The Neighbor Pt. 03

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Big Tits

You look up at me and smile then, slide up my body. I put my arms around you and pull you close, kissing you deeply, tasting myself.

As our lips part you look down into my blue eyes, glazed with arousal.

Your mouth curves into a smile as you whisper, “That was very neighborly of you.”

“Yes, Sir”, I reply breathlessly.

You smile as if to approve of my calling you Sir.

You stroke your fingers through the silk curtain of my hair, and in a commanding tone of voice you say, “My pet, I’m not finished with you.”

With a smile I take your hand and lead you to my bedroom, leaving our discarded garments in a pile by the door.

I can feel the heat of your gaze upon me as I move in front of you. I peek over my shoulder to see your hungry eyes on the sway of my ass. They shift to meet mine, the look of naked desire making my nipples tighten further. My fingers tremble as I reach for the door handle, the tingling ache between my legs quickening my breaths.

We enter my bedroom and I see you take in the large bed that dominates the space before settling on the chair at the window. A fire leaps in your eyes as you remember me touching myself for you.

“I’d like a close up.” You gesture toward the bed.

My heart rate increases further. I know what you want and move onto the silken sheets, leaning back against the pillows. I slowly part my creamy thighs. As I watch you, I know exactly what your hungry gaze is feasting upon, as I have pleasured myself in front of the mirror many times.

My smooth lips are glistening with my juices, I can feel the moisture of my arousal cooling as I expose myself to you, your ravenous gaze making me bite my lower lip.

“Touch yourself,” you command brusquely.

My eyes remain fixed on yours as I begin to run my hands over my body. My pink nipples harden further as my fingers brush against them. I caress my full breasts and press them together, thumbs grazing over the taut nubs. I hear your intake of breath as I trail a hand down over my stomach, nearing my hot wet cleft. I cup my smooth mound, moaning as I arch against my palm. Carefully, I bahis firmaları part my folds, my inner lips flushed deep with my desire, and slip my middle finger into my cleft. I begin to stroke back and forward slowly, until my finger is shining with my excitement.

With a groan you fist your hardening cock as you watch intently. Your behavior makes me moan softly as I push my finger inside. I feel the heat of my walls pulsing with my passion.

I remove my finger gradually, and slide it up to circle my hardened clit, letting out a short gasp as my wet digit rubs against that sensitive spot.

“Yes baby” you whisper, moving to kneel on the bed between my thighs. You hover above me, making me tremble with the warmth of your breath.

Your eyes close as you inhale my womanly fragrance, emitting a low sensuous growl that has my juices pooling anew. Your warm tongue licks my wet finger, I offer it to you and your lips close around and suck on it greedily, the gesture unbearably arousing.

“So good baby” you murmur, “…so sweet”

I moan and squirm beneath you.

“Tell me what you want,” you implore.

My mouth is suddenly dry and I lick my lips before responding.

“Eat me,” I whisper.

You smile and move closer to my pulsing heat, making me whimper as you pause to look up at me with lust filled eyes.

My skin, every nerve ending, is tingling with heady anticipation.

“Please, Sir,” I pant.

Your big palms spread my thighs further and caress the silken skin, tracing circles that make me writhe beneath you. Suddenly your head dips and my body shivers as I feel your tongue lick slowly up over my smooth folds to my clit, lapping the gathered honey before flicking quickly against my sensitive nub.

“Ooooh fuck!” I exclaim, my hips bucking involuntarily as you raise your head, needing to feel your touch again. Those eyes are still fixed on mine as you lick your lips slowly, savoring my sweet, sticky aroma.

“Mmmm” you murmur. “So good… so wet.”

My breath hitches at your erotic words, then catches in my throat as your head lowers without warning and you begin kaçak iddaa to devour me voraciously… tongue wildly flicking and lips sucking on my swollen clit.

“Oh God, oh God!” I cry…reaching down between my legs to grasp your hair as I grind myself against you eagerly. The rhythm of your darting tongue has me almost undone, and when I feel you plunge a finger inside, I lose control, squeezing your head with my thighs as I begin to shudder and spasm around you, my orgasm surprising me in its ferocity.

“That’s it my pet,” you mumble against me. “Come for me baby.”

I feel your heated gaze upon my face as your finger continues to stroke me to dizzy heights, your tongue caressing my clit while my body arches and stiffens. My teeth clench as a strangled cry is wrenched from deep within. My hips jerk and my hot pussy contracts as it releases more honey, trickling down over your probing finger to soak your palm.

I’m panting hard, my limbs heavy as I try to catch my breath. I feel you move up, leaning down to capture my lips in yours, the sweet taste of my pleasure on your warm tongue, your face shining with my sticky juices. Your tongue caresses my bottom lip and I open for you, sucking it inside, teasing it with my own as I arch and press my breasts against your chest, my aching nipples rubbing against yours.

“Ooooh!” a moan is torn from me as I feel you pressing against my heat. I peer down to see your hard cock rubbing against my sodden folds.

“Ì have to feel you, baby,” you state urgently.

I gasp as your engorged cock head nudges against

my overly sensitive clit. Bracing your arms at my sides, you hover above me, watching my expression as your cock teases us both. You bend to kiss my lips again softly.

“Please…” I plead, snaking my arms around you to caress your back with my fingertips.

“Are you ready for me?” you ask, positioning yourself at my wet entrance and flexing your hips.

“God yes!” I exclaim.

I hold my breath as you begin to nudge inside at a tortuously slow pace… I raise my legs, enveloping your taut hips.

“Aaaaaah” we gasp in unison kaçak bahis as your hard tool slides deeper, filling my hot cunt, my velvety walls welcoming its intrusion.

“Ooooh!” I exhale, wiggling my hips, relishing the sensation of you finally embedded inside me. You stay perfectly still, your eyes fluttering closed as you feel my hot walls stretching and pulsing around you.

“Mmmmm… so nice baby” you rasp in my ear.

“Oh fuck* I exclaim as you withdraw slightly before plunging deep inside with a groan.

Your hands travel over my body, kneading and caressing my flaming flesh as you begin to thrust in and out. You pump hard and fast, pounding my pussy as I moan into your neck, reveling in your breathless whispers of passion.

“Fuck!… that sweet cunt feels good. You like my cock inside you, don’t you?”

I can barely respond, my body is sailing on a building wave of ecstasy.

“Ooh, yes, yes…yes!” I pant.

Your hands slide under my cheeks, grasping the soft skin as you continue to plunge in and out. My legs begin to tremble on either side of you, and I feel my body stiffen with impending release.

Your eyes lock on mine once more.

“You wanna cum again for me baby?” you ask breathlessly.

I can only manage a raw whisper “Yes, Sir!”

I shudder as I feel a flood of heat at my core. You feel me tighten around your cock and with a roar increase your pace… I tighten my hold on you, my fingernails digging into your back.

A strangled cry is wrenched from my throat, “Oooooooh, God!”

The walls of my pussy start to pulsate around you, squeezing your swelling cock. My breathing becomes a series of short sharp moans as I continue to spasm wildly beneath you.

Suddenly, you grasp hold of my hips and give a final thrust, roaring as you shoot your hot cum deep inside me while my body continues to shudder and clench, milking your spurting cock.

Sighing heavily, you collapse on top of me, our chests heaving, our bodies sticky from our exertions.

“Wow!” I whisper.

Your hands move to smooth my wild hair away from my cheeks and cup my face.

“Wow indeed,” you smile.

I tilt my head to meet your lips and we share a lingering, breathless kiss. Your arms envelop my frame and you gather me to you as I nuzzle against your neck, your cock still buried inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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