The Life of Megan 3

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Big Tits

Megan walks off the elevator and into her work place. As she walks through to her office, many of her male co-workers come up with any excuse to have to bend down or over so they can get a look up her, barely long enough to pass for work, skirt to see her pantyless pussy and ass. Pretending she had no idea, Megan continues to her office and shuts the door.

Walking over to her desk, she sits down and begins to do some of the work that was already waiting for her, ignoring her still horny pussy. After a few hours, Megan can’t ignore it anymore and reaches into a drawer in her desk. Looking up to make sure no one was going to be walking in anytime soon, she pulls out a butt plug and a strap on vibe. Quickly she puts the strap on vibe on, making sure it will fit nicely against her clit. Next, she licks her fingers, getting them soaked with her saliva and reaches back to rub it on her ass. Making sure that she rubs it in as well. Feeling like her ass is ready; Megan slides down onto the six inch long butt plug, moaning as she feels it slide deep into her, as her boss walks into her office.

Hearing the door close, Megan’s moan stops halfway through and quickly she slides the rest of the way down onto the plug, feeling it stretch her ass as every last inch sinks into her. By the look on her boss’ face, Megan can tell that he had heard her moan and was curious as to what she was doing. Trying to play it off as nothing she asks what he needs.

Smiling to himself, and finding Megan quiet attractive, her boss, Luke says, “I need you to get these papers done for an important meeting tomorrow.” He turns around and locks the door and then looks back at her, “and I need you to show me what made you moan so lovingly.”

Blushing, Megan looks at him is disbelief, “you want to see what’s under my skirt.”

“Yes. Now show me or you’re fired.” Not being able to afford losing her job, Megan stands up as Luke pulls the last blind close, and walks around from behind her desk. Biting her lip nervously, she slowly hikes her short skirt up, showing her boss the strap on vibe. “Turn around I know that isn’t all you have on.” Following his instructions, Megan turns around and bends over showing him the butt plug as well.

Watching her turn around and show him her ass, Luke walks up behind her and grabs the plug pulling it out. His sudden, unexpected action causes Megan to jump as first and then moan as he pulls the plug out and then pushes it back into her. Gently and slowly at first, getting faster and harder with each thrust in.
As he continues to fuck her ass with the butt plug, Luke reaches up with his other hand and undoes the straps for the strap on letting it fall to the floor with a small thud as he rubs Megan’s clit with his thumb and fingers her pussy with his pointer and middle fingers. Feeling his fingers on her clit and in her, Megan moans in ecstasy pushing back against Luke’s hand.

Knowing he was in control and that the slut before him would do anything he told her to, Luke pulls his hand away and the plug out of her ass. Feeling him withdraw the plug and his fingers, Megan stands up and turns around to look at him confused. “Alright, slut. I want your slutty brazzers ass to strip and bend over the desk when you are finished,” he barks at her.

Her pussy getting wet at being order around, Megan quickly strips out of her skirt and blouse. As she slides her skirt down her legs, she reveals her shaved pussy and tight, cute, little ass. Next, she unbuttons the shirt and shows him that she was indeed a real slut, because along with no panties, she wasn’t wearing a bra either. As she undoes the last button and slides the shirt off down her arm, her perky breasts stare at Luke, her nipples getting instantly hard from the cool air blowing in her office. Once fully naked, Megan walks over to her desk and bends over it, wondering what on earth he had in store for her, but knew that whatever it was she more than likely was going to love it.

Luke watches in awe as his slutty coworker strips before him and bends over her desk, nicely exposing her pussy and ass to him. Knowing his cock couldn’t take any more punishment, he unzips his pants, letting his 9 inch cock spring out and to life. Pulling his trousers down to his knees he walks up behind Megan and grabs a hold of her ass. As he grabs her ass, Megan jumps a little at the sudden movement and gets ready to prepare herself for his penetration, as he thrusts his hips forward, burying himself to in her pussy to the hilt, causing Megan to cry out in shock. Shock from his sudden penetration. Shock from how huge he felt inside her. And shock from how wonderful it felt to finally have a real man’s cock in her.

Pausing as she cries out, Luke waits a few seconds to make sure he hadn’t hurt her. Feeling her push back against him trying to get his cock deeper into her, confirms his thoughts that he hadn’t. Gripping her hips he starts to move in and out of her. Slowly at first pulling his cock out till only the head was in her and then inch by agonizing inch pushing his cock completely back into her. He slowly starts to pick the pace up until he is brutally fucking her. His thrusts not being completely all the ways out and end but a combination of short spurts in and out of her and long, deep strokes.

As he starts to pound her pussy with no mercy, Megan grabs the edge of her desk and holds on, moaning and pushing back against him every time he pulls out of her, her pussy clenching his cock hard, not wanting to be empty of his cock for very long. Feeling her pussy clench his cock as he pulls out of her every time, Luke knows he isn’t going to last very much longer and makes all of his thrusts short and jagged as he feels his orgasm building up. Wanting Megan to cum with him, he reaches around her and starts to rub her clit, determined to hold back his orgasm till he could feel hers building up in her.

Gasping as he starts to play with her clit, Megan pushes harder back against him and stands up leaning back against him. As she stands up and leans against him, he moves his hand holding her hip and wraps it around her midsection rolling her nipple between his fingers as he continues to pound her pussy and play with her clit.

The added sensation of Luke playing with her clit and rolling first one nipple and then the other cuckold porno between his fingers, is all Megan can take. Leaning her head back against his chest, she cries out as her orgasm rips through her body. As he feels her shake in his arms and cry out with her release, Luke joins her, his own cries blending with hers as he empties his seed deep within her womb.

Breathing hard as they both come down off their orgasm, Luke pulls his now limp cock out of her pussy and pulls his trousers up, zipping them up. Grabbing her clothes off the floor, Megan starts to get dressed. Luke watching her dress walks over to her and grabs her arm stopping her.

As Luke grabs her arm, Megan stops picking up her clothes and looks at him in time for him to reach up, cup the back of her head in the palm of his hand, lean down and kiss her. Shocked at first, Megan stands there not moving as Luke kisses her. After a few seconds, the shock wears off and she starts to kiss him back. She had liked him for some time now, but just had never told him. Worried that he would reject her.

Ending their kiss, Luke looks down at her and smiles, “we have to stop for now but I would love to continue this tonight if you are up for it.”

Hearing his words, Megan smiles, “I would love to.” Giving him her address, she tells him to come around seven and he tells her he will see her than, as he gives her another peck on the lips and walks out of her office.

The rest of the work day passes in a flash, and Megan all but runs out of her office to head home and get ready for her night with Luke. Getting home, she opens the door and is greeted by her mom’s male chocolate lab. She had forgotten that this weekend was the weekend her mom was going to be gone, and that she had agreed to watch the dog for her.

Petting the dog and brushing him aside, Megan hurries to the bathroom and starts up a bath putting her favorite scent in with the water. Shutting the door, she undresses and gets into the water letting the scent of violet and sweet pea soak into her skin. Relaxing, she closes her eyes and starts to dream about what Luke was going to do to her when he got there later that night.

As she dreams, Megan feels herself getting horny and decides to masterbate for a little bit before he comes over; thinking the smell of sex in her room for her playing would drive him crazy. Getting out of the tub, she wraps a towel around herself and makes her way down the hall to her room. Kicking the door shut with her foot, not realizing it doesn’t latch, she walks over to the bedside table and pulls out her a 7 and a half inch vibe for her pussy and a vibrating butt plug for her ass. She had decided on the smaller vibe for her pussy because she didn’t want to be too loose when Luke fucked her later.

Lying on the bed she turns the vibe on low and sucks on it. Groaning softly, she sucks on like she imagined she would suck Luke’s cock later. Once satisfied that it is wet enough, Megan puts it down on her tits and runs the vibe over her nipples, moaning at the sensations it sends through her body, making her pussy soaked.

Hearing her moans of pleasure and smelling her arousal, czech porno her mother’s dog, Duke, pushes his way into the room to see what all the noise was about and to find out what that delicious smell was that he was smelling. Not noticing the dog, Megan closes her eyes and slowly slides the vibe down her body, from her tits to her throbbing clit. As she gets ready to put the vibe against her clit, she gasps as she feels something wet run from her ass up to her clit and back down. Feeling the wet tongue, Megan opens her eyes expecting to see Luke, thinking he had come early, but is shocked to instead see Duke. Realizing that she had the chance of her fantasy of being taken by a dog, like the girl on her favorite porno, Megan opens her legs wider to allow Duke better access to her pussy.

As her legs open, Duke moves closer to her, and buries his tongue into her pussy, wanting to lap up all of her sweet nectar. Gasping in pleasure as she feels his tongue go into her, Megan reaches down and grabs ahold of his head bringing him even closer to her. As he continues to lick inside her, his nose rubs against her clit, quickly bringing her to an earth shattering, body shaking orgasm.

Knowing she could not wait any longer for him to fuck her, Megan pushes Duke’s head away. Getting down on her knees beside him, she reaches under him and starts to stroke his sheath knowing his cock would soon become hard. After stroking for a few minutes, Megan is struck in awe as Duke’s 8 inch doggy cock stood fully erect pointing at the ground.

Crawling in front of him, Megan gets on her hand and knees and shakes her ass back and forth a little letting Duke know his bitch was ready. After a few minutes of nothing, Megan thinks he isn’t going to do anything and starts to get up. As she starts to get up, she feels the weight of Duke hit her back and knock her to the ground.

As he knocks her to the ground, Duke wraps his front paws around Megan’s waist and starts humping at the air, trying to get his cock into her pussy. After a few misses, he finally finds his mark and sinks his cock deep into her in one thrust. The sudden deep thrust in her and his face pace of fucking her, knocks the breath out of Megan, as he pounds his cock in and out of her with the speed no human could ever possess.

As he continues to fuck her with no mercy, Megan feels his knot starting to form at the base of his cock as every thrust into her makes it hit against her pussy. He thrusts harder and harder into her until finally his knot pops into her pussy. Megan cries out in pleasure as Duke’s knot is finally in her pussy and as it starts to swell. Duke continues to fuck her, long and deep thrusts, until his knot is the size of an orange and then his thrusts become short and jagged, causing his knot to move back and forth against her g-spot. The knot continuing to rub causes her to orgasm harder than ever before. As she comes down from her orgasm, Duke stops moving and spews his hot doggy cum deep inside her, making her orgasm again. As he stops cumming, he crawls off her and turns around so they are standing ass to ass while his knot comes down.
Breathing heavily, Megan relaxes as Duke turns ass to ass with her and as they wait for his knot to swell down. Looking up she tenses as she sees Luke in the door way. He had in fact come early to surprise her but had gotten a surprise himself instead.

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