The Plane

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The flight was damn near deserted. Assuming the plane held about 150 people, I would guess there were maybe 20 people scattered throughout the plane, and I was the only one in first class. I guess there just isn’t much demand for the redeye flight from San Antonio to Minneapolis. The plane was just getting ready for takeoff and the captain dimmed the cabin lights. Basically, the only lights in the cabin were emanating from the small floor lights of the aisle. I settled back in my seat, and after an uneventful takeoff, the plane was airborne.

Once the plane reached its cruising altitude, the curtain closing first class from coach was pulled, and I was basically cut off from the rest of the passengers. The flight attendant approached me, and started to speak.

“Hi. My name is Kristin, and I will be your flight attendant for this flight. Is there anything I can get you to drink right away?”

Having flown many times in the past, I knew what to expect on these redeye flights. The flight attendants that work these flights fall into two categories. The newbies, who are basically cutting their teeth in the coach section. And the first class flight attendant, while experienced, were usually older ones, or the ones who were on the “less” attractive side. Knowing this, I was surprised when I looked up at the voice that had just spoken to me. There standing beside me was one of the sexiest women I had ever seen. About 5’7″, dark shoulder length hair. The skirt she was wearing came about mid thigh. Her blouse was one of those button down types, and she had the top two buttons unfastened, just hinting at a magnificent pair of tits. She wore sheer, light black panty hose, and her feet were clad in two-inch heels. She was a goddess. Not expecting this, I struggled to speak.

“Um, I will just have a, uh, Miller Lite. Um, no glass,” I managed to stammer.

I watched as you disappeared around a curtain to fill the drink order. I could not get you out of my mind as I waited for you to return. After about two minutes, you returned and set the drink on my tray.

“Will there be anything else right now?” you asked.

“No, that is fine for now,” I said.

“Well, if you need anything else, please do not hesitate to call. I am right around the corner. In about 15 minutes, I will be serving the meal.”

I watched your ass as you walked away, wondering to myself what it would take to get my hands on it. You disappeared behind the curtain, and I slowly nursed my drink as my mind wandered to your legs, your tits, that ass. I must have been extremely caught up in the fantasy, because before I knew it, you appeared again, this time carrying a tray of food. Setting it down, I look at the contents. A small, medium rare steak, a mixed medley of steamed vegetables, a roll, and a slice of cheesecake. On the side of the tray was a stapled bag, presumably the silverware. You set the tray down, and began to walk away. Once again watching you, I noticed that something was different, but my mind could just not place it. Resigned to the fact that you were going to remain nothing but a fantasy, I started to eat.

I opened the bag that contained my silverware. Blindly I reached in the bag, and what I found surprised me. I pulled out what was in there. It was your pantyhose. That is what was different! I reached in again, and this time pulled out a bra. Fuck! Again, I reached in, hoping against hope. Sure as shit, I pulled out a pair of panties. What the hell, I thought to myself. A little souvenir of my trip? What was I supposed to think? I set the garments off to the side, and began to eat. I unfolded my napkin, and looking down, spread it across my lap. That is when I noticed your hand scribbled note.

When you are ready to fuck me and get fucked, ring the call button.


I could not believe my luck. All appetite suddenly lost, I rang the call button as fast as I could. You appeared from around the corner, and without saying a word, you removed the tray. When you returned, you were carrying a blanket. A nice one, not like the scratchy wool ones you would expect in coach. You also had two pillows, but I had no idea what these were for since the seats in first class are already so comfortable. Setting the items in the seat across the aisle, you slid into the seat next to me, raising the armrest that separated the two seats as you did. You took my right hand and placed it on your now naked thigh. As you did this, you put both feet on the seat in front of us, spreading your legs as you did. The hem of your skirt barely hid your pussy. My hand started lightly stroking your thigh, getting closer and closer to your pussy. Your ass started squirming in the seat in anticipation, causing bahis firmaları the hem of your skirt to slide up even further. Your own hands were busy playing with your tits, and I could see the hardness of your nipples straining against your shirt.

My hand finally found its way to your pussy. I leaned over and began to lightly kiss your neck as my hand explored your wetness. The clean-shaven pussy excited me more than I could have ever thought. I rested my hand on your mound, making circular motions. The palm of my hand was placed directly over your clit, and the pressure was exciting you. As I continued the circular motions, my fingers stroked your pussy lips, teasing you with the temptation of penetration, but never quite doing it.

“Fuck me with your fingers,” you pleaded with me, as one of your hands slipped inside of your shirt.

Not wanting to disappoint you, I slid my middle finger to the base of your pussy, and traced a line up until I found the opening. Sliding it in, I was surprised at how wet you were. My finger slid easily in, and I began to fuck you. Sliding my finger all the way into your pussy, I would pause briefly to make circular motions on your clit. Then I would slide it back out. I continued this, and when I inserted my ring finger, you let out a soft moan. I began fucking your pussy faster and faster, and your hand that was not busy fondling your tits worked its way down the length of your shirt, finally reaching your clit. You began to rub your clit in time with me fucking you, gyrating your hips at the same time. Faster and faster you went until you suddenly stopped.

“I don’t want to cum yet. Not like this,” you said.

You stood up in front of me, and slowly began to unbutton your blouse. Reaching the last button, your blouse now hung open, still hiding your tits. Your hands seductively reached inside your blouse and began playing with your nipples, your eyes never once leaving mine. You watched my reaction as your hands slid down the length of your body, over your stomach, and then finally inside the waist of your skirt. I watch as your skirt moved in time with your hands playing with your pussy. You suddenly stopped, and pulled your hands off your skirt. I watched as you licked the wetness of off one set of fingers, and was ecstatic when you offered me the other set. I took them one at a time into my mouth, sucking every ounce of wetness off them that I could. Standing, your hands reached behind you, and I hear the unmistakable sound of a zipper being opened. I watched as the skirt fell to the floor, finally exposing the pussy I had just finger fucked. Even from where I was sitting, I could see the wetness glimmering on your lips. Entranced, I did not even notice that you had removed your shirt, exposing perfectly round tits and nipples that were so erect it looked painful. I watched as you playfully pinched them, making them even harder.

You walked across the aisle and grabbed the pillows and blanket. Setting them in the empty seat next to me, you spoke.

“Stand up and take your clothes off,” you instructed.

I did as asked, and you pushed me back down in my seat. Taking the two pillows, you set them down on the floor directly in front of me. As you were standing there, you spread my knees apart just enough to kneel between them. Placing one knee on each pillow, you took my cock in your hand and started stroking.

“Throw the blanket over us. If someone comes up here, pretend that you are sleeping,” you said.

I did as you asked. The thrill of not being able to see you as you stroked my cock was incredible. You stroked it with one hand, and suddenly you were squeezing my balls with your other. The fingers of one hand gently played with the head of my cock, using slow circular motions. Suddenly, the unmistakable feeling of saliva was flowing over the head of my cock. You paused for a moment to let it flow down the shaft, and then began to stroke faster and faster, using the saliva as a lubricant. The hand squeezing my balls left them, and I heard the sound of you sucking it. Blinded by the blanket to what you were doing, I was surprised when one of your fingers began rubbing the edges of my ass. Slowly, and gently, you inserted the finger into my ass, and slowly began to move it in and out. At the same time, the wetness of your mouth finally found my cock. I was in ecstasy as I felt your tongue circling the tip of my cock. A small kissing sound came from under the blanket as you kissed the head of my cock, and suddenly my entire cock was engulfed in the wet moistness of your mouth. I watched as the outline of your head bounced up and down under the blanket, all the while your finger working my ass. I was nearing orgasm, kaçak iddaa and I did not want this to stop. I grabbed your head with my hands, and you were still. I lifted the blanket, and you looked up at me from your knees.

“Come with me,” you said.

You stood up and wrapped the blanket around yourself. I looked for something, anything, to cover up with, but you were already moving up the aisle. I quickly just grabbed all of our clothes and hurried to catch up to you. We reached a door that said “Absolutely No Admittance”. You pushed a couple buttons on an electronic keypad, and the door beeped. You opened it, and we walked in.

“This plane is frequently used for long, transatlantic flights. FAA regulations require the pilot to sleep 4 hours for every 4 hours he flies,” you explained.

I looked around the bare room. There was a bed and a sink, and that was about it. The bed was neatly made, as it had not been, and would not be, used for this flight. Standing at the foot of the bed, the door securely locked behind us; you let the blanket fall to the floor.

“Fuck me any way you want to,” you beg.

“Lay down on your back,” I say.

It’s the blanket that just fell to the floor that intrigues me. I reach for my pants, and pull the small pocketknife out of the back pocket. Grabbing the blanket, I begin to cut thin strips out of the material. Once I have the strips I need, I use two of them to blindfold and gag you. Grabbing one of your wrists, I tied one end of the strip to your wrist, and the other end to the wrought iron headboard. I quickly repeat this procedure for your other wrist and both ankles. As you lay prone and spread eagle on the bed, I moved to the head of the bed. Using my tongue, I start at the bind on your wrist and trace a line down the length of your arm to your chest. I reach your tit, and I take the nipple into my warm mouth. You strain against the restraints, but realize you are completely helpless. I play with the nipple in my mouth, my teeth gently nibbling on it with enough pressure to be pleasurable and not painful. I continue tracing with my tongue, moving over your stomach and down to your pussy. I climb on top of you and straddle your body with my legs.

I bury my head between your legs. You can sense my cock just inches from your face, but with the gag you are helpless to do anything. I begin licking your pussy, starting at your clit and running my tongue the length of your lips. I slide my tongue back up, and concentrate my efforts on your clit. My tongue plays with it, flicking it back and forth and licking it up and down. As I take your clit fully into my mouth, I lower my hips so that my cock is resting on your face. As I play with your clit with my tongue, I begin to thrust my hips. The pressure of my cock on your face turns you on, and you begin to squirm again. You can taste the saltiness of my pre-cum as the head of my cock slides over your gagged mouth, just briefly touching your lips as it does.

Suddenly I stop, and you lay there, motionless. You turn your head from side to side, trying to no avail to figure out where I am. Suddenly you feel my hands between your legs. I am lying between your legs, my face inches from your pussy. Using my hands, I spread your pussy lips, exposing the wet pinkness. Gently I begin to lick you, all the while keeping your pussy spread. Deeper and deeper my tongue plunges, and you moan when I use one of my thumbs to rub your clit at the same time. The taste of your pussy is intoxicating. Your moans are unintelligible, and I have a feeling you are trying to tell me you are about to cum, so I stop, licking your clit one last time as I do. I kneel between your legs, my knees touching your inner thighs as I do. Spreading your legs as much as the restraints will allow, I begin to enter you.

You tense slightly as the head of my cock first touches your pussy. I lay on top of you, my cock resting on your pussy right between the lips. I begin a slow, gliding motion. My cock slips down the length of your pussy until the head is resting on your clit. Using my body weight, I apply pressure. And then it slides back up the length of your pussy until my balls are resting on your clit. I continue teasing you until I think you can’t stand it any more. I once again kneel between your legs and take my cock in my hand. Using my other hand, I spread your lips ever so slightly, and the head of my cock enters your pussy. You moan through the gag, obviously a moan of pleasure. I pull the head completely out, and then quickly reinsert it, once again teasing you. Your hips strain against your confines, but to no avail. The sensation of me reinserting my cock over and over is almost more than you can stand. kaçak bahis Finally, and without warning, I feel the warmth and wetness as your pussy swallows my entire cock.

I lie down on top of you and grab a hold of each bound wrist with my hands. The entire weight of my body is on you as I continue fucking your wet pussy. On the outstroke the head of my cock nearly leaves your pussy while on the instroke, I push so hard my balls hit your ass. And with each instroke, I pause just a moment and using my pelvis make a small grinding motion on your clit. I continue to fuck you, alternating between short, fast, strokes, and long deep strokes. I begin to feel your body tense, and I know you are close. I begin to fuck you as fast and as hard as I can, and I feel the muscles of your pussy clench around my cock. Your thighs try to slow my thrusting, but it is no use as I continue as fast as I can. I begin to feel your body relax, and I slowly pull my cock out of your dripping pussy.

Walking to the foot of the bed, I untie your ankles, then move to the head of the bed and untie your wrists. You rub them gently as they hurt somewhat from straining against them. You go to remove your blindfold, but I stop you.

“I’m not finished with you yet. Lay on your stomach,” I demand.

Obeying me without hesitation, you lay on your stomach. I quickly tie your wrists together over your head, and fasten them to the headboard. You literally cannot move them, as your head is only inches from the headboard. I tie the longest piece of the shredded blanket to the headboard.

“On your knees,” I instruct.

I stand over you and grab your hips. I lift your ass in the air as you move your knees forward. Once I am satisfied with your position, I take the long piece of binding and wrap it around your knee, then over to the other knee, and then back to the headboard. You are literally there, on your hands and knees, ass in the air, unable to move. I move to the foot of the bed and kneel behind you. I can see the lips of your pussy, still glistening with the wetness of orgasm. I lower my head and gently lick the moisture there. It is incredibly sensitive, and you try to pull away, but it is futile. I rise a bit, and my hands reach around and grab your tits. As I do this, you can feel the hardness of my cock between your ass. I begin a slow thrusting motion, sliding my cock the length of your ass, teasing your nipples as I do so. Unable to stand it any longer, I re-enter your pussy. You protest at the invasion, but cannot move. As I begin to fuck you doggy style, your protests become less and less, as the heat of the moment overcomes any sensitivity. Faster and faster I fuck you. One hand leaves your tits and makes its way to your clit. I begin rubbing your clit, all the while pounding your helpless pussy into submission. Suddenly, and without warning, I hear you begin to moan again, softly at first, then louder and louder until a scream tries to escape your gagged mouth. Knowing you are cumming again, my other hand leaves your tits, and I use a finger to rub your asshole, applying just enough pressure to intensify your orgasm. And suddenly you are still.

I pull out of your now dripping pussy. I slowly and deliberately untie you, giving you time to recover. I untie the gag in your mouth, and take off the blindfold. Your body collapses on the bed in exhaustion. I give you 10 minutes to rest, and then I speak.

“My turn.”

I sit on the edge of the bed and pull you to me so that you are standing directly in front of me. I pull you closer, and grab your ass. I pull your legs around me so that you are now straddling me. You have your hands wrapped around me for balance.

“When I tell you to get off of me, get off,” I say.

I gently slide my cock into your still dripping pussy. You use your hips to alternately thrust against my cock and to fuck it in an up and down motion. Your tits sway in time with your thrusts, and I grab one in each hand, squeezing. You place one hand on each of my knees and lean back. Here as I can watch as your pussy swallows my cock. It is too much for me.

“Get off.”

You quickly get off me, and kneel directly in front of me. You grab my cock and begin stroking it furiously, mouth open in expectation. You feel my ass tense as the first shot of cum explodes from me into your mouth. You keep stroking as wave after wave of cum flows from me, filling your mouth. It is too much, and it begins to flow down your chin. I watch as the stream of cum flows between your tits, making a trail all the way to your pussy. You swallow the cum in your mouth and suck the last of it from my throbbing cock.

We get dressed in silence and I return to my seat. I did not see you the rest of the flight. 15 minutes later, we were landed and at the gate. The captain got on the speaker and made his typical announcements. In closing, he thanked us for flying Northwest. He could never be more welcome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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