The Mechanic

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Double Penetration

It’s a hot Saturday afternoon and I’m driving back from a friend’s place. My car starts making a rattling noise. Faint at first, but then it gets louder. Just as I pull over, I hear a pop and the engine shudders and dies.

“Fuck!” I scream out loud. I’ve only had the car a week! I vaguely remember seeing a business card for a local tow truck and mechanic in the glove box, so I open it up and rifle through the paperwork, hoping the mechanic will know if the car has had problems in the past.

I dial the number for the mechanic. The young guy on the phone tells me that they are about to close up for the afternoon, but he’d speak to his boss Chris. After a bit of mumbled talking on the other end of the phone, the kid tells me that his boss will come and pick me up while he finishes up a car they are working on. I give the details of my location and sit back in the car to wait for the tow truck.

A while later, in the rear-view mirror, I see a tow truck slowing down. You pull in front of my car and back up, so you can load my car onto the flatbed. I thank you for giving up your afternoon to come and get me and you wink at me in reply. We ride along making small talk, air-conditioner blasting cold air. I widen my legs slightly to cool down in between. I catch you looking at me, a slight smile on your lips. I smile to myself.

We arrive at the shop and you unload the car. You tell me to make myself at home in the waiting room and hand me a cold drink, which I accept gratefully. I watch as you work for a while, then begin flicking through 5 year old magazines, amazed at the trash that gets printed in those things. I look up every now and then, often catching you staring at me.

I make my way to the bathroom and relieve myself. I decide at the last minute to remove my knickers thinking to myself “I’ll give him something to look at”. I stuff them into my handbag and with a little smile, wander back into the waiting room. I sit with my legs slightly spread, skirt hiked up just a little and watch as you work.

The next time you look up, I see your eyes widen and a grin spreads across your face. I watch as you collect a range of bahis firmaları items from around the workshop, which I presume you need to fix my car. I begin flicking through another magazine when I notice you walk to the waiting area.

“I’ve found the problem” you tell me. “Come and I’ll show you”.

I follow you to where my car is. You lead me to the side of the motor and point to something in the middle. “It’s your timing belt” you tell me and my heart sinks.

“That’s why I got rid of my old car”, I tell you. “The whole car wasn’t worth what it would have cost to fix that”.

You move behind me and whisper “Shhhh, we can fix this”. I feel your hot breath on my neck, your body close to mine. I turn around to look at you and I smile, a tingling sensation in my pussy. I have to have you. I move my face towards yours. Our lips meet and we kiss passionately. Your filthy hands start exploring my body. You slip your hands up my shirt and under my bra. I sigh as you start twirling my nipples between your thumb and fingers. Your hands are dirty and rough – I love how they scrape and scratch at my soft skin.

You push me against the car, your hips locked tight against mine. I wiggle, but I can’t move away. I don’t really want to…

You lift my shirt up over my arms and it drops to the floor. Your mouth seeks out my breasts and you bury your face in between them kissing and caressing each one. You reach around behind me and unhook my bra. I am so turned on. As I reach for your belt my hand brushes against your hard cock and I feel it quiver. I begin to unbuckle it as you push my bra straps down my arms, following your hands with your lips. My bra falls to the ground exposing my breasts as I remove your belt and unbutton your pants.

“You’re so beautiful” you whisper as you gaze over my mostly naked body. I grab your face with my hands and kiss your soft lips. My hands make their way down to where your hard cock is straining against your pants. I hook my fingers in your pants and undies and pull them down slightly, finally exposing your silky, smooth cock. There’s a drop of fluid on the tip and I kneel down and lick it clean. kaçak iddaa I look up at you and smile before I part my lips and take you in my mouth. I hear you sigh. My hands grab your arse as I lick, kiss and suck on your cock, swirling my tongue around, each gasp you make spurring me on to make your cock feel amazing. One hand caresses your balls as my tongue lashes against your stiff cock.

“Stop” you tell me. “I want this to last.”

You help me up and lead me over to where a creeper is parked, your pants falling around your ankles as you walk across the workshop. I giggle as you step out of your shoes and pants and push me gently onto the creeper. “The thing about creepers” you tell me “is that they roll around a lot. We need to secure it or you’ll roll away”. You pick up what looks like a thick black rope and I see that it’s a timing belt. I watch you curiously as you loop it around one of my wrists, pass it around the back of the lift post and loop it around my other wrist, finally tying my wrists together just above my head. “Now you can’t go too far” you tell me. You lean in and kiss my lips before you remove your shirt, leaving you naked, save for your socks. You go to remove them, but I tell you to leave them on. You comply. I watch as you wipe your hands on a wet wipe, showing me your nice clean hands. “All the better to touch you with, my dear” you tell me. I roll my eyes, but I grin anyway.

You move to the front of the creeper where I lay, breasts exposed – my skirt the only article of clothing I have on. I feel very vulnerable. You gently bend my knees up and push them apart, wider and wider so I am fully on display. “Oh, wow” you murmur, before your hot, wet tongue finds its way to my clit. I gasp. Your tongue begins to explore my mound, darting in and out of my hot, wet pussy. You stick a finger into my dripping cunt and start to slide it in and out. I moan with pleasure as you add a second finger, your thumb pressing on my clit each time your fingers enter me. You move towards me and begin to nibble on my clit. Your other hand reaches up and you squeeze and twist my nipples hard, making me cry out from the mix of pleasure kaçak bahis and pain.

“Holy shit!” I cry out. I see you grin as you continue to fuck me with your fingers and sucking my pussy lips and clit. My back arches as an orgasm rips through my body. “Chris” I cry out. “I need you to fuck me. NOW!”

You slide your fingers out of my pussy and put them to my lips. I lick your fingers clean as I beg you to fuck me. You sit back and watch me as I squirm waiting for the pleasure to continue. “Chris! You fucking tease!” I complain as your smile gets wider. You reach up and over me and loosen my restrains so I can get my hands free. As soon as I’m free I grab your cock and guide it into my hot, dripping cunt. I moan with pleasure as you begin to fuck me faster and harder. Just as I’m about to reach another climax you stop. The tip of your cock poised at the entrance to my pussy.

Sick of the teasing, I push you off me and onto the filthy floor. I squat over the top of you and slide my hot pussy down your pole, sighing with satisfaction. I lean back with my hands behind to steady me and begin riding you. Harder. Faster. Your hands find my breasts, caressing them before you twist and pull at my nipples hard, your rhythm matching mine. I cry out with each twist and pull, feeling waves of pleasure all over my body. Another orgasm hits and I cry out.

As your breath becomes sharper I can tell you are close. I take one hand and reach around and grab your balls. I squeeze them tight. It’s too much for you and you shoot your hot load into my cunt. My pace slows and I squeeze my vagina muscles around your throbbing cock. You begin to squirm as it tickles you. I stop riding you and lean forward to kiss your lips. Your cock slips out and I lay down on top of you till our breathing slows. I smile at you and tell you how amazing you were. You tell me that no-one has ever made you feel like that before. We lay together a few more moments before we realise how dark it is outside.

I ask you how long it will take to fix the car. A few hours you tell me. You’ll do it first thing tomorrow.

We begin to dress, but you take my bra. “I want to keep this as a reminder of today” you tell me. I laugh and slip into my tank top.

“I’m going to need a lift home” I tell you.

You smile and wink at me and grab your keys as we head to your car together…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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