The House Of Robles Ch. 23

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Forbidden Fruit

It was a few days later that we find the sturdy form of Pablo Robles lying on a deck chair, gazing into the swimming pool at Melinda’s apartment complex. He had his shirt off, exposing his tempting chest and brawny arms to the sun, and in turn the sun was caressing him with its warm, attentive rays. As had become the custom for the last couple of months, Pablo was spending the time brooding and thinking about his future.

He found out what Malo had done to his house, because he’d been there when the workman measured and installed the new windows. Of course Pablo had gotten angry, but Melinda and Junior had quickly corralled him into the living room and explained to him that everything had been taken care of.

Junior had quickly taken over that conversation. Excitedly, his youngest son started recounting the day’s action sequences, starting with him squaring off against big, bad Malo, and claiming he’d held his own against the volatile thug. To Pablo, it looked as if Junior had gotten the worst of it, with his black eye and the huge bruise on his arm. He also heard about the later altercation between Frankie and Malo that sounded a lot more decisive. A good part of him was glad that his sons had stood up for themselves, and that nothing had happened to his youngest daughter Amanda.

Another part of him worried that maybe Malo lied about things being over and done with. Maybe the thug was still carrying a grudge against Pablo’s family. His offspring had similar suspicions. As a result, Melinda recommended that while things should be returning to normal soon, they should still keep Amanda on the move until they were certain it would be safe for her.

The result was that Amanda was getting shuttled between his house, Melinda’s apartment, Vicky’s rented room, and the houses of a couple of her high school friends. His youngest daughter would even change up her hair, wear baseball caps and switching sunglasses. She’d don clothing she wouldn’t normally be seen in, in order to conceal her identity while she was being moved around.

To Pablo, it looked as if Amanda was relishing the attention she was receiving, and even taking advantage of it. This bothered him a bit at first, because he compared it to the selfish ways of his wife Lorena and his daughter Melinda. The concerned father had to remind himself that his youngest daughter was nothing like those two vultures. As a result, his misgivings over Amanda were quickly dismissed. She was just a kid, he reasoned, finding herself in what amounted to a celebrity spotlight. Amanda was basking in its glow for the spectacle of it because she knew it wouldn’t last forever.

Melinda had just gone to Vegas, while Vicky and Frankie were both off at work. Since Pablo was on his two days of liberty, he’d been saddled with the chore of moving Amanda back and forth. Early that morning, he’d picked her up from her friend’s house. He’d driven Amanda to Melinda’s apartment, because his stripper daughter had granted them permission to use her place while she was out of town. While Pablo could think of a few other things he might be doing, other than babysitting an eighteen year-old girl, at least he was staying out of his house where he and his wife were still not getting along. The atmosphere back home threatened to become hostile at any given moment.

The father and daughter had both taken naps in Melinda’s apartment; Amanda on Melinda’s bed, Pablo on the living room couch. Because he’d picked her up so early, they’d both gotten bored fairly quickly. As the sun had begun to infiltrate and warm up the apartment, and to announce to them that it would be a nice day, both Amanda and Pablo had roused up. Pablo had gone over to make scrambled eggs, combined with what few edibles were to be found in Melinda’s fridge. They ate, speaking seldom and mostly sitting around quietly, as they both were caught up in their own little worlds.

As the time crept closer and closer to noon, however, the day’s heat prompted Amanda to declare that she was going into the pool. The teen fled into Melinda’s room to change. She returned in a royal blue two-piece bikini, conservatively cut, and she urged her father to put on the extra pair of swimming trunks he’d brought along, just in case he did end up in the water. Since Pablo hadn’t been in a pool in some time, he went ahead and changed.

Amanda had openly gawked at him as he stepped back into the living room. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, exposing a very muscular upper body considering his age of forty-four, and the only thing he had on was the pair of brown beach trunks on his waist. All of a sudden his young daughter looked nervous, and at the brink of losing her composure. Amanda quickly turned and made her way outside.

Pablo followed her out, mentally reminding himself that this was his eighteen year-old he was looking at, and that she was still a kid. For a very long time he’d been unable to shake that innocent image from his head. Then he remembered some of the not so innocent things 1xbet yeni giriş she’d done recently. The worst of these were when Pablo had been asleep in his rec. room, and he’d caught her trying to give him a blowjob. Amanda had tried to seduce him right then and there. On another occasion, she’d brazenly gone into the living room one night, fully naked, and had squirmed over his clothed body in the dark until she’d gotten herself off.

Amanda wasn’t a little girl anymore; Pablo was only now beginning to comprehend this. His eyes took in the beauty of her evolving and maturing form. She had a lean figure, and she was shaping up to be as tall and pretty as her older sisters. Amanda’s hair was a soft shade of brown and flowed down to the center of her back. The teen’s waist was narrow and emphasized the eye-pleasing, broad curves of her butt. Her back and shoulders were slender and sexy. Her complexion was light and slightly tanned, and her breasts were the size of ripe peaches. They rounded out perfectly and jutted like soft, little beacons for a man’s attention.

Amanda glanced back to make sure Pablo was coming, before she went over to the shallow end of the pool and stepped in. Her father was being relegated into being a mere watchdog. Pablo knew that his daughter didn’t like to be ogled at or flirted with openly. She would always shy away from strangers, even handsome ones, and seek some sort of refuge until they left her alone. It was such a stark contrast to how bold she’d been with her own father, that Pablo had never been able to figure that out. Random guys flirting with her, Amanda couldn’t handle, but jilling off on top of him was okay?

They didn’t have to wait long for the hounds to come out. It began subtly, with curtains being inched open, then with the complex’s young men either peering out their front doors or from their little balconies. The most adventurous of these potential suitors would brazenly take a stroll around the pool, pretending to be checking the mail from the wall-mounted boxes nearby, or otherwise meandering their way over to the parking lot as if they’d forgotten something from their cars.

All was well, until these enticed males would stare too long in Amanda’s direction, or utter some sappy come-on line at her. Then, like a timid fledgling, she would hurriedly swim over to where Pablo lounged and engage her father in steady conversation until said male would become discouraged and walk away. Only one handsome young man had dared approach Amanda while she was in the company of her dad. That is, until he got a good look at the older man’s brooding and sour countenance. Even this potential seducer soon pursed his lips and changed his mind.

“Why can’t these jerks just leave me alone?” Amanda frowned, after the most recent of these unwelcome males was rebuked. “Do you see me asking any of these assholes to come over here and talk to me?”

“You don’t have to ask them. They know a cute girl when they see one.”

Amanda swam closer to him. “Did you just compliment me, daddy?”

Here we go, Pablo thought, abruptly changing the subject. “So, uh, I saw that Frankie was growing a goatee. What do you think about me growing one?”

“I think you’d look good with one. But don’t ignore me. I asked you a question. Were just complimenting me and my figure?”

Pablo sighed. “Yes, you could take it that way. You’re turning out to be a very attractive young lady. I can see why all these guys are coming around trying to talk to you.”

“I know you like me.” Amanda smiled at him.

“Of course I like you. You’re my daughter.”

“That’s not what I mean and you know it.” His daughter replied. “You know what? I know some secrets about you.”

“Stop right there.” Pablo held his palm out. “I get enough of that bullshit from your mother and Melinda. I don’t want to hear it from you, too.”

Amanda pouted prettily. “I think you’ll want to hear these secrets.”

“No, I don’t.”

“I know you fucked Carmela.” She kept talking anyway, distancing herself from her father with a single backstroke. “I know you’re fucking Melinda and I know you’re fucking Vicky.”

Pablo could only stare at his youngest daughter in shock. Did the whole goddamned family know what was going on between he and his daughters? Maybe the whole fucking neighborhood knew! Instead of trying to deny it, he simply said, “How did you get them to tell you?”

“They didn’t tell me.” Amanda swam across from him, from the left to the right. “I knew about Carmela because it came out of your own mouth that day I found you sleeping in the rec. room. I know about Vicky because she was sticking her big, purple vibrator in her pussy one night. She was moaning and calling it daddy. Her window was open and I was sneaking into the house because it was late. I heard everything she was saying. Do you want to hear what else she was saying?”

“No, not really.”

“She said ‘it’s so big, daddy’ and that’s how I know you fucked her, because I know how big your dick 1xbet giriş is.” Amanda intimated, as she came in closer to him. “And the other night when I was sleeping over here with Melinda, she went out with this guy and left me by myself. I’ve already seen all of the movies she has in the living room. I knew she had more in her bedroom, so I went in there to find one, and guess what? I found where she keeps her little stash of movies from her digital camera. The first one in the row had the word ‘daddy’ written on the little envelope. I got her camera, and I stuck her little video card into it, and I played it. That’s how I know you fucked Melinda, because I saw it with my own eyes.”

Pablo couldn’t even face her any more. He turned to one side to avoid her gaze.

“Soooo…” Amanda started. “The only women you’re not fucking are mom and me. What I want to know is… why aren’t you fucking me?” She swam into his line of vision. “I’ll let you, and I won’t tell anybody if you do.”

Pablo shifted his eyes in the opposite direction.

He watched Amanda start to swim over to get into his sight again. She paused a moment, and said, “Look, daddy.”

Pablo glanced over, witnessing that she’d pulled her bikini top apart and was now showing off her bare breasts to him. Her nipples were erect and glistening with water. She was making things incredibly hard for him, in more ways than one.

“You need to cover yourself up.” He said.

“No, I think I’ll stay like this.” She darted back and away from him. With her breasts still exposed to the world, she swam the length of the pool in a steady backstroke.

This is the moment when Pablo left the water and took a lazy seat on the deck chair, one of three such amenities that were set out for tenants. Thankfully, Amanda quickly covered herself up before she swam over to the edge of the pool nearest him. She started splashing water in his direction.

“Do you want to see me take everything off?” She teased.

“No, I don’t.” Pablo chuckled back. She’d probably do it, he figured, judging from the many brazen things she’d already done.

Amanda pouted. “I bet you didn’t say that to Melinda or Vicky.”

Pablo glanced up at the sky and sighed. Amanda could be pretty persistent when she was trying to get her way, just like his wife and Melinda. It ran in the family. He looked back at her. “Look, I’m not going to deny that some things may have happened between me and your sisters, but…”

“That’s because you can’t deny it. I know where the evidence is.”

“Right. All I want to tell you is that maybe you should give one of the guys around here a chance. From what I’ve seen, none of them look even half as bad as your last boyfriend.”

“Maybe I don’t want any of these guys.” Amanda splashed at him again. “Did you ever think about that?”

In unison, they looked to the opposite end of the pool, where a minor commotion had ensued. This turned out to be two young men exiting an apartment and scurrying toward the pool in their swimming trunks.

With a worried look on her face, Amanda glanced at her father. “You need to get your ass back in here!”

Pablo shrugged noncommittally.


The moment the two men jumped into the pool, Pablo bolted from the deck chair and toward the open door of Melinda’s apartment.

“Dad!” Amanda cried out, as she sloshed out of the water after him.

Ignoring her, Pablo trotted indoors. He was halfway through the living room, still thoroughly wet and intending to grab a towel from the bathroom, when Amanda got to the doorway.

“Dad, I can’t believe you left me out there like that!”

Pablo stopped and faced her. “I think you should stay out there a little longer.”

“Fuck no!” She protested. “I don’t want any of those weirdos trying to talk to me! Just go and get me a towel. I don’t want to wet up the whole living room like you’re doing.”

For a second, Pablo considered the puddle he was making on the carpet. After this, he said resolutely, “I’m not getting you a towel. You’re going to have to go back out there and hang out with those guys, because they’re a lot closer to your age…” He caught himself, before he added than I am. To show her how determined he was, Pablo took the couple of steps separating him from the couch, sat down on it and crossed his arms together.

“Oh, hell no!” Amanda cried out, as she stepped in and shut the door behind her.

His daughter broke into a gallop. For about a second Pablo figured she was on her way to the bathroom to grab a towel. What he hadn’t expected was that as soon as Amanda got to the vicinity of the couch, she propelled her body at him and bowled him over. He fell onto his side, quickly shifting onto his back, while his daughter sprawled all over him. Her wet flesh touched his, and her chest was resting squarely on him, leaving only a few inches of narrow space between their faces. Her pretty eyes were focused directly on his.

“I like it when you play hard to get, daddy.” She flirted.

“I 1xbet güvenilirmi wasn’t playing anything!” Pablo snapped at her, hoping his authoritative father’s voice would dissuade her from pushing things any further.

Apparently, his daughter could see right through him, as a broad smile spread from her mouth. “Like I really believe that. I can feel you getting hard down there.”

Pablo shifted his gaze away from her. If there was one time when he wished he could control his pecker and command it to stand down, this would be the time. First it was Carmela, then Melinda, and after that Vicky. And now, his youngest daughter was putting him into a spot where her name would soon be added to that list of conquests.

“Daddy…” She said, as she adjusted her slender frame to where her lower waist rested directly over his blossoming cock. “How close were you to fucking me, that day in the rec. room?”

With some trepidation, Pablo brought his eyes over to meet hers. The day she was referring to, Amanda had been on all fours on the rec. room couch. His cock had been rock-hard and pressing heavily on the back of her shorts. It would not have taken much for him to yank down her shorts and get down to business with her.

“I was pretty close.” He admitted.

“I could get on my hands and knees again, if you want me to.” She purred down at him, her wet hair clinging to the sides of her face and adding to her delicious allure. “It’s not like anybody’s going to find out!”

Pablo’s breath caught.

“I know you want me.” Amanda added, before she lowered her face and set her lips on his.

Her kisses were soft and pleasant, like a series of warm greetings from a friend. Her tongue slipped out after a moment and traced the outline of his lips. That was the instant Pablo realized he was not dealing with a little girl. Amanda was all grown up now. Her kisses were mature; a woman’s kisses.

Pablo started returning them. He both heard and felt Amanda’s sensuous murmur as she realized that after several weeks of trying, she had finally snared him. His hands went up to Amanda’s shoulders, holding her there in a relaxed grip, as he wasn’t quite ready to explore her any further yet. The feel of her wet skin against his own further agitated him, and soon their kisses flowered into more passionate and lengthier meetings.

A loud knocking came from the direction of the door, and this unexpected clamor nearly broke through their sexual trance. Both father and daughter glanced that way, only to realize that it hadn’t completely latched when Amanda had pushed it shut. The sudden, heavy raps were causing it to swing open. In a second or two, the incestuous couple was going to be completely exposed to whoever was out there.

Clumsily, Amanda scampered off the couch and hurried to the door. It swung open by several inches, prompting her to slip behind it. She was still too close to the couch and her dad to give off any impression of innocence.

“Hello?” A cheery voice announced.

Amanda scurried behind the door, pretending she’d been close to it the entire time. As she peered around the narrow edge, she discovered that one of the guys who had just gone into the pool was standing out there.

“Oh, hey.” He smiled at her. “We’re getting ready to play volleyball in the pool, and if we get one more player, we’ll have an even four and enough for two teams. You wanna join us?’

From the couch, Pablo called out, “She’d love to join you. Go ahead, Amanda, go out there and have a good time.”

Amanda looked back at her father and made a quick grimace, before she again addressed her caller. “I don’t know. I think I’ve had enough of the pool for today.”

“Oh, come on, it’ll be fun!” The guy smiled persistently.

She made another face, but this time it was aimed directly at the young would-be suitor. “Look, I was trying to be nice. I’m not interested, okay? So just go back out there with your horny buddies and leave me alone!”

“Yeah, okay. Sorry for the trouble.” The guy shrugged and stepped away from the door.

Amanda quickly shut the door and locked it.

“You really should go out there.” Pablo suggested. “Before we end up doing something we’ll both regret later.”

Amanda ignored her father’s advice. She scooted just to one side of the doorway, to peek out past the curtain of the small window mounted there.

“Shit.” She grumbled. “They’re still talking about me and looking this way. I just know they’re going to get that jerk to come over here again!”

“He didn’t seem like a bad kid.” Pablo replied.

“Shut up, dad. I’m not letting you get away this time.”

Pablo watched as Amanda reached behind her back and pulled apart the simple knot holding her top up. His daughter slipped the wet garment off her shoulders and casually tossed it aside.

Her attention was still riveted on the window. “Can you believe that one guy is actually pushing the other guy to come back here?”

When her father didn’t answer right away, she looked back toward the couch. Pablo was still sitting there, staring at her intently. He was taking in her wet, clingy hair, the features of her face, the slope of her slender shoulders, and apparently, also the soft curves of her breasts.

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