The Limo Driver Part 1

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[b]The Limo Driver

She wakes up, goes to the kitchen, and turns on the coffee pot. Goes to the bathroom, pee’s and jumps into the shower. Knowing she has a long day ahead of her.

She drives a limo for a living and sometimes it’s a drag with the traffic. Some days she wants to find another job, but the pay is great and she has good benefits.

She knows she won’t be able to see the guy she dated a few times. She reached down with one hand and squeezing her breast and pinching the nipple. Her other hand strolls down between her legs and finds her clit. She uses her thumb to rub her clit, while her finger slides inside her now wet box.

After going on like this for ten minutes, she feels herself reaching the point she was trying to get to. She starts having an orgasm and feels her legs getting rubbery. She thinks to herself that she needed that to get through the day.

Bonnie was near her 32nd birthday, Dark blonde hair, green eyes. She stands 5’7 and is about 126 pounds. She has a body that every guy turns to look at and 38 d breasts. She doesn’t think she is beautiful, but everyone else does.

Bonnie dries off and heads back to the kitchen to get her coffee. With a towel around her barely she gets a cup and stands in front of the sliding glass doors. Knowing that the teenage boys are always peeking in on her. She thinks it’s a turn on, knowing these boys are spying on her everyday.

So she lets the towel drop, then turns and bends over picking up the towel. Thinking this will give them a thrill. Then she goes to the bedroom to put on her make-up and get dressed.

Afterwards she heads back into the kitchen to pour herself another cup of coffee. She sits down at the table and starts thinking about her day. She sits there for about 20 minutes before she heads to work.

As she is driving to work, she thinks about the guy she dated twice now. And how good he was in bed. Wishing she could see him tonight, but knowing her work will keep her out till the early morning hours.

She checks out her limo and get the paperwork for the day and tells the boss she gone. Driving to the other side of town she has to take some guy to the airport. She picks the guy up and puts his luggage in the trunk.

On the way her was asking her a lot of questions about her job. She is thinking that she wished he would just shut up. Right before the airport he asks her if she ever gets any propositions for sex while she is driving. She tells him all the time, but she is not that kind of girl.

She drops off her passenger and now has to wait an hour until her pick-up arrives on his flight. So she goes to the short term parking to wait. She parks all the way in the back of the lot so no one will bother her. She puts up the glass and board and gets out to go sit in the back.

As she is waiting with nothing really to do, she thinks about the guy she dated again. She starts feeling excited again and undoes her pants and zipper. Thinks what the hell and reaches down between her legs to play for a while. She reaches up underneath her shirt and under her bra to find her nipples too. She spends about 35 minutes getting herself off this time, Cumming twice.

She heads back to the pick-up area to wait on her fare. He walks out of the airport ad sees her sitting there. She was the same good-looking woman who dropped him off last week. She gets out and grabs his luggage to load it in the trunk, and he is standing there looking at her perfect ass wishing her could get some. She takes him to his home and drives to her next pick-up.

She is now running late and has to speed to make it on time. She hopes there are no cops out along the way. She turns the corner to find her fare standing there looking at his watch. She pulls up and jumps out telling him she is sorry, but the fare before took his time coming out of the airport.

She takes this guy from the hotel to a business meeting in town. He wants her to wait for his meeting to be over, so he doesn’t have to wait to get back to the hotel. He tells her about this woman he met at the bar in the hotel last night and how she went back to his room. He wants to get back to the hotel and find her again.

He slips her two one hundred dollar bills and asks her to wait. She calls her boss and tells him and the boss sends someone else out to get her next fare. She is sitting there thinking about what this guy told her about last night. That guy went into full detail to her about the other woman and she was thinking about it.

She is starting to get horny again and sometimes brazzers she feels that she can’t ever be satisfied. She uses her arm and brushes her arm back and forth over her breasts. While her other hand is rubbing herself through her pants. She feels the wetness flowing again and she is getting real horny.

The guy comes back out and is ready to go. He wants her to hurry back to the hotel so he can find his woman again. All the way he kept talking about what they did last night and how good she was. It made Bonnie very horny and wishing she had some one after her like that.

Her day went like this all day long picking up and dropping off people until about 7 pm. She drove to this house to pick up some kids for their prom. Seven teenagers talking about where they can get some stuff to drink.
One asked bonnie if she would buy it for them and she told them flat out no. So one asked her to ride by his house and stop for a couple of minutes. She did and with her knowing they are going to get some booze.

The kid came back out with a brown paper bag and she knew it was bottles by the sound of them clanking together. She told them she didn’t know they have it and she put the window and board up. She could hear the music get louder and knew they were partying.

She dropped them off at the school and parked the car to wait till 11 when she is supposed to take them home again. About 9 two of the kids came out and wanted to hang out in the back of the car. A guy and a girl, she knew just what they were planning. She could feel the car rocking and she was thinking about sex again.

About 10:30 the others came out and said they wanted to leave the lame ass prom. As she was driving they lowered the window and board to ask her if they could go somewhere else. She told them she has to have them back at their place at no later then 11:30.

So she took them around to the places they wanted to go and had them home by 11:30. As she pulled the car up to the curb, the father was waiting for them and opened the door. He could tell that they had been drinking and wanted to know who got it for them. She told the father she had no knowledge of them having booze in there. He got the kids out and handed her a fifty for her tip.

She flew to her next pick up and was hoping that they go to one bar only.
As she pulled up three guys got in, laughing and joking. They were all three checking her out. One says nice ass and another said yeah and nice tits too. She could feel their eyes all over her body.

She was dressed in a pin-stripe skirt with matching jacket. A white almost see though shirt, which wasn’t buttoned up all the way. You could see a good deal of cleavage and tell that they were some nice healthy tits on her chest.

She started driving when one of the guys put down the window and board. He asked her if they clean the car at any time. Then she remembered she was rushing behind and forgot to make sure it was clean before picking up these guys.

She asked them why and they told her there are bottles of booze back here and an empty condom pack. Plus there are some bags of drugs lying around. She realized that those teenage brats must have left all this in there when the father opened the door.

She tells them she is sorry for that and one guy says it’s ok as long as he can keep everything. Another one says to her we won’t tell your boss if you party with us. She told him she can’t, that when she’s done tonight she has to take the limo back to the shop. He tells her can we book it for the rest of the night, say till tomorrow around noon?

She calls her boss and tells him they want to rent her and the limo until noon the next day. One of the guys gets on the phone with her boss and tells him that he will pay whatever the charge is. And give his credit card info to her boss. He hands her the phone and the boss tells her to be real careful. She hangs up the phone and the guy says, “All taking care of except you”.

She asked him what he meant about that remark, and he told her he was going to pay her well to party with them. Then he said how’s one thousand for your time tonight. Then she thought damn I get to party have fun and get paid twice for this.

She asked them what they wanted to do or where they would like to go. He said you pick the place as long as its somewhere we can stay and you don’t drive. She thought for a few minutes and told them she knows a nice hotel and right across the street is a great club to dance.

They all agreed and she took off for the place. They arrived and went in, only having about cuckold porno an hour till the place closed. They went in and the guys order 10 drinks apiece and one asked her to dance with him. She said yes and she was dancing.

She danced with all three of them several times until the band quit for the night. So they sat there talking and drinking the drinks and when the bartender called last call. One of the guys went up to order more of the drinks. And they sat there chugging drinks for the next half hour.

Bonnie told them that two doors up is an all night club, but it doesn’t open till 4am. What can we do until then says one guy and another says lets party in the limo with what we have. They all agree and head to the car.

They get in the car and the fridge is full of soda, so they mix their own drinks complete with ice from the ice machine. Bonnie turns up the music and they are having a real good time. Then one guy drops 4 bags of drugs on the counter in the limo. He says this is what those kids left in here, so lets try this stuff and see what happens.

Everyone agrees, even Bonnie. It turns out to be coke and they are doing lines of it and drinking heavy. After about a half hour they all can feel the coke taking effect on them. And bonnie says let’s dance, as she starts dancing around in the limo. The three guys smile and join her in a dirty dancing style. She’s getting really excited and wants to take some of her clothes off. As she starts taking off her jacket, one guy says here let me help you.

Then another guy lays 4 more lines out and says come on lets do another. Bonnie is the first one there and she does a big one. So as the other two are doing their lines the one makes another for Bonnie. She comes back to the counter and does another one.

They keep her glass full of drink and they dance with her for a while. She starts getting hot from moving around in the limo and starts taking off her other clothes. These guys are in shock and getting really excited from watching her do a seductive strip dance. She is now down to her bra and panties and she is dancing with one of the guys. Bonnie reaches over and unbuttons his shirt, then says to the other two come on join the party, lets all get naked.

It didn’t take them long to get undressed, as clothes went flying everywhere. And they were all naked and rubbing up against her felling her ass and tits. She was getting fucking horny now and wanted to satisfy her cravings. And she dropped down on her knees and grabbed hold of one cock and shoved it in her mouth.

They just sat there staring in disbelief that she got this wild and is now sucking one of their cocks. She motioned to the others to come over there and all three stand up out of the moon roof. She got them right where she wanted them and just kept switching from one cock to another. Sucking on one and jerking the other two at the same time.

She was having a blast and hopefully will get satisfied fully too. Just the thought of it made her hornier and she began to go all the way down on each cock. She took them all the way to the base and once there she would reach her tongue out and lick at their balls. She would come all the way off the cocks and back down onto them again.

She had these three guys in shock and not knowing what to expect next from her. All they could do is kick back and enjoy what was happening to them. She felt the one in her mouth start rocking and waited for it to let loose of its spunk in her mouth. And when she finished with it she went on to another one, until she had all three of them release their loads in her mouth.

She then dropped to her knees on the floor again and bent over telling them who is going to be first. Then she told them if your not fucking me, you better be sitting here so I can keep your cocks nice and hard. They fell onto the seat and she did just what she told them as she had one fucking her soooo good.

She had all three of them fuck her from behind and then told them she wanted one to ream her tight little ass hole before she takes one in each hole at once.

After one guy did her sweet tight ass, they took a break and drank some more and did a few more lines of coke. And Bonnie asked them if they would like to see her play with herself, they all said hell yes. And she lay on the floor and began to play with her tits and rub her finger over her clit and around her hole and down inside of it.

After watching this for about 15 minutes one said you want us to fill your hole at the same time. She said yes I do, plus I’ll take czech porno the third one in my mouth while the other two fuck the hell out of my holes. I want it hard and deep in both holes to make me cum too.

She got her wish and they were really excited about this and were hammering her hard, even in her mouth, which she liked. As each one shot their load she could feel the excitement building more and more. Next thing she was moaning very loudly and bucking back and forth. She was Cumming and it felt great, that is what she had wanted all day and she was so glad it had happened.

They all lay there on the floor panting and trying to recoup from this night. When she reached over to play with one of the cocks again. The guy said not again, I don’t know if I can handle it. So another guy told her if she gets it hard, he will fuck her again. So she starts jerking his cock and then going down on him once again.

She gets him hard as a rock and he jumps on top of her and starts pounding her senseless. As he drives it into her she is letting out screams of pleasure. This is exciting the other one again and he wants another turn with her.

When the guy fucking her is done, he gets up and the other takes his place. He fucks her hard for about a half hour, while she has several orgasms during this fucking.

They are getting tired and want to get a room to sleep. So they go across the street and get a large room with two king sized beds. They go up to the room and Bonnie tells them to just lie on their backs and she will do all the work. So she takes turns riding each one, while trying to satisfy her mounting passion for all this cock.

After riding two of them she feels she had enough for tonight and will try to finish in the morning. They fall asleep and wake up about 11am to see this babe lying there naked. Did they all think they were dreaming or maybe they had the same vision? Hell no, she is real and looking at her they see a beautiful young woman.

They wake her up and she asks if anyone ordered any coffee yet. They tell her no and one guy picks up the phone to call room service. He orders 4 pots of coffee and 4 big breakfasts. Bonnie tells them she is in need of a shower badly, and asks if anyone wants to join her.

She heads from the shower with two of them in tow, while the oldest one has had enough and wants to wait for the room service to get here.

Meanwhile Bonnie and the other two are in the shower together. She bends forward and backs her ass willingly up against one while her mouth finds the other’s cock. As she pushes her ass against the one, he lifts his cock up to the opening of her pussy. He then rams it inside of her and grabs her hips for more action. The other guy grabs her head and starts fucking her mouth hard. Right away she gets turned on by these guys taking charge of her and having their way with her.

They pound her mouth and pussy for a while, and then stand her up. One guy shoves it up her ass, while the other is sucking on her tits, driving her mad with excitement. He then stands up and starts pushing his cock into her pussy making her let out several screams of pleasure. They continue to fuck her like this until they feel her shaking and moaning loudly. Then it excites then more and they pound even harder into her holes.

She feels the rush of cum entering both her pussy and ass and it drives her to have an even bigger orgasm then before. She is shaking and her legs feel like they won’t support her any longer. As she feels all her energy drain from her body, she drops down to her knees.

The two men take the soap and wash her body for her and they wash themselves too. One guy asks if she wants to suck him again, and she says no. That she now needs food and coffee to regain her strength. So they get out of the shower and dry off.

They sit and eat and drink the coffee. Then they tell her it is time to call it quits and part ways. They give her the money and head out to the limo. She drives them back to the place she picked them up at.

As each one said thank you for a great night and for everything. Each one gave her more money and it totaled $500 more. So Bonnie made $1500 off of them and she will get paid from the company she works for. She told the three men if they know any one who wants to party with her like that to call her as she gave them a hand full of her business cards.

As she pulled the limo into the shop, her boss came out to meet her. He asked if everything was all right and she told him yes, but she was tired from driving all night. He didn’t say anything to him about what really happened, but she knew she wasn’t lying to him. She drove three cocks in and out of her body.

Keep a watch out for Bonnie in some of her other adventures coming soon.

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