The Kids Are Asleep

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He’s already in bed. I wonder if he knows I’m horny. Well, he’ll know pretty soon. I climb into bed and immediately go down on him. I love his dick when it’s already hard. It’s so huge, and when it’s hard, it curves upward. I know he likes me to take it really deeply, so I go down as far as I can…opening up my throat to take it deeper. I need to feel his balls while I’m sucking. I massage them, digging my fingernails into them slightly. He moans…good…making progress. Now I need to lick his balls. I let his dick slap me on the face as I dive down on them. I suck, kind of hard, kind of soft, and lick and make sure to slurp so he can hear what I am doing. My hair is getting long….I let it fall over his balls and dick just enough to tickle it. He grabs my hair and pulls and pushes my head. He calls me his “ho.” I love being called that while I’m sucking. I pull his dick out and rub it over my tits. bahis firmaları My nipples are so hard for him.

He just took a shower…I know what I’m doing next. He lifts his legs a little and my tongue finds that place. He wants to resist, but I won’t let him. It’s pleasure, and this is the bedroom, and I want to lick his ass. It feels so good to me, and can immediately feel myself getting wet. I tickle his asshole just enough to make him crazy. He can’t stand it any more, and rolls over on top of me. 69. He pumps my mouth while he’s sucking on my clit. I want to come right away, but try to wait. He sticks his fingers into my pussy hole while licking my clit. He rubs his whiskers on my clit. He knows that makes me crazy. I cum all over his face. He loves that. He dives into my pussy, covering his face in my cum. Meanwhile, he’s pumping me harder and harder in my mouth. I lick his dick, and sometimes kaçak iddaa his balls, and sometimes his ass. I grab his ass cheeks and dig my fingernails into it. I love his rock hard ass.

I can’t take it any more, and cum again all over his face. He must be drowning in my cum by now.

It’s time to fuck. He turns around, and faces me. I see my cum glistening on his face. He leans closer, and I lick it off of his face….my cum tastes sweet…not what I expected. I kiss him deeply. He is now rubbing his dick up and down my slit. I want to cum again. He pumps my clit with his dick…I cum again.

Fuck me now! I say. He tells me that HE makes the decisions in the bedroom, and puts his wet, cum covered dick back into my mouth. I taste my cum mixing with his precum. He rubs his dick on my tits. My nipples are rock hard. He pinches and pulls them.

It’s time to fuck again. This time, he enters kaçak bahis me from the top, grabbing the footboard and pumping hard. He lifts my legs straight over my head, and starts pumping harder. He knows I like when he climbs on top of me. Now he’s nearly sitting on me, fucking me while my legs are over my head. It’s so DEEP I yell. I can barely breathe, but he keeps pumping. Cum, I say!! He reminds me again that I’m a ho, and flips me over to my stomach, and raises my ass. He enters me from behind, and grabs my hair and pulls my head back. Fucking harder and harder, he finally fills me with what seems like a gallon of cum coming from his huge dick.

I’m not done, I say. I roll over, and start rubbing my clit with my own hand. He asks me if I need to hear a story. He leans over to my ear and tells me that he’s invited a topless dancer to come take care of me. I start rubbing my clit harder. He pinches my nipples, and tells me that the dancer is now licking between my legs. He simulates this with his fingers while I’m rubbing my clit.

I can’t stand it. I cum. and cum. and cum.

I fall asleep in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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