The Ordeal of Emilia Clarke Ch.3

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“Is this his house?” asked Jennifer Lawrence, stopping the car.

“Yup…” said Emilia weakly.

“Good luck with Oakhill?” said Jennifer Lawrence, holding Emilia’s hand.

The little brunette actress stepped out of the car, and walked to the door. She stepped back after knocking at the door. Moments later, she knocked again.

The door opened and a man in a butler outfit opens the door.
“Ahh, you must be Ms. Clarke. Mr. Oakhill is expecting you. Please come in.”

Emilia Clarke took a step inside of the house. It isn’t a mansion like she expected but still bigger than the average house. The butler leads her into a dining room area where he spots John Oakhill and someone she recognize as his son Cyrus Oakhill.

“Hey Emilia, long time no see.” said Oakhill, giving her a wink. “Come and take a seat.”
Emilia gave out a reluctant smile and took a seat at the chair John Oakhill motioned to.
Cyrus Oakhill immediately pulled out a hand and introduced himself. “Hello Ms. Clare. I’m Cyrus. Love Game of Thrones.”.
Emilia smiled and shook his hand.

“Thank you.” said Emilia, nervously. Does she have to sleep with Oakhill’s son too? Honestly Emilia thought she should’ve went straight to Cyrus Oakhill instead. He is handsome and would if she would have to be ravished she would’ve want him to do it.

“You must tell me, when is the new season?”

“Sorry, can’t say.” said Emilia smiling.

“Shame” said Cyrus Oakhill.

Everyone chuckled at the table.

“Well, I need to use the bathroom… Excuse me,” said Cyrus, standing up. She watched silently as Cyrus left the kitchen, leaving just her and John.

Oakhill was just staring at her from across the table, still grinning from ear to ear.

“I got the jar full,” said Emilia in a whispering voice. She couldn’t look at Oakhill.

“Good,” said Oakhill. He stood up, and walked around the table to Emilia. He placed his hand on her head, stroking her hair gently.

“Did you like doing it babe?” said Oakhill, his thumb massaging Emilia’s lips.

Oakhill brought his other down to his zipper and pulled out his half-hard penis, then guided Emilia’s lips to his cock. Emilia reluctantly opened her mouth, letting Oakhill’s push his cock in.

“Good girl…” Oakhill sighed, his hand firmly against the back of Emilia’s head, guiding her. His thick fingers gently massaged the back of her head, pulling her head toward his cock as Emilia serviced him.

“Look up baby,” said Oakhill, pulling Emilia’s hair down behind her head. He enjoyed watching his cock disappear into the actress’s warm, wet mouth.

“I was talking casting with my son, who is a part of the casting crew… Keep looking up, Emilia.” said Oakhill, pushing his cock all the way into Emilia’s mouth, pressing her face into his pubes.

“I mention you would be go for a Star Wars film.” said Oakhill with a grin, holding Emilia’s head tighter, fighting her gagging convulsions.

“I own you, whore.” said Oakhill, slapping her face just hard enough to stop her from fighting him.

“Nod.” said Oakhill, looking down at Emilia’s blushed, begging face.

Emilia nodded fast, her big teary eyes looking up at Oakhill. A Star Wars role was exactly what gerçek porno she needed. Oakhill let go of Emilia’s head. Emilia fell back down in her chair, gasping.

“Suck my balls.”

Emilia bowed her head below Oakhill’s cock, and wrapped her lips around Oakhill’s heavy balls. Her tongue massaged the wrinkles as her lips pulled back and forth, sucking on them.

“Little cumdumpster,” said Oakhill, as he petted Emilia’s head.

When they heard the toilet flush, John Oakhill zipped up his pants, and went back to his seat.

Matthew stumbled back to his seat after his long leak in the bathroom.

“I didn’t miss anything, did I?” Matthew said with a grin, raising his glass and nodding at Oakhill. He glanced at his daughter. Her face was flushed red.

“Not at all,” said Oakhill, “I was actually talking to Ms. Clarke about offering her Star Wars.”

“Well, my father convinced me and I can surely convince the rest of the casting crew ” said Cyrus, “Just come by my office in a couple of days and we can finalize it.”
Emilia Clarke smiled big and said “Thank you! Thank you so much!”.
“Of course. Now if you may excuse me. I have to heading home. Got a lot of work to do tomorrow.

“Let me walk you out the door, son” said John Oakhill, getting up.

Emilia waited, sitting still, her heart racing.

She watched intently as John Oakhill slowly walked back to the dining area.

“I let my butler go home for the night. You should clean up that table, Emilia and meet me in the living room.” said Oakhill before he walked to the living room and sat down.

Emilia quietly got up and started gathering the empty bottles.

“Bring a plate on here when you’re done, along with that jar.” said Oakhill, eyeing up and down Emilia. He loved the curves on this girl. Emilia had a small petite body, but her breasts were slightly on the bigger side. She was wearing a tight, low-cut shirt that stopped halfway over her ass, and leggings that left little to imagination.

Oakhill unzipped his jeans again, and took out his cock. He stroked it while waiting for Emilia.

“On your knees, here.” said Oakhill, parting his legs. As soon as Emilia sat, he pulled her toward him by his hair, and shoved his cock into her mouth. Emilia closed her eyes tightly as Oakhill gave her a rough face fucking. Oakhill stood up from the couch, pinning Emilia’s face into his legs, bent over her, grinding his cock as deep as he could into Emilia.

Emilia, unable to breathe, fought with Oakhill with her arms, slapping his legs and pushing him away. Oakhill toyed with her, pulling out an inch slowly but then pushing it back in even harder.

“Shhh baby, it’s okay, it’s okay,” whispered Oakhill as he kept Emilia Clarke in her place, fucking Emilia’s mouth slowly, not letting her breathe at all. His hard cock throbbed in Emilia’s throat, expanding in the airway and filling it completely. He savored the warm, wet texture of Emilia’s throat on his cock.

“Emilia, Emilia,” whispered Oakhill as he slapped Emilia’s cheeks. She weakly fought to keep her eyes open as Oakhill continued to saw his cock back and forth in her throat. Oakhill grinned at the little girl’s demise. He pulled gay porno his cock out all the way, and sat back down in the couch, leaving Emilia gasping for breath.

“Good girl,” said Oakhill, looking down at Emilia while she sobbed. Not a full ten seconds later, his fingers were again gripping her hair, and leading her back onto his cock.

And just like last time, Oakhill used Emilia’s throat slowly, deliberately blocking her airway the entire time, only moving back and forth an inch or two. Oakhill didn’t need to hold her as tightly anymore. He gently massaged Emilia’s cheeks, enjoying her begging, teary face, as she obediently allowed her mouth to be used.

“You’re being a very good girl, Emilia,” said Oakhill as he petted her hair. Emilia Clarke kept her head still while Oakhill slowly pushed his cock in and out of her mouth. He let her go.

Emilia’s face was a mess from all the tear and saliva that had gathered up.

“Please stop,” begged Emilia, her arms tight against Oakhill’s thighs as Oakhill placed his hand on her head again. She pushed against Oakhill’s pull, begging for mercy.

Her hands went weak as Oakhill glared at her. She slowly brought them back down on her lap. Oakhill slapped her face, showing her who was in charge here. Then he slapped her face again, then again. Emilia wobbled on her knees, her head dizzy from getting smacked.

“I’m sorry, please, I’m sorry sir,” cried Emilia, sniffling and sobbing as she stayed on her knees. She should’ve known better, this man just got her a major acting job.

“Suck it. Keep it all the way down. Do not let go without my permission.” said Oakhill. He slapped Emilia again, even harder, knocking her over.

“Get up,” said Oakhill, kicking Emilia. Emilia Clarke sobbed for a moment, collecting herself. She then slowly shuffled back onto her knees, looking up at Oakhill. She hesitated for a moment, then closed her eyes, and wrapped her lips back around Oakhill’s cock. John Oakhill grinned at his power.

“Deeper, deeper,” said Oakhill quietly, encouraging Emilia to take his cock in further. It was amusing to watch her struggle. Her teary eyes, flushed face, saliva-covered chin, choking on his cock and squinting her eyes… Oakhill couldn’t help but to keep grinning. He had hit the jackpot.

He was a little bit proud of her once her lips were at his base, her nose against his pubes, all by herself.

He looked down at Emilia as she kept her mouth stuffed full of his cock. Her eyes were begging for his permission to let go.

Oakhill reached down and grabbed the jar. He pushed the plate to the side with his foot, and opened the jar, spilling it from mid air onto the plate, making it splash all over the floor.

“Oops,” said Oakhill, pushing Emilia’s forehead away. “You’re going to have to clean that up.”

Oakhill pushed over Emilia Clarke again, adding to his amusement.

“With your mouth, hon. Crawl. Like a little puppy.”

After a little bit of hesitation, Emilia got onto fours, crawling around the living room, lowering her head and sucking up the cum from the floor. He was starting to feel bad for this girl.

He stroked his cock as Emilia’s little ass wiggled as she crawled. It was evli porno too good to enjoy alone.

It didn’t take long for Emilia to look back up at Oakhill, indicating she was done.

“Now the plate, little puppy.” said Oakhill, pointing at it.

Emilia crawled in front of it, gagging as she stared down at the plate. She got on her elbows, moving her hair out of her face. She lowered her face and lapped at the plate, putting her lips against the plate and sucking it into her mouth.

“Absolutely disgusting, Emilia.” said Oakhill, chuckling to himself.

Emilia sobbed as she continued to clean the plate full of cum.

“I can’t believe how disgusting you are, Emilia,” said Oakhill sternly. “I don’t think it’s going to work out. You suck as an actress and people only watch Game of Thrones for you to get naked. Maybe you aren’t for Star Wars after all.”

Emilia was crushed, tried her best to lick up from the plate, dragging her tongue against the porcelain. Once she was done, she got back on her knees, looking down, absolutely destroyed.

“Get back here,” said Oakhill. Reluctantly, Emilia Clarke crawled back between Oakhill’s thighs.

“Apologize.” said Oakhill.

“I’m sorry,” said Emilia, sniffling.

“For what?” asked Oakhill, kicking her over once more.

Emilia got back on her knees, and looked up the Hollywood executive.

“I’m sorry for being disgusting, I’m sorry for being a disgusting slut.”

“You should be punished.” said John Oakhill, “Turn around and pull those shorts down.”

Even though it had just been a day since he saw them, Emilia’s little strip was stirring his cock again.

He reached down and massaged Emilia’s little puckered asshole. He slipped a finger inside, making Emilia squirm.

“Face down, ass up,” commanded Oakhill as he got off the couch and got behind Emilia. Emilia lowered her face against the floor, presenting her little ass to Oakhill.

“Heh,” said Oakhill to himself, satisfied. He aimed his cock at Emilia’s asshole, and pushed. He pushed steadily, slowly shoving his entire cock into Emilia.

“Daddy loves your tight little ass,” said Oakhill, sliding his hand up Emilia’s shirt and bra, roughly cupping her tits.

“Does Emilia love daddy’s cock?”

“Y-yes, Emilialoves daddy’s cock,” muttered Emilia, squinting her face as Oakhill pushed into her.

“Mmmm,” moaned Oakhill, slowly fucking Emilia’s little ass. The foreplay had him on the edge. He was going to cum soon.

Oakhill picked up his pace, slapping his hips into Emilia’s ass. His firm hands gripped Emilia’s hips, keeping them in place as he mercilessly fucked the actress.

“Daddy’s going to cum in your little asshole, baby, is that where you want it?” said Oakhill, spanking Emilia as he upped his pace.

“Y-yes sir, cum in my asshole please, daddy,” mewed Emilia.

Oakhill shoved his cock in the entire way, and pumped his load deep inside Emilia’s butt. Once he was satisfied he was finished, he sat back down on the floor, his legs wide open.

“Clean,” said Oakhill.

Emilia turned around, wrapping her lips around Oakhill’s cock that had just been in her ass, licking and sucking up his wet cock. Oakhill stared ahead as Emilia’s little butt made a heart shape.

“You’re a quick learner, you know what? You are a good fit for Star Wars after all” said Oakhill, panting.

“Thank you, sir,” said Emilia, pausing then continuing.

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