The Maid Pt. 08

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She was laying eyes closed on the couch facing away from him, wearing just her blouse and panties, her skirt and shoes discarded on the floor. Her top was open and he watched her tease the hard nipple of her exposed breast. Her other hand was moving inside her panties. Starting to moan softly as her excitement grew, she released her nipple and reached down, pulling her panties away from herself as she stroked gently between her parted lips with one finger. He stared, glued to the spot as he watched her finger reach down to scoop up the silky wetness at her entrance and then slide back up to smear it on her swollen clit. She started panting and her legs fell open as her finger moved faster, rubbing her clit with growing urgency as her need to cum took hold of her.

Silently, he unzipped his flies and took out his already rigid cock, his hand circling its thick round shaft. Watching her and totally aroused, he started stroking himself, sliding his hand up and down his entire length. Moaning louder, her hand was almost a blur as she rubbed her entire cunt fast, she started to quiver. He strained to keep silent as cum gushed out of the tip of his cock and ran down his fingers. On the couch, she came with a gasp, her body jerking hard, her legs, pushed straight out and rigid. Gently stroking her wet slit as the contractions making her tummy twitch subsided, she never noticed him put his cock back in his pants and silently slip out of the room. As far as she was aware, she had the whole place to herself and never dreamed the butler would have been there, it was his day off.

Ten minutes later, the butler re-entered the room. She was only just dressed, having laid on the couch enjoying her post orgasm euphoria and slowly stroking her satisfied wet pussy. She was startled to see him there.

“I thought it was your day off.” she said, praying her clothing was put back on properly.

“There is a dinner party tonight and we have been asked to be there to serve the guests.” he told her.

“That’s OK. I didn’t have anything on tonight.” she replied.

“There’s just one thing.” he started. “Apparently, tonight is very important to the boss and when dinner parties are important, he often likes to offer a certain service at his parties that would be provided by the two of us. It’s completely voluntary, but I have to tell you, the bonus at the end of the night makes it really worth it.”

“Thanks, I’ll think about it.” she told him, not sure how she felt about being offered up as entertainment. Pushing the label of prostitute to the back of her mind, she started wondering at the possibilities and what may happen tonight. “Hmmmmmm.” how would she play it, maybe the saucy French maid, who could say, all would be revealed come the evening. One thing was for sure, her little bout of masturbation on the couch had put her in the mood for some good sex and she could sure use some extra money.

That evening, there were only two guests, an elderly couple who looked very well to do indeed. The maid and butler were kept busy serving pre dinner drinks and horderves and attending to bahis firmaları their employers and guests during the formal dinner. At the end of dessert, the wife took her female guest to the living room for coffee while the two husbands remained in the dining room for Brandy and cigars, it was very old world.

“My, he’s a big man.” said the elderly guest as the butler bent his large frame over to pour her coffee in the living room.

“In more ways than one.” said the wife smiling, leaving no doubt as to her meaning,

Not wishing to lose her facade of decency, the guest tried not to blush, knowing exactly what the wife was referring to. In her mind though, it had sparked a curiosity that was coming straight from between her legs.

“Let’s see.” said the wife playfully, jumping off her chair and moving over to the butler. As he stood there, she took off his jacket and loosened his tie. Unbuttoning his shirt, she pulled it off his shoulders revealing his masculine hairy chest. “Mmmmmmm lovely,” she said, rubbing her hand all over it. The guest tried to ignore her antics but couldn’t help but stare. Unbuckling his belt and and unbuttoning his pants, the wife slid his trousers down. As he kicked off his trousers and shoes, she ran her hand over the bulge in his undies. She knew right then, she had her guest hooked. She saw the lust in her eyes. Watching the old woman’s face, she pulled down the butlers underpants. The old woman almost gasped at the sight of it. That large beautiful cock. God, it had been so long since she had had something hard between her legs, and a lifetime since she had seen one so big.

“Touch it.” said the wife, moving the butler next to the woman’s chair.

I can’t, my husband.” said her guest

“They won’t be disturbing us.” said the wife. “Go on.”

Her staid persona crumbling, giving away to her womanly needs, she reached out and touched his cock, encircling it, feeling it grow in her hand, Fuck, it was glorious, so hard and huge, growing with every stroke, her ancient pussy coming to life, getting wet as she stroked the hard meat. The very correct woman now suddenly turned slut was mesmerised by its size, her aching cunt wanting it inside her..

“Taste it.” ordered the wife and with all her inhibitions gone, she bent forward and covered the shiny swollen head of his cock with her mouth. Kicking off his trousers and shoes, the butler pulled her to her feet, lifted her up and carried her to the couch. As he sat her on it, her legs fell open and she pushed her throbbing cunt up, offering it to him and his huge cock. Bending over her, he pressed himself to her entrance and slid his cock inside her,

“Oh fuck.” she cried out as his hard cock filled her completely. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him to her, thrusting her hips up to meet him, fucking him hard, long forgotten youthful sex returning to her. Breathing hard with nostrils flared with lust, he pulled out of her, grabbed her and turned her over. Her head and arms on the back of the sofa, she pushed her cunt back, offering him her wet opening. With a loud grunt, kaçak iddaa he pushed his cock inside her from behind. She moaned with absolute pleasure, delighting in his hard thrusts against her ass and the massive stiffness fucking her deep, As he fucked her eager cunt, the wife walked over and reached between his legs, massaging his balls and sliding a finger inside the womans cunt next to the thrusting cock that was about to make her cum. She came with a loud wail, her whole body rigid, her pussy pushed hard back on him, impaling herself as deep as she could, jerking on his cock, gasping for air. As he pulled out of her, still rigid, she collapsed onto the couch, limp as a rag doll, her breathing still laboured after her massive orgasm, the first in a long time. Naked from the waist down, the wife sat next to her with legs wide open.

“Now me.” she said to the butler. Kneeling between her legs, he guided his throbbing cock into her waiting pussy extracting a moan of approval from his employer as she felt his thickness stretch her open. With two fingers buried in the old woman’s swampy cunt, he started to fuck the wife with slow measured strokes.

In the dining room, the husband had left and the maids panties lay on the floor. The old man sat in his chair, aching to see the fresh young cunt still hidden under her dress, She undid her top and exposed a breast. Standing next to him, she bent and let him suck the hard nipple as she rubbed the growing bulge in his pants. He reached under her dress and she allowed him a fleeting touch of her damp pussy. He almost groaned as his excited fingers found the wet crease between her outer lips. Playing the temptress, she pulled away before he could get a good feel of her pussy. Moving in front of him, standing legs apart, she reached down and pulled up the front of her dress. He started between her open thighs with just the top of her nice shaved pink slit showing.

“You like my little pussy?” she asked, moving her hips in front of him, reaching down and drawing a finger up along her parted lips. He reached out to touch her, but she slapped his hand away.

“Not yet.” she told him, bending forward to once again rub the bulge in his pants.

“Let’s see what you’ve got for my nice wet cunt.” she said, her fingers deftly unzipping him, reaching inside and pulling out his cock. He gasped at the feel of her fingers on him, his pulse racing and his face contorted with an expression of pure lust for her. The cock in her hand wasn’t big like the butlers but it was thick and hard and she was enjoying knowing how much she aroused this old man.

Hitching up her dress again, she sat herself on the edge of the dining table and laid back on it. Opening her legs wide, she reached down and with both hands spread her pussy lips showing him her saturated opening and then sunk a finger deep inside it. Pulling it out, he watched her lick herself of it.

“Mmmmmm, that tastes so good.” she purred seductively. Stroking his cock and aroused to the point of desperation, he rose from his chair, intent on ramming it into her wet cunt and filling kaçak bahis her with his cum.

“Lick it first.” she ordered him. Releasing his cock, he buried his face between her legs, frantically licking at her cunt, dragging his tongue between her lips and lapping at her hard clit. She was moaning, her hips thrusting up against his mouth when he heard the words he was longing for.

“Stick it in me.” she cried out, her aroused cunt needing hard cock inside it. Rising up from between her legs, he grasped his cock and frantically jammed it into her opening. No sooner had she felt him inside her and he was thrusting into her hard and fast, just like a rutting stag with an overwhelming desire to fill her with cum. She grabbed his arms and thrust her cunt up to him. He came, his hips jerking against her as he squirted his cum deep in her pussy. His excitement and his warm cum was too much for her and she came with him, her jerking cunt forcing his spent cock deep inside her contracting pussy. Out of breath and his chest heaving, he stood back, his cock covered with cum and her wetness, watching with pride as his cum leaked from her pussy. She sat up and touched her sticky wet pussy. As he watched, she dragged her finger through his cum, put it to her mouth and sucked it off her fingers, He groaned with frustration, wishing he had more to give her.

Both of them left with smiles on their faces, Effusive goodbyes made, the husband shut the front door,

“Deal clinched.” he said to his wife. “If not, we use the tape of the woman.”

“Be good vision, she wanted cock so bad.” she replied smiling.

The maid returned to her room. On her bed was an envelope. She opened it. Inside, sat 100 crisp $20.00 bills. She kissed the envelope and stashed it under her mattress. The knock she was expecting came on the door. It was the butler. She had invited him back, her cunt still throbbing, The old man’s cock had made her cum, but it had just awaken her, now she longed for something big between her legs, something long and hard filling her.

She had him on the bed, teasing him, rubbing her excited cunt over the tip of his cock. He thrust up but she was having none of it, enjoying its hard roundness, she gripped it and rubbed the hard head over her aroused clit. Panting, she forced the head into her quivering opening, Pushing g back, she sat up on him. His hands reached up and rubbed her aroused hard nipples as she looked into his eyes and started to ride him. As he rubbed her tits, she thrust herself up and down on him, smiling, wanking his cock hard with her pussy, grinding it up and down his hard cock relentlessly. Pushing him over the top, he thrust his hips up against her rapid and hard, his cock erupting inside her.

As his cum filled her, she looked into his eyes and he into hers. She collapsed on him, her hungry cunt still sliding back and forth on his hard cock. Slowly she kissed him as he pushed his hips up filling her, wanting the last drop of cum inside her, Nothing was said, but they both knew they were made for each other. Sliding of his cum covered cock, she curled up beside him, her head resting on his shoulder. Gently, he stroked her temple and behind her ear with his fingertip and she was soon asleep snoring softly.

“Sleep well my love.” he thought, “Big changes tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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