The Judgment of Sgt. J Chapter 7 Kay’s Heart Speaks the Truth

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The Judgment of Sgt. J Chapter 7 Kay’s Heart Speaks the Truth

I cowered behind the kitchen counter as that voice kept repeating itself in my head. I squeezed my arms around my head tighter hoping it would stop. I felt Cathy hands pulling at my arms removing them from around my head.

Cathy stood me up as she asked, “Kay, are you alright?”

“Did I do something Cathy?” “Is John angry because of you and me?” “Was that vice supposed to be me?” “Did you tell him of my past?” I asked her wiping at my tears.

“You did nothing wrong Kay.” “John is not angry with us.” “I did not tell him of your past,” Cathy replied. “John is angry and frustrated with himself and he took his anger out on that vice,” Cathy added.

“Why at himself?” I asked.

“Come with me down to the swing and we will talk,” Cathy replied taking my hand.

Cathy walked me from the house. We were almost to John’s workshop when he came out with boards in his hands. John did not look at us as he laid the boards to the ground. He hung his head against his chest as he walked back into his workshop. Cathy and I continued down to the swing the three of us had built. She sat me down then sat down beside me. Cathy rocked the swing gently with her foot as she took my hand into hers.

“John is angry at himself because he can not help you,” Cathy said. “His frustration got the best of him and he took it out on the vise,” she added.

“What do you mean John can not help me?” I asked.

“Kay, that man can read eyes better than Sherri, you or I will ever be able too,” Cathy replied. “John has had many years of practice reading someone’s eye.” “He learned that trade first in the jungles of Vietnam then fine tuned it with Carrie,” she added.

Cathy went on by telling me when John was in Vietnam he was an NCO, which meant he was the leader of maybe a 6 to 8 man team. These men, which John barely knew by names,but he had to know how they would act in combat. He learned to read their eyes and what to expect from the men whose lives were in his hands.

“John fine tuned that skill with Carrie when he returned and even more each time he looks into a mirror,” Cathy said to me. “John sees your demons in your eyes each time he looks into them because he sees his own in his own eyes,” Cathy added.

I looked at Cathy as I replied, “John is frustrated because he helped himself but he can not help me.” I paused for a few seconds then added, “Because I won’t let him or tell him of my past.”

Cathy smiled at me shaking her head yes. I looked toward the house to see John walking toward us. I squeezed Cathy’s hand tightly with my own. She looked to John then to me.

“Kay, you have to tell him not only for your good but for his as well,” Cathy said to me.

“I will,” I replied to Cathy as John reached us with his head hanging down on his chest.

John lifted his head looking to us as he said, “Forgive me ladies for ruining such a lovely weekend,” before he turned and started to walk away from us.

“John, please don’t go, let’s talk awhile,” I said.

John turned around and I held my hand out to him. He took my hand into his as he stared into my eyes. I did not turn my head from him. I left him stare deeply into my eyes. Cathy got up from the swing as she kissed me then she kissed John.

“It is time for me to leave,” “You two sit here and work this all out,” Cathy said as she walked toward her car.

John sat down next to me wrapping his arm around me. I explained to him that I thought that maybe he was upset because of Cathy joining us. I told him how my first husband Mark and I had a threesome with Cathy as I had thought he might straighten out if I pleased him by having her join us for sex. I also explained that Cathy and I have been having fun since they were in our young teens.

“I asked Cathy if she would help me try to save my first marriage by having sex with us,” I said. “Cathy was against as she had no feelings at all toward my first husband in fact she hated him,” I added.

“I finally talked her but I had to agree to her terms,” I said to John.

“Just what were Cathy terms?” John asked me

I explained that Cathy had agreed to do it but if it did not improve our marriage that I would leave him. I told Cathy I would agree to her terms. I was hoping it would help, as he once was a sweet man like you until his anger got the best of him.

I told him Sherri was at my moms and the three of us went out for dinner. We returned and Cathy and I put a show on for him. He joined us and the three of us had sex together. I thought every thing went well until Cathy left that night. I looked away from John hanging my head.

“What happened next?” John asked lifting and turning my head back toward him.

I looked deep into John’s eyes as I explained. My husband flew off in a fit of anger throwing stuff around through our home. I asked him why he had especially after the fun night we just had. He told because he saw how I had enjoyed myself with Cathy more than with him.

“He informed me that I was never to see Cathy again,” I replied with tears rolling down my face.

John wiped at my tears as he asked, “You thought I was angry about you two and threw the vice didn’t you?”
I shook my head yes, as John said, “No Kay that was not it at all.”

He stroked at my hair as he explained that he had truly enjoyed the fun we had last night. John told me what Cathy and I shared with each other was special and that he would never take that from me.

“You can see Cathy when ever you like,” “You can have all the fun with her you like without me if that is how you would prefer it,” “She can move in here permanently with us if that is your wish,” John said to me as he rocked the swing gently.

John explained to me what Cathy had already told me about us reminding him of Terri and Carrie. John told me how when they were teenagers the three of them had fun together at the lake. He also told me about the nightmare he had awakened from today in the morning. How no one in his nightmare had a face.

“They were faceless because you did not know who you wanted to see,” I said to John stroking his face once more.

John shook his head yes, as I stopped stroking his face then asked, “John, are you afraid that your memories of Carrie are being replaced?”

John sat there for a few seconds then he replied, “You might be right Kay,” looking into my eyes.

“John, always remember Carrie will live in here no matter what,” I said as I placed my hand to his heart. “I want my memories to go away John not yours,” I added as I returned to stroking his face.

“Kay, why do stroke my face like that?” John asked with wonder in his eyes.

“I noticed along time ago that when I did it seemed to fill you with peace and calmness,” I replied. “I figured that maybe Carrie used to do it to you or maybe your mother,” I added.

“Yes Carrie did do that to my face and your hand calms me just as hers did,” John replied.

I looked deeply into his eyes as I said, “John, I need to tell you something about myself before you get to serious with me.”

“OK, what is it?” I asked.

I sat there on the swing with him as I told him the full truth of my past. I explained how I made extra money working at the nightclub by being friendly with Jack’s clients. I told him how I also went back to some of those clients hotel after closing and gave them pleasure.

I explained how Joe came into my life and how I thought I had found some one special. I told him about Joe trading my body for weed and that his abuse started then. When Joe lost his job, he did not find another as he turned to selling drugs as well as my body to anyone who would pay.

I stared into John’s eyes as he replied, “That man put you through hell Kay,” “The more I hear about him the more I wish…”

I stopped him placing my finger to his lips as I said, “John, I enjoyed it.”

“YOU WHAT, you enjoyed it,” John yelled out.

“Let me explain John I owe you that much,” I said stroking my hand on his face

I explained that I never felt loved when I was with Joe especially when he started his abuse. However, some of the men I was with during that time showed me the love I wanted and needed. They held me during sex and some even afterwards.

Joe once called me at home and he said, “I am sending a customer home to you.” “You have better treat him nicely and do as he tells you or else.”

Sherri was in school at the time so I did not have to worry about her. I showered and did my hair nicely and applied make up and red lipstick to my lips. I slipped into a pair of crotch less pantyhose, a push up bra, a tight short one-piece mini skirt cut low to show off my bra as well as my tits. I was putting my high heels on when I heard the doorbell.

I opened the door to find an older man close to sixty standing outside the door and he said, “Joe sent me over miss.”

“Call me K,” I replied letting him into the house.

“My name is Gary,” he replied following me into the house.

I walked him into our modest living room sitting him down onto the sofa. I asked him if he would like a drink. He told me water would be fine. I fixed myself a large heavy drink as I found being a little drunk helped a lot. I handed him his water bending over in front of him giving him a lovely view of my tits hanging in his face.

He took the water as he stared at my tits but then his eyes went to mine. His eyes were the bluest I had ever seen on a man. I stared into his eyes and I saw that they sparkled and shined. My mind took me back to one of Jack’s clients that I had been with during my nightclub years. I could not even remember his name but I did remember his eyes. I sat down beside him and his eyes stayed fixed on my face.

“Is something wrong?” I asked him.

“No and please forgive me for staring but you were not what I was expecting,” Gary replied taking a sip of his water.

“And just what were you expecting?” I asked.

“An ugly, used and worn out woman,” “Not one as lovely and sexy as you,” Gary replied. “I must tell you I would have given Joe three times I had if I knew you looked as you do,” he added smiling at me.

I stared at him for a few seconds, as he was one of the first to have said something that nice to me. I was used to the men coming in and telling me to suck it as they unzipped their pants.

“Thank you,” I said to him smiling as I rubbed my hand over his cock. “Is there anything special you like or want me to do?” I asked grabbing his now hard cock through his pants.

Gary smiled as he replied, “Joe did tell me you would do anything I asked you to do.”

I took the glass of water from his hand as I said, “I am here for your pleasure,” sitting the glass to the coffee table.

“You could start by allowing me to kiss those lovely red lips of yours,” Gary replied.

I leaned into him touching my lips to his. I pecked at his lips then wrapped my arms around his neck as I kissed him fully onto his lips. His arms went around me as he kissed me back as I slipped my tongue into his mouth. I broke our kiss and as I pulled away from him, I noticed he had his eyes closed.

Gary opened his eyes as he said, “Your lips are the second sweetest I have ever tasted,” smiling at me.

“And whose were the first?” I asked.

“My wife Grace who passed away last year,” Gary replied.

“Sorry to hear that,” I replied.

“Don’t be for she was the kindness, sweetest, loving caring person I ever knew or hoped to know,” Gary said as I watched his eyes fill with joy and happiness.

I thought to myself how I could not remind him of such a person as that. I had to do something or I would start to cry. I slipped from the sofa and slid the coffee table out as I dropped to my knees in front of him. I parted his legs as I got between them.

I unfastened his belt, unsnapped his pants and pulled his zipper down. I had him stand up as I pulled his pants from him. I folded his pants neatly laying them onto the sofa then pulled his underwear down removing them and folding them then placed them onto his pants on the sofa.

I turned my attention to his cock that was in my face. His cock was average in size right at about 6 inches and of average thickness. His cock had thick gray and black hair surrounding it. His balls were huge as they hung down away from his cock. I reached up and I took his cock in one hand as my other hand went to his balls.

I pumped my hand on his cock as I played with those huge balls. I took my tongue and I ran it under and over his hanging balls as I pumped harder on his cock. They seemed to dance in his hanging nut sack as I did. I ran my tongue between his balls up the length of his cock.

I pumped at his cock with my hand as I licked around the head of his cock. I removed my hand from his cock as I took the head of his cock into my mouth. I closed my mouth around the head of his cock as I sucked deeply at it. I started to work my mouth up and down his cock taking it fully into my mouth.

Gary moaned as he said, “Oh Grace.”

I removed my mouth from his cock looking up at him as he looked at me and said, “Sorry about that.”

“You can call me Grace if that pleases you,” I replied smiling at him.

I took his cock back into my mouth. His hands went to my head where he pushed and pulled as I sucked at his cock. I was soon working my head up and down his cock as he helped. I reached up with my hand and rolled his balls in my hand as I worked my mouth on his cock. I squeezed and pulled at his nuts each time my mouth had his cock deeply in my mouth. I felt his balls swell in my hands as he pulled my head from his cock.

“AHHhhh Grace let me shot over your face,” Gary said as his hand went to his cock.

I placed my hands to my thighs as I offered up my face to his cock. Gary grunted and moaned as his hand slid back and forth on his cock. He aimed his cock at my nose as he gave it one more pull with his hand.

“AHHhhhhh,” Gary moaned loudly as his cock gave a jerk.

His cock spewed cum into the air. It was thick heavy chunky cum that flew through the air. His cum splashed onto my face as he went back to pulling on his cock. It seemed the more he pulled on his cock the more cum kept shooting from it.

The warm thick cum landed all over my face in chunky globs. Gary shook the last few drops onto my face as I looked up at him. My face had to be a mess with as much cum he had shot onto it. I could feel it start to run down and drip from my face when Gary stood me up from my knees.

Gary kissed me on my lips then licked his juices from my face. My pussy juices began to flow as his tongue licked at my face. He continued to kiss and lick at my face until he had cleaned his juices from it.

Gary pulled back from me as he said, “You probably think that is disgusting but Grace and I enjoyed it very much,” as he turned his head from me.

I turned his head back to me as I replied, “Not at all as I love a man who cleans up after himself,” smiling to him.

His blue eyes sparkled and shined as a smile came to his face as he replied, “Grace used to tell me that after we were done.”

Gary sat back down onto the sofa and I joined him. He wrapped his arm around me telling me he had enjoyed that very much. He told me I had great oral skills just like Grace.

“Is there anything else Grace used to do to you that I could?” I asked.

“Well, she used to pee on me,” Gary replied smiling at me.

I stood up and I took his hand in mine as I led him into the bathroom. I helped him to remove the rest of his clothes and placed him into the bathtub. Gary watched me from the tub as I slipped the mini skirt over my head.

His hand went to his soft cock and he started to rub at it as he watched me undress. I bent over placing the girls in his face in the tub as I shook them out of my push up bra. Gary licked and suckled at them as they hung in his face. His cock grew hard in his hand as well.

I stood back up and removed my bra tossing it to the ground. I played with my tits as I stood there with him in the tub. I pulled and pinched my nipple hard then brought one of my tits up to my mouth. I ran my tongue around it then licked at it with my tongue. Gary reached out with his hand placing it between my legs.

I parted my legs spreading them wider as his fingers ran back and forth through my hairy pussy. I was sucking at my tit as he slipped one then two fingers up into my pussy. Gary worked them in and out of my pussy as I worked my pussy onto them.

I dropped my tit from my xnxx mouth as his thumb pressed against my clit. He rubbed his thumb at my clit as his fingers ran in and out of my pussy. My clit swelled as my pussy sucked at his fingers as my wetness filled the small bathroom. I moaned softly as a small orgasm came over me.

I looked to see that his cock was fully hard again as he pumped at it with his hand. I pulled my pussy from his other hand as I climbed into the tub standing over his cock. Gary placed the fingers he had in my pussy into his mouth sucking and licking my juices from them.

I squatted over him as I pushed his hand from his hard cock. Without any guidance, I sat my wet pussy down fully onto his cock. My pussy took all of his cock deeply as I started to move up and down on his cock. His hands went to my tits and he squeezed them as he helped me to bounce on his cock.

I moaned softly as orgasm after orgasm raced through my body. My juices flowed feely coating his cock as well as my pantyhose covered thighs. Gary’s hands went from my tits to my ass. He took my butt cheeks into his hands and slammed my pussy down onto his cock.

“AHhhhhhhh K,” Gary screamed out which surprised me after he had called me Grace up until then.
I felt his cock swell then twitch as it shot cum into my pussy. I reached down and toyed with my clit as I rocked back and forth on his cock. His cock pumped my pussy full of cum as a powerful strong orgasm came over me. Mid way through my orgasm, I pulled my pussy from his cock and stood with it just above his face. I rubbed and smacked at my swelled clit as my orgasm kicked into high gear.

“AHHhhhhhh fuck,” I moaned out as I felt his cum start to drip from my pussy.

I looked to see Gary had his tongue out ready to catch any that dripped from my pussy. I pinched at my clit as my thighs shook. My pussy left go and opened as his cum and my piss started to flow out from it. I hosed his face down with my pee as he lapped at the golden spray with his tongue. My pee finally slowed to but a drip as Gary rose up burying his face into my wet dripping pussy. He brought me to another thigh shaking orgasm drinking my juices when I did.

I showered with him cleaning our bodies free of the mess we had made. I dried our bodies off with a towel. I slipped my robe on as he went to the living room to dress as well. I walked him to the door and he kissed me deeply. He thanked me for a lovely fun time.

“Your man must love you dearly to share you with others,” Gary said reaching into his pocket.

Gary slipped fifty dollars into my hand as he told me a little something just for me. I wanted to tell him that man did not love me; he used me and abused me. However, I knew the two of us came from different worlds and it would never work between us. I hid the money so Joe would not know about it before I cried into my hands.

A few like Gary gave me hope that there were normal men out there in this world. The hope that some day my knight in shiny amour would come rescues me from the horrors I faced. At the same time, others only showed me pain. This only reinforced their dominance over me. I was but to be a slave to all men for them to use me as they wanted.

Some tied me to the bed and used me for their perverted games. They spanked me, dripped hot candle wax all over my body while forcing me to suck their dicks. They called me names and told me I was only good for one thing, which was a whore for them to use. Most of them always ended our sessions with them taking me anally and then leaving me tied to the bed until Joe came and untied me.

With them telling me that and those mind drugs Joe kept me on I had no will of my own. Joe moved us to Colorado as he told me he was going to go straight and work for his brother. However he did not and he went back to selling me to men but he stopped feeding me those mind drugs as he told me I had become an zombie and men did not like that.

Once the drugs got out of my system, I saw the error in my way of living. I decided I had enough money put back that I could run away with Sherri. I packed our bags however; Joe caught me before we could leave. I got a beating for trying to leave him and a warning from him.

“Joe, threaten Sherri if I did not do as he saw fit,” “I made a deal with him that I would obey if he left Sherri out of all this,” I explained. “I use to fear what he would do to her so much that I used to lock her in her bedroom at night,” I added crying. “I had no choice John please understand that,” “I felt bad each time I turned the key locking her behind that door but at least I knew she was safe from him,” I added.

John wrapped his arm around me as he asked, “Kay, why in gods name did you not just leave?”

“I knew not where to run and hide.” “I was afraid of what he would do to Sherri.” I replied. “Joe got in trouble out there and the police wanted him as well as other bad men,” I added.

I explained how Joe had me meeting someone that night. I locked her safely in her bedroom before I left. I came home that night to find Sherri’s door pushed in but still locked. I unlocked her door to find her hiding in the corner. I ran to her taking her into my arms. I held her tightly as she wrapped her little arms around my neck.

“Make the bad man go away,” Please make him go away,” Sherri screamed as I held her.

“HEY BITCH,” Joe yelled.

I explained to John how I thought that was the end of both of our lives. I told him how I took Sherri into my arms burying her face into my shoulder as Joe reached in his backpack. I knew he kept his gun in there so I figured he was going to shoot us both. However, instead of gunshots I heard his motorcycle leaving. I grabbed Sherri and we ran to the airport as I had just enough money put back to fly us back to my mom’s.

“John, I understand if you were to ask Sherri and me to leave and all I can say to you is that I am sorry.” I said to him looking deeply into his eyes so he could see the fear I had in them of him doing just that.

John wrapped both his arms around me pulling my head into his chest as he replied, “Close your eyes and I will close mine,” “I have you in our happy place.” “Feel the warmth of the sun that day as I held you tightly in my arms.” “As I held you that day I heard two hearts beating as one.”

John went on saying, “Know that we all have hidden pasts some good, some bad,” “But we do not live in the past, we live for the present.” “Know also I fell in love with you not the other you,” “I promise to you that it is me who loves you and not that other me that lives within.” “Kay, I love you only because it is you.”

“It is I the true me that loves you John,” I replied to him before I laid my head to his chest. “There I told him,” I added talking into his chest.

“Just who were you talking to when you said there I told him?” John asked.

“That lovely girl I share your heart with as well as our home,” “The Angel Carrie that is who,” I replied lifting my head from his chest while rubbing my hand on his heart.

John kissed me deeply and with passion before I broke our kiss as I said, “I have to go call Cathy.”

“Why is that?” John asked.

“She threatened to never see me or us again if I did not tell you the truth,” I replied to him.

John smiled as he said, “I am getting to like that girl more and more.”

He walked me into the house and as I called Cathy, he went to pick Sherri up at school. I explained to Cathy that I had told him the truth about everything. She asked me if I felt better. I told her I did, as I did feel better at least for now.

Later that night as John and I lie in bed I said. “You know a hot tub would be nice.”

“You will have the biggest and the best here by the weekend,” John replied taking me into his arms.

John kept his word as the next day the tub arrived and his crew put it together. I did notice one troubling fact as I watched them putting it together. John seemed to yell a lot at his crew however, he would pull that person to the side and talk for a few seconds then shake his hand before they went back to work.

I asked John about it midweek and he told me he had a project on his mind that was causing him some problems. He told me he has been taking it out on his crew. He told me his problems would soon be over and they were used to it by now.

“John, can I help you with that problem,” I asked.

“No, Kay I don’t think you could,” John replied.

“I understand John I am not as smart as you,” I said walking away from him.

“Kay, that is not what I meant,” John yelled to me.

“I know John,” I replied turning to him before walking on into the house.

I sat in the kitchen watching them work. I thought about how I was not as smart, as wise as John was. I had sat with him many times, as he had talked to some clients but I had never done anything more than clean his office. I wanted to do more than being the housekeeper. However, I did not know how to tell him that.

Thursday night in bed, John told me I would have to ride to school with Cathy Friday. He told me he had to stop at his office and that he might be late getting to school as well. I could see the look of concern in his eyes. I asked him again if there was anyway I could help.

“No Kay you would not know what to do,” John replied.

I lie in his arms wondering if he had just told me I was dumb or something. I might not have the smarts he did but I did have some brains. I fell asleep and when I woke up John was already gone. Cathy picked me up and we went to school.

I went to my first few classes before John came walking into class. I asked him if everything was all right at his office. He told me it was as Frank his partner had handled it.

“I got with Frank to set up an appointment with an important client,” John said to me. “Been trying to pitch him a deal on building his line of car washes around town for some time now,” he added.

“Oh I see,” I replied softly.

“You will be making the new pitch to him Wednesday at 11:00 am,” John said looking at me.

“Me, but you’re going to be there as well right,” I replied.

“I will be there but not in the meeting this client is all yours,” John said to me.

“What if I…” I started to say to him.

John placed his finger to my lips as he said, “Don’t worry you will be just fine.”

John walked Cathy and me to her car after school. At Cathy’s car, he took a hold of Cathy’s hand. He looked at me smiling then turned back to Cathy.

“I just wanted to tell you that our house is your house,” “You are welcomed to come and go as you please,” “We both would like to share our hearts as well as our home with you,” John said to Cathy.

Cathy brought her hand to the side of John’s face. His eyes opened wide as they filled with the brightest blue I had ever seen in his eyes. His eyes filled with that far away look in them as he looked at Cathy.

“Thank you John, for making me feel welcomed as well as loved,” Cathy replied rubbing her hand to his face.

John froze as she rubbed her hand on his face. They stared into each other’s eyes. Cathy removed her hand and John gave his head a little shake. Before he told us, he would see us at home after he stopped at his office.

As Cathy’s drove me home I said, “John really likes you,” “I think you are Carrie to him sometimes.”

“Nonsense Kay, Carrie is gone and forgotten,” she replied. “You are the new love of his life, not me,” Cathy added.

I was not for sure but I thought I had seen a gleam in her eyes. I also felt a pinch of jealousy in my heart. However I left it, slip my mind as we talked about me making a presentation to one of his clients.

“Kay, you will do fine or you can use your charm on the man,” Cathy said to me looking at my tits.

She dropped me off telling me she would see me at school Monday as she had her kids this weekend and would not be able to join us until next weekend. I kissed her and told her I would miss her.

I sat in the front room waiting for Sherri to come home from school. She came home as I was talking to Cathy on the phone. She had called to check up on me because of the worry I had in my voice over making this presentation come Wednesday. I was talking to her about being worried about screwing this all up and John getting mad at me. Sherri came home, I saw her grab Coco, and she went outside to play. I was sitting in the front room when John came home.

John walked over to me giving me a quick kiss then placing a stack of files onto my lap as he said, “These are for you, look them over and if you have any question I am here,” as he walked away.

I studied those files all weekend long. John’s client wanted his company to build him five new type of car wash facility. The plans and layout of the building John was purposing was much more than it needed to be. I mean you were washing cars and it did not need to look like the Taj Mahal.

However, I also saw little notes that John had written about really wanting this project. If he got the project, the client would be a return customer if he could please him. John had drawn dollar signs after that.

I reworked his plans a little bit as well as the cost to build. It took me all weekend and into Tuesday night, before I had it all worked the way I thought I should present it to his client. After we got Sherri to bed, I checked the files over one more before I took them into John as he sat reading in the living room.

I went to him as I said, “John, this is your project not mine,” “It is important to you and you should present it,” as I handed him the files.

“Kay you have watched me pitch projects to clients many times,” John replied.

“Yes I have John but you have that special ability that makes people listen to you,” I said to him with an unsure look on my face.

John took me into his arms pressing his nose against mine as he replied, “Kay just be you and you will do just fine, I have faith in you,” as he kissed me.

Wednesday arrived and after we took Sherri to school, John and I drove right to the office. I was dressed nicely in that business suit John had brought me. John had on his three-piece suit as well. John walked me into his office and I could not believe how messed up his office was.

I shook my head at John as I said, “Go play with a truck or something and let me clean this office,” as I pushed him from his office.

I cleaned it up quickly and prepared my paperwork. I went over my presentation a few times. I looked to the clock on his wall and saw that the client would soon be here. I walked into the bathroom in his office and looked at myself in the mirror.

That business suit looked lovely on me. There was just one thing missing it did not show the girls. I made some changes to my outfit quickly until I had just enough of the girls showing. I thought if I could not get through to him with a sound presentation, I would tease him into signing the contract.

The client soon arrived. He was an older man not much bigger than I was. In fact, with the high heels I had on I was bigger than he was. I reached my hand out to shake his as I introduced myself and welcomed him to our office. However, he took a hold of my hand and he kissed it lightly.

“I did not know a lovely woman like you worked here as I have only talked on the phone until now,” the man said.

I smiled at him as I walked him into the office closing the door behind us. I sat him down behind John’s desk. The man stared boldly at the girls hanging down in his face. I excused myself into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw that my tits were almost out of my top. What are you doing Kay I asked myself? I shook my head as I covered the girls back up hiding them from view before I walked back out into the office.

“I was worried there for a second as I thought you were going to try to make your sell to me with sex,” the man said smiling as his eyes looked to my now closed shirt.

“The thought had crossed my mind however let me show you what we had in mind instead,” I replied as I laid the files out in front of him.

I went over the plans with him. I explained how they might not have been what they had talked about on the phone. I told him these were simpler, cheaper to build and they would serve the same purpose. I also told him he would be saving money in the end.

The man leaned back in John’s chair then he stood up and he said, “Kay I was ready to walk back out that door when I saw you.” “I had figured this woman is going to sell me with sex.” “I can buy all the sex bakire porno in the world; I just wanted some new car washes built so I can continue that practice.” The man took my hand into his as he added, “I like that you told me the truth about what was on your mind but I do not want you to build me those 5 car washes.”

My heart stopped beating and my head slowly started to sink to my chest until I heard the man as he said, “With your plan and the money you saved me I want you to build me eight of them,” as he shook my hand.

“Thank you and I will be right back with the contracts for you to sign,” I replied walking from the office.

I walked out into the main office building to find Frank and John sitting there. I saw John had the look of worry on his face. Then I saw his suit had some type of red fluid or something over it as I walked to him.

John stood up as he asked, “Well are we going to build his five car washes?”

I had no expression on my face as I replied, “No, John I am sorry.” I walked over to him and smiled as I added, “We are building him eight instead of five.”

John was going to hug me but I stopped him as I asked, “John, what happen to your suit?” “Never mind I probably do not want to know,” I added before I asked Frank for three more contracts.

John just stood there smiling at me as his eyes filled with great joy and happiness. Frank handed me the contracts and John was still just standing there looking at me. I walked by him tapping my hand at the side of his face.

“You know that suit is ruined,” I said as I walked back toward his office shaking my head. I paused at the door as I heard Frank and John talking.

“So Boss what happened to your suit?” I heard Frank ask him.

“I fixed the dozer that was what happened,” John replied turning to him.

“You know we have coveralls you could have put on Boss,” Frank said shaking his head.

John shook his head no at him as he replied, “No, I did not know.”

I walked back into the office. I had our new client sign all the paperwork. I told him it was our pleasure to build his car washes and that I hoped we could help him with other projects down the road. The man took my hand again and he patted it as he told me telling him the truth sealed the deal and he looked forward to working with me again in the future. I walked him out to John and Frank who I handed the contracts too.

“I believe you know John and Frank the owners,” I said smiling to our client.

The client looked at John as he asked, “Son, what the hell happened to your suit?”

We all had a good laugh as John explained how his suit got cover in hydraulic oil. The client even made the comment it was good to see that the owner was a hand on kind of person. I told him that was why we kept him around as I smiled at John. John took Frank and me to lunch and I explained that I had simplified their plans a little. I told them we will still make good money and I believed we had ourselves a new customer as well.

We dropped Frank off at the office as we drove home so John could change his clothes. On the way I asked, “What if I had failed you John?”

“I would have taken you into my arms and told you to go to our happy place as you closed your eyes while I held you tightly,” John replied smiling at me

“John I love you,” I said as I cuddled up to him.

“I love you too Kay,” John replied. “Plus you have a bonus coming,” he added.

“What bonus?” I asked.

“I was thinking maybe a new car to replace that dam Vega,” John replied smiling.

“If that pleases you John then it pleases me,” I said as I laced my arm through his as I cuddled even closer to him.

That was probably the happiest day in my life up to that time. I had done something on my own. I had not used sex or my body to get it done as well. I also knew John had let me make the prsentation to give me confidence in myself. I rested my head against his arm as I waited for that voice inside my head to say something. Strangely, it never said anything to me.

The rest of the week went quickly and I did get a brand new car as John had promised. John even left me look over other contacts before he would purpose anything anymore. I was looking forward to Friday, as Cathy would be joining us for her first weekend with us. She and I were going out Friday night as John, Sherri and Coco were spending the night together at home.

Friday came and I was in the bedroom getting ready when Cathy walked in wiping tears from her eyes. “Is something wrong?” I asked her.

“They are happy tears as your man can say the sweetest words sometimes,” she replied.

I did not ask her what he had said to her I simply replied,” He can can’t he,” hugging her and then walking with her into the living room.

Cathy and I walked into the living room. John stared at us as Sherri and Coco played on the floor. Sherri saw us coming and she ran to John. She whispered something into his ear.

John smiled at me as he said, “Kay you look lovely my dear.”

I kissed John deeply telling him thanks. I turned to Sherri. I bent over to give her a big hug.

“Thank you my dear for telling daddy to tell me,” as I smiled to John.

Cathy went over to John and she wrapped her arms around his neck as she said, “Daddy, have the hot tub ready when we get home.”

When Cathy had went and wrapped her arms around John. Sherri struggled in my embrace of her. I looked at her and I saw she had an enraged look on her face. I followed her eyes until my own landed on the embrace Cathy was giving John. I turned Sherri’s face back to mine and for a split second, I swore I saw the same type of fire I have seen before in John’s eyes.

“Mommy loves you and don’t you ever forget that,” I said to Sherri.

“I love you too mommy,” “Don’t worry about daddy,” “Coco and I will keep him safe,” Sherri replied picking up Coco.

That dog licked at my face as she held it there. She laughed as she told me Coco likes you mommy. I realized I must have been seeing thing as a sweet little girl as her could not hold hate and anger in her heart.

Cathy and I left and on the way, I told Cathy we needed to watch our fun around Sherri as she was at that age now. Cathy agreed and we went into the bar. We talked and we had a friend join us for a short while before we both decided this was no fun and we could be having some real fun back at home. We left the bar and returned home.

We walked into the house as John asked, “Why home so early?”

“We were not having fun and the men only had one thing on their minds,” I replied.

“And what would that have been?” John asked.

“The same thing that is on your mind,” I replied.

“What that there are worst horrors in the real world than these make believe ones in this monster movie?” John asked pointing to the TV.

Cathy and I looked at him tilting our heads at him. I wondered if she was wondering about what he had said as I looked to her. Cathy was looking at me as I looked at her. Together we turned back to John as we each rubbed a hand to the side of his face. We both looked to the sign hanging above the fireplace.

“Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” Cathy and I said to him together.

“Let hopes the little bastard don’t like hot tubs,” John replied standing up chasing us back to the bedroom.

The three of us slipped out of our clothes as we watched each other. We slipped robes on then we walked out onto the back porch and into the hot tub. It was a lovely late spring night. The crescent moon hung in the sky with the big dipper over our head. John was sitting there with his head tilted back staring blankly into the night sky.

“John, why do you look into the night sky so much especially on starry nights?” I asked him as I have been wondering about that.

John started to reply when Cathy replied, “I know why he does.”

John and I looked to Cathy as she said, “He looks because during Vietnam he could see no stars in the heavens above due to the thick jungle around him.”

John smiled at us both as he replied, “There is your answer Kay.”

“John, did you get lonely during the long nights over there?” I asked him rubbing my fingers across his chest.

“I was lonely when I stepped from that plane arriving there,” John replied. “Luckily I had some very fond memories of two lovely girls much like the two of you to keep me company,” he added smiling at Cathy and me.

I wrapped my arms around Cathy as I said, “Let us add to those memories John.”

My lips went to Cathy’s as we kissed deeply and with much passion. Cathy wrapped her arms around me pulling me tightly against her smashing our breasts together as she returned my kisses. As we kissed bells, whistles and fireworks went off inside of my head. A warm peaceful feeling filled me as she slipped her tongue into my mouth as I slipped mine into hers.

I broke our kiss as I looked to John who was watching us intently. I turned back to Cathy and I saw the love she had in her eyes. I just did not know it was not for me at that time. I kissed my way down her neck to her lovely big breasts. I kissed around them and between them as her hand rubbed at my back.

I traced my tongue over her nipples then licked at them making them hard in the night air. I suckled one breast then the other as I pulled at whichever nipple was not in my mouth. Cathy moaned lightly as I gently chewed on her big nipples in my mouth. She squirmed and I knew I had her juices flowing as she loved her tits played with and suckled upon.

Cathy pulled my head from her tit as she asked, “Kay is it alright if I have John now I am so horny thanks to you?”

“You may have him anytime you wish,” I replied to her.

Cathy wrapped her arms back around me as she kissed me with passion. She kissed for a longtime as he hand went between my legs. She petted my pussy as our tongues petted in our mouths she broke our kiss as she told me to sit upon the edge of the hot tub. I did as she asked and as I got out of the water, she kissed at my butt before I turned to sit down. I sat down on the edge as her hands parted my thighs.

Cathy licked at my thighs working her tongue to the inside of my thigh. From there she kissed and licked her way to my pussy. At my pussy, she opened my pussy lips with her fingers as her tongue slipped between them. She licked then kissed at my hairy pussy a few times before she looked over her shoulder to John.

“Take me from behind as I eat her out John,” Cathy cooed out before putting her face back into my hairy pussy.

John stood up with his cock hard and throbbing then he got onto his knees behind Cathy. Her tongued licked at my pussy as John rubbed his cock at the entrance of her hairless pussy. Cathy moaned softly into my pussy as his cock entered her from behind.

John placed his hands to her hips as he started to move his cock in and out of her. Cathy used her tongue moving it in and out to match John’s strokes as he fucked her from behind. The sounds of water splashing filled the night air and I could not tell if it was the hot tub or John’s cock driving in and out of her pussy.

My own pussy started to drip juices as Cathy went to lapping at it wildly with her tongue. John increased his speed as her tongue lapped at my pussy. I leaned back against the small upper deck of the hot tub as I lifted my legs to Cathy’s shoulders.

“AHHhh John,” Cathy moaned as she lifted her mouth from my pussy when I moved.

I used my hands to pull her face back down to my pussy. I bucked my hips toward her face as her tongue licked deeply at my pussy. I looked to John who was staring at me. I smiled at him as my eyes went shut as my first orgasm came over me.

“AHHhh Cathy,” I moaned out as I rubbed her head into my pussy.

John moved his hand to Cathy’s butt cheeks and I knew he had to be pulling them apart making her asshole wink at him as he has done to me. Cathy moved her face to my thighs as she sucked to get some air. She kissed and licked at my thigh as I ran my hands through her long hair. I looked to see John’s palm on the top of Cathy’s ass. I only saw four fingers so I knew John had slipped his thumb up her ass.

“AHHhhh, John,” Cathy moaned as she pushed her ass back toward his cock and his thumb in her ass. She kissed my thigh once more than looked back to John as she added, “You can take my butt John but please be gentle,” before she buried her face back into my pussy.

John removed his cock from her pussy and he placed it against her asshole as Cathy placed her mouth over my clit. John pushed at her asshole with his cock. As the head of his cock popped into her ass, she moaned softly into my pussy as she bites gently at my clit.

My hands went to her hand as I moved her head back and forth on my clit as I bucked my hips upward. John did not move his cock in her ass he left it lie still until Cathy started to work her butt back toward him. Cathy slowly took more of his cock up her ass as she eased back onto it. Cathy sucked at my clit as she worked more of his cock deep into her ass.

“AHHhhhhh,” I screamed out as a powerful orgasm came over me.

My pussy squirted into Cathy’s face just as John cock bottomed out in her ass. Cathy licked and sucked at my juices as my thighs shook and squeezed around her head. As my orgasm slowed, I slipped my legs from her shoulders back into the hot tub as she lays her head to my thighs. I rub my hands at her back as I stare up to John.

“Fuck my ass John,” Cathy moans with her face into my thigh.

John looks to me as I add, “Yes John fuck her ass.”

John slowly moved his cock in and out of her asshole. Cathy moaned as her hands went to my thighs. She squeezes at my thighs with her hands each time he moved his cock in and out of her virgin asshole. She has only had my finger or a toy up her ass until now and neither was as big as his cock.

Cathy pulled herself up until she wraps her arms around my neck. John did not miss a stroke as she did. She kisses me deeply as John builds up to a steady pace of fucking her ass. Cathy is soon moving her butt back to meet each of his strokes. Cathy breaks our kiss as she moves her mouth to my ear. She arches her back taking more of his big cock up into her ass as she pumps her butt on his cock.

“Thank you Kay thank you,” she whispers into my ear as John fucks her up her ass.

John fucked her steady for about ten minutes. I could see it in his face and eyes that he is fighting not to cum as her tight asshole squeezed around his cock. I removed Cathy’s arms from my neck placing them to the side of the hot tub as I moved toward John. I kiss at his lips as he fucks her.

“OHHHhhhh I am going to have orgasm,” Cathy screams out as she backs her ass fully onto John’s cock.

John pushes forward driving his cock deeper as his arms wrap around me. We kiss and swap tongues as Cathy’s asshole flexes around his cock as she has a long powerful orgasm. John breaks our kiss.

“Oh fuck I am going to shoot,” John yelled.

I slip from his arm and I pull his cock from Cathy’s asshole as my mouth engulfs it deeply into my mouth. I run my mouth up and down his cock until I feel cum splashing into my mouth. I take his full load into my mouth before I swallow it and lick at the head of his cock with my tongue. Cathy moves and she comes back to John’s cock and me.

“Kay you didn’t save any for me,” Cathy said whiningly.

I lick my lips as I replied, “Sorry about that,” as my hand pumps at John’s cock.

John wraps us in his arms pulling us up to him as he said, “There is more where that came from girls.”

The three of us hug and kiss. We all are telling the other how wonderful that was. I can feel John’s cock twitching as Cathy and I kiss again.

I break our kiss as I said, “Your ass in no longer virgin,” to Cathy.

John kisses her as he adds, “Thanks for letting me be the one to take it.”

The three of us moved our lovemaking into the house and back into our bedroom. John watched as Cathy and I brought each other off in a 69. Cathy and I sucked his cock at the same time-sharing his load of cum. The night ended with us lying beside him wrapped in his arms. We both laid our heads on his chest and held hands. I told Cathy that I loved her. She told me that she loved me. I looked to see John smiling at us as I told him I love him as well.

Cathy looked to John as she said, “I love just being a part of the love you two share,” before she kissed him gently on his lips. She looked back to me as she added, bedava porno “Thank you for sharing this man with me,” as she kissed me gently on my lips.

We both fell asleep in his arms. The next morning John sent us all shopping. Sherri, Cathy and I piled into my new car and left at around nine in the morning. We had told John goodbye as he sat drinking coffee at the kitchen table. When we returned he was gone and his half cup of coffee sat cold on the kitchen table.

We all looked for a note or something but found none. I sent Sherri out to play with Coco, as I did not what her to see how worried I was. I told Cathy he had walked away to never return as tears filled my eyes. Cathy was the strong one as she told me she was sure that was not the case. Maybe he is at work she told me. I called and they had not seen him today.

Cathy sat with me in the kitchen as all types of thoughts entered my mind. I wondered if he was hurt somewhere. Cathy told me his truck is still here so he must have went with someone. We heard a car pulling into the driveway and I looked to see that it was a sheriff cars.

“Dear god something as happened,” I yelled as I ran out the back door.

I saw John and the sheriff sitting in the car. I stopped on the patio when I saw them. Cathy and Sherri with Coco in her arms joined me as we watched them step from the car.

Sheriff Steve tipped his hat to us smiling as he said, “Afternoon ladies.” Then he turned to John as he added, “Now you take good care of that fine looking family you have there Sgt. J,” before he backed his car out of our driveway.

“John is everything alright?” “You’re not hurt are you?” “What happened?” “Why were you with the sheriff?” I asked as I ran to him.

“Everything is alright I just had to lend a hand to a friend as well as to “Seven Spanish Angels,” as he looked to Cathy.

“Rod,” Cathy said barely loud enough for me to have heard it.

John told us to get inside and he would explain everything. He saw us to the door then turned back and saw Sherri standing there with Coco in her hands looking to the ground. Cathy and I stood inside the door as John went back to her. John squatted down to her level.

“What is it princess?” He asked.

“The police they took another bad man to jail daddy,” Sherri said.

“No princess just a man like me one who is innocent but lost,” John replied.

“Daddy, Coco and I will always find you if you get lost,” Sherri said sticking Coco into his face.

That dog licked at his face then barked just once before John replied, “I bet he could at that,” as he rubbed at Coco‘s ears. “You two go play while I talk to mommy and Cathy,” John added.

Cathy and I went into the living room waiting for him to come into to talk to us. He walked to the fireplace and turned to us. Cathy and I sat there holding hands waiting for him to tell us what had happened.

The Sheriff needed my help today seems that Rod got himself into a little trouble that was all,” John replied.

“John what did he do and is he OK?” Cathy asked.

John explained Rod had taken money from his karate schools in hopes of getting divorced from the two women he is married too. John told us that Rod was in danger of losing all of his schools. Because both of the women had taken all of his money and now, he has no money left to run the schools.

“Everything rather piled up on him and he took to drinking last night and ended up in a fight,” John said to us.

He went on as he explained about the three men in the hospital from the fight last night. The Sheriff needed my help, as he wanted to talk with Rod about the incident but was worried about harm to his own men as well as to Rod. Because Rod had warned them, he was not going to leave that bar in the morning without putting up a fight.

“It’s my entire fault,” Cathy said as she started to cry.

I wrapped my arms around her as I replied, “You had nothing to do with it other than his love for you.”

“John is there anything you could do?” I asked.

“Already taken care of it as Rod has a partner in his business come Monday,” John replied.

I smiled to Cathy as I said, “See I told you John would fix everything.”

“Just what did you ladies know about all this?” John asked.

Cathy and I explained that we had run into Rod last night when we were out. I explained that Rod had told us everything and that was why we had came back home early. I wanted to tell you last night but Cathy would not let me ask you to help Rod.

John stood there for a second before he said, “Girls if you have a problem I am always here,” “Three men lie in the hospital; luckily Rod did not kill one of them in anger.”

Cathy replied, “I am sorry John I did not know Rod still had a monster in him as well,” as she wiped at her tears.

“All men have monsters in them waiting to strike,” John said. Then he added, “They just need the right circumstance to be unleashed,” looking at me.

“John, how do you control your monster?” I asked in a worried tone.

“I don’t Kay it controls me,” “For the monster within me is me and always has been I,” John replied hanging his head down as he walked from the room.

“Cathy, go to him,” “You understand this part of him much better than I do,” I said to Cathy.

Cathy shook her head Ok and she went looking for John. I told her she would find him in his workshop, as that was where he went anytime he became like this. I sat there alone sitting on the sofa. You could have heard an pin drop as quiet as the house was.

Suddenly that voice inside my head said, “The man you love is really a monster.” “Leave before this monster devours you and your daughter.”

“NO, JOHN is not a monster,” I yelled as I wrapped my arms around my head.

I squeezed my arms around my head as I started to cry. I was trying to purge his voice from my mind. I wanted that voice to be out of my head. However, it just kept talking to me.

“Rod and John are the same,” “Brothers in arms,” “Three men lie in a hospital,” “The sheriff sends another monster to bring in a monster.” “How long before that monster turns on you,” that voice said to me.

I closed my eyes tightly until in my mind I was standing in John’s office. He has me in his arms as the sunlight crept across the floor. The sunlight engulfed us as I heard.

“I have you Kay and no harm will ever come to you or Sherri as long as you are in my arms,” John said to me.

I opened my eyes and pulled my arms from my head. The voice was gone. All the bad thoughts were gone from my head. I felt peace come over me, as I looked around the room at all the wonderful stuff that John had given to me and to Sherri. I looked to the sign over the fireplace.

“Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” I said quietly to myself.

Cathy came running in and she sat down beside me with a worried look as she took my hand she said, “Sherri saw me kissing John.”

“Where is she? Is she OK?” I asked franticly.

“John went to her, he will straighten it out with her,” Cathy replied.

“Kay you look very troubled is something wrong?” Cathy asked me.

I explained to her about the voices I hear inside my head. I told her they have always been there. They are unlike John’s as mine tells me to do things that I regret. I told her John knew and he gave me my own happy place to go too. I explained to her that it worked as it took the voices from my head.

“I know John sees you as Carrie,” I said to her.

“Kay, don’t talk like that,” Cathy replied.

“You know it is true or you’re too blind to see it,” I said. “You are Carrie and I am Terri the one who broke his heart,” I added.

“Kay…” Cathy replied pausing for a long time. “He does see me as Carrie and I only allow him to in hopes of helping him,” Cathy added.

“Do you love him Cathy?” I asked her.

Cathy hung her head down as she replied, “I do love him and I have since the day I met him.”

I lifted her head with my hand as I said, “I love him as well and I also love you.” I took her hand into mine as I said, “I promise to always share my heart as well as John with you.”

Cathy smiled at me as she took my other hand as she replied, “I promise to share John as well as my heart with you.” She placed our enclosed hands together as she added, “I have always loved you and I always will,” we kissed sealing our little deal.

John walked into the kitchen and we looked to him as he said, “I will be back I have to go see somebody,” with his head looking down.

Our thoughts turned to Sherri who came walking in a few minutes later. She walked over to me and handed me Coco. She turned to Cathy.

“You only remind daddy of Carrie which is OK I guess,” Sherri said. “For daddy loves mommy more than anything,” she added as she walked back toward the door.

Sherri stopped and she turned looking at us both as she said, “Don’t worry about daddy I am going with him to see someone very special,” as she turned and walked out the door.

I turned to Cathy as she turned to me we both said, “Carrie,” in unison as Coco left out two barks.

Cathy and I were not sure just what was going on however Cathy assured me if John had taken Sherri with him, he would be safe as she would be safe. We talked and made something to eat. We both started to worry at about eight o’clock that night when they were still not back. Then we heard John’s truck pulling into the driveway.

John and Sherri walked in the back door. Her little hand swallowed by his big hand as they walked into the living room. Cathy and I looked to them as Sherri came over and picked Coco up from the floor. Sherri walked back over and stood beside John.

I looked to Sherri then to John as I asked, “OK, you two I know that look,” “Now what have you two done?”

John looked down to Sherri as he asked, “May I ask her?”

“Yes you may daddy,” Sherri replied.

John walked over to me and he smiled at me then to Cathy. John took my right hand into his as he dropped to one knee. My heart started to beat fast as I heard my it pounding in my chest.

John looked into my eyes as he said, “Kay your daughter told me it would be alright with her,” as he looked to Sherri smiling. He turned back to me as he opened a ring box as he asked, “Kay, will you marry me?”

Tears filled my eyes as I smiled to John as I replied, “Yes John I will marry you.”

John slipped the ring onto my finger and it fit perfectly. John stood back up raising me from the sofa as well. He took me into his arms and we shared a deep passionate kiss. I saw Sheri run over and she whispered something into Cathy’s ear then they both hugged. Cathy came over to me taking me from John’s arms as I broke our kiss.

“I am so happy for the three of you,” Cathy said giving me a kiss.

After I kissed Cathy I saw Sherri standing there smiling at me. With tears still flowing from my eyes I squatted down as I kissed and hugged her as I said, “I know you had your hand in making this a happy day.”

Sherri shook her head no as she replied, “Not me mommy Angel Carrie,” as she pointed to Carrie’s picture on the mantel of the fireplace.

“I will have to go thank her,” I said as I kissed John again.

John went downstairs to see if he had any champagne. Cathy went with him leaving Sherri and I alone. I sat down and Sherri got up on the sofa beside me. She cuddled up against me as she looked up at me.

“Thanks mommy for making me the happiest girl in the world,” as she cuddled me even tighter.

“I only said yes, you were the one that pick him out,” I replied to her.

Sherri smile at me as that sweet little girl said, “That man fixed my skate and he has fixed you mommy as well,” as she cuddled me again.

I cuddled her back waiting for that voice to say something. However, no voices filled my head. I turned to the fireplace and my eyes went to the photos of Carrie, I swear her eyes twinkled at me as I stared into hers. I took that as her approval as I mouthed “Thank You,” to the heavens above.

John and Cathy returned with the champagne. John poured us all a glass as well as giving Sherri some in a little glass. John gathered us near the fireplace and he looked at the wedding picture of him and Carrie as he raised his glass into the air.

“Each of us are angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another,” as he looked to Cathy, to Sherri, then to me before we drank from our glasses.

“So when are you two getting married?” Cathy asked me.

I looked to John as I said, “Would it be OK if it is after we finish college John that is only a year away.”

“That would be just fine,” John replied.

“Where are you two going to get married?” Cathy asked.

Sherri pulled at John’s pant leg as she motioned him down to her level. She whispered something into his ear. A smile came to his face as he stood back up then looked down to Sherri.

“You tell them princess,” John said looking to Cathy and me.

Sherri looked at John then to us as she said, “There is this lovely place where the moon dances on the water, where stars shine bright to many to count. A place you can hear the gentle lapping of the waves crashing against the shoreline.” Sherri paused then she added, “The place we are to meet Carrie and Melissa when the time is right.”

“That would be lovely and nice,” I replied as tears filled my eyes once more.

Sherri motioned John back down to her as she said, “It’s OK as those are happy tears mommy cries.”

“I think it is time I put you to bed young lady,” I said to her wiping at my tears. “Give daddy and Cathy a good night kiss first,” I added.

Sherri hugged John tightly and she whispered into his ear however I heard her as she said, “Thank you daddy I now know dreams can come true,” before she kissed him on his cheek.

I wiped at the fresh tears in my eyes as I sat in the study looking to John. His typing stopped as he looked at me. A strange thought entered my head as I stared at him, one that I could not find the answer too inside my head. I looked to him as I tilted my head.

“John, if I never told you I tell you now,” I said then paused as I took his hand into mine as I added, “Thank You, for making that little girl’s dreams come true back then.”

A poem came into my head that I once heard. I smiled at John as I said,
“Only as high as I reach can I grow.
Only as far as I seek can I go.
Only as deep as I look can I see.
Only as much as I dream can I be.”

John squeezed my hand tightly in his as he looked into my eyes. I stared deeply into his to see just where his soul now may lie. His eyes fill with darkness as I felt his hand grow cold. John whispers to me in the same tone as that voice in my head once did.

“I walk these grounds alone.
I fear not as I walk into the unknown,
For each time I enter and open the gate,
I know on the other side that Fate awaits.
Night after night, I return, to fight my personal hell.
Forever shall I walk alone in the darkness.
For the darkness knows me and I know the darkness so well.”

John turned his computer off and he leaves me to ponder his words. Did his words mean he was going to take away our dreams? Was he telling me he has never left his own darkness? What did the man I love mean by his words? I closed my eyes as I search within my mind for an answer.

I found myself not at our happy place but at another’s place. This place was a lovely place. “Where the moon dances on the water, where stars shine bright to many to count. A place you can hear the gentle lapping of the waves crashing against the shoreline.”

John stood at the shoreline with his back to me. I call out his name but he does not turn nor does he reply. A little girl with long blonde hair walks from the moon that sits on the water. She takes John’s hand into hers and together they walked onto the water. I scream for John to stop but he does not hear and together they walk until they both disappear into the moon as it sinks beneath the water. The vision slowly leaves my mind as a women’s gentle voice fills my ear. “Trust your heart Kay,” “Listen to no others,” “Listen to your heart and let it guide you as John lets his.”

John returns and he asked, “Kay who was you talking to?”

I looked to him as I replied, “You are not the only one who talks with Angels.”

Let me know if you are enjoying my story. Leave your comments, as I love to hear them. The next Chapter will be out soon and I believe it will have two guest authors as Cathy begins her story as from here on out our stories become combined as our life has.

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