The Lord Fletcheour

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This is the first of a series of short stories about Lord Fletcheour and his realm of Vicmarian that existed almost a thousand years ago in the extreme northern part of what is today Great Britain.

Early in the eleventh century the world was very much a different place. Lord Fletcheour was Lord of the manor and had acquitted his title and grant to his lands from his father who had died in battle while on one of the many crusades to the holy land. When he had taken over the estates in his early twenties Lord Fletcheour had immediately begun to redefine the way that his lands were run and administered. As a result of his efforts he had achieved a strong, prosperous and happy little realm with the primary commodity and focus being women.

From his earliest days Lord Fletcheour had intuitively understood that the world of men focused on the charms of fairer sex. Men fought one another, conspired, killed and conquered primarily to acquire and enjoy the company and bodies of women. He was determined that this would not be a factor in the lands under his control. As luck would have it his lands were in the very far reaches of the empire and were protected on three sides by the rough cold north seas and by largely impenetrable mountains on the land side where there were a minimal number of passes. Lord Fletcheour made certain that he paid all of his taxes to the King in a timely fashion with extra special gifts sent on a regular basis to curry favor. He also made sure that he supplied enough men to kingdom’s army to cover all of his conscription calls. For this reason he never brought disfavor upon his lands or created envy on the part of others in the kingdom.

His lands consisted of the main city Vicmarian and three smaller villages with numerous outlying farms. The area was known for its fine dairy products, sheep and the variety of seafood that the fisherman harvested. The entire realm consisted of about three thousand five hundred souls four hundred of whom were men who were either in the regular guard or militia. The head of the well-trained army was Lord Fletcheour’s devoted younger brother who kept order and quietly dispatched any man or woman who even hinted of posing a threat to the status quo.

The people who lived in the manor ranged from slaves to freemen and each owed the Lord certain services ranging from rents to yearly services. Each man owned his land at the pleasure of Lord Fletcheour and had to do as he was commanded or could be expelled from the land and losing his home and all of his possessions often even including his wife and children. It was a very rare occasion when one of the citizens found Lord Fletcheour’s displeasure. Those who did were not expelled they simply disappeared.

The key part of the fiefdom’s success was Lord Fletcheour’s two cousins whose job it was to travel around the entire kingdom and bring new settlers to the territory. By design they would travel primarily to workhouses and orphanages and select comely young maidens and young men always by a factor of at least two females for each male. Lord Fletcheour always insisted that the new citizens be at least eighteen years of age and few were older than twenty. The two men would make a dozen such trips a year and as a result there was always new blood coming into the area with the majority being young ladies. The young men would be sent to the farms and the army for training and the young women would be adopted into the community in a number of different capacities. There were always families eager to accept them into their homes for they would receive added stipends for doing so.

Times were peaceful as every man knew for fact certain that he would have a wife to keep his house and share his bed. If a woman would perish in an accident or during childbirth another female was always available to quickly fill her place. There were also a number of brothels that were kept around the land where a man might always sample a fresh taste of female flesh when he grew bored at home. The Lord understood that every man wanted a strange soft female wiggle under him from time to time. It made the home happier and for the most part prevented lusting for another man’s woman. On occasion some of the women were sent to places like North Africa and Arabia where they were bartered for fine goods and strong horses.

All in all it had been an extremely successful plan for almost fifteen years. The result was that everyone remained happy and content.

At the moment it was a beautiful spring evening outside with the gentle fragrant breeze blowing through the open windows of the manor house. Lord Fletcheour sat on a large cushioned chair in one of his bedrooms. A beautiful young lady was brought into the room that he used for the regular ritual that he was about to execute. He nodded at the squire who had brought her in and the man quickly left the room. He remained silent and looked at the woman who stood before him with head bowed looking intently at her feet. One of the rules of the kingdom was droit de güvenilir bahis seigneur also known as jus primae noctis, which gave him, the High Lord, the right to have the bride of any marriage on his lands on her wedding night. It was a right that he exercised very frequently. In fact it was quite rare when he didn’t bed a new bride. It was a commonly whispered joke that many of the young children of the fiefdom had the physical characteristics of the Lord of the manor.

The girl before him had been married that very afternoon to an older farmer who had lost his first wife and as part of the law had been brought to him, as was convention, by the man’s father after the festive ceremony. She was relatively attractive with a lovely mane of long brown hair. She seemed to have a nice round body under her dress, a body that would bring her husband many nights of warmth and pleasure during the cold winters.

“What is your name child,” he asked.

“I am called Beverly, My Lord,” she responded still looking at her feet.

“How old are you?” He asked.

“I turned eighteen last week, My Lord” she responded. He wanted to be certain that his rules were being faithfully followed that no maiden were to be taken before they passed that birth date.

“Do you know why you are here?” he asked, getting pleasure from the tormenting of the young woman and feeling his cock beginning to swell with anticipation.

“Yes, My Lord, I have been told that you have the right to my maidenhead.”

“That is quite true. It would please me a great deal if you would disrobe my dear,” he said in a stern assertive tone that left no room for her to disobey.

Lord Fletcheour was man in his late thirties who had never taken a wife. He had no reason to as he had plenty of women to enjoy and didn’t want the aggravation of a wife and partner. Marriage would have to be for others. He had though fathered a son with one of the chambermaids that he recognized as his heir who was named Alfred. He had an exceedingly special arrangement for Alfred and this young woman standing before him. He had done so because there was another beautiful bride that was to be brought to him the very next day for her deflowerment. She was an incredibly lovely blond named Heather whom he had been keeping an eye on since she had reached puberty and had begun to blossom. He had considered at one point that when she became of marriageable age that he would take her as his bride but had tarried and she had chosen another for her betrothal. Regardless or more honestly because of his loss he wanted to enjoy her completely throughout the next night as he had dreamt of her for years. He didn’t want the girl currently standing in front of him to diminish any of his pent up ardor for Heather. There was no way that he would allow her to do anything to weaken him to the point where he did not succeed in having Heather return to her husband already pregnant with his child.

He watched as Beverly demurely cast off her clothes and laid them on the floor. She shed not only her outer clothing but also her undergarments without being told to do so. Her skin was very pale, her bosom exceptionally full with large button shaped rose colored nipples that were hard and erect with excitement. She was a short girl with strong legs that were well shaped and he saw a full nest of brown hair covering her pussy.

“Turn around for me darling and let your arms hang at your sides,” he said knowing that his voice had cracked a little from the lust that he was suddenly feeling building within him. If it were not for what he had promised for himself with Heather the next night he would have gleefully thrown the wench on the large bed and taken her a number of times with great vigor over the coming night.

As she turned he saw that she had an especially nice round and pink bottom that begged to be mounted from behind. When she completed her turn he rose and began to discard his robes. He undressed very slowly as she stood there nude and defenseless.

Quietly and at a snail’s pace he circled her, enjoying her discomfort and fear. Standing behind her he leaned forward and smelled her hair, which was flower scented from the wedding ceremony. Carefully he then lifted it off of her shoulders and kissed her soft exposed neck. He let his lips explore her tender flesh and taste her sweet young tender skin. Beverly shuddered and he heard a soft whimper come from her lips. Lord Fletcheour’s cock was slowly beginning to become fully erect and raise. He stepped back from her a few inches and took her soft round ass checks in his hands and tenderly massaged them. They were exquisite and would provide a wonderful perfect cushion for a man rutting her from behind. Coming around to her side he reached over and took her full right tit in his palm and squeezed it. It was more than a handful, perfectly shaped and firm. He rubbed his palm over the globe and then took her hardened nipple and pinched it tenderly until he heard her gasp.

He stepped back away and took a full türkçe bahis measure of the young woman. She was more impressive than he had expected. She was definitely too good for any dirt farmer. Having a great body, which she did, was one thing. If she showed an inclination to be a slut then he might have to rethink her future.

“Have you been instructed by your mother or others in the ways of man and the woman’s role in the marriage bedroom?” He asked.

“Yes, My Lord. I am aware of what my duties are.”

Leaving her he crossed over to the bed and pulled back the coverlets and sheets. There were massive pillows piled against the headboard and he laid back upon the bed with his shoulders settled into the soft pillows.

“Come to me here dear and let us see what you might learn.”

For the first time she raised her head to see Lord Fletcheour as he lay upon the large bed. She had only seen him in the past in his official capacity as he made his way around the land and visited properties and attended functions. He was a big man for his time of just over six foot in stature. His long brown hair fell to his very broad massive shoulders. His body was incredibly muscular and toned from the many hours that he spent working at the martial arts, always having to be prepared to defend his life and position for those who might try to usurp him. Like a bear of the woods his body was matted with a thick pelt of brown hair from his chest down to where his large cock thrust boldly into the air. Over the years a good number of the realms women had laid with the High Lord and many spoke in nervous giggles about his size and prowess with his male appendage. She had seen young boys and a few men as they bathed as she had grown up; it was difficult to maintain total modesty with most bathing taking place in public ponds and streams. She had not, though, ever seen a man in full erection and certainly had never imagined that a man would sport what she saw rising from Lord Fletcheour’s belly.

“Don’t dawdle girl come here,” he said with some irritation. His need was dreadfully great and even though he did not intend to fuck her he needed the pleasure of her young body to calm him.

She crawled up on the soft bed, and he corralled her between his spread powerfully built thighs using his leg. She found herself facing him with her head only inches away from his cock, which was like a large snake as round as her forearm standing ridgely before her and staring at her with a single eye.

“How were you instructed to please a man’s cock young lady,” he asked as he watched her staring transfixed at his erection. Taunting her he flexed his cock and the shaft twitched and throbbed as though it had a mind of its own and intentions on the new young wife’s tender soft body.

“I was simply told to lay back and spread my thighs and allow my husband to enter me and spray his life giving seed into my belly whenever he so chose.”

“Then you and any man who was fortunate enough to bed you were done a disservice,” he said with anger. “Who instructed you so?” He demanded.

“My mother,” she said beginning to cry.

“I will make sure that she receives additional instruction before she next attempts to impart any further wisdom,” he said. He remembered her mother and began to formulate a plan for her re-education and punishment. He knew she had three other younger daughters and wanted to make certain they were better prepared for bedding, especially if they were as enchanting as this one.

Beverly had tears running down her cheeks and did not dare misbehave.

“You are now passing from being a girl to a woman and a woman’s master is a man’s cock. You need to get to know how a man likes his cock satisfied. Do not use your hands but lean forward and let the shaft caress your face, feel it against the softness of your cheek, smell the musk of man that will excite and bring forth the juices in your cunt.”

The young wife instantly did as she was told and found that she loved the feeling of his silky hard shaft rubbing against her face. It was smooth and hot and the head had a different texture. The odor was, in fact, intoxicating and she felt a delicious new sensation stirring between her legs. Without being asked she began to kiss the stalk and trace the large veins with her tongue. She found that she could move the thick veins back and forth under the skin a little and that the shaft would shudder in response. The rod did have a life of its own and twitched and trembled as she found places that created a response when touched by her inexperienced but eager tongue.

“Explore my balls now girl. Use your lips and tongue as you have and urge them to discharge the sperm that your body needs.”

His balls were large and the sack they hung in was wrinkled and covered with coarse curly hair. Beverly had watched dogs lick themselves so she followed the example and nuzzled her nose into his sack and then began to lick the big orbs wetting them with her saliva and gently massaging them. She güvenilir bahis siteleri heard him moan and found delight in bringing the Lord pleasure.

“Place you hands around my shaft and take me now into your soft mouth my pet,” he instructed.

She rapped her soft hands around the warm throbbing shaft in front of her and lowered her head until the purple tip of his cock met her lips. She licked the head and ran her tongue around the edge of the crown drawing a shudder from the man. Lord Fletcheour grew tired of the game and frustrated from her teasing. He needed the warm comfort of her body and grabbed her by the back of her head and thrust himself deep into her mouth until she began to gag and struggle.

“Enough!” he cried. “Do not fight it, relax and suck on my cock girl. I need to be pleased or you will grow sorry quickly.”

Terrified she began to suck on the shaft. She marveled at the way she quickly learned how to let the shaft slide down her throat without choking by breathing through her nose. She discovered that by flexing her throat she could make him jerk and that by wrapping her tongue around the shaft she could make him moan. She realized that at that moment she had some power over him and wondered what that might mean.

Lord Fletcheour was astounded at how quickly the wench picked up the fine art of cocksucking, she was a born natural and her husband was destined to have a fine woman if he were smart enough to insist that she do her womanly connubial duties. He suspected that her new husband was like her mother and would simply mount her and fuck her oblivious to the finer sensual arts. He laid back; his fingers gently curled within her long dark curly hair and enjoyed her ministrations as she consumed him. He instructed her when to let him slide out and lick and when to suck and take him deep him to her throat. He found that after a few moments of instruction that she was able to sense what worked best and he closed his eyes and let her toil at her sensual task.

He heard a noise and looked up to see that his son Alfred had arrived as he had been told to do. Alfred had reached maturity and was a smaller version of his father. At his father’s insistence he spent the greater part of the day learning military arts with instructors and tutors and was in exceptional shape with a hard toned body.

Beverly too heard something behind her and tried to rise up from her impalement but he kept her firmly in place, his cock firmly imbedded now in her throat.

“Disrobe and join us my son,” he directed.

Alfred quickly threw off his clothes while keeping his eyes fixated on his father and the young soft pale girl on the bed. He had never been invited so into his fathers chambers and was mesmerized by what he was observing. The girl obviously had his father’s manhood in her mouth and he saw her head bob up and down while his father kept his hands firmly on her head. She was on her knees and he could see her sleek soft white back and large butt thrusting into the air. He felt himself begin to swell and grow.

“This wench is newly married today Alfred and we are to take her virginity for our tax. As the product of my loins and heir to these estates I am giving you her maidenhood as a gift and promise for the future. Someday it will be your task to deflower the female product of our lands and you must learn how to properly do so with the lust and skill that they deserve and which is your right.”

Alfred was at full erection and had climbed up upon the bed between the girl’s legs. His father noted that he had grown up to have a nice solid stalk, which was not as prodigious as his father’s but one that the ladies would be pleased to accommodate.

“Stop right there!” his father yelled as his son was preparing to mount the young recently married woman. “Do not dishonor yourself or this delightful creature who presents herself before you for deflowering my son.”

Alfred looked puzzled and maintained his position while holding his engorged cock positioned at where the virgin’s pussy awaited.

“She presents you with the ultimate gift from God my son. Do not let your desire and haste deprive you of the entirety of the gift or deprive you or your filly of the complete rapture that is offered to you. For God’s sale lean down and kiss her magnificent soft rear and while you are doing so let you hands reach under her and take her full marvelous tits in your hands and enjoy them. There will be plenty of time and opportunities over this night for you to plant your seed in her womb.”

Alfred did as he was told. Lord Fletcheour watched as the young man kissed the globes of her soft ass and reached his arms down under Beverly and grasped her hanging soft round breasts. He felt the girl move and heard a soft moan from her mouth that was imbedded with his swollen cock.

“Have you not watched the stallions in the field prepare their mares for breeding Alfred? Place your face into her and find her womanhood with your lips and tongue. Seek out her little nub and rub it, slide your tongue over her nether lips and as deep into her tight cunny as you can. Be gentle at first and she will surprise you in time and reward you with an even greater surrender and ardor than you can ever imagine.”

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