The Professor’s Women Ch. 02

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This is the second installment of my story about a family with an interesting dynamic. In this chapter, I will begin to tell you the backstory of the title character and how his life experiences made him into the man he is today.


Chapter Two: The Lovers Meet

Twenty years before, very early on a particularly ordinary Saturday in the late spring of 1986 a young Psychology Doctorial candidate named Jackson Cranston Powell (Harvard to his buddies) stumbled, very inebriated into the donut shop on North Main Street in Normal, IL and passed out in the booth nearest to the door. It was 2 AM and he had been out celebrating with friends after successfully defending his thesis on the treatment of a newly classified psychological illness named ‘Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome’.

He knew he had ‘nailed it’ because he overheard comments like ‘groundbreaking’, ‘inspired’, and ‘revolutionary’ from the committee as they discussed his dissertation (they had left the door partly open and he was evesdropping). He was sure that he was a shoe-in for a vacancy on the faculty of the Psychology department at Illinois State University. There was an opening because of the retirement of the department head due to his advanced age and failing health.

The pretty young blonde waitress observed him and said nothing for an hour or so, noticing that he reeked of alcohol. She checked on him to make sure he was alright periodically until thirty minutes before her shift was about to end at five. She shook him awake and told him he had to wake up and leave, “Because my shift is over in soon and my boss will throw your drunken ass out on the street when he gets here!”

Jackson opened his eyes to see the most beautiful blue eyes and red pouty lips he had ever seen. Eventually he realized that his head was pounding asked, “Could you please bring me a large cup of strong black coffee, beautiful lady? My head is pounding and I can’t drive until I come out of this alcohol induced coma.”

“Coming right up.” She said, noticing his speech to be much more ‘proper’ than the farmers and college boys she was used to serving. She grabbed the largest ceramic mug she could find and filled it to the brim from the pot that had just finished brewing.

She carried the steaming cup over to the booth and set it down in front of the disheveled man. Since they were the only two people in the place, she sat across from him and began to study his demeanor as he drank and began to come back to consciousness. After he drank about half of the cup, Jackson was finally able to open his eyes without the light hurting them.

At first he thought that she was an apparition, but soon realized that the lovely blonde in front of him was indeed real. “My god you are beautiful!” he blurted out without thinking, and then said “I’m sorry young lady, I’m normally not this forward but I’ve been celebrating and I have had far too much to drink.”

“I’m sure that you have,” she said turning beet red, and continued, “so what in the world were you celebrating anyway?”

“I was successful in my defense of my Doctoral thesis and I’m being considered for the faculty vacancy in the Psychology department at ISU!” he said grinning from ear to ear.

“My goodness Professor, that definitely is something to celebrate!” She replied thinking ‘my, this isn’t any ordinary drunken college boy here’. As she studied him closer, she guessed him to be in his mid-twenties, with dark brown hair, eyes that appeared to be brown, but were too bloodshot for her to tell, tall and slender, perhaps six feet tall and about one hundred eighty pounds.

“Oh, I’m not a full professor yet, my dear, I’m just a candidate so far. I won’t be confirmed until the entire board votes in August and after old man Willoughby retires” he replied, and then gazing at the little waif he guessed to be only five feet tall, continued “I’m terribly sorry, but we haven’t been properly introduced, I’m Jackson Powell, Doctoral candidate.”

“And I’m just plain Elizabeth Thompson, Underclasswoman in Elementary Education, and part time coffee server.” She said as she stood and curtseyed. Sitting back down, she asked “Mister Powell, might I ask where you are from? You don’t sound like you are from the Midwest. I sense that you are from somewhere back east, am I right?”

“You are a very perceptive young woman, but I guess my ‘Hahvahd’ accent does make me unique. When I first got here, everyone asked me if I knew the Kennedys, I only wish. I was born to a working class family in Cranston, Rhode Island but my grades were good enough to get me into Harvard where I earned my BA in psychology with a minor in philosophy. When I was not accepted into their postgraduate program, I thought my life was over until your Doctor Willoughby accepted me and arranged my fellowship here. Interestingly enough, I seemed to fit right in and haven’t left since.” Jackson said, and continued “By the way, there is nothing plain about you, and the College of Education güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri here is one of the toughest in the nation.”

“Well, I don’t know how much longer I will be able to stay in school, because my sister kicked me out because she doesn’t like my boyfriend. Right now I’m crashing at his place but he’s drunk most of the time and… I’m talking too much. Look, you are a really nice guy and I like talking to you, but I need to go home now.” she said and got up and noticing her boss had arrived, rushed into the back room.

Jackson sat there stunned for a few minutes. When she didn’t return, he finished his coffee, got up, and walked to the cash register to pay his tab. The day manager was there counting the change, and getting ready for the morning rush. Jackson handed him a $20 and said “I had two cups of coffee, make sure that Elizabeth gets the balance for her tip” turned around and walked out the door.

He climbed into his beat up, rusty brown 1972 Ford LTD and headed back to the campus to crash for the weekend. When he got to his tiny post-grad apartment, his next door neighbor Harold stopped him at the door asking “What the hell happened to you last night, Harvard?”

He told him that he wasn’t sure what happened or when he left the bar they were celebrating at, but when he woke up he was in a booth at the donut shop. Harry asked him if he saw the hot blonde that worked there, and Jackson answered “Yes, she’s quite fetching.”

Harry just shook his head and walked away mumbling “Harvard, your euphemisms slay me!”

When Jackson finally recovered from his ‘celebration’ he decided that he had to see Elizabeth again, so that night he set his alarm for 2 Monday morning. He got up and drove to the donut shop and sat in the same booth, hoping to see her again. He ordered black coffee, but found out from the girl on duty that Liz had called in sick. He drank his coffee and left. When he repeated his trip the next morning, he found her there alone with her eyes red from crying. When he asked her what was wrong, she broke down mumbling about her boyfriend dying in a motorcycle accident.

He held her as she sobbed and told him the details of the last two days. Her period was late so she bought a pregnancy test on her way home, and she had found out she was pregnant! Then Max, her boyfriend, had come home drunk, and decided he wanted sex. When she told him she didn’t want to because she was pregnant, he slapped her, called her a slut, stormed outside, hopped on his Sportster, and left.

She didn’t find out until late Sunday that he had driven into the back of a semi-tractor-trailer on I-55 just north of the Lexington exit. His landlord kicked her out when he heard what the police had told her, so she had gone to her sister’s house groveling. Her sister welcomed her with open arms saying “I love you baby sister, you can stay as long as you like. You know I never liked Max anyway, so good riddance.”

He tried to calm her calling her Elizabeth, but she corrected him and said “Please, call me Liz.”

So he said, “Liz, I know this is sudden and perhaps ill timed, but when is your next day off?”

“Wednesday, why?” she asked.

“Because I want to take you out on a date,” he said.

She just sat there stunned and finally said “What, are you crazy? I’m a good for nothing pregnant homeless teenager who’s going to have to drop out of school to raise her kid on welfare, not that I can help it.”

He said, “Look, I think you are lovely and very special. I have never met anyone quite like you, Liz darling, and you have completely enchanted me. I want to get to know you better to see if what I’m feeling is real.”

“Ok,” she said after a long pause, “Here is the address of where I’m staying,” she said as she scribbled an address on a napkin, “Pick me up at 6PM sharp.”

“Great” he said, “now could you please being me a cup of coffee?” Liz jumped up and got him a cup of coffee and as she brought it back, he noticed her small stature. His previous guess of her height only being five feet was correct. She couldn’t weigh more than a hundred pounds soaking wet, he thought.

She sat across from him in the empty donut shop and they talked the early morning hours away about everything from music to current events. He was amazed at her knowledge of economics, and his tastes in music impressed her. At 5 AM, he gave her a $20 and said “See you Wednesday night.” as he walked out the door. She was in a daze as she made change and deposited his generous tip into her pocket. Fifteen minutes later, as she was finally coming out of her fog, her boss walked in and her shift was over.

Jackson drove back to his apartment in a daze, and when his friends stopped him in the lobby and asked him ‘what was up.’ He said “I have a date with the most beautiful woman in the world!” as he walked past them and went up to his room where he collapsed on his bed and fell fast asleep. The next two days flew by güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri for him and the only thing he could concentrate on was his date with Liz on Wednesday night.

At exactly 6 PM on Wednesday, the rusty brown Ford sedan stopped in front of a modest home on the North side of Bloomington. When Jackson knocked on the door, Liz opened it before his third knock. He was stunned by the vision in front of him. She was wearing a strapless yellow chiffon dress that showed off her ample cleavage and ended mid-thigh, and yellow ballerina flats. They strolled arm in arm to the car and then he drove them to what she said was her favorite restaurant. Jackson had never been to Steak N Shake before, even though it was an iconic Midwestern eatery. As they ate steakburgers and drank chocolate milkshakes, he listened as she explained to him what made this place so special.

Liz told him that they were sitting in the original location of the restaurant chain started by a guy named Gus in the 1930s. She told him that Gus only used steak cuts to make his burgers. He only used real milk and ice cream to make his milkshakes. He made sure that all of his restaurants continued to do things his way, even fifty years later and after he was dead and buried.

When they finished their meal, he paid the bill and escorted her to the old Ford. He started the car and drove in the direction of the home where he had picked her up. After they had driven a block she said “Jackson, turn right,” and when he turned, she kept giving him directions until they ended up on a dirt road in the middle of a field where all he could see in any direction was cornstalks. “Stop here” she said and he did, putting the car in Park and turning off the key.

Realizing what she had on her mind, he put his arm around her and started to kiss her. She responded more passionately than he had expected and soon they were groping each other. All of a sudden they stopped, panting and out of breath, with his hands inside the top of her dress on her boobs, and her hands on his crotch. She then unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and reached into his boxers, pulling out his hardening cock.

“Holy fuck, that’s a monster!” she exclaimed as she held his impressive uncircumcised man meat with both hands. She then bent down, peeled back his foreskin, and proceeded to take him in her mouth, sucking and slobbering on him while trying to swallow his huge cock. Even holding it with both hands, she couldn’t get in in far enough for her lips to touch her hands. Backing off, she said “I’ve never held one that big, and believe me I’ve sucked a lot of them. I’ve seen bigger ones on black guys, but those were in magazines.” Then she thought ‘it has to be a foot long, I wonder if it will all fit inside me’.

She jumped back from him, unzipped her dress and took it off, leaving herself nude except for her shoes. “Get undressed, get in the back seat and fuck me with that thing!” she said as she crawled over the seat into the back of the big sedan. He couldn’t seem to get his clothes off fast enough and when he finally made it to the back seat, his ‘monster’ was at full mast. Again she tried to swallow him, drooling and gagging, only managing to swallow half of his member.

He grabbed her and gently lifted her off of him and said “My turn.” He kissed her passionately, fondling her firm grapefruit sized breasts in his hands, and kissed his way down to them. She moaned loudly when he kissed, nibbled and sucked on her very sensitive, light pink quarter-sized areolas and half-inch-long bubblegum pink nipples.

She let out a screech when his fingers touched her labia, and screamed “Oh, fuck, yeah!” when he plunged two fingers inside of her. Next he grabbed her thighs and dove face first into her hairless vulva, sticking his tongue as far into it as he could, and devouring as much of her delicious nectar as he could swallow.

When he had drunk his fill, he again stuck his fingers back inside and stroked that special bumpy spot and sucked her clitoris and hood into his mouth, nibbling on them. This caused her to grab his head with both hands, clamping her thighs around his head and let out a blood curdling scream.

When she finally came down from the most mind bending orgasm she had ever experienced in her life, she unwound herself from him and pushed his head away. She grabbed him by his monster and said “That is going in me, NOW!” She climbed on top of him and grabbing his cock with both hands, attempted to impale herself on it. On her first attempt, she was only able to get him half way into her, but she was not to be discouraged. She raised herself back up, pulled back his foreskin and plunged herself down, ignoring the pain, squirming until she had him completely inside of her, and her clitoris was rubbing his pubes.

He stared, transfixed at the sight in front of him. Here was this tiny little girl who had managed to do something that even the most experienced prostitutes güvenilir bahis şirketleri he knew had failed to accomplish. He was completely buried to the hilt in the tightest, most incredible vagina he had ever experienced. The fact that it was connected to the brightest, most beautiful woman he had ever met made him wonder if he had died and gone to heaven.

‘Wow, finally someone who can fill me up’ she thought ‘and he is cultured and doesn’t treat me like shit’. Realizing that she was finally accustomed to his size, she started to move up and down on him and started to have small orgasms which kept building larger and larger until she lost control and started riding him like a cowgirl on a wild mustang.

He watched her ride him and thought ‘This is the first woman who didn’t run screaming away from me, or complain about how big I was. She is really enjoying me.’ He closed his eyes and enjoyed what was happening to him.

All of a sudden she started shaking and screaming unintelligible gibberish, and then collapsed unconscious on top of him. He wrapped his arms gently around her, and listened to her breathe softly like a baby asleep on her mother’s breast after nursing. He just held her tenderly, his cock harder than it had ever been, still buried deep within her.

When she finally awoke from her orgasmic slumber, she was looking into his beautiful amber-brown eyes and realized that there was still something very large and hard in her vagina. “I’m sorry, that has never happened to me before,” she said, wiping the sleep from her eyes.

“Don’t be sorry, that has never happened to me before either. They either run away screaming in horror or complain about how much it hurts them, no matter how much I try to prepare them for it,” he said.

“You mean you’ve never had a girl come from that amazing thing?” she asked.

“No, although they all responded well to my oral skills.” he answered.

“Well, I have to say that you have a very talented tongue. The only time I have ever had anyone make me cum like that was when I spent the night with a lesbian friend of mine. You are fantastic! Where on earth did you learn to eat pussy like that?” she asked.

He replied, “When I was at Harvard, my buddies took me to a section of Boston called the Combat Zone, where all manner of perversion was tolerated. There was a mature courtesan named Enchantment who was able to take most of me. She took the time to teach me how to prepare future partners for my ‘enormous woman killer’, as she described it. Until tonight I was only able to get a woman off with my mouth. You are the first woman who has not only taken all of me but has also had an orgasm from it.”

“This is the very first time I have ever cum while a guy was fucking me!” she said, and continued “Every other guy’s cock I have had in me since my step-father took my virginity when I was fifteen felt loose. The shy ones acted like they were failures and the rest of them called me a whore because they said my pussy was worn out. My last boyfriend was drunk or high most of the time and just used me and then passed out, which is how I got knocked up. I always thought I was some kind of freak, but when I saw your monster, I was so horny that I went crazy and lost control.”

“First of all you are not a freak, although you may have genetic condition called ‘distended vaginal floor’, sometimes referred to as Lucy Mancini’s Syndrome after the character in Mario Puzo’s novel, ‘The Godfather’. This could very easily be fixed with surgery, however, if we were to continue having regular coitus, that might not be advisable considering our apparent physical compatibility. Secondly, Elizabeth, you are the most intriguing woman I have ever met. You are beautiful, bright, engaging and sweet. The fact that we literally and figuratively ‘fit together’ is an added bonus and I think I might be falling in love with you.” He said.

“Oh, my God, Jackson, you are the first man that I have ever been strongly attracted to. You are tall, charming, kind, and smart. You had me all giddy inside even before I saw what you were packing, and now that I have it in me I think I’m in love too!” she said squeezing her Kegel muscles, “Oh, fuck, you’re still hard; didn’t you cum?”

He shook his head and rose up holding on to her and repositioned them with him on top and her feet touching the headliner. Slowly he started sliding himself in and out of her velvety wetness, thinking ‘My God, this is where I belong, I never want to lose this incredible creature.’

The two lovers gazed into each other’s eyes and moved as one, slowly increasing in speed and intensity. They lost track of time, with her having several small orgasms and exploding in a large one, driving him over the edge, her contractions milking the largest amount of ejaculate he had ever produced. Still they continued in their ‘dance of love’ without uncoupling, until he came twice more and she lost count. They finally collapsed exhausted, and fell asleep. They both awoke with a start to notice that it was pitch black outdoors and they were still connected and totally soaked in sweat and their comingled secretions. He pulled back from her and his completely flaccid cock came out making a loud slurping sound that caused them both to laugh uncontrollably.

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