The Hike Ch. 03

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Note: this is the third chapter in a multi-part story. You can read from here if you want, but I think it’s much better if you read the previous chapters in order. Please don’t judge harshly if you haven’t read the previous chapters. There is quite a bit of character development that will hopefully make the story flow. Please vote.

When they got to the campsite, Allen, Tanya and Jeff all busied themselves preparing for the evening-setting up the tents, setting up a kitchen, and unpacking essentials for the night. Becky did little to help. Mostly she stayed out of the way.

They combined their food for a nice dinner, which Becky devoured greedily, picking some stuff off Allen’s plate as well. Then they just sat around the fire and told stories of different hikes they went on. Becky acted enthralled with every lame story or joke Tanya or Jeff would tell, and treated Allen like he was interrupting whenever he opened his mouth. And of course, all the innuendo and flirting went right on in front of him.

Jeff brought out a pint bottle of Fireball Whiskey and took a large pull before throwing the cap in the fire and handing the bottle to Tanya. She took her share and passed it to Becky who eagerly put the bottle to her lips, tipped it up high and chugged a healthy portion down. She started to hand the bottle back to Jeff, but then stuck it out towards Allen who reluctantly took a small swallow, barely wetting his tongue before handing it to Jeff.

The bottle went around like that until less than a finger’s worth was left. The whole time Becky and her two new friends laughed and joked and flirted as their words began to slur. To Allen, the three of them were clearly drunk, but he knew that they just thought they were incredibly clever and funny. He felt like he was watching his chances of fucking Becky tonight swirl down the drain with each tip of the bottle. Normally, a buzzed Becky gave him a little hope. She got horny when she drank. But all of her attention was on Jeff, not Allen.

Jeff stood and moved towards his pack and began rummaging around in it. Allen stood and said to Becky, “It’s time to go to bed. We have another long day tomorrow and it won’t be very fun with a hangover.” He turned and started for the tent.

To his back, Becky said, “I’m just going to stay up a few more minutes and then I’ll be in.” When she said it, “minutes” sounded more like “minutsh”. He knew trying to convince her was hopeless.

Allen woke up alone in his tent. That was odd. It was dark out. The wind blew enough to make a solid rustling noise in the trees. And Becky was not in the tent with him. She hadn’t been in the tent when he went to sleep, but he just assumed she came in after he did. The last thing he remembered was the three of them drunkenly talking about how beautiful the waterfall had been and how much fun it was to romp around in the cool water naked. Then Jeff had slurred, “and it was awesome seeing your tits.”

When Becky didn’t storm into the tent after that, but, instead, laughed hysterically at Jeff, Allen couldn’t bear to listen anymore and tuned them out until he was asleep.

Now she was gone. The flap was zipped closed, so she didn’t just get up to pee, leaving the flap open for the short excursion. Gradually, over the sound of the trees moving in the wind, he began making out muted voices. Since it was just he and Becky and Tanya and Jeff, the voices must be theirs. The campsite was too remote and too small for it to be anyone else.

He couldn’t make out the words, but he could hear giggling and hushed conversation. He looked at his watch. It was just 10:30. He’d been asleep for about 30 minutes. He moved to the window flap and peeked through the screen. The fire from the evening smoldered, but there was no sign of Jeff or Tanya, and, disconcertingly, no sign of Becky. He looked at Jeff and Tanya’s tent. It was hard to tell if the tent was moving from the wind or from movement inside.

Occasionally the wind would let up and he would hear snatches of sentences. “…sound asleep…won’t wake…SHHHH!….you’re bad….SSSHHHH!….” and then the wind would pick up again and it was just muffled sounds he knew were voices. The laughing and the giggling he could make out clearly no matter what. Almost always, the giggling was quickly followed by someone saying “SSHHHH!” earnestly. Allen didn’t know what to think. It was obvious that Becky was in the tent with Jeff and Tanya, but his mind didn’t want to accept it. What would she be doing there? When did she leave his tent? Did she even come into his tent? He didn’t know because he went to sleep before she was ready. He looked out the screen again hoping to find some other explanation for her absence, but saw none.

The wind let up long enough for him to clearly hear the giggling in the other tent. He recognized Becky’s laugh for sure, then some mumbled hushed conversation, then Tanya outright laughing, then Becky saying “SSSHHHH” again. Only this time her shushing illegal bahis was cut off by a moan, like SSSHHHHHmmmmmm!” The moan he knew was hers, and he knew she was getting some pleasure. He had been blessed with hearing that moan before as a result of stuff he did to her the infrequent times she had let him.

The wind gusted heartily and all sounds were drowned out. Allen’s head was about to explode. He couldn’t believe that she was over there with those two that they had just met, and that she was obviously in some intimate situation with one or both of them. He knew he should get up and get out of the tent and confront them, but he sat paralyzed in indecision. Now that the wind was blowing hard enough that he couldn’t hear them anymore, he could almost imagine nothing was going on.

Then the wind let up again. There were other sounds now. He could clearly hear Becky moaning, and he could hear wet slapping sounds, timed with the cadence of her moaning, as if she were bouncing along on a horse as she moaned: “Mmmm…..mmmmmm…..mmmmmm….mmmmmm…..” And then he heard Tanya shushing, and the moans got quieter. The wet slapping did not get quieter and it disturbed him. His head reeled. He knew someone was having sex in the other tent. He knew Becky was in the other tent. His brain would not come to the conclusion it should have. He couldn’t let himself believe Becky was fucking Jeff in a tent mere feet away from him, her boyfriend. There had to be some other explanation. The wind came up and Allen had a moment to think without his ears being assaulted by the sounds in the other tent. Maybe Becky was just watching Jeff fuck Tanya. Last night he had heard them in their tent, and it sounded a lot like it did now.

Still, the thought of Becky in there while they were doing it wasn’t much solace. But he was still frozen by confusion. The wind distorting the words he could hear did not help. At least he hoped they were distorted because they were disturbing: “…uck….yeah…..lick…..mmmmmm……oh yeah….FUCK….mmmmmm….squee………lick…..mother……..” And still someone would shush every moment or two. In his mind he could see Becky naked on all fours with Jeff behind her, thrusting his hips as she bucked back against him. This was a position she always denied Allen. He knew if she was like this, her ample tits would be swaying back and forth with each thrust of Jeff’s penis. Tanya probably sat with her legs spread in front of Becky so that she could have her pussy licked by the “ass up/head down” Becky. And Jeff, fucking Jeff, probably smiled smugly while he violated some other guy’s girlfriend.

The wind gently died down to nothing. Allen’s ears were again assaulted with what were clearly the sounds of someone getting laid in the tent next to his, and he was pretty sure it was Becky. The wet slapping pace had increased and he heard Becky grunting in time to it. He could also hear Tanya murmuring “Lick it, baby. Yeah. MMMMM. Yeah. That’s fucking awesome.” He could now clearly hear the familiar sounds Becky made during sex, and some he didn’t recognize. He heard her say “FUCK me!” around what sounded like something pressed against her lips. He was revolted and turned on at the same time. He had no idea that Becky would fool around with girls. He was shocked that he had a raging erection, even though the thought of his girl with those other two was making his ears ring with anger and frustration.

The sounds and the pace increased, with every moment that passed, the occupants in the other tent worried less about keeping quiet.

Suddenly he heard Becky clearly say “DON’T cum inside me.” Followed by Tanya in a sultry voice saying “OH yeah baby, shoot it on her big tits. DO it.” He heard rustling as someone moved quickly in the other tent and then Jeff was grunting and groaning. Allen wondered if he should be thankful the wet slapping noise he was sure was an assault on his girlfriend’s pussy had stopped. Then he was torn between two evils. Without the wind he could hear Tanya clearly complimenting Jeff on the amount of sperm he had shot and the accuracy with which he got it on Becky: “Oh fuck, baby. You got it all on her tits. MMMMMM.” In his brain, he knew that Becky’s boobs were covered in a stranger’s cum and that Tanya must be licking it off her. That image was hurtful enough, but the fact that his erection defied his emotions disturbed him even more.

He knew he should get out there and start yelling at all of them, calling Becky a slut and a cunt and a bitch and a whore, and whatever else he could think of. He should start packing his shit right now and leave her with these two crazy people. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t even muster the nerve to call out “Becky?” as if he had just woken. She was so fucking hot. The hottest girl he’d ever known, let alone had sex with (even if it wasn’t that often). He liked her so much, even thought he loved her. And she was so beautiful and sexy. He didn’t want to believe illegal bahis siteleri that his dream girl was doing this to him.

Now he could hear another slurping noise. He groaned in agony. He was sure it was the sound of a dick being licked and sucked clean. He couldn’t argue with his brain any longer. He had suspended his disbelief for as long as he could and he knew that someone, probably Becky, was cleaning Jeff’s dick with her mouth. He knew now that all the images-Becky’s ass slapping back against Jeff’s pelvis, Becky licking Tanya’s pussy and Becky cleaning off Jeff’s messy cock with her mouth-were all real and undeniable.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Becky moaned and whispered “WOW! I knew he was a sound sleeper. That was fucking awesome.” Then he heard the zipper on the other tent. Quickly he lay back down and closed his eyes. The zipper on his tent buzzed open, and he heard Becky step through and zip it back up. He lifted his head and looked at her. She was completely naked. Huge, fat, gorgeous tits teasing him there. He could swear that, even in the dark, they glistened with wetness.

“Hi sweetie. I had to pee. Sorry I woke you.” Then she sidled up next to him and put an arm over his chest. She kissed him on the cheek very close to his mouth and he could smell sex and the cinnamon of the sweet whiskey. Her face smelled vaguely the same as when he would go down on her. It was Tanya on her face. As she snuggled him, he felt a slimy wetness on her boobs transfer to his bare arm. It repulsed him, but at the same time, he couldn’t argue with his rock hard erection.

So Becky was a slut. She was back here naked with him now. Obviously Jeff hadn’t put any of his seed into her; Allen had the evidence on his arm to prove it. He felt her breathing get deeper as she drifted to sleep. His inability to make a decision earlier was a thing of the past. He rolled towards her and pushed her on her back and climbed on top of her. She awoke with a start, but didn’t fight him. She woke right up since she hadn’t really gotten into a deep sleep.

“What the heck Allen?”

His face was close to hers. She wore a bemused look. Allen dropped his mouth on hers and kissed her open mouthed. He felt the slimy remnants of the activity he heard in the next tent, but didn’t care. He’d been carrying too much of her crap, both physically and metaphorically for most of this hike, and then she banged this stranger in the tent right next to him. He was a good guy, a good boyfriend, and he deserved to have Becky the way a boyfriend would have his girlfriend in a tent, in a remote camping area, after carrying most of her belongings on his back for days.

He reached between them and roughly squeezed her tit without stopping his tongue’s exploration of her mouth. She moaned into his mouth. He might have been a little inexperienced at sex, and he maybe wasn’t the most handsome guy, leaning a little towards the nerdy side of the scale, but he was gifted with that nearly perfect dick. Even Becky had complimented him on it a few times. And now that dick was rock hard and pressing between their naked bellies.

Allen moved a knee between Becky’s legs and tried to move her legs apart, but she resisted. It was weak resistance but it frustrated him and he squeezed her velvety soft, cum covered tit even harder. She relented so that he could move both her knees apart and position his cock in front of her entrance.

“Wow, what’s gotten into you?” she said.

“I don’t know, all of a sudden it just seemed like the right time to fuck you,” he said with sarcasm.

“OOOHH and dirty talk. Somebody put on some big boy pants. Just be quiet so we don’t wake Jeff and Tanya.”

“Fuck them.” He pushed his dick in hard and fast. Becky’s pussy was still well lubed from her time with Jeff. Allen knew this intellectually, but he wasn’t being an intellectual. Becky gasped and closed her eyes. He didn’t wait for anything and just began pumping full stroke into her, pounding her as his pelvis met hers. Her legs came up and wrapped around his back trying to control him and his pounding. He recognized what she was trying to do, so he let go of her boob and used both hands to grab just below her knees so he could push them back hard towards her shoulders. Then, unrestricted, he resumed his angry, lustful fucking.

“Holy shit. You did grow some balls didn’t you, Dexter?” She used her pet name for him. The one that was supposed to remind him that he was a nerd, would always be a nerd and should just thank his lucky stars that she had anything at all to do with him, let alone that she let him put his dick in her, if infrequently.

Allen stopped. He looked at her. His brain was addled by a mix of lust, longing, love and disgust. He knew he was thinking with his dick right now, but knowing it didn’t change it. He wanted to fuck her hard, punish her for the way she treated him, for fucking Jeff and Tanya, for flirting openly with them for days. He canlı bahis siteleri wanted her to feel his wrath through his dick. He wanted her to love him. It was all so confusing, made more so by the near climax he was holding back.

Awww, did I hurt your feelings?” She mocked him with her words, but in her eyes, he could see disappointment. Not disappointment in him, but disappointment that he wasn’t still fucking her. It was the closest thing to real desire, real want, maybe love, that he had ever seen on her face.

“Turn over.”

“Wait, what? No. Just keep going. I’m sorry I said that.” For some reason, she never let him do her doggy style. Pretty much laid it out the second time they were having sex. ‘No doggie for me. I’m not a dog,’ she had blatantly told him.

His face was stone, his eyes steel. He knew that she had probably just been on her hands and knees for Jeff, and he was going to have her the same way. He slowly reached to her hip and shoulder and roughly turned her over, mounting her quickly with a knee on each side of her hip, sliding his dick into her pussy between her thighs. Once again he resumed pounding her while he held her down with his hands on her back. She struggled, but she was moaning and grunting in time to his thrusts, and he realized she was struggling to push back onto him.

“OK! OK! Let me up for a minute.” He pulled out of her and moved back pulling her hips up so she was on her knees. She started to get her hands in position to hold her torso up, but he moved back in and shoved his cock into her, and then rested his weight on his hands, pushing down on her shoulders and forcing her head down and her ass up. She moaned again and began thrusting her hips back into him.

Allen was getting close to orgasm and thrusting in and out of her at a jackhammer pace. Becky’s moans gained volume and intensity. He knew she was getting close to orgasm too, but didn’t care.

“Oh, FUCK baby!” she started saying over and over. Then she knew he was close and tried to pull off of him so she could catch his load where she had caught Jeff’s. Allen was lost in this new territory where he was actually in control. He had actually initiated pelvis pounding, aggressive, angry hot sex with the girl who had basically been teasing out pleasure to him for months. Heady with the new power he felt, he fought her struggle to get off his soon to erupt dick and held her hips for the last few thrusts until his cum did explode into her quivering pussy.

He held her firm while he finished cumming, only vaguely aware that she was panting heavily and quivering all over. He fell forward onto her, pushing her down onto her stomach. He was still hard enough that he didn’t fall out of her, and his meat acted like a cork, holding his cum inside her.

“Way to go Dexter!” It was Tanya. She and Jeff had taken to calling him by the ridiculous nickname too. They were clapping and shouting praise. It was embarrassing and empowering all at the same time. Becky didn’t move or say anything. Allen finally rolled off of her and lay on his back next to her.

“Yeah, way to go asshole. You know I’m not on the pill.” Her words were angry, but as she was saying them, Becky turned and laid an arm across his chest and a leg across his pelvis, smearing remnants of cum from his dick to her leg. She fell asleep shortly after that, snoring loudly into his arm. Allen lay looking at the top of the tent for what seemed like hours.

When he opened his eyes, Becky was gone. It was light out, and he could clearly hear voices talking quietly.

“Oh shit,” he thought. “Here we go again.” But there were other noises too. A camp stove hissed it’s heat, making eggs sizzle, if powdered eggs can sizzle. Tanya and Becky talked quietly as he could hear them moving about the camp. It sounded like someone was packing stuff up. He could hear zippers and ruffling of things as they were folded and put where they belonged.

He dressed and unzipped the flap. Tanya, Jeff and Becky all stopped moving and stared at him. Allen tried to muster as much non-chalance as he could and stepped into out of the tent.

“Man I slept like crap last night.” Jeff said. “It was really noisy. You know, with the wind and all.” Tanya and Becky looked from Jeff to Allen. He remained stonefaced. Allen knew that Jeff wasn’t sure what his attitude would be. He knew that Jeff would try to feel him out to see if he knew what happened in his tent between Tanya, Becky and him.

It looked like Jeff and Tanya were packing up. Maybe this was all over and there was nothing to be done. Allen said nothing. He moved to the coffee pot on the fire and poured himself a tin cup full. The others relaxed a little.

“Yeah, the wind was really moaning,” Tanya smirked with a wry look at Becky. Jeff shot her a look, and she stopped smiling.

“Anyway, Tanya and I are going to take off. We have to hike back to the car and be back home in a couple of days,” Jeff said while resuming his pack job.

That meant that Tanya and Jeff were going the opposite direction of Becky and Allen. His mood began to brighten. He looked at Becky. She was watching him, trying to guage his mood. Tanya and Jeff were absorbed in their packing.

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