The Helpful Son Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter of this story. If you haven’t read the two, I recommend you go to my profile to easily find the link to them.

It has been a year since I introduced my mom to Summer. Oh Summer, the joy of my dreams. It was painful to take mom to a service that in all reality, I should have been trying out myself. But, mom was in a bad place and needed help. Never would I have imagined that my mom would invite her over for dinner. Then, in an attempt to take Summer for myself that night, we were discovered, and Summer introduced my mom to the one man in her life she could depend on. Me. I never would have tried it had Summer not forced it on us. We definitely weren’t expecting to enjoy it.

It took just over two months, but soon Summer moved in with us. We told everyone that she was my aunt and that she had just ended a bad marriage. We were letting her live with us as she got back on her feet. We had so much fun with her around. Thanks to mom’s very large bed, her room became the bedroom for all of us. That was until I met Jean.

Jean was a fellow student at the local university. We had met in our English Literature class, and quickly hit it off. I had not planned on getting involved with anyone, as the woman of my dreams was sleeping with me every night, and I had my own mother as a play toy. But for some reason, I decided to go after Jean.

Jean didn’t have a body that made men drool, at least not like my mom and Summer. She had smaller petite breasts, jet black hair down to her neck, a slightly athletic body, and a butt that was tight from exercising. Considering my preference for women, I was surprised that I latched on to her. It was her face. Oh, what a face. She had eyes that seemed to penetrate you on the spot, and a smile that would make celebrities jealous. Then she had her personality. She seemed both adventurous and timid. She had a sense of humor to match mine, and I got an inkling that she could have a sexual side waiting to burst out.

I waited before bringing Jean home for the first time. Mom and Summer figured out that I was distracted when I wasn’t up for some fun one night. They had been bugging me since then to find out what it was and when they realized it was a girl, they bugged me even further to bring her home. We dated almost two months before I let her visit. She accepted the sisters living together idea, though she asked me later about Summer’s breasts. I told her it was a desire of her ex-husband that she ended up enjoying. She accepted that.

It has been five months since I met Jean. We have each met the other’s family several times. We even took a trip to visit her grandparents last weekend. School has been out for a week, and instead of going home, she got an apartment with a friend so she could stay in town. We have fooled around a bit, but have not gotten too serious in that department. While I have no problems being ready, she is more interested in waiting at the moment. I haven’t given up with my mom or Summer yet, bahis firmaları as it has helped me get around the waiting part with Jean. However, the amount of time I spend with them is less than usual. Since it has been a year since my mom and Summer met, tonight I planned on spending time at home to celebrate. Jean is going to a movie with her roommate, and I wouldn’t see her until tomorrow. Or so I thought.

We had just finished eating dinner, and I was preparing desert. Mom and Summer were lying on the floor nude, with some large towels underneath them. In our house, we do pretty much everything nude. “Mom, stop trying to reach for Summer or you will screw up the icing! Now stay still.” I was squeezing icing onto each of them in large swirls, starting from their nipples and radiating outward around their breasts. I reached for the ice cream scoop. “Now this will be cold,” I told them as I took a large scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and placed it on my mom’s belly first, then Summer’s. Putting the ice cream into a cooler of ice by the wall, I grabbed a bottle and added some chocolate hard shell onto each scoop. This was followed by squirting some heated chocolate syrup in zigzags across their stomachs from their breasts down to the trimmed hair above their vaginas. Setting the food supplies aside, I repositioned myself behind Summer’s head and leaned forward to kiss her. Moving down, I had just begun to lick the icing off of her left breast when the doorbell rang. “Stay here and don’t move you two.”

I grabbed a robe and put it on as I walked to the front door. I looked out the window and saw Jean. If I waited for my desert to clean up and move, Jean would get upset for having to wait. Yet she knew we were here. Taking a chance I opened the door. “Hello Jean, what’s up?”

“Well, I thought I would stop by and surprise you. Why are you in a robe this early in the evening?” Jean said as she looked at me quizzingly.

“I was about to take a shower. I was doing some work out back today.” I stood in a way that she couldn’t see inside, in case my desert was trying to do anything.

“Well, are you going to invite me inside or make me stay out here stupid? I have a surprise for you.” Jean leaned forward and kissed me.

I couldn’t let her in, but then she might get suspicious if I don’t. I’ve taken chances before, and noticing that her hands were behind her back, I decided I might as well chance it. I might be able to get her into the basement lounge and have her wait there. I could get things cleaned up and she would never know. I opened the door and stepped aside so that the way for her to go was down. However, as soon as the door opened, she bounded past me and went up. She was about to turn the corner away from the living room and towards my bedroom when she stopped. She looked back and just stared.

She turned to me as I closed the door. “Why are your mom and aunt lying on the floor nude with…is that ice cream and syrup on them?” She looked a bit surprised. kaçak iddaa

As I looked up, I realized that she was holding a bag from Frederick’s of Hollywood behind her back. I walked up the stairs towards Jean. “We were celebrating something and I was about to have desert.” Jean gave me a surprised look as I approached her. As I reached the top step, she took a step back, almost in fear. What was I to expect. She had just found me with my mom, and Summer, who she thought was my aunt. Not only were they both nude and covered with food, but I was walking around in a robe. “Look, Summer really isn’t my aunt. Summer is my mom’s lover. This, what you see here, all sort of started a year ago. I have been drifting away from it since I met you, but I was helping them celebrate the anniversary of me hooking them up together.” I reached for Jean’s hand. “Please forgive me for not saying something. I didn’t think you would understand. Since I met you, things have changed a lot.”

Mom spoke up. “Yeah, he has seemed almost distant to us these last several months.”

I looked over at my mom, “Stay out of it!” I looked back to Jean. “Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it. Just give me another chance.”

Jean seemed to be thinking it all over. She kept looking back and forth between me and my desert. Finally, after several minutes of thinking, she finally spoke up. “Why don’t you go finish your desert.” She broke her hand away from mine as my head sunk and walked away.

As I stood there with my head down, I heard the door shut. It took me a minute before I realized it was the bathroom door and not the front door. I sat down, wondering what I should do. Several minutes later, the toilet flushed and the door opened. With my head still down, I heard Jean speak, “I said to go finish your desert.”

I looked up to see Jean standing at the bathroom door dressed in a corset, with thigh high black fishnet stockings gartered to the corset, panties, knee-high boots, a hat, a choker with chains attached to the top of the corset, gloves up to her elbows, and a small whip. Everything was leather. Everything was black. Imagine my surprise as she walked up to me, leaned forward and grabbed my chin with her hand, then pulled me to my feet. Turning me around towards my two special deserts, who both looked surprised, she pushed me forward and lightly whipped my ass.

“I said to go eat your desert. Do I have to tell you again?” She lightly whipped my ass again.

I removed my robe and quickly went back to sit behind Summer’s head and leaned forward to lick up the icing on her left breast. I swirled my way around to the end of the icing then repeated the procedure with her right breast. As I glanced up, I noticed Jean pulling the ice cream out of the small cooler of ice by the wall, probably to replace the scoops I put out earlier. I began to lick my way around the chocolate on Summer’s stomach before getting to the fresh scoop of ice cream and hard shell. Jean had replaced it. Slowly kaçak bahis eating my way through that, I moved down to the chocolate dripping between her thighs. As I got to this, my penis reached Summer’s mouth. She began to suck on my penis as I worked my way around and sometimes inside her lower lips. I was close to releasing a load into Summer’s mouth, one of Summer’s favorite things to eat, when I felt a whip hard against my ass.

“You have desert melting to your right. Eat it now before it melts completely,” Jean demanded, as she stroked the whip.

Annoyed, I got up and repositioned myself behind my mom. Repeating the procedure, I slowly worked my way around one, then two breasts. Continuing down her stomach, I reached the scoop of ice cream, taking time to lick everything clean. Then I moved down and found myself in the same position with my mom. Once again, I was about to release everything when I felt a whip hard against my ass. This was getting frustrating. Getting up, I turned to Jean. “Look, you can’t just come in here and…”

“SNAP!” This time she whipped my thigh, and she whipped hard.

“You will do as I say, or you will never see me again, and you may see some more official looking masters who aren’t going to be too happy with the situation here. Now lay down.” Glancing towards the ladies, “You two come here.” My mom and Summer looked back at Jean, got up, and hurried over. As I lay down, Jean talked with both of them. Jean looked back at me and said, “Zack, you will now be the desert.”

Summer and mom crawled over and began covering me with icing, warm chocolate, and some scoops of ice cream. Then, sitting on either side of me, they began to work their way from one end of my body to the other, eating and licking everything in their path. They both reach my manhood at the same time, and began to lick and suck on my balls. The next thing I felt was a third mouth engorging my manhood and beginning to thoroughly lick every inch of it. The feeling was unbeatable as not one, not two, but three mouths worked me. Their tongues running around my balls, popping them in and out of their mouths. Jean’s mouth trying to get every inch of me inside with her tongue running along one side and her teeth scrapping along the other. I even heard her gag a few times. I struggled as long as possible to hold off the release, but I could only hold it so long. When I finally did release, it was the best orgasm I ever had. I filled Jean’s mouth so much that she began to dribble some of it down the side of my penis and Summer and mom worked to get every last drop that Jean couldn’t get. When I finally finished, Jean removed her mouth, leaned over my stomach, and spit every last drop in her mouth onto my stomach.

“Eat up ladies!” Jean sat back as the other two moved in. Summer and mom began to lap up every drop of cum on my stomach. When they finished, they then proceeded to clean every last inch of my penis. Jean just sat there and smiled. As the others finished up, Jean spoke, “Sit up.” I got up off my back and sat before Jean. “So, is there anything else you need to warn me about Zack, or are we clear to move on in the relationship?”

All I could say is “Everything is clear.”

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