The New Job Ch. 02

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For the next week the conversation over lunch consumed her thoughts. ‘How far would she be willing to go?’

During the day they both remained professional. They guarded their flirting so as not to attract unwanted attention. Home was a different story. There her mind drifted as she lay in bed fantasizing about sucking and fucking him in every position imaginable.

But try as she could it just never seemed to work out. With kids to get ready for school and a husband off to work, getting out of the house early proved damned impossible. By the time she got to work the office was already a buzz. Just seeing the cars parked in the driveway frustrated her. Then to see him already dressed sitting at his desk she was ready to scream.

Today would be different. Today was her day. Gunning the engine, the tires of her Mustang screeched on the pavement in front of her house. Thank goodness, this early in the day Denver is like a ghost town. She hated highways and took every opportunity to take the smaller streets to avoid the heavy traffic. Catching a stoplight she contemplated, ‘what in the hell are you doing? You’re 34 years old for Christ sake, its one thing to tease, but what will you do if he is there?, how far am I prepared to go?’

In her previous life Carol, like most of us, had been a risk taker. But that was years ago, now she was MWK. ‘I don’t know what I am’ she thought. My life is boring. I need some excitement. Adventure.

With her mind filled with life’s questions she hardly noticed the final intersection. Ahead lay the long driveway leading to their office. Crossing the railroad tracks her heart skipped a beat. The gate to the office was unlocked. ‘Thats a good sign.’ she thought. If no one was there it would be locked. She spotted his truck parked in front. Only his.

“Yes”. A devilish smile came across her face as she parked next to his. Taking a deep breath she composed herself before grabbing her purse and walked inside.

Through the front door Carol stopped at her desk, only long enough to drop off her purse. Next she picked up her coffee mug and headed for the lunch room. This was her regular routine. She wasn’t asked to but because she needed coffee she made sure a pot was always brewing. She noted the time on the clock hanging on the wall and knew that no one else should be arrive for at least hour. Perhaps more.

‘Don’t appear to anxious.’ she thought to herself. She took a deep breath. ‘Breath through your eyes Carol, breath through your eyes.’ It was bahis firmaları something she had heard him tell people to help them calm down.

Music was blaring in the back room. ‘He still working out.’ she thought.

As she entered the lunch room she caught movement towards the back room. Stopping she watched as he walked towards the shower unaware that she had seen him.

“Wai..!” started to come out of her mouth but she held back. Setting down her coffee mug she started a fresh pot of coffee and headed toward the back.

There were two entrances to the shower rooms. Carol walked to the back passing through another empty office. She could hear the shower running as she approached the open back door.

Nervous she stood at the back door peeking in. Her heart racing. Just as she was getting up the courage to walk in she heard the water turn off.

‘He’s getting out of the shower.’ She could feel a warmth rising between her legs.

As the shower curtain parted Steve stepped out, water glistening off his chiseled body. Grabbing his towel he ran it through his long hair.

‘Oh my!’ she gasped louder then she had anticipated.

His head swiveled in the direction of the sound. He smiled seeing Carol stare at him.

Since their luncheon her mind had conjured up what he might look like under his t-shirt and jeans. Those thoughts fell far short as he stood naked before her. Working out looked good on him. Immediately upon seeing her, his cock sprang to life. Its helmet shaped head rising on its hardening shaft.

‘All the way.’ she thought to herself. ‘I’m prepared to go all the way.’

She was pleased that she could make him respond this way and now ached for him to plunge it deep inside her hot wet pussy.

“Drop the towel and come over here.” She spoke.

He dropped the towel and slowly walked towards her. With each step his rock hard cock swung. Her eyes stared at his harden tool and she pursed her lips. As he stopped in front of her she reached out wrapping her fingers around his engorged shaft. His cock grew thicker towards his balls.

“Man you’re thick.” she moaned as she squeezed, a clear droplet of ooze emerged out of the head. Carol quickly dropped to her knees flicking her tongue at the ooze that was dripping from the head. It tasted sweet and salty as she drew it back to her lips. Her mouth widened as she engulfed the helmet shaped head. She could feel it swell the more she sucked.

‘Mmmm.’ She swirled her tongue around the head sucking kaçak iddaa the juices from it.

With 3″ of cock buried in her mouth her hand began stroking his balls. From his groans and the way his body moved she knew he was enjoying it.

Temporarily she released her it from her mouth, “God you taste great.” she exclaimed taking a deep breath before going down again.

Reaching one hand through his spread legs she cupped his tight butt and pulled him deeper into her eager mouth. Her lips stretched as she attempted to take the entire length down her throat. Stopping for another breath he pulled her to her feet.

“But…” She pouted.

“Soon, very, soon you can have as much as you like.”

He walked her to the conference table in the lunch room. Slowly he undressed her, enjoying every unclothed part as he went. As her underwear came off he lifted her onto the table spreading her legs wide. With his fingers he squeezed some ooze out of his shaft thoroughly coating her nipples and running some across her chin before she lay back. He was in awe as he stared at her nakedness. Her pussy lips pouted at him as he knelt down between her legs. He traced the outside of her lips gently with his fingers before diving into her sweet juices. As his tongue thrust in and out her hands gripped his hair pushing his tongue deeper and deeper inside.

“oooh, god that feels so good.” She cried out. “Don’t stop!”

He continued to tongue fuck her til her hips spasmed in ecstasy.

Her hips quivering he licked his way up her stomach and across her breasts licking the ooze from her nipples.

“Roll over onto your hands and knees.” He ordered.

He moved up onto the table rubbing the head of his hard rod around her swollen pussy lips. Her back arched as she moaned.

“I want you in me.” She moaned.

With hands on her hips, his cock slid easily into her wet pussy.

“Ooohhh my god you feel so good.” she uttered. He stopped with about 3/4 of his cock inside, giving her time to breathe.

“You ready?” he whispered.

“Yes.” she answered.

Slowly he pushed ever deeper until his balls pressed tightly against her pussy lips.

As he did she let out a high pitched groan.

“Oh yes, Oh yes, yes.” she moaned. “Fuck me hard.”

He now thrust in and out of her tight snatch. Her breasts bouncing in rhythm to his balls hitting her neatly trimmed bush. Before long he felt her muscles squeeze tight around his cock and she screamed. Her pussy seemed electrified. kaçak bahis She leaned forward resting her breasts on the wood table.

As her breathing slowed he leaned in close giving her a slow wet kiss in the small of her back.

Carol asked, “god that felt good but did you cum to?”

“Not yet, I’m saving it.”

“Mmmm for what?” Her mind clouded over from the intense fucking.

“To see if you’re as good as you say.”

She smiled knowing what was next. ‘Bring it on baby. Bring it on.’

Her snatch reluctantly released its grasp on his still hard cock. It glistened with a mixture of precum and pussy juices.

“Lay on your back.” His words gentle as he climbed off the table.

She was intrigued by what was to come when she again felt his tongue exploring the depths of her pussy.

“Mmmm mmm you taste so good.” he said as he spun her around.

Never in her life had a guy licked her after fucking. And it felt tremendous.

He positioned her shoulders so they were just touching the end of the table. He kissed her deeply on the mouth.

With her head dangling over the edge he stood up, his dripping hard cock inches from her face. As he reached for her breasts her lips again parted, her tongue reaching for its prize. Lapping at its head she knew she was in for a treat. Squeezing her breasts he began gently thrusting his hips forward his cock disappearing into her ever widening mouth.

Inch by inch his shaft entered into her mouth.

“Oh my! You are incredible.” he groaned.

Never in his life had a woman taken so much of him and it felt amazing.

Neither had Carol but she had never been this turned on before. She could feel his head deep in her throat.

Her body began to shake as a second orgasm took her. She gargled helplessly as her hips shook. His eyes rolled back in his head.

Slowly he plunged his cock in and out of her beautiful mouth, his balls bouncing against her nose. She licked and sucked like a woman possessed until streams of hot white cream ejaculated deep in her throat. Carol held him tight as the last throes of energy pulsed through his body. Finally his cock slid out of her wanting lips and Carol sat up. A dribble of cum ran down her chin.

“It looks good on you.” he said. “but you probably shouldn’t keep it there when everyone shows up.”

“Then you’ll have to remove it.” she smiled.

With a flick of his finger he wiped it off her face.

“Hmm, Any ideas of what should I do with this?”

She held out her coffee cup and offered. “Rub it all over the edge so that all day I can taste you.”

Exhausted he lifted her from the table. “You know this could be my new morning workout routine.”

“You never know.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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