The Initiation of Denise

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Denise lay on her stomach across the width of her double bed, the covers mussed and in disarray, her naked body covered with a layer of sweat, her feet hanging off one side of the bed and her hands drooping down from the other. Her long, thick, black hair was tangled and damp with her sweat, partially covering her face as her head was turned to the side; she lay breathing hard, trying to catch her breath. Her legs were spread and her pussy gaped open, a stream of hot, thick cum leaking out and puddling beneath her shaven mound. Her pussy was still throbbing, the lips swollen and red, and the cheeks of her well-rounded and shapely ass were also red. Another small stream of cum leaked out of the opening there as well, running down the sides of her outer lips to contribute to the growing puddle. Beneath her body her nipples tingled and throbbed, and her breasts were sore as well. Her jaw ached and the back of her throat was also sore; come to think of it, there wasn’t much about Denise that didn’t ache or wasn’t sore at that point in time.

Denise had just had the hardest, most intense and absolute best fucking of her life.

It had all started earlier that afternoon when she went outside to the pool in the back yard to get some sun. She had the day off and wanted to work on her tan, so she had put on the skimpiest bathing suit she owned, a black thong with cups barely big enough to cover the nipples on her 35DD breasts and a bottom which just barely covered her shaven mound. She didn’t expect anyone to be there nor did she expect anyone to come home for the next few hours, so she intended to take her top off once she got settled. And if she was really feeling randy, she’d take her bottoms off as well. She hated tan lines and would tan naked every time she got the chance. She adjusted the strings of the bikini as she stood in front of her full-length mirror, looking at her reflection and was pleased with what she saw.

Denise was 25 years old with long, thick, flowing black hair past her shoulders, deep green eyes, a pert nose, and soft, full lips. When she smiled she showed white teeth that lit up her whole face. She was 5’7″ tall, around 115 pounds, with big breasts that stood out proudly from her chest despite their size, a smooth, flat stomach, a tapered waist, shapely thighs, and a full, rounded ass. She looked damned good, and she knew it. She stopped by the bathroom to pick up a large towel and a bottle of tanning oil, then headed for the back door that led to the pool.

When she walked out of the house and into the pool area she saw that her cousin Dave and a friend of his were already there. Dave was in town on business and was staying with her family while he was there, but he wasn’t supposed to be home right now. He was supposed to be at a meeting, but that really didn’t matter. Denise was going to carry through with her plans for her afternoon regardless, and she had absolutely no qualms about taking off her top in front of Dave even if he did have someone else with him. She always liked getting a man’s attention anyhow, always dressing to show off her big breasts, rounded ass and shapely thighs, and would have no problem stripping bare in front of Dave or any other man. Nudity didn’t bother her – never had, and she didn’t think it ever would.

And besides, she’d always thought Dave was hot anyhow, and he had been the subject of more than one of her masturbatory fantasies over the years she’d known him. He was tall, six feet at least, with sandy brown hair, brown eyes, a chisled face and a body sculpted by weight training. His abs were flat and his butt was tight, and she couldn’t help but wonder how big his cock was. She also knew that he thought she was hot as well; they’d been doing some serious flirting with each other every time they’d seen each other, and she had the feeling that he’d fuck her if she gave him the chance. And considering that Dave made her pussy wet and her nipples hard every time she saw him, she knew that she wouldn’t hesitate to give him that chance should it ever arise.

Dave and his friend didn’t hear her come out of the house, so she had a chance to look them both over as she walked up on them. Dave was as hunky and sexy as ever, lying on his back on a chaise lounge in his surfer-style swimsuit, his friend in the lounge next to him. Although not quite as muscled as Dave, the friend was no slouch either. He had fairly short dark brown hair, looked to be about the same height as Dave, and had the same muscled build and flat abs. Dave’s friend was wearing the same style swimsuit as he was, and while Denise liked the style of swimsuits they were wearing, she thought the only bad thing about them was that she couldn’t see their cocks.

“If they were wearing Speedos,” she thought to herself as she walked over to them, “I’d be able to see everything!”

Denise was a self-admitted slut, and a proud one at that. She absolutely loved sex and everything about it, and was always ready to take on anything or anyone that may come her way.

When she walked out into the pool area that day, she had absolutely no idea of what she was getting gaziantep escort ilanları into.

She let her eyes roam over the bodies of the two men lying in front of her, still unaware that she was approaching, and felt her nipples start to tingle as her mind began to envision all the fun she could have with them. Then she was struck with an idea, and just the thought of it made her pussy start to get wet. She smiled as she decided on what she was going to do, and spoke to the two men as she got close to them.

“Hi, Dave!” she said, and both men turned their heads to look. Dave had seen her in bathing suits before so he wasn’t surprised at how she looked, but his friend never had and his mouth fell open in surprise. Denise thought she could see some slight movement in the front of his trunks as he lay there; glancing down at Dave’s package she thought she could see the same thing there. “I didn’t expect to see you here at this time of day!”

“Hi, Denise,” Dave replied, looking her up and down. Damn, she looked good! He thought. “I got finished early, so I decided to come home and relax for the rest of the day, get some sun, and just take it easy.”

“So I see,” she replied. “Who’s your friend?” she said, focusing her attention on the man next to Dave and smiling at him with those white teeth.

“Damn, I’m sorry! This is Chuck, one of my co-workers,” Dave said, then turned to Chuck as he continued. “Chuck, this is my cousin Denise.” Chuck stood up and extended his hand to Denise, reaching across Dave to do so. Denise could swear she saw the front of his suit tenting out a bit as he stood.

“Hi, Denise, pleased to meet you!” he said as Denise took his hand.

“The pleasure is all mine, I assure you!” Denise purred as they shook hands. She was grinning like the cat who was about to devour the canary. Two of them, actually.

“Why don’t you pull up a lounge and join us, Denise?” Dave asked, motioning to the lounge a few feet away. “Plenty of sun to go around!”

“That’s why I came out here, to work on my tan and relax,” Denise said, walking over to the lounge. She could feel the two pairs of eyes on her ass as she walked, and she swayed her hips a little more just for them. She moved the lounge a little closer to them and positioned it so that her feet were facing them, giving them a clear view of her once she decided to lie down. She spread the large towel out on the chaise lounge, put her bottle of tanning oil on the small table next to the chair, and then lay down on her back, putting her heels on each corner at the foot of the lounge under the pretense of getting sun, but she really did it so the two men would have a clear view of her pussy. She lay her head back and smiled up at the sun, letting the two men get a good look at her lithe body. What she didn’t see was Dave and Chuck looking at each other, grinning, and then looking back at her.

“Ahhh, this feels good!” she said, closing her eyes and smiling up at the hot sun beating down on her. “I just love laying out in the sun and getting a tan! The hot sun always makes me feel so good!” She lifted her head up and looked over at the two men. “Don’t let me interrupt anything, guys, just keep on with what you were doing,” she said, smiling at them. “I’m just going to lay here and relax, and you two just pretend that I’m not even here!”

“That’s gonna be kinda hard,” Chuck said.

“Among other things!” Dave chimed in. The two men laughed and exchanged high-fives. Denise sat up and looked over at the two men, an innocent look on her face.

“Why, whatever do you mean, Dave?” she asked, trying to put on a pouty face but then breaking into a smile.

“I mean, my dear cousin Denise, that the way you look in that tiny bathing suit of yours would be enough to give a dead man a hard-on!” Dave replied.

“Absolutely!” Chuck agreed.

“So are you trying to tell me, my dear cousin Dave, that you and your friend Chuck have hard-ons?” she asked, sitting up straight.

“Maybe,” Dave replied, looking over at Chuck and smiling, “and maybe not.”

“Well, then,” Denise said, rising from the lounge and standing up, “I’ll just have to see what I can do about that!” Then she reached behind her back, untied the bottom string of her top, then reached behind her neck and untied the string there. She pulled the skimpy top away from her big breasts and dropped it onto the small table next to the suntain oil. She immediately felt the heat of the sun on her naked breasts, and it made her nipples get hard and the areolas crinkle up. She looked over and saw both men looking at her big, firm breasts, and the look in their eyes was unmistakable. She toyed with them a little more by putting her hands on her hips and rocking her shoulders back and forth slightly, waving her jutting breasts at them.

“So how about now?” she asked the two men, looking at them in turn. “Are you both getting nice and hard now?”

“See, I told you she was hot!” Dave said, punching Chuck on the upper arm.

“Yeah, you did!” Chuck replied, ogling her near-naked body just a few feet in front of him. He glanced over at Dave and said, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I think I am,” Dave replied, running his eyes up and down his cousin’s body. “I think I most certainly am!”

“So just what are you two thinking?” Denise said, crossing her arms under her breasts and shifting her weight to one foot.

“I’m thinking you need to be initiated,” Chuck replied. “That’s what I’m thinking! What do you think, Dave? Think she needs to be initiated?”

“Oh, yeah, I do!” Dave replied. “If ever anybody needed to be initiated, it’s her!”

“Initiated?” she said, her brow furrowing. “Initiated into what?”

“Into our private little club,” Chuck said.

“Our very private little club,” Dave said, “so private that only three other girls have managed to pass the initiation process. Is that right, Chuck, only three so far?” he asked, turning to Chuck.

“Yep, only three,” Chuck replied. “Think you can be number four, Denise?” he asked.

“What do I have to do to pass the initiation?” Denise asked. She had a feeling she knew what the answer was going to be, and it was making her pussy wet.

“You have to fuck us,” Dave said.

“Both of us,” Chuck added.

“At the same time!” Dave finished. Both of them were looking at her and smiling, still running their eyes over her body and breasts. She uncrossed her arms and put her hands back on her hips, making her big breasts jiggle.

“A ménage a trios? Is that all?” she asked, laughing. “I thought it was going to be a challenge, a real challenge!”

“It may be more of a challenge than you think, Denise,” Dave warned.

“Yeah, we may be more than you can handle!” Chuck added.

“No way!” Denise said defiantly. “No way can I NOT handle the two of you! I can take anything you two can dish out, and then some!” she declared. Her pussy was really wet by now, and getting wetter by the minute.

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that, cousin!” Dave said, smiling up at her.

“Well, I am sure!” Denise replied. “The real question is, can the two of you handle ME?”

“I guess there’s only one way to find out, huh?” Chuck asked. “What do you say Dave? Do we see if Denise has what it takes and can pass initiation?”

“I think so, yes,” he replied, then looked at Denise. “Well, Denise? Are you up to it?”

“Hell yes, I’m up to it!” she said, reaching down to pick up her towel, oil, and bikini top. “Let’s go!” She turned and walked towards the house, the two men getting up and following behind her. They watched her firm, rounded ass wiggle as she walked to the house, then followed it into her room. Once there she tossed what she was carrying onto her nightstand, then turned to face the two men. She held her arms out wide to them, one knee cocked forward.

“So who’s first?” she said. She was so horny and wet by now that she could hardly stand it!

“Not yet,” Dave said, “first you have to take your bottoms off so we can see you naked.” Without hesitation Denise hooked her thumbs in the sides of the bottoms and slid them down over her hips and down her legs, stepping out of them and tossing them aside. She was naked now, her shaven pussy visible, the outer lips bulging with excitement. She could feel her juices flowing, and her nipples were so hard they were throbbing.

“So, boys, do you like what you see?” she asked, holding her arms out. “Am I hot and sexy enough for you?”

“I’ll say!” Dave replied, his eyes traveling up and down her body. “I always knew you were hot, but not this hot!”

“You’re hot, all right!” Chuck agreed. “The hottest woman I’ve ever seen!”

“I’m glad you both think so!” Denise said, walking over to them. She reached out with both hands and placed her palms on their cocks, one hand on each of them, and began rubbing them at the same time. She could feel their cocks start to swell immediately.

“My, my, my, what have we here?” she chided, smiling at them in turn. “Two lovely cocks getting all hard for me!” she said, squeezing both of them through their trunks. “My God, these guys are big!” she thought to herself as the two cocks quickly grew beneath her hands. She looked up at Dave and into his eyes, then closed her eyes with his face turned up to his. Dave took the hint and kissed her, softly at first and then harder, she snaking her tongue into his mouth to find his. She felt his hands on her breasts as he cupped them, then massaged and squeezed the big, firm globes, pulling on the nipples and making her gasp. She gasped again as she felt a third hand slip over her mound and up between her outer lips, and a finger slid between them and right over her clit before sliding inside her tunnel.

“Man, she’s soaked!” Chuck said as he slid another finger inside her. She clamped her pussy down around his fingers in reply, and he rubbed his thumb across the nub of her clit. She squeezed both cocks harder in response. She broke off the kiss with Dave and turned to Chuck, keeping her hands on both by now fully erect and big cocks. She kissed him, then, and he and Dave changed places with their hands. Chuck explored her big tits while Dave found out just how wet she really was. All the while Denise was so caught up in the sensations racing through her body that she hadn’t really paid attention to what was going on in her hands. It was while she was kissing Chuck that she suddenly became aware of what she was holding in the palms of her hands, and it felt like two telephone poles.

Two big, thick telephone poles!

Her eyes flew open as the realization hit her, and she broke off the kiss with Chuck and stepped back. The two men looked at her and chuckled at the look of surprise on her face.

“No way!” she said, looking down at the two huge poles standing erect in the two men’s bathing suits. “No way!” she repeated, looking at the two men.

“Oh, way,” Dave said, “very much way!”

“You’re kidding!” Denise said. “BOTH of you?”

“Yep, both of us!” Chuck replied, grinning from ear to ear.

“Take ’em off,” Denise said, pointing to their bathing suits. “I gotta see this for myself!”

With that the two men quickly slipped their trunks off and stood before her, and Denise saw that it was true. Both of them were hung like horses! Their cocks were huge, thick and throbbing, the heads bulbous and red, the shafts standing nearly straight up and pulsing with the blood running through them. Both of them had shaven balls, and they were equally as large. Denise thought there surely must be a gallon of cum there between the two of them, and she knew just where all of it was going to end up.

“So how big?” she asked, shifting her gaze from one huge cock to the other. “How big are each of you?” Dave replied first.

“A little over nine inches,” he said.

“A little over eight,” Chuck said. “Dave wins, but not by much!”

“Oh, my God!” Denise gasped, walking over and taking hold of the two huge cocks, one in each hand. She began pumping them with her hands as she spoke, and both of them immediately produced a drop of clear liquid at the tip. She ran her palm over the heads, smearing the slick fluid over the sensitive tip, and both men jumped at the sensations. Then she started pumping them again, producing more fluid, which she again palmed over the heads of their cocks. She looked up at them from beneath her eyebrows without lifting her head and spoke in a sultry, sexy whisper as she slowly began to back up towards her bed, pulling the two men by their cocks.

“This is gonna be such fun!”

Denise sat down when she felt the bed on the back of her legs, still holding on to the two huge cocks. She looked at one and then the other, not being able to decide which one to suck first, when Dave made the decision for her. He put his hand on the top of her head and turned it to face his cock, then nudged it forward.

“I’m your cousin, so I get to go first,” he said.

“Absolutely,” Denise said, still in awe. She held his cock up and licked the underside with the flat of her tongue, traveling slowly up the shaft and over the head, still slowly pumping Chuck’s cock as she did so. She ran her tongue over the bulbous head of Dave’s cock, sliding her tongue into the slit at the end, and then licking it along the length again. Then she opened her mouth wide and slipped her lips over the huge head, running her tongue along the underside of the head and making Dave flinch. She held it in her mouth for a moment, and then began working her way down his shaft, taking it in her mouth inch by inch. His cock was huge and hard in her mouth, the biggest she’d ever had before, and she wasn’t sure she could take it all – but she sure as hell was going to try!

As she worked on getting as much of Dave’s cock into her mouth as she could, Chuck reached out and grabbed her big, firm breasts in his hands. Denise moaned around Dave’s cock as Chuck squeezed them and pulled on the nipples, then rolled them in his fingers as she continued to tug and pull on his cock. Dave was content to stand there and enjoy the sight and the sensations of Denise working on his cock; she was good at cocksucking, very good, and he was surprised that she’d managed to take as much of his length in her mouth as she had. Then she surprised him by taking even more – she had more than half of his cock in her mouth now, and was still working on it!

“Man, she’s good!” Dave said to Chuck, who still had two handfulls of Denise’s tits. “Oh, man, is she good!”

“Yeah? So when am I gonna find out?” Chuck asked. Denise slid Dave’s cock out of her mouth and gasped for breath, then replied.

“Be patient, sweetie, I’ll get to you soon enough!” she said, looking up at him and then giving the head of his cock a wet, sucking kiss for emphasis. Then she turned back to Dave’s cock and sucked it back into her mouth, slowly, working it further and further back into her throat. Dave put his hand on the back of her head as she slid up and down his cock with her wet, sucking mouth, working more and more of his length into her mouth. He felt the tip nudge at the back of her throat and then felt Denise gag just a bit; she paused, caught her breath, and then slipped the head past the back of her throat and slid her mouth down the rest of his shaft, her nose touching his pubic hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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