The Photo Shop Ch. 16

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The Photo shop by Candyman666©

Although each chapter is a story on its own, you might enjoy it more by starting with chapter 1 as there may be references to characters or events that happened in previous chapters. All characters participating in sexual activity in the stories are 18 or over.

Chapter 16: Elisa and Jada.

Monday morning around ten I was about ready to open the shop again. Getting to the door, I found Elisa patiently waiting for me on the doorstep.

“What’s up Elisa?”

“I need to do some additional electrical work in the cellar Master Lew. Jack told me exactly what is needed. It will only take me few hours; you won’t even hear I’m there, it’s all cabling and connections I need to make, no noisy stuff like drilling or anything.”

“Well, you know the way.”

“Can you please open up the backdoor Master Lew, as I need to move some stuff in as well and I don’t want to go through the shop and the photo studio to do that.”

“Will do darling.”

Elisa went back outside to move her van to the rear, so she could unload her stuff, and I went about my business in the shop and computer room. Around noon I decided to have a look at what Elisa was doing.

Entering the cellar via the inside staircase I saw her, in a corner, working on some sort of electrical board. She looked very intent, so I coughed lightly to make my presence known without startling her.

“How’s it going?”

“Very well thank you Master Lew, I’m about halfway through.”

“And what exactly is it that you are doing; it looks like some sort of control panel.”

“Yes it is; from this command post everything can be activated or deactivated: lighting, sound, winches, stage sets, heating, curtains, it comes all together here. Under the table is the sound system.”

“Wow impressive and you know how to install all this stuff then?”

“Yes Master Lew, I designed the table myself.”

“Good grief girl you are a real wizkid; Jack must be very happy he found you and that you’re working for him.”

“I am also very happy to work for Jack; I like him very much, especially after he introduced me to his special lifestyle. I was a bit lost having sex. I felt something was wrong or missing, I had never had an orgasm like other girls do. Jack gave me my first one when he initiated me, it felt like coming home.”

“So you are really into this BDSM stuff then are you?”

“Yes Master Lew, I hope to be chosen as one of the featured attractions for the inauguration of the new clubhouse.”

“If that is your wish, I hope for you it will come true, you absolutely earned it. I only hope I can live up to Tanja’s wishes too.”

“Why do you think you won’t Master Lew?”

“You see darling I am getting a bit old and I tire more easily than I used to, I’m thinking of getting some help, maybe someone like you, young, interested in photography, and not afraid of some hard work.”

“Are you really Master Lew?”

“Yes, do you know anyone that could fit the bill, maybe amongst your friends?”

“Not amongst my friends Master Lew, but my younger sister Jada wants to start at the school for photography in the Fall, now that she’s finished middle school.”

“Oh, how old is your younger sister then?”

“She turned eighteen last week Master Lew; we had a big party as that’s a very important age no?”

“Indeed it is, you can start to do all kinds of grown-up stuff when you turn eighteen. So do you think your sister would be interested in a work experience contract, similar to the way you started with Jack?”

“To be honest Master Lew, when I told her about my work here for you, she kind of asked me if I could discreetly investigate if you would be interested and willing to take on an apprentice.”

“Darling, you are a godsend, yes I am interested in taking on an apprentice and if she is half as good as you are I would be ecstatic. When can I meet your sister, Jada was it?”

“Yes, Jada.”

“Nice name is there a special meaning to it?”

“It refers to the semi-precious stone jade.”

“I see, so is she precious?”

“She is to me”

“Have you other siblings Elisa?”

“No, it’s just the two of us.”

“No parents?”

“No, we came to your country as refugees, I was fourteen and my sister was ten. We were placed in foster care, moving out when I turned eighteen. Master Jack helped us and now with my wages as a full-time electrician we’re doing OK, I can even put my sister through this photography school.”

All of a sudden Elisa took off her shirt. She was completely topless, no bra.

“What are you doing girl?”

“I want to thank you for what you want to do for me and my sister. Please allow me to pleasure you.”

She fell to her knees and started undoing the buttons of my jeans and before I could react, they were on the floor, taking my boxer shorts with them, and my cock was gobbled up in her hot enticing mouth.

“You don’t need to do that.”

“I canlı bahis wanne ooo maaaer Lew.” She mumbled, clearly not wanting to hurt my dick with pronouncing letters like ‘s’ or ‘t’.

It felt amazing, she was masterful at sucking dick, taking it all the way in, massaging it with her throat muscles, and licking the underside with her agile tongue. God that girl really knew how to work that tongue of hers, I guess a snake couldn’t do any better, not that I would ever let a snake get close to my love stick.

My hands automatically moved to her perky boobs which were obviously, after she removed her shirt, fully on display and accessible. Contrary to the pinching and hurting Jack made me do to them, I tickled and stroked her boobs tenderly and felt her nipples become erect and rock hard under my fingers.

With her masterful oral skills, it didn’t take very long for me to feel an orgasm coming on, I bet you she could win any contest for making a guy cum the fastest with a blowjob.

“Oh, you are making me cum, I can’t hold out any longer, oooh yes, fuck!”

Like the first time, she blew me and I came, she kept her lips very tightly closed around the base of my cock – no semen was allowed to escape when I started to pump rope after rope into her hot mouth.

When it was done, again like the first time, she swallowed, stood up, picked up her shirt, put it on, and continued her work as if nothing had happened.

When she had finished, around three, she came up to me.

“Master Lew, when can you see my sister please?”

“Uh, how about next Sunday in the afternoon?”

“Is two o’clock OK for you Master Lew?”

“Yes that’s excellent; will you come as well?”

“Yes, I’ll come with Jada.”

“Good, I look forward to your visit. Shall I get something from the bakery to nibble on then?”

“You don’t have to do anything special for us.

“No, no, when I entertain young, or old, ladies at my place, I insist on having tea and cakes with them. See you both on Sunday then. One last thing, when you come I don’t want you to refer to me as Master Lew, but simply as Lew, Jack is your master, not me”

“Yes, Master Lew.”

“Remember, not on Sunday Elisa!”

That Sunday, I was getting more nervous by the minute. It was not every Sunday that I entertained two, judging by Elisa, beautiful young women in my apartment. I was extremely curious what her sister Jada looked like and if I could possibly work with her.

At two o’clock sharp the bell rang. I buzzed the girls up.

“Welcome ladies to my humble abode.”

“Good afternoon Ma…” I cast a stern look at Elisa before she could finish and waggled my finger. “Uh Lew,” she then completed.

I could only really see Elisa well, as her sister was hidden behind her on the stairs. When they came in I was pleasantly surprised, both were wearing very similar clothing, a crop top in some sort of stretchy material, leaving their midriffs bare, which I absolutely adore, a small pair of shorts, and strappy sandals with, 8 cm (3 inch) heels.

I noticed that Jada was even more beautiful than her sister Elisa, particularly for a boob guy. She was as slender as Elisa, but she didn’t look like a tomboy, she had a far more feminine form. My eyes were immediately drawn to her chest, she clearly inherited the genes from someone else in the family as her boobs were definitely a few sizes bigger than Elisa’s.

“Please ladies, take a seat. What can I get you to drink, coffee, tea, soft drinks? I have some cakes from the corner bakery to go with it?”

“Coffee please!” followed by a small giggle as it came as one voice, clearly; they were a close family.

“There is sugar and milk on the table if you want it.”

Looking at each other again with a giggle they said again in unison “we take it black thank you.”

“Excellent! So Jada, Elisa tells me that you intend to join the photography school next academic year?”

“Yes sir I do.”

“You can call me Lew dear just like your sister does.”

“OK Lew.”

“And I understand that you would like to combine this with working on a part-time basis for me?”

“Yes I would like that very much; I’m sure I can learn so much from you.”

“You are eighteen?”


“Why did you decide to go into photography?”

“From a young age I’ve been fascinated by photography. My sister bought me my first camera when she got her first wages from Jack. I brought some of my work if you’d care to look at it?”


She pulled out a big folder from the bag she was carrying and gave it to me. Going through I was pleasantly surprised, she had some excellent photos in there. The print quality was not up to real professional standards, but I could understand that as it is rather expensive to get good prints. She saw it on my face, I guess.

“The printer I use is an amateur machine, although it prints with eight different colors, but it is too expensive for me to buy the real professional paper as well, and my camera is not one of those very bahis siteleri expensive professional cameras either.”

“Very understandable dear, but it is not the camera that takes the picture, but the person behind it, and I can see that you have a photographer’s eye to capture images. With the right training, I think you could grow to become a really good professional photographer.”

“Oh, you give me too much credit.”

“No, no, I do think you have it in you, it just needs to be brought out, and with a bit of coaching and lots of theory lessons, you will do excellently.”

“When you’ve finished your coffee, if you want to, we can go downstairs and you can visit the studio.”

“Yes, I’d really love that.”

“Excellent, let’s go downstairs then.”

On the way down I took Elisa aside and whispered in her ear, “does your sister know about the cellar?”

“Yes, she is a member,” she whispered back.

“Shall we show her that as well, so she can see her sister’s handiwork?”

“Yes, no problem.”

“What are you two whispering about, something the little sister is not allowed to know?”

“No Jada, I was asking Elisa if you knew about the cellar.”

“I know all about it, and I’m a member of the lifestyle as well.”

“You are?”

“Yes and I’m looking for a Master; would you care to be mine, Lew?”

“Uh…I am not sure if I would qualify, I don’t know enough about the lifestyle.”

“That would be great, then we can learn together.”

“I’ll think about it, but first let me show you the photo studio.”

“So this I where I do about fifty percent of my work Jada, the other fifty is done in the computer room. In the good old days that was in the darkroom, but for most of us, those days are gone. You will however learn about it in school and will have to work there in darkrooms as well.”

“Wow,” was about all Jada could say as she walked around, looking at all the backdrops and the lighting I had in there. I pointed out the daylight option to her as well.

“Now would you ladies like to help me with a project that I am about to take on and with which I still need some help?”

“Yes of course,” they said, again in unison. “What’s it about and how can we help?” Jada completed, clearly wishing to please me and secure this helper’s job I had on offer.

“I promised Astrid to make a video, for her shop, of Linda modeling lingerie. Now video is similar, but different from photography and I am not that good at it, so I need some more practice. I bought this professional camera, but as I said before, it’s not the camera but the person behind it that makes the difference.”

“I was thinking, you are two young beautiful women who, I hope, like to dance, so would you like to do that for me here in the studio while I try to capture it on video?”

“Yes of course, we love to dance!” they both shouted, smiling.

“Excellent, let me bring down a neutral white background.”

“What do we do for music? Dancing without music is a bit awkward.”

“I thought that you youngsters always had your music with you on your phones?”

“Oh yeah, we have.”

“Excellent, maybe you can stream it via Bluetooth to the studio sound system then?”

“OK let me handle that,” Elisa said, “that is right up my alley.”

She grabbed her phone and connected it wirelessly with the studio sound system, and soon enough, dance music was coming out of the speakers. The girls started to dance.

To give them a disco ambiance, I switched on some colored lights going on and off and swirling. I grabbed my video camera and started filming. Jada being the youngest really started undulating her body, shaking her booty and boobs with her arms in the air. Elisa was also getting into it totally, moving her lithe body to the tones of the rousing music, lots of shaking with her butt, a little less with her smaller titties.

After a while of overall filming, I moved up close to Jada and she started to make love to the camera giving it smoldering looks moving her hands all over her body grabbing her boobs and caressing them, making her nipples almost poke holes in the fabric of her top. All of a sudden I saw her move her hands to the underside of her top, crossing them and grabbing the garment. Wanting to catch this in slow motion, I switched the camera to a higher speed hoping that she would…and yes she did. She pulled her top up slowly unveiling the bottom of her boobs, bringing it higher and higher showing the lower edge of her areolae, and finally when the nipples became visible her boobs flopped out completely.

She kept on pulling and pulling, removing her top completely, swinging it above her head, before throwing it away.

“Euwheee!” she was shouting at the top of her voice, while she moved closer and closer to me. She came so close I had to stop filming and put my camera on the table. Barely had I done that, then she grabbed my hands and placed them on top of her fun bags, again moving her arms up over her head swaying them around.

“Yeah go for bahis şirketleri it squeeze my titties, make my nips hard!” which wasn’t that difficult as they already felt rock hard in the palm of my hands. From the corner of my eyes I saw Elisa also remove her top and throw it away. She came closer too, but took up a position behind me, moving her hands under my arms and putting them on my chest. I felt her starting to undo the buttons of my shirt from the top all the way to the bottom and then pulling it open and away over my shoulders and out of my pants also making me topless.

That allowed Jada to wiggle her big tits against my chest getting me all aroused. All of a sudden she disappeared from my view, dropping to the floor, getting busy on the buttons and zipper of my jeans, yanking it down and once completely undone, pulled my jeans and slip down to rest at my feet, leaving me completely naked except for my socks and shoes and my jeans around my feet. In order not to trip and fall down I had to quickly step out of them, making me really look stupid, naked with only shoes and socks on.

They both started to laugh at me, which triggered me to do the same to, first, Jada, grabbing her shorts and pulling them all the way down, before turning quickly around and doing the same to Elisa, so now they too had to struggle not to trip and stepped out of their last piece of clothing, except for their sandals. Contrary to me they looked ravishing completely naked. I quickly removed my shoes and socks.

The music kept going and so did the girls, getting closer and closer to me with their hot naked bodies rubbing up against me bringing my, up to then, half-erect wiener to full mast. They dropped to their knees, one on each side of me and began to masturbate me with their mouths one on each side, sliding up and down and each in turn taking the head between their lips, giving it a lick with their agile tongues. Every time one came to the top she took it in deeper and deeper until at last it was completely gobbled up in Jada’s mouth.

God, she was as good, if not better, than her sister Elisa, who was now licking and caressing my balls, taking one after the other into her hot mouth. I groaned, this double act was totally unexpected and something I had never experienced before in my life.

But it had to stop. I bent my knees and slowly went down, coming face to face with them, they looked terribly disappointed, especially Jada who looked at me with puppy eyes, slightly angry as well, like a kid whose sweet you have just taken away. I entwined my fingers with hers so I could keep her from falling and pushed lightly so that she had to sit on her butt from the squat she was in and then pushed further, till she was lying flat on the floor, I had to taste her pussy, even if it was the last thing I did today, so I grabbed her ankles from behind and pushed her legs over her head, bringing her muff and butt up and forward to give me total unhindered access to her very nicely, completely shaved, snatch.

I dove in like a thirsty, lost wanderer coming out of the desert and discovering a pool of water. She tasted divine and soft and warm, and quickly also very wet, once I got her juices flowing. While I was licking and sucking, on all fours, I felt an agile small electrician’s hand sneaking up on my throbbing member, starting to milk me like a cow while tickling my balls in the process. God this girl was unbelievable.

Jada was holding my head, moaning and whimpering pushing it harder and harder to her snatch, allowing me to slide my tongue deep into her love canal.

“Oh yes, suck on my clitty, make me cum, drink my juices!”

I felt her starting to shiver and shake and let go of her ankles, letting her lower them, then arch her back, pushing her pussy harder into my mouth. That allowed me to slide a finger into her slick tunnel, quickly followed by a second one.

From behind me I heard Elisa moan, “I want your dick in my pussy, I want my part of the fun!”

I guess that Jada had also heard her sister’s complaint, as she moved away from me and said, “turn around, and lie on your back, so my sister can ride you!”

Now who am I to ignore such a nice request, so I did exactly what Jada asked me to do and saw Elisa squat over me, grabbing my cock and sliding it with one movement into the confines of her tight channel.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me please, like I know you can, make me cum!” she shouted.

Jada did not rest, she squatted over my face, blocking my view of Elisa riding my cock, but replacing it with an up-close view of her moist pink oyster. She had pulled herself open with her fingers, parking her precious sensitive pearl right over my tongue, urging me on to continue what I was doing before.

“Please lick my pussy, make me cum, I want to feel your hot mouth and tongue again on my aching pussy!”

All I had to do was start licking and drinking again from her fountain to my heart’s content, enjoying her tangy, musky flavored girly juices while my dick was being massaged in a hot, silky, sheath by Elisa’s rippling muscles, bringing me to ecstasy.

I could sense that Elisa was the first to go into orgasmic convulsions as I felt her body go rigid and shiver as she was contracting down my shaft.

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