining to Melody when she interrupted him yet again.

Melody exclaimed! “Oohh my god, I’ll bet she fucking went off! Tell me, what did she do? C’mon, tell me what did she do?”

“Well, she started screaming and hollering kaçak bahis at Clara so I decided to walk towards her and try to explain everything was my fault. That’s when everything starts to get weird. I didn’t realize I was still naked when I started towards her. My cock was still hard and it was bobbing and down in front of me. By the time I realized I was still naked, I knew she would become even angrier, but well, well, that’s when it, it, it, happened.” Chris began to stammer.

Melody grabbed her brother by the shoulders and started shaking him. She exclaimed. “What happened, what happened? Damn it, tell me what happened!”

Bowing his head, Chase mumbled. “She uh, she uh, grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth.”

“She did what? You have to be shitting me! Our mom, miss prim and proper put your cock in her mouth? What else happened?” Melody cried out!

Chase told her. “She started sucking me off.”

Melody squealed and asked him. “What happened next? Did you come in her mouth? Holy shit, you’re turning me on!”

“Whoa, hold on their sister. Nothing else happened. I pulled away from her and ran over here. I remember coming through the door, seeing you and then passing out. The next thing I know, I wake up with you sucking my dick. I’m afraid I have ruined my relationship with mom forever.” Chase told her.

“I wouldn’t worry about it bro. The biggest problem with mom is, she has not been laid since she and dad divorced. What you need to do is give her a proper fucking like you gave me. I promise you, she will be very grateful. I still can’t believe it. Let me get this straight, you fucked Clara first and when you finished with her, mom started sucking you off. Is that right?” Melody asked him.

Chase answered her. “That’s exactly right. It pretty much happened just the way. Do you really think I should fuck mom?”

“Hell yes, I think you should! As a matter of fact, I think we should do it together and I mean right now! I’m so fucking horny I could explode! Let’s go find her!” Melody exclaimed.

“Are you sure? Do you really think she will go along with it? Chase asked Melody.

In order to keep the secret of the ring he needed to play along with Melody’s idea. He knew he could fuck any woman he wanted with the powers he received from the ring. He suddenly found it extremely exciting his mother might really want to fuck him without having to use the power from the ring.

Jumping up off the couch, Melody grabbed Chase by the arm and said. “There is only one way to find out. Let’s go. I guarantee you, when we find her; all you have to do is whip out that big cock of yours and she will be ready to fuck your brains out.”

Melody and Chase went next door to find their mother. When they knocked on Clara’s front door, there was no answer. Melody opened the door and pulled Chase inside, she whispered to him. “It will be better this way. If she doesn’t know we’re coming, she won’t have a chance to run away. Just trust me on this. I know her a lot better than you do.”

Susan and Clara were still asleep lying in each other’s arms upstairs. They had no idea Chase and Melody were looking for their mother. They were in for the surprise of their lives.

After Melody and Chase searched everywhere downstairs and did not find their mother, they begin their ascent to the upstairs. When they looked in Clara’s bedroom, they could not believe their eyes. Their prim and proper mother was naked and asleep in Clara’s arms.

Melody motioned for Chase to undress while she did the same. Melody was pleasantly surprised to see his cock was already hard. She whispered into his ear. “Follow my lead and everything will work out perfect. One thing though, you make sure to make her ask you to fuck her. If she asks you, it means she wants it as much as you do.”

Melody knew her mother slept like a rock. This would work perfectly into Melody’s plan. They began tiptoeing into the room. When the two of them approached the bed, Melody gently eased her mother’s arms free from Clara.

After her mother’s arms were free, Melody started to softly kiss her mother on the lips. It didn’t take long before her mother was kissing her back. Susan cooed, “Oohh Clara, your lips taste sooo goood. You really know how to please a gal.”

Melody whispered to her mother. “You do too mom.”

Instantaneously, Susan opened her eyes and exclaimed! “Melody, what the hell are you doing?”

Before Susan could realize she was lying naked in bed with her best friend, Melody put her hand over her mother’s mouth and said. “Shhh, I’ve brought you a present.”

Susan never had a chance to protest; Melody pulled Chase in front of their mother and placed his rock hard cock into Susan’s mouth. When Susan tried to pull away Melody held her head in place until Chase slowly began to fuck his mother’s mouth. It was only a mere seconds before Susan succumbed to her primal womanly urges and began to suck Chase’s cock with vigor.

Upon hearing all of the commotion Clara woke up and saw her best friend sucking her own son’s cock, Clara sat up in the bed and screamed. “What is going on? Susan, what are you doing? That’s your son’s cock you have in your mouth!”

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