The Neighbors Chapter Five,:April loses her cherry at the Camp Ground

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The Neighbors
Continued form chapter four

Well I’m here now and I want some of his hot sausage meat inside me too.
She takes her glasses off & cheerleader outfit placing the on my night stand.

She leaves her pigtails in place then joins us in my bed I’m ready now .
She begins sucking sues breasts . I can’t wait till they start giving milk .

Do you think I could try some when it’s ready?, why of course you can thank you .
The only real pure breast milk I ever had was moms when I was a baby .

She begins tugging at my limp cock here let me help you with that .
I have an idea why don’t you guys sixty nine thanks good idea .

I’m going to try and take another soak in the Jacuzzi .
The last time I tried it was earlier I was interrupted .
Hey I’m sorry sue honey oh that’s alright I forgive you .

You had a very good reason you had to give me some relief .
She smiles then gives me a real passionate kiss and leaves .

The Neighbors
Chapter Five:

April loses her cherry
( at the Camp Ground )

Today is Friday April First ,
It’s that time of the year once again for the annual camping trip by the ocean.

April along with her friends have been waiting all winter long for this day .
They loved the ocean and camping the two just fit so well together for them. This is what they look forward to each year it’s what makes them happy .

This year is special we are going to be celebrating April’s 18th birthday.
Jan is April and Sues best friend she will be arriving shortly to leave with us.

How was your day at school today ?I do not want to talk about it ! .
She replied with a frustrated tone in her voice .
I could not keep my mind on my work I have been horny all day .

What you did to me yesterday it caused me not to be focused at today .
I am sorry Don’t be there is plenty of reason for me to to be happy.
Today is Friday I’m ” Finally Eighteen” I am a young adult now .

I saw You two going at it like rabbits when I walked in the room.
You even didn’t even know I was in here she frowns and pouts .
This is an act for her sue told her to just be quite and watch them finish .

I am sorry I didn’t know you were standing behind us watching .
Please I really enjoyed watching the two of you it was amazing .
It was better seeing it in live action rather than viewing it on my laptop.

I wanted to finger myself right there but I just could not I was afraid .
Afraid of what ? . That I would disturb you an her making love .

That’s why I stayed very quiet I wanted you to finish her .
The way you went deep into her wet pussy got me so turned on .
My juices really started flowing my nipples got hard too .

I could by the look in sues face that she just couldn’t take it any more .
I knew she was going to orgasm then she let out that loud scream.

Just the fact that were talking about it ooh Dam!! I’m so horny right now .
I’m dripping wet Here take a real good close look for yourself .
She spreads her legs and spread her pussy open so wide .

I seen her tight teen pussy and how wet she was .
Now please be a good birthday girl for me lay back keep your legs spread .
Now that’s it now just relax and enjoy I promise to please you.

Just as my tongue tip touched her sensitive slit it was all over .
This made her tremble and she began to moan Ooh baby.
I poked my tongue between her swollen folds.

She soon began moaning with pleasure oh that feels so good .
Yeah that’s the spot! Oh Gawd, you got it you’re hitting me just right! .
she began grinding her pussy against my face .

Yes ooh that is it right there eat my pussy OH yes .
When she started doing that I knew she was going to orgasm soon .
Then her body began to shake violently as she cried out with pleasure .

I’m cumming oh baby I’m cumming oh yes aah Don’t stop ,Oh Gawd .
Yes Oh Yes I’m cumming again her head lifting off the pillow .

When those first few waves of orgasm hit others would soon follow .
I was thinking to myself I hope her moaning doesn’t awaken sue .
If it does oh well too bad not my fault .

She kept on screaming and moaning loud oh yeah baby she was ready.

I’m cumming again I’m cumming !! ah that’s it yes I’m cumming aah .
Yeah baby do it ooh yes “OH Gawd” it feels so good baby ooh!! .

Suddenly her body went limp I kept licking but still No reaction from her .
I looked up and I waited for her hoping she was alright .
Within four seconds later She started to come around “Thank God “.

Honey what Just happened to me ? .
All I can remember is you were giving some very intense orgasms .
All of a sudden everything went pitch black .

My Gawd I have never ever had that many intense orgasm’s .
I’m afraid you blacked out you had me worried there for a moment .

You’re really going to be sorry now she looks at me and smiles .
It’s your turn now lay down on on your back this is my turn to please you .

Her hands were so soft gentle I felt her warm hand as she began .
She bean by just slowly sliding it slowly up and down on it .

Dam it really felt really good soon after I felt myself begin to harden .
Then slowly took her tongue licked around the tip like a lolly pop.
sucking on it ever so slowly and gently I was going crazy dam! .

There’s nothing like a eighteen year old with pig tails on fire .
better with ” The Neighbor ” girl next door when shes giving head .
Then she slipped the tip gently into her mouth slowly started a sucking .

It was her ” Very First ” time ever doing this she wasn’t that bad at all .
Yeah baby suck my hot sausage please oh yeah baby do it oh yeah .
She took my semi hard cock out of her mouth for only a second .
she looked up at me only to say ooh baby it’s so yummy I love it mm m .

Then continued once again she was trying her very best .
I could tell she was trying to deep throat me like in the porn movies.
She was having difficulty I could tell by the expression on her face.

suddenly I felt That urge I grabbed her pigtails then held on .
I screamed out loud ” Oh Baby ” I’m gonna cum oh Yeah” .
Going faster now sucking and jerking my shaft I began exploding hard .

Yeah oh yeah oh fuck yeah ah I’m Cumming oh yes I’m Cumming .
My hot load began shooting out spurt after spurt it started filling her up.

she kept on trying to swallow it all at once but It was just to much .
She began gagging on it was coming out too much to fast for her.
It started to come out so much that it ran out the sides of her mouth .

Then it began running down her chin then onto my bed .
She’s never sucked a guys cock before up until now but she will learn .
She did her best to please me I had no complaints about it.
It was a good learning experience for her giving me that blow job .

I love you sweet heart that was great she looked up at me sad eyes .
I saw my cum was dripping from her mouth I’m sorry baby I tried.
Were all sweaty baby we really should hit the shower Fulya Escort alright lets go .

She got up reached over to get her things off the night stand .
When she did that she accidentally straddled my face .
I wanted her to do that for one good reason.

I took a finger slipped into her giving her a slow finger fuck .
She let out a moan when I pulled my finger out , hows that honey?.
Baby I promise If you keep that up we’ll never get in the shower.

we go in the bathroom you were good baby ” Thank You “.
When she opened the door she looked straight ahead and saw sue fast asleep . Taking a finger placed it to her mouth shh look who fell asleep .

yeah I guess I did I do that didn’t I oh well I whispered back to her .
We stepped into shower I pick up the wash cloth soaped it up real good .
I washed her all over she returns the favor we finish get and dry off .

She whispers I have something really special planned when get up to camp . Excuse please over here you two why are you two whispering ? .

Well I see your finally done with your pleasure time yes we are thank you .
I heard you two in the bedroom April you cum as much as I do but harder..
I got worried there was a moment of silence What happened ?

” What Happened” ? I passed out that’s what happened to many orgasms .
Were sorry we didn’t mean to wake you up sleepy head no you didn’t .
I was just resting my eyes that’s all he wore me out earlier my pussy’s sore .

Excuse me please ladies but we have an hour and a half drive up there .
It is three thirty now and we need to be on the road by at least five pm .

I still have to pack up the van what do you mean honey you have to ?.
we will all help you pack . Jan will be arriving here very soon , I just received a text from her .

April your mom asked me to relay a message to you she has to work .
She want’s you to be on your best and have a wonderful time up at camp .
I quote , ” Happy Eighteenth Birthday Today Honey ” Mom loves you .

She told me that we will have a big party when you get home Sunday .
Darn my moms not going camping with us well that’s depressing .

April began to get that cretin devilish looking her eyes that girls get .
I could almost tell what she was thinking are all gonna get laid this weekend “Oh Yeah” !! .

Then I came back to reality when I heard another girls Voice in my home .
It can only be Jan It can’t be sue because she’s in here with us .

Hello anyone home where you all at ? April and Sue called out Where up here Jan . I’m thinking to myself how the heck did she know to let her self in ? . I must have talked out loud to my self because they both they heard me. It’s my fault April says to me I’m really sorry with a frown on her face .

I said If his blue van is in the driveway just come right in the house .
I thought you would not mind no you should have at least asked me first .
I feel this is embarrassing for me .
Why in the world would you think that ?.

I’m a man you two are young teen adult woman that’s why honey .
Just the fact that Were all in the same room naked what would people think . All I am saying is this what if Jan should say something ..
This could pose a problem for me then again your all eighteen that’s legal .

Awe baby You worry too much she caresses my chest with her hand .
we see each other naked all the time in the school locker room .

Who knows maybe Jan will want to fuck her pussy too you never know.
Jan used to have a boyfriend up until about a moth ago when they broke up .

Her boyfriend took her anal cherry then dumped her for the “The school Slut ” . She gave him pussy and Jan would not ask her yourself someday .
I caught him fucking her after a night football game in his car .

I was started to get hard again I tried not to think of what was just said .
I even tried covering myself with a face cloth that just made it worse .
I was so embarrassed stiff my dick looked like a face cloth holder .

where are you guys I can’t find you ? Where in here open the door .
why didn’t you guys just come and get me ? Oh my gawd!! .
whats going on in here ? shes in shock at what she just seen.

Hey now what the heck are all three of you doing in her butt naked ?
I’s like to know what’s going on in here at once I demand it ! she laughs .

you all having mini Orgies with out me now this sucks you did not wait .
Well it sure did look like it to me after all your all naked in here together .
what else would I be thinking I am so unhappy you girls you left me out .

Now you know this is No at all fair to me I haven’t got laid in over a month .
Now I’m going to end having to fingering myself again tonight at camp .
Jan please listen we didn’t do anything I swear sit down on the potty .

Please listen I will tell you all about it how it really what happened .
Alright but I’m glad you told me to sit I have to pee really bad .

I drank too much water at practice today also I been so dam horny .
All day then I come in and see all y’all naked dam and look his thing .
She reached under her short skirt drops her panties sits on the commode

She now begins to pee .
The following thought runs through my head d doesn’t she have any manners at all ? .
Although there is a good side to this She does have a nice pussy.
M mm I lick my lips trying not to get caught .

Jan its like this after you dropped me off after cheerleader practice .
I remember you told me that you were going home to grab your stuff .
I fingered mom must be working she will be home in a while .
There I am home alone I began rubbing my slit on my bed .

It was hot in my room I needed fresh air so I went and opened my window.
When I did I heard loud moans looking over here I saw his window open .
I started walking over here I let myself in then headed for the bedroom.

I tried being as quiet as I could I walked in and stood there behind them .
I saw they were having hot sex.
I became so turned on so much that my juice’s stared flowing onto my panties.

There was Sue here laying on the bed spread wide open he was on top .
Sue was moaning yeah baby Fuck oh it feels so good .
Jan there’s your answer in full this is that why I am over here now .

She Shakes her head her eyes lit up like light bulbs .
Wait a minute Your telling me sue finally got laid yes I certainly am .

She finally got her self laid now that’s what I’m talking about .
Sue replied back a country girl ” Hell Yeah !! ” It felt so good dam .

Excuse me but why in the world does he have a hard on for ?
I can not answer that Jan he will have to answer that question himself .
Jan gets up pulls her panties back up walks over to me she looks at me well . Well what ? , Can I help it if that thing stands at attention .

you know It does have has a mind of it’s own yeah OK what ever .
April did you two go all the way no he just ate me out that’s all .
I am too afraid to do anything like that epically Escort Bayan take it in the bum like you .

Sure look at me my boyfriend dumped me a month ago .
I always took it in there until my ex wanted in my virginity No way.

Jan you mean to telling me that your still a virgin ? yes I am sue .
That’s why he dumped me I told him look here I will take it in the bum .
There is ” No Frig in Way ” you’re going to stick that ting in my
” Virgin Pussy !”.

I feel bad sue your parents are pissed at her because your pregnant .
I’m worried sick too where am I going to live I don’t know what I’ll do .
That ex-boyfriend jock of yours should have his balls cut off .

Jan starts looking at my hard on I’m getting out of here sue ,April.
I’m getting so wet and horny I haven’t had a hard cock in over a month .

I’m going to get dressed in my bedroom see you girls down stairs.
Jan please stay with us until where ready to head down stairs OK.

While the girls and I are getting dressed I over heard them talking .
Hey did you see the way he was eying your pussy Jan yeah .
it made me wet and horny I bet he wants it in you too yeah I bet .

well I liked to try him out too that just might just happen to him .
I seen that the face cloth trying to cover it but it did not .
I couldn’t believe that it didn’t cover it all no wonder I’m so wet and horny .

Did you see how hard he got when I dropped my panties yeah real quick .
He was semi hard before you came in.

then got him going again hey I still can’t believe what you said .
you actually have not had it in over a month that is correct girls .

I was thinking it’s about time I get it in the vagina anyway why not ? .
My bum was getting sore when I took it up there it hurt so bad .

Well it looks like all three of us maybe getting laid this weekend yippee .
Hold on there a minute did I hear you and Jan correctly ? .
you’re going to have him pop your cherry’s we are planning on it .
what’s wrong with that Sue? nothing you really mean it ? yeah we do .

I can’t believe what I just over heard what they just said darn it all .
their secret is out it looks like their going to let me let have their virginity .
This will be a very interesting weekend I just hope I survive the weekend .

I hear them call up to me as I pack a few extra special items .
Hey ! Tony aren’t you ready yet ? , yeah I’ll be right down .
their so quiet I didn’t even hear them leave the house .

I just played along I did not want the girls to know that I over heard them .
I come out of the house holding my duffel bag with me .
I packed three boxes of condoms .Trojan Charged Orgasmic Pleasure .
Impulse Bare Pleasure, and Ribbed Pleasure .

This should be enough I hope before we leave to come back.
April,Jan and Sue are waiting by the van Common Tony were ready.

I see They have the van all packed and ready to go they all excited .
Now that I’m here were finally ready to hit the road .
They have that evil look in their eyes as I can plainly see.

Hey Anthony before we hit the road look at us please on three girls .
Get ready 1 , 2, 3 they all flipped up their tops and flashed me there tits.
My eyes light up See April I told you he would like that yeah.

Alright girls good awe do we have to yes until we get there alright .
load into the van from either side girls April you are in front with me .
I hear Jan mumbling dam now I can’t masturbate before I get there .

Hey Jan whats stopping you Oh boy you heard that Tony ?
yes Go for it if you wish I don’t mind I heard pleasured orgasms before .

I’m so dam horny right now she slips off her panties she in the way back .
she begins rubbing her slit

We get on the highway and begin traveling to the camp
I need to listen to the gps I tune everything else out so I can safely drive.

We have been on the road for an hour now I need to pee .
I call out to the Girls the rest area is up ahead were going to make a stop. Awesome we have to go too , we pull in there’s no cars around wonderful.
maybe I can get a quickie with sue if she will let me I hope so I am horny .

I’m happy the rest stop is open I go into the men room do what I have to.
I hear their voices clearly I look up and I see that there’s an open air vent .
This must be the heat duct that connected to both restrooms oh boy .

I stand up on the toilet on the very end stall I try to listen through the vent .
I’m so bad then again you would be horny to going camping with three
horny eighteen year old’s .

I saw him looking right at your pussy I think he licked his lips too.
Maybe I can get him to fuck me too what do you girls think ? Maybe Jan .
Maybe but nothing he’s doing me first I hear April say .

I want him to be my very first I told him I had something really special planned for us . Alright but then it’s my turn with him .
After all remember I’m a virgin too yes alright Then my turn yes sue.

We should all head back now I bet he’s already in the van waiting for us .
They all walk out to the van and one of them hears me moaning in the mens room.

It sounds like he hurt himself or he could be really sick .
we better go see what’s wrong with him but you can’t go in there .
and Why not ? there is no one around OK then we’ll all go inside .

No we will all not go in I will go in Jan says alright but don’t be long .
We will wait here by the door I bet she’s is going to fuck him right now .
You know how horny she was playing with her wet pussy in the van yeah .

Jan comes in the men’s room I try to hurry to get myself off but It’s too late. she opened the door on me so there you are I found you .
I turn around and take a look it’s Jan, Hi Jan you caught me red handed .
hey why are you jerking your self off ?, Ah Because I was horny maybe .

That is what it looks like with out the face cloth oh my .
You do have a juicy cock here please let me help you with that .
Jan got on her knees and began sucking my cock .
The moment her mouth touched my cock oh my oh hot dam .

First April now Jan wow this eighteen year old was sucking my cock like a pro . I began to moan loud then I heard the men’s room door open .
You see sue I told you she was horny look there pointing at Jan on her knees sucking my semi hard cock .

She stops and take my cock out of her mouth still holding it in her hand.
Well You want to get there don’t you ? yes of course we do .

We all need all need some relief sometimes .
I’m Just helping him out that’s all maybe he will return the favor.
Please remember what were dealing with here alright .

He’s a single guy and Were thee very horny Eighteen year old’s .
I gave him a good fucking at the house that helped a little didn’t it?.
Yes sue now would you two please let me finish him off so we can get going . Alright but we are watching you and you can’t stop us .

She continues sucking me off yeah baby Oh yeah that feels so good.
sue nudges istanbul Escort April Watch closely maybe you will learn something.

She tried talking with a mouth full mm m this is good ooh.
Jan no talking with your mouth full, don’t” you have any manners ? .

I start moaning out loud my whole body begins to get ridged .
I start to feel that sudden urge once again like before ..

She strokes my cock faster and shes sucking harder milking my cock .
I lean back against the sink counter trying to keep my balance .

I’m cumming ah oh fuck!! I’m cumming Oh Yeah baby that’s it .
I begin I filling her mouth load after load of my hot love juices .

She gulping it all down like a pro Jan is just so cum hungry yeah .
She wants every drop of it for herself and she will not share with us .

Wow Jan honey where did you ever lean to do that ? .
On the internet she replied with a big smile .
Hey were mad at you now you didn’t share with us Jan that is not fair .
Hey girls please do not fight and don’t worry I have plenty for you all .

We really should get going if were going to get there before dark .
Just a half hour to go we all pile in the van and head for the camp site .
It’s going to be so much fun “Oh My God ” we cant wait .
Now what are you girls talking about? Never mind just get us there safe alright .

April aside me whispers in my ear I hope you can last till Sunday morning she giggles . My eyes lit up hey April that’s not fair you told him our secret sue blurted out .

No I didn’t I swear all I said was I hope you can last till Sunday morning .
Remember we do not keep any secrets from each other .

We pulled into cam the girls pile out April gets her key out and opens the trailer. camp ground took care of filling the propane and turning on the water .

There are two big fifty gallon tanks of propane that is used for heart and heating the water . There is also an electrical station that we plug into for the lights and stove etc.

I checked the propane tank it is filled the camp ground set is it all up
for a small fee .

We will have heat tonight if it gets cold .
where would you like to go to dinner? . we could get grinders pizza shop .
It is alright with us wait a minute I have something to say first .

We can go how ever when we get back , I want my time with him.
Jan and sue ooh some ones getting laid sexy time Yeah what about it .
Nothing we can not wait either April we are getting wet just thinking of it .

After grinders we head back and settle in for the night .
The girls get in their Pj’s me in my sweats and were all warm and cozy .
Say girls what about sleeping quarters good question.
Well scene were having sex tonight ” My Birthday” you and I will take the big bed in the back .

Jan and Sue have the two fold out beds in here alright they frown okay.
We get him after your done agreed alright agreed so remember save some for us please.

Sue and I head back to the bedroom close the door we begin to undress
and get into bed. How do you want to do this honey ? well I was thinking me on top okay sure I need to lick you first lay on your back we have to make sure you nice and wet .

Please baby don’t make me pass out again that wore me out .
OK baby I won’t ill just give you a good licking Mm mm .

she spreads legs open I stuck my tongue inside her waiting vagina.
I felt my tongue as it hit her hymen then she started to moan .
I started sucking her swollen pink folds in my mouth .

she cried out aah baby Your gong to make me cum ” Oh Gawd” yes.
Taking her hands she placed them on my head and held it there tight between her legs.

Her body began to tremble and shake it was the start of strong orgasm. Fuck I am I am, I’m going to cum Ah baby Don’t Stop Oh God AAH!!! FUCK!!! OH!! Yeah I’M CUMIN!!! …Ooh Yes

That’s enough now baby please no more stop it I’m ready for you now .
I want to to pop my cherry now my body is on fire I’m so horny .

Let me get on top I want to feel you deep inside me .
It is a good thing I was already hard for her no sucking needed .
I laid down as she straddled me she began by taking her time.

Then taking my shaft in her hand she held it firm.
Easing herself down as she guided the tip head into position.
Slowly, gently she began sitting down pushing it in a little bit at a time into her .

She only to pause for a moment knowing that she had hit her hymen .
She pushed down a little harder as the tip broke through her cherry .

I seen tears in her eyes starting to form I reached up and pulled her close to me. We kissed very passionately for a while she was sore down there .
she looked down to see the blood of her hymen broke her virginity now gone for ever .

She was so tight I screamed out loud as my shaft stared going deeper inside her no longer virgin vagina. Soon she felt her tight vagina begin to ease up with me inside her . She began sliding up and down slowly gain momentum.

I felt her pussy working my shaft gently riding me a little bit at a time .
She started rocking her hips back and forth her orgasm to build up .

Deep down inside her she screamed out loud as her orgasm started .
Oh fuck I’m cumming, again “Oh, yeah that is it feels good agh yes .

Another orgasm her again a, She began going wild riding me .
I’m going to cum again baby ooh , fuck me, ! . I’m cumming ,again.
“Oh fuck ooh yes’s Oh yes ! I’m cumming ah.,

I am going to cum Oh Baby I’m ready Oh Gawd!!
she remembered we forgot to use a condom” oh Fuck” .

We forgot to use a condom shit she cried out loud oh dam it !!..
when was your period finished ? Wednesday you’re safe .

She is rider harder faster baby I don’t want you to no please .
Please don’t cum inside me no ah.

She cried One last time pleading “Please Don’t” but It was to late .
It was hard to pull out her vagina it was gripping my shaft like a vise .
She knew it then I came hard filling her womb She moaned out loud .

We knew there was nothing she could we tired I tried to at this point .
we kept going She kept right on moaning Yes fuck me yeah baby .

she was having another orgasm I’m cumming oh yes again ah .
She continued riding me for the next few minutes
we had orgasm ed once more then she collapsed on top of me exhausted .
I held her close and I rolled her over with me.

We looked into each others eyes Oh baby that was awesome .
why did you cum inside me you know I tried to pull out honey?.
You know you may have just impregnated my womb
what If my mom finds out that I am pregnant well what if she does ..

I’ll marry you that is all it will be our baby .
just as long as your mom doesn’t mind My mom Mind ?? I think she want’s you too. well if have her blessing it will be OK after all were only twelve years apart . I don’t know baby I have to think on that well alright honey .

I love you , I love you too babe I just held her close to me we kissed passionately good night .
Both of us so worn out from our love making secession that we ended up falling asleep in each others arms .

until morning with my seed still deep with her womb .

To Be continued
Next Jan looses her cherry too .

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