The next door adventure pt 1

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The next door adventure pt 1.

I was new in that town. I was a doctor who had been transfered there. I had never came into that town and I was a bit nervous about settling in. So, I rented a flat and started living in it. My workplace( hospital ) was not very far from that place. It took me quite a long time to adjust to the new place. When I was fully aware of my surroundings I decided to get accuinted with my neighbours. There was a person who I met and he seemed to be a nice one. I learned by having a conversation with him that he was my next door neighbour.
I was surprised but he was nice and invites me to dinner. When I arrived at his flat I was surprised when a very beautiful lady greeted me at the door saying,
‘John is taking a bath. You arrived early. Please come in.’ I was a bit in a shock. Who can be this but his wife. I knew that John would have told her about me but I wanted to confirm this so I resumed my gossip with her.
‘Yes, John told me about you and I am glad that we have a next door neighbour. Its almost a centuary till the last one left.
Now let me describe that women. She was extremely goo looking. She had a fair complexionhad a well maintaned body. All her feminine curves were clear and she had a dashing face with the most innocent eyes I have ever seen. Her boobs were also great, not too big but average, the type that goes with her body. She was a little Less tall than me being 5’5.
After sometime John came and shook hands with me. I began chatting with him and I couldn’t get his wife’s thoughts out of my mind during the stay. Whenever she came into the room my eyes followed her but I was conscious of john’s presence, so I did my best to hide my intentions. John worked in a travel agency and he was out of the country for most of the time. Her wife whose name was Ann, was alone most of the time. She would take walks in the park or go visit other people living in the building. That were her only hobbies. I would sometime think of her but then u was really busy in my hospital job so I didn’t get enough time to do that. Ann didn’t have a baby. The Incident which occured change my relationship with her.
One day I was sitting in my apartment watching tv as it was Sunday, there was a knockon the door. I opened it and there she was, standing Bahçelievler Escort on my doorstep. I invited her in but she refused and told me the real twain for coming to me. Her shower was broken and she needed me o fix that if I knew how to do it. Even though I had no clue as how to fix a shower I follewed her to her flat, wondering whether it was her mesmerizing personality that had bought me there or my idea of helping my neighbour. She took me to the bathroom and told me to examine it. I saw that the problem was not a very big one( thank God) and so I borrowed instruments from her and fixed her shower in a very little time. She was most grateful even if I told her that it was a minor problem. She went to make coffee for me and while I sippe it, she excuse herself and went to take a bath. By the time she finished I was watching tv. Her husband was on one of her ‘tours’. I stood up and was about to say goodbye when I saw her coming, claded in a red dress and still wet hair. The scene amazing, unable to describe it in words, I stared at her hairs. There was a shine in them and when the light fell on them they sparkled like a diamond.
Instinrctively I went towarda her. She smiled when she saw me and again thanked me for my wonderful job ad the shower was working just fine. I was silent and then as If my soul became to life I say goodbye but she said that lunch was ready and no way was she letting me go till I had eaten my lunch. I was afraid that if I stayed I might do something illegal but I had no choice. During lunch I couldn’t pry my eyes of her. I watched her Avery movement but even though I am sure she saw me she didn’t stopped me ( perhaps it was a token of appreciation for what I did for her). When I was full I got up and she was picking up my plates when there they were, her watermelons right infront of my eyes. This time I couldn’t resist it anymore and I grabbed them.
She became as still as a statue anda current passesd through her. She put down her ‘baggage’ and in an icy tone told me to take my hands of her or else…….
I didn’t know what got into me because I paid no heed to her warning and started massaging her boobs. I squessed them and ran my fingers around her nipples and they stood out proudly. She tried to take my hands off her but was unssuccessful beacuse Escort Bayan of my strong grip. I was throughly enjoing the situation. Her struggling made me unshameful and I proceeded further. She cried no and gave me a handful of threats but I didn’t stop. I lifted of the red shirt and my eyes almos pop out at looking her body. She was angelic looking and her cups were perfect. I scooted her up and took her to her bedroom. She was sobbing now but I had already told her that I was In control and if she wailed or screamed, the neighbours would find out that she had been raped and her husband would give her divorce. This reasoing was heavy on all her threats and she could not do anything except do as I wish. I had decided that no way was I going to let this babe go before fucking her. So I put her down on the bed and resumed my act. I wanted to be as caring as I could so I massaged her boobs and her shoulders. She was tense, this I knew but I wanted her to not take this as a rape but an an intamcy act. I belived that she would start enjoing it also and submit to her needs. So, I rolled my tongue over her body. She still wore pants and bra but I licked her tits from above the bra. I also licked her earlobes and kissed on her cheeks and navel. I tried to kiss her on her mouth but she kept her mouth shut. I was insistent and licked kisses her lips eating her lipstick. Finally, resisting no more she opened her mouth and I rolled her tongue with mine. It was a deep and passionate kiss. A moan also escaped from her mouth. I went downwards and but her nipples from above the bra. Another moan. I lifted her shoulders and unclasp her bra but she instantly covered her boobs. I told her I loved the sight of her holding her breasts infront of me and she blushed. Streaks of tears were left on her cheaks and she was looking really sexy. I asked her to remove he hands but she started pleading and saying ‘please
Don’t do this’ but I didn’t listen and told her last time to remove her hands. She Complied in a sad gesture and I was beyond words. I told her that they were the most beautiful pair of boobs I had ever seen. She turned a little redder and she had stopped pleading. I licked them for 20minutes bit and licked the nipples and planted deep kisses on her mouth. She was moaning now an then. I went downwards and took off her pants. It was istanbul Escort a sight worth seeing. . I told her your lovely and she turned he eyes away from me while turning a shade
Of pink. I kissed her whole body bit I wanted to tease her so I didn’t go near her Vagina . Then I took off her panties and started kissing her navel and other parts while constantly ignoring the pussy. After sometime she started getting wetter. I licked up her juices from the bed but didn’t touched her centre. There was a sweet aromas coming from her pussy of strawberry. Eventually she begged me to lick sow there. I was still not going to accept her request and asked where? She was reluctant at saying the word out Loud but I said that I won’t touch her till she used the word. She had to surrender and asked me to lick her pussy.
I planted my tongue around her labia and kissed her. Then I started working on her pussy.I licked her and flicked her clit while i pushing my tongue deep in her hole. After a while she wa comin and gasping for air. It was aa great orgasm for her . She thanked me for the orgasm. I smiled at her and told her anytime. Then she sat up and pulled down my pant. She was astonished at seeing the size of the cock. I had a pretty long penis and when stretched it stood 6’2 long. So she slowly started fucking my cock with her mouth and she was damn good at it. I also stroked her clit continously and when I could take no more I cane in her mouth. She swallowed it hardand said yummy. Her own orgasm was building up and I increases my speed until she squirted buckets. Then she said the thing I was waiting to hear,
‘do it Tom I want you inside me’
I smiled at her an laid her on her back on the bed. I put my cock at the entrance of her love hole and with one strong push I was in her . She gasped and winced in pain and I held her in my arms while being still deep inside her. The she smiled at me and said go on. I returned her smile and started thrusting deep into her bowels. After doing that for 20 minutes I was about to cum while she had already orgasmed 3 times. I asked her where should I do it and she said that she was on the pill. I was relieved and happy. After cumming, I laid on top of her exhausted while she also hugged me. I looked at her and I saw my face in her black eyes. She said,’ You are a very Loving rapist. I would love to get raped by you again’. I was ecstatic to hear that and then kissed her deeply. We made love many times that night and then fell asleeps to a wonderful tommorow.

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