The Mixed Wrestling Club Ch. 04

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Finally when he had satisfied both Sky and Kayla, they got off of him and knelt beside him, going on to place a small kiss on his either cheek.

“You were super fun!” Kayla beamed, and proceeded to look up at Sky, thankful and glad that she invited her over. “He is gorgeous. I don’t think I can get enough of him!” She added.

“I know! I wanted him all for myself too, but I just couldn’t resist the urge to watch him get destroyed by someone else.” She confessed. “And boy did you wreck him!” She added with a smile.

Meanwhile, he lay there on his back, at the spot between them both, panting and covered in both of their sweat and juices. His face was red and his cock was shrivelled down to three inches, soft as a pillow. Kayla reached down to grab his member between her thumb and her finger.

“Wow. It’s funny how big and strong it looked just a while ago. And look at him now.” She smiled, amused. “It never ceases to amuse me how fast a guy can go from that to this.” She stroked the limp cock for what it was worth and flicked it backward onto his stomach. It rebounded and landed back in its place, pointing down toward his legs.

“You know. I have a small bag too. Would you bahis firmaları mind bringing it for me, babe? Just like you brought it for her…” She smiled, looking down at him with her palm resting against his cheek. He was obviously stunned. What else could it be now?

“What is…”

Sky cut him off.

“Shh shhh…” She placed a finger on his lips.

“It’s a maroon bag on the bottom shelf of my cupboard. Please?”

He knew he had no choice. He rolled over, got onto his fours and began to crawl toward the room. This time Sky gave him a smack on his butt that echoed through the room. She had added an extra bit of sting just because him speaking had annoyed her a little. But she liked him. She smiled as his ass swayed while he crawled out of the room. The girls then looked back at each other, smiling.

A few minutes later, he arrived again, carrying a small maroon bag dangling from his mouth. When he reached the girls, he released it gently onto the mat. Sky looked at Kayla.

“Are you ready for this?” Sky asked her. Kayla nodded.

“And are you ready for this?” Sky turned to him. But everyone in the room knew he had no choice. Here he was with two girls who kaçak iddaa could kick his ass individually. Against both of them, he wouldn’t stand a chance. Especially not after the way they had just drained him. She reached out into the bag and pulled out what looked like a small tube. It was shiny. Sky’s eyes glanced over his soft cock.

“I think I know why you lose to us so easily. It’s because you get so aroused that you can’t think with your head anymore! All your thinking is done by this little guy…” She took his soft cock in her hands and wiggled it a little. It moved like soft rubber.

“…so I have a small gift for you..”

With that, she brought the shiny device down to his cock and put it over it like a cap. She proceeded to slide it up before taking the ring at the bottom and slipping his balls through it as well. Once she had put it in place, she brought a tiny lock and sealed the gate at the top. And just like that, he was locked. He looked up at Sky almost in horror while Kayla watched on amused.

“You are so mean!” Kayla beamed, grazing her fingers over the cage on his cock and making sure it was secure. Sky smiled back.

“Does it hurt?” Sky asked him. kaçak bahis He nodded a no.

“Good. I think we’ll let your boy stay in his cage and think about all he did wrong in the last two matches so you can put up a better fight the next time. Yeah?” She turned away before he could reply, going on to shut her bag and stand up. Kayla stood up too. They were both naked and standing over him like a pair of Goddesses.

“Oh and I almost forgot.” Sky added, putting a foot forward under his face. “Where’s my kiss?”

He had no choice. He wasn’t sure if he wanted one. He leaned down and placed a kiss on top of her foot, just above her toes. She retreated her foot and gave him the other one. He kissed it too. But then another foot came forward. And he kissed Kayla’s foot before she gave him the last one.

“Goooood boyyyyy…” They both coo’d in unison, ending up in a giggle because they both said it in the same tone.

“Come. Let’s have dinner. And then you’ll sleep with us.” Sky smiled.

He looked at the clock on the wall. It had struck 10 and he was already beginning to ache for an erection. Both the girls were fast asleep on either side of him while he tried to resist their half naked bodies. He didn’t know how long they planned to keep him locked for. His cock tried to get bigger and pushed against the inside of the steel cage. But to no use.

This was going to be a long night.

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