The Personal Trainer

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Big Dick

It wasn’t my best doctor’s visit. In fact it was one I’d been dreading, knowing pretty much what he was going to say. At least he gave me a choice. Start working out and lose fifteen pounds or go on blood pressure medicine. He gave me four months to come back and show him that I’ve lost the weight and my diastolic blood pressure number back down to eighty. I was motivated by the desire NOT to have to take blood pressure meds for the rest of my life. I signed up at the local health club. At fifty-two I’m plenty active. I hunt, fish and work, I have projects at home. Activity is not a problem. What I need is cardio activity that will burn fat. Unfortunately I HATE standing on a machine, pretending on hiking or walking or whatever you pretend you do as you spend half an hour on an elliptical. Fortunately for me they have a pool. Good exercise, not overly tedious, certainly better looking scenery.

I’m not exactly sexist, but hey, I’m a guy, I enjoy the view of the younger women in swim suits. So with the intent of working hard enough to lose the weight, I started swimming laps. Unfortunately I was using muscles that I hadn’t used that way in years, and I was getting sore quickly. It was my sixth day swimming, and I was standing in the four foot deep water near the lap swim area, leaning against the wall, panting harder than I was comfortable with. I saw her walking around the edge of the pool. She was what I would classify as voluptuous. Curvy hips, thin waist, muscular but well-shaped legs and of course a significantly sized chest. Her long brown hair was tied back behind her head in a ponytail. Her obviously ample curves were more accentuated by the multi-shade blue one piece suit than hidden by it. She walked around the edge of the pool, surveying those in it, not with idle curiosity, but with what was clearly a practiced eye, her tits bouncing slightly in the material with each step. My cock seemed to have a mind of its own, starting to harden as I watched her work her way around the pool.

Her gaze swept across the pool and paused on me. It was clear she saw me, our eyes locking for a few brief moments. She looked away for another sweep and then back again. I couldn’t help but feel like she was sizing me up as she strode slowly around the pool rim in my direction. She passed the kiddy pool area, what they called the therapy pool and the circular current loop. She walked along the end of the lap lanes portion of the pool, her gaze clearly fixed on me. I couldn’t help but look up at her as she walked around the corner of pool rim and approached me.

“Good evening!” She said brightly, squatting down at the pool edge in front of me.

“Evening.” I answered, trying hard to look up at her face and not the blue material stretched tightly across her pussy, dipping slightly between her full round outer lips, or how her big breasts strained at the suit’s material, seeming almost to call out to be lifted and squeezed. I felt slightly embarrassed at the hardness of my cock under the water as I looked up at her.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before.”

“No. Just started up here.” I answered.

“I thought as much. So, swimming for exercise?” she asked sweetly, looking down at me past her tits and between her spread knees as if this were the most natural position in the world for her.

“Sort of. Doctor’s orders.”

“Uh huh. So your doctor ordered you to come to the rec center and have a heart attack?”

“No. Just lose fifteen pounds.” I answered.

She smiled down at me. “Just between you and me, if you keep doing what you’re doing you’re going to end up carried out of here on a stretcher.”

“What’d you mean?” I asked curiously.

“Even from across the pool I can tell you’re overexerting. Your heart has to be pounding almost out of your chest, and it’s obviously not used to the levels of exertion you’re giving it.”

“I didn’t know there was a wrong way to exercise.” I answered back, feeling a bit irritated at her ‘I know better than you’ attitude.

She looked down at me for several long silent moments. “Tell you what. My client didn’t show tonight, and as a new member you’re entitled to a free trainer consultation. What say we make this your consult? I’m Lynn, one of the personal trainers here. I usually only take women clients, but in your case, I’m going to help you out before you kill yourself. You’re overexerting. Your body isn’t ready for what you’re trying to do. I can see it in your face and body language. Now. If you want I can help you figure out what your body IS ready for, or I can leave you alone and you can swim yourself half to death and not get done what you want. So what do you say?”

I looked up at her, feeling a bit sheepish about being irritated. She clearly DID know better than me. “Okay,” I said with a soft sigh.

“So what do I call you, besides tired old man?” she asked with a crooked little grin.

“Adam. Adam Killian.”

“Well Adam Killian,” she said as she shifted her position and easily levered herself bahis firmaları over the edge of the pool and into the water next to me with surprisingly little splash. She reached out for my hand and held it in one hand while she laid her fingers across my wrist. “How about we see how you’re doing.” She said as she stood and held my wrist. “Yeah. About what I figured. You’re way over one forty, maybe as high as one sixty, and you’ve already been resting. That’s too high, both for your body makeup and for weight loss. We want it higher, as high as one forty, but we want to hold it at that for a whole twenty minutes. And we want to do that three times a week. Now, your lap swimming is something that’s obviously too much for your body at this point. We need to tone down what you’re doing. Come with me,” she said, pulling me by the hand toward the stairs on the other side of the lap swim area. She drew me along until we were to the stairs. “Walk about half way up and stop for me.”

I paused and started to protest, “You sure…”

“Go ahead. I need to see your body size out of the water.” She said with a smile.

I opened my mouth to protest and then closed it again. With a shrug and walked up the stairs about half way, stopping when the water was about to my knees and turned around to face her, my suit tented out considerably more than I was comfortable with. “Sorry,” I mumbled quietly.

“No problem,” she said with a tiny smile, “I can see why the doctor wants you to drop a few pounds. You look in pretty good shape except around the middle. A little middle age spread. We can work on that. Your chest and legs look strong enough. You must be relatively active?”

“Pretty much. Lots of outdoor stuff.”

“That’s good for you too. Walking is good exercise, but you have to walk fast enough to get your heart rate up. With your long legs that’s going to be fairly fast,” she said as she started up the stairs next to me. She walked past and up all the way out of the pool. I stepped down into the water again to cover my half hard cock pushing out the front of my trunks and then turned to watch her. Her butt stuck out at me as she bent over to open a cabinet against the wall. The multi-shade blue material pulled tightly across her obviously firm ass and her pussy pushed at me between her legs, the material pulling a slight cleft between her lips that made my cock immediately start to react again.

She stood after several seconds and turned to face me, holding two blue kick boards. She walked back toward me, her tits bouncing slightly in the suit like they had as she walked around the pool. She stepped down the stairs, walking straight toward me, bringing her pussy to my eye level for a few fractions of a second, making my cock get even harder as my mind went places it really wasn’t supposed to be going.

“So, come with me,” she said as she stepped down into the water, nearly up to her breasts, and started walking toward the swim lanes again. I followed behind, dunking myself momentarily, as she had, to go under one of the lane marker lines. “So. Let’s you and me take a leisurely paddle down the lane,” she said, holding a board out for me. “You set the pace, but this isn’t a race. We just want to get to the other end.”

“Sure,” I answered with a shrug, taking the kick board from her. She showed me how to hold the board and then we kicked off, working down the lane as we kicked our legs to propel us, the boards keeping our chest and head above water. “There,” I said a bit breathlessly as we reached the other end fifty meters away.

“That was leisurely?” she asked, shaking her head slightly. “Okay. We’ll rest a moment and on the way back I’ll set the pace.”

“Sure. If you want,” I said as I held the wall to keep myself above the water. She moved closer to me and reached out for my neck, resting her fingers on me to measure my pulse, her body resting against the wall like mine with her chest only a foot or so from me.

“Your heart is still pounding like crazy. You look like you’re in better shape than what your heartrate is telling me.”

“I think I’m in okay shape, but I’m not ever going to be a marathon runner,” I answered between breaths.

“Yeah. You could be if you worked at it, but somehow I don’t think that’s quite the right path for you,” she said as she pulled her hand back. “Come on. Let’s walk back around. Can you lift out here or do you need the ladder?”

“I can boost out here,” I answered as she turned and levered herself up onto the pool deck, water streaming from her body as she stuck her ass almost in my face accidently.

“Come on,” she said, holding her hand out for me.

“In a second,” I answered her.

“You okay? You sure you don’t need the ladder?”

“No. I’m fine. Honest,” I answered, still hesitating to climb out.

She squatted down in front of me and looked down at me with concern. “So what’s the problem?”

I looked up at her and took a breath. “Let’s just say that it’ll be less embarrassing if I just hang kaçak iddaa out a few more minutes.”

She looked at me in confusion for several long seconds and then rolled her eyes. “Good lord,” she whispered, clearly trying not to laugh. She stood up, moved over a foot or so and sat on the edge of the pool, her legs dangling down into the water. “Okay. We’ll just wait a few minutes, if you think that’ll really help.”

“It damn well won’t hurt,” I answered her seriously.

“I’m flattered that you want to be a gentleman. Really, I am. But seeing guys suits all wet and clinging to their anatomy is pretty normal at a pool. Trust me. It isn’t anything I haven’t seen before.”

“If you insist,” I said as I shifted my weight. I levered myself up with a kick of my legs and some arm strength, swiveling myself and ending on my butt on the edge of the pool next to her. My hardon poked my suit up like a tent as I sat next to her.

“Well. Okay then. Now I’m very flattered,” she said as she looked at my lap and then turned her face away, clearly trying not to smile.

While she had her head turned I quickly adjusted the seven inch tent pole so it was much less noticeable. “So what now?” I asked after.

“Well,” she said, looking back at me, her eyes taking a quick flicker down to my lap. “I’d like to go back to the other end and try a few things.”

“Sure. You’re the boss,” I said with a shrug.

“For the moment, yes,” she agreed with a smile. She pushed herself up and waited for me to get up next to her and then led me around the pool to the shallow end again. “Let’s walk a couple laps of the channel.”

“If you think that’ll help.”

“I’d like to see how your body responds to a bit lower stress level,” she said as she paused to take the kick board from me and set it on the low cabinet before heading down the stairs.

The current channel is sort of an oval shaped channel about three and a half feet deep and about five feet wide where the water swirls around it, driven by the pool pump jets so that as you walk, except for the section that overlaps the main pool, you’re walking against a rather stiff current. To be honest if felt more like a walking uphill in mud than walking in water. We were only two laps in and my legs were already feeling the strain of trying to push my body against the current. “This is hard,” I said quietly as she walked next to me.

“It’s supposed to be,” she answered, moving next to me, but staying close enough that she could catch me if I lost my balance. I’d never really considered balance an issue until I tried to walk against the current here. The swirling water at the jet ports had a real tendency to knock you sideways. “You’re doing well.”

“It’s kicking my butt!” I muttered as we walked around the oval track.

“Okay, enough for now,” she said, reaching out for my hand as we walked into the transition to the main pool. She stopped me and felt my pulse for a few seconds. “Much better. So. Bottom line. You’re pushing too hard. I recommend that you use the kick board and do one lap, then come walk at least five before going back and doing another lap,” she said firmly.

“That’s it?”

“For now. I’m frequently around in the evenings. If you come at this time often I’m sure we’ll cross paths and I can help you adjust based on your progress.”

“Well. You’re the expert,” I said quietly.

“I am. But now it’s about time to close up. They’ll be kicking us out in just a few minutes.”

“Okay. I’ll try to go easier,” I agreed as she let go of my hand and headed to the stairs leading out of the water.

“You better. I’d hate to have to haul a good looking guy out on a backboard,” she said as she climbed the stairs.

“Oh. So you don’t care about us un-good looking guys?”

“On the contrary. You most certainly fit the good looking category. So I don’t want to have to haul your butt out on a backboard,” she said with a smile. “I’m off for a shower. Have a good rest of the night!”

“Uh huh. You too!” I called to her retreating back.


For the next few weeks Lynn and I crossed paths at least once a week as my preferred workout time overlapped the time she spent with her last client for the day. While I wasn’t technically her client, she seemed more than happy to spend a few extra minutes with me before she headed out for the night, frequently leaving me the last person in the pool. I was most definitely getting used to seeing her, and was quite surprised to see her one Wednesday wearing a bright red bikini instead of her typical conservative one piece suits of varying styles and colors.

“What’s this? Trying to see if my heart is getting stronger?” I asked with a grin as she walked toward me around the edge of the pool after finishing with her client, her big tits overflowing the small bikini top. With each step her tits bounced, each large soft cream colored orb threatening to come completely out of the much too small top.

“Don’t you wish,” she said as she squatted down in front kaçak bahis of me, the tiny bottom covering considerably less than her normal suit. The material was partially pulling into her slit, one of her fat round outer lips at least half exposed by the thin red material. “The suit I brought for today ripped a seam in the wrong place. This was all I could borrow that fit, and even then, well it doesn’t quite fit.”

“No. Not quite,” I agreed with a grin. “But it looks damn good!”

“Smart ass!” she chided before smiling back. “But I appreciate the compliment.”

“Any time,” I answered as I hung on the wall in front of her. “So. I still have ten more laps with the kick board. Wanna join me?”

“Oh. I’d love to, but I need to get going. Maybe next time when I’m not so pressed for time.”

“Sure. Offer’s always open, especially if you’re wearing a suit like that!”

“Smart ass,” she said again with a smile as she reached down and pushed my head under water. I popped back up to see her back and half naked ass wiggling its way toward the ladies locker room.

I still had a hardon when I got out of the pool at five till nine and headed for the showers, glad that there weren’t many people left in the locker room as I showered and dressed.

Friday came much louder than normal. Thunderstorm loud that is. The rain was slashing down as I crossed the almost deserted parking lot and ducked out of the rain into the front of the fitness club. The cold rain seemed to chase most of the patrons out early tonight, so I had the pool almost to myself. One other woman was swimming laps as I walked in. I stepped down into the water, waded to the lap lanes and started my slow methodical sorta breast stroke down the pool.

“Looks like just the two of us. My client didn’t show tonight,” Lynn said as she swam up next to me and paced me.

“Oh. Hi. Guess I didn’t recognize you swimming without your bikini!” I kidded as I kept swimming.

“Yeah. Well, if you keep that up I’ll just have to remind you about that first night. Seems to me someone had his head in the gutter.”

“Can’t blame a guy for reacting to a good looking woman,” I laughed.

“Now see. That’s why I only do female clients. Guys are always trying to play grab ass or grab something else, instead of paying attention to business.”

“See. That’s where you’re wrong. Paying attention to hot sexy women IS our business. We’re wired to notice those kinds of things.”

“Uh huh,” She answered as she stroked slowly along with me.

“I have to admit, that bikini had all sorts of potential,” I chuckled a little breathlessly just before I turned and headed back down the length of the pool.

“Yeah I was damn near falling out of it,” she laughed.

“I know. Like I said, all sorts of potential!”

“I’m sure you’d have been perfectly happy if I had, wouldn’t you?”

“Well, it’d be embarrassing for you, but I’ll admit that I wouldn’t have objected to the view.”

“I’m not all that good looking,” she said with a scowl. “And don’t tell me I am. I know better.”

“Women always know better. I’ve always been fascinated by how they seem to know exactly what a guy is thinking or thinks. Makes me wonder just who their guy brain tutor is.”

“My mother.” She laughed as we pushed off to go down again.

“Better get your money back then. Cuz she taught you aaaaall wrong!”

“Yeah right,” she snorted.

“Hey. Wasn’t it a woman that said beauty is in the eye of the beholder?”

“Yeah. Some woman who didn’t like how she looked to herself probably!” Lynn chuckled.

It was pitch dark outside because of the night and the rain, but for a few brief fractions of a second it was a bright as noon time. The incredibly close flash of lightning was followed by a thunder clap so loud you could feel it shake the entire building just before the lights went out, throwing the pool into the same darkness as outside. Within two swim strokes faint emergency lights flicked on, throwing weak yellowish pools of light around the perimeter of the pool, the bulk of the pace still practically dark. “Holy shit!” Lynn swore, stopping swimming and treading water as she looked around almost frantically.

“Damn that was close,” I said as I stopped swimming and treaded water myself. “Guess that’s the end of swimming.”

“Yeah,” she said, her voice quavering slightly.

“You okay?” I asked as I floated near her.

“Yeah. I just don’t like the dark,” she said, squeaking loudly as the next clap of thunder shook the huge windows of the building. “Not too fond of storms either!”

“Come on. We better get out,” I said, swimming toward the ladder at the corner of the pool. I looked behind me to make sure Lynn was following, and then climbed out onto the deck in the gloom. I waited for her to climb out as well and then walked around to where I left my towel and flip flops. I stepped into them and wrapped the towel around my shoulders before walking toward the locker rooms, Lynn following close behind.

She practically jumped toward me and grabbed my arm, squeezing it tight as the next flash of lightning turned into a loud boom. “It’s okay. It can’t hurt you in here,” I said patting her hand gently, trying to comfort her.

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