The Halloween Party Part 1

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The Halloween Party Part 1

Kasey, Zoe, and Brandon don’t usually go to parties. This is actually the first one ever for the triplets. These siblings aren’t exactly party animals, but all of there friends convinced them to go. They figured that since it is Halloween and the biggest party of the year that they should go. This party features 6th through 10th graders, them being in 9th grade they felt like they would be more comfortable knowing they were older then most there. The three all looked similar, all pale, freckles, redhair, and skinny, all very attractive, they were all short. Kasey looked very similar to her sister but was more pale, and her jawbone was more defined. Brandon had his hair swooped off to the side and was a very attractive guy. Zoe and her sister both dressed as bunnies, both pink and slutty, and Brandon couldn’t help that notice how sexy they both looked.

Grant sat in his home waiting for his guests, this isn’t the first party he has held and it won’t be the last. He has thrown some pretty good ones and he knows how to throw them. He made sure his parents are away and he has a nice supply of drugs and alcohol. His longish dark brown hair is swooped to one side and he is dressed in a baseball outfit, all he has to do is sit and wait.

Connor was waiting to be drive to the party were he his determined to get laid. Connor was one of the most popular guys in the school and was ready to find and mount the hottest girl there. Connor was a very well built guy and was dressed in a football jersey. He was getting nervous as he noticed sweat starting to form on his shortly cut light brown hair. All he could do though was wait for his friend TJ to come pick him up.

TJ and Will and their sisters rode together, both Will and TJ were in 7th grade and their sisters were both in 10th. TJ, Will, and Connor were all football stars so they all dressed up as football players. TJ and Will’s sisters were both smoking hot. Most popular girls in the school, both beautiful. Laurinn was Will’ sister and had black hair, like him, and had huge breasts and an ass that was out of this world. TJ’s sister, Taylor, was the hotter friend out of the two and also looked like her brother, blonde had and freckles, huge tits and ass, and all around gorgeous. They were both dressed up as nurses. They had to pick up Connor and then they were on their way to the party.

Grace walked her way to the party she has been excited for for weeks. Grace walked with confidence knowing she will be the most attractive girl at the party. This is true in a way. Ass wise she is in a whole different league, her butt is huge, fit, and perfect, and if you are a guy it is impossible to not look as she passes, and being only in 9th grade, she attracted a lot of attention. She was half Mexican, and has golden hair is long and gorgeous, she is dressed as a ghost, which she pulls off in a unbelievable way.

Alyssa puts on her makeup carefully, she knows it is difficult to pull off a Snow White outfit and still look hot and slutty but she thinks she did it. She was very nervous and knows this has to be perfect so she can attract some attention, since she is only in 6th grade. She has perfectly done makeup on her eyes, which accents her eyes perfectly, not like she needs it, she has the most gorgeous eyes in the school. They were hazel, and seemed like they glue.

Jessica and Carla rode in a car together driven by Jessica’s mother. Jessica and Carla (although no one knew) were the only lesbian couple in the school. Jessica was tall and tan, she had dark brown hair and eyes and was stereotypical beach girl. Carla was shorter with a nice ass and tits, she had black hair and had a pretty face. They were both dressed as cats and looked very appealing and slutty. They both don’t plan to come out for a while considering they are only in 8th grade. But tonight their goal is to turn a girl, just for one night.

Grant walked into the room of his two younger brothers. His brothers were 7 and 8 and were annoying as fuck to Grant. “Alright shitheads, parties about to start,” Grant told them, “don’t come out of this room from now on until the end of the night ok.”

“Ok” said the older one Easton. The younger one, Ethan nodded in agreement, this wasn’t a problem for them big kid parties were stupid anyways. The both looked exactly alike with blonde hair and blue eyes and looked nothing like their brother.

As people started filing into the party things kicked off and soon at least 100 people were parting but what they didn’t know was Connors mom was driving rokettube in from the city to their house and was not happy. Connors mom was a MILF by all means. Big tits from a tit job she got when she was 20 but still look perfect even though she is now 37. Her face was pretty and mature and had black hair that was tied in a bun. She knows that Connor is going to that party with drugs, even thought he told him not to.

Grant already has his eyes on the girl he wants to fuck. This girls name is Grace, he didn’t think she would be the one he would be going for at the beginning of the day. But that was before he say her ass. After that he has been chatting her up like crazy trying to get into her pants.

Grace laughed sexily at Grant’s joke. Grant turns her on, and can’t believe how much attention he is paying to her. If he makes a move on her there is no telling what she would let him do to her. She is getting a little tipsy already.

Connor eyed Grace intently. She is perfect and he would do anything to have her but she is so caught up in Grant she doesn’t have time to even look at him. He refuses to leave this party until he had gotten a piece of that sweet ass.

Brandon was not having a good time, he didn’t know anyone and wasn’t meeting anyone new that is interesting. Except for this Alyssa girl, she is really pretty but younger than him and they have been laughing for about an hour.

Alyssa was mind blown by how much she likes this Brandon guy.

Zoe thong is getting wet, she is biting her lip and getting heated. Her sister sat next to her and saw what was happening she traced her line of sight to Grant, the popular boy talking to Grace. She wanted him so badly but he was so involved in Grace and it drove Zoe crazy.

“Grant huh,” Kasey said and smiled accusingly at her sister, “ya he is hot alright.”

“Ya,” Zoe responded, “too bad he is so involved in that Grace bitch.”

Kasey laughed and nodded. Zoe then got a crazy idea. “Hey sis,” Zoe said, “we should work together on this on.”

Grant thought for sure he had this girl in his grasp and was about to ask her upstairs when Zoe came running up to him. He knows Zoe because she is in his grade and he has actually been pretty good friends with her over the years. He knew she had a sister but he didn’t know her as much, he had seen her around and thinks she is equally hot as her. He does like Zoe but he was not exactly pleased to see her now, even though he noticed how hot she looked.

“What do you want zo,” he whispered, “I’m a little busy here.”

“Me and Kasey need show you something upstairs really quick,” she said urgently, “it’s so crazy, quick, you’ll be right back I promise.”

Grant really didn’t want to leave the girl he spent so long rubbing up to but decided to go with her. He went with her mostly because she said Kasey was there to. What would Kasey want to show him.

Jessica and Carla scoped out the place they searched for hours to find the perfect girl. They finally decided on a young girl named Alyssa. The one problem was this kid Brandon was talking to her, obviously trying to get into her pants. They decided to wait it out. Since they are bi, if this Brandon fucker actually finds away to fuck poor little Alyssa we’ll just join in.

Will and TJ sat on a couch and drank some spiked punch. They chatted about hot girls but they both knew who they wanted. TJ wanted Laurinn, Will’s sister, and Will wants Taylor, TJ’s sister.

Grant followed an excited and jumpy Zoe up the stairs, “This better be good Zoe,” he called up.

She stopped and turned around at a door on the top floor, she had a huge grin on her face. “Oh,” she said, “It’s good.”

She opens the door and Grant walks in first but not paying attention to what’s in the room. Talks back to Zoe, “What do you mean…” But stops talking when he hears what’s in the room.

Zoe jumps in the room and shuts the door. What Grant hears is the distinct sound of moaning. He knows moaning, and this moaning is the type of moaning of a person who is about to come. He turns to find Kasey, pussy facing them with her head up and looking at them. Her face was serious, her brows were furrowed and her face was stern. She was breathing heavily and nearly screaming. In between her legs she held a vibrator that I recognized as my moms (I have seen it in her room from time to time). This huge vibrator buzzed against here tight little pussy, which was covered with just enough of red fuzz. As he watched she suddenly jolted up and her eyes went from serious to wide and surprised, asyalı porno her mouth hung open like she was trying to scream but nothing came out. And she shook and trembled as she had the orgasm of her life.

Zoe took a deep breathe and walked toward her sister. She bent over to look at the face of her sister, who was still recovering from the orgasm she just experienced. Zoe cupped Kasey’s face in her hands and kissed her. Zoe has kissed guys before but not girls. Kissing guys was great but this was different, and in its own ways good. Maybe just because they were sisters but they both felt a bond. They both loved how soft each other’s faces felt.

Grant moved to get a better view, and thanking The Lord for how lucky he was.

Zoe and Kasey got more comfortable, Zoe started to thrust her body against Kasey’s sexually. Then Kasey slide her fingers into Zoe’s thong. Zoe has touched herself but nobody else has ever touched her there. It felt terrific, she let out a loud sigh. Kasey smiles at her sister’a pleasure. Kasey kissed Zoe’s neck and Zoe gasped and tore off her top. Relieving her small but adorable breasts. Just as they were getting into it Grant moved over and put his crotch near both of there faces. They both looked up, they looked adorable with both of their faces pressed together. Zoe reached up and pulled down Grant’s pants, his huge dick came out and, in unison, the sisters gasped.

Downstairs Brandon (who is still talking to Alyssa) is getting worried because he cannot find his sisters.

Zoe, who is sitting on her sister, reluctantly reached up and grabbed Grant’s dick. She looked at her sister, who was just as fascinated with it as her, and began to stroke. Grant was surprised at how good she stroked it. It sent chills up his body as her little hand stroked his big cock. Kasey after a while reached up and put her hand on Zoe’s, they were then together stroking his cock.

After a while Grant got bored and shoved Zoe’s face onto his dick, forcing her to suck it. She didn’t get very far before she started to gag, but Grabt didn’t give up and he pushed Zoe to her limit. She eventually had to come up for air but not after a good blow. He started to do the same with Kasey, this time Zoe held his balls with her soft little hands which made it feel so much better. After a little while he backed away and lifted Zoe up onto her feet and left Kasey on the bed. He bent over Zoe so Zoe’s face was in her sister’s pussy, she began to eat her out.

Grant backed up and inspected Zoe’s pussy and asshole, both seemed tight and like they haven’t been penetrated before. But Grant didn’t feel like showing mercy, he licked her pussy a bit then shoved his cock deep into her pussy. She screamed out in pain. When he started thrusting her face was contorted in pain but she begged for him to go faster. Kasey held Zoe’s head in between her legs and seemed satisfied. A little bit of blood oozed onto Grant’s dick but that only motivated him to go faster, he fucked her pussy like he would never fuck a pussy again. When he got tired, he pulled out, Zoe, who’s face was red and streaked with tears gave a huge gasp. But instead of giving her a break he took his cock and shoved it into her asshole. This time she screamed, the whole house had to have heard her. He moaned in pleasure as her butthole was tighter than he thought. He fucked her until Kasey’s eyes got wide again and came all over her sisters face.

Grant then pulled out and brought his prick over to Kasey’s mouth, “Clean it,” is all Grant said, and Kasey obeyed.

Grant lifted Kasey up and she wrapped her legs around him. While holding her up, Grant slide his cock into Kasey’s tight pussy. Kasey took it better than her sister, Grant could tell she wasn’t a virgin. She still yelled out as the cock entered her, Grant fucked her hard. Zoe crawled over, still recovering from earlier, and got on her knees. At first Grant didn’t know what she was doing, but then Kasey’s eyes went wide and gasped. Then it occurred to him that Zoe was eating out her sister’s asshole. This turned him on, and he fucked her hard until she came on his cock, that is the third time she has came and all three times have been the same, she opens her eyes and mouth wide and stays like that in shock. Zoe smiled up as she felt Kasey cum on her tongue.

Grant then set Kasey down, but he wasn’t done with her yet. He set her on one foot and took the other one and put it over his shoulder. Which gave him a nice target to fuck. Zoe say across from them and played with herself with the vibrator azeri porno without much response. What was really pissing off Grant was that Zoe hasn’t cum yet. He thinks that as Kasey cums on his cock for a FOURTH time.

Grant then pushes Kasey out of the way after she is done with her orgasm and walks over to Zoe. He grabs her by the neck and she looks up at him with eyes that look like are of a five year old. Without a word he flips her over and he lays on his back, he sets Zoe on his cock. Without questioning she starts to ride it.

Kasey comes up behind her sister and starts to eat out her asshole, “fuck him sis” Kasey says from in between her sister’a ass cheeks.

Zoe begins to moan and picks up to pace. Grant holds her hips as she rides him. “Im gonna cum sis,” she says.

“Do it, please do it,” Kasey begs.

Zoe cums different than her sister, Zoe turned red and started to shake, her face locked and she shut her eyes hard. She made a noise that like a muffled scream. Grant didn’t really care all he knew was that he was about to blow his load. His quickly pulled out and jerked off in between Zoe’s legs. Kasey got her face right next to the dick and Grant shot his load all over Kasey’s face and Zoe’s crotch and lower belly. Afterwards Zoe collapsed on Grant and they all just lay there panting.

Brandon hated to do it but he had to. He was scared that his sisters were like getting rapped or something. He had to leave Alyssa and find his sisters. He apologized and left, telling her he would be right back. He went to search for them upstairs.

“Be right back ya fucking right,” Alyssa thought to herself, he hated me I fucked up.

Brandon opened the first door on the second floor and what he saw almost made him pass out. There were his sisters, naked, cuddling with some guy. His first instinct was to be mad, but he couldn’t help notice how hot they were. He ran up to them at the edge of the bed.

“What the fuck is going on here,” he screamed.

Without answering his sister Zoe crawled over to him, drunk with lust, and started to undo his pants. He noticed that Kasey was sucking Grant’s dick and he was hard. Before he could object his dick was in his sister’a mouth. He didn’t want to do it he swore, but at the time it felt so god damn good. He moaned out in pleasure. The four of them for a good 20 minutes enjoyed the blowjobs they were receiving, until Brandon lost control and blew his load all over his sister’s face. Now leaving both Kasey and Zoe’s faces covered in cum. He wasted no time recovering, he flipped his sister over and faced her perfectly fit ass and without hesitation stuck his dick into it. He made a loud grunt and she made a satisfied moan. While he was fucking away, Grant has Kasey pressed up against the wall fucking her like crazy. He has his hand around her throat and she is gasping for air but enjoying every second of it.

Zoe and Kasey cum at about the same time. They keep fucking in that position until Brandon goes, “Uh oh,” and cums all over his sisters butt. Leaving most of Zoe covered in cum. They then move were each of the guys are at either end of the bed fucking their girl, were the girls heads are right next to each other. Grant was fucking Zoe this time and Brandon was fucking his other sister. They fucked in this position for a long time, Kasey came twice and Zoe, being the more difficult one to make cum, only came once. But eventually the both reaches their breaking points at the same time. They both pulled out and climes into the bed. And at the same time, both Grant and Brandon shot their spunk all over the kissing sister’s faces, leaving them covered in seed.

Downstairs Grace waits for Jordan, patiently. Until one of her friends comes up to her, “Did you hear Grace, the sisters Zoe and Kasey are both fucking Grant at the same time upstairs… Disgusting right.”

Grace was extremely surprised and just nodded her head. Then sat down disappointed, she really thought he liked her.

Connor sees that Grace is alone, and seems sad, this is his chance. He walks toward Grace with a smile.

Grace sees Connor coming, “Oh my god,” she thinks to herself, “I don’t need another guy hitting on me.”

“Wassup Grace” Connor says with a smile and sits down.

“Not in the mood Connor,” she says rudely. Connor, not expecting this response sits there in silence.

An idea sparked to Graces mind, who by now is blowed drunk, “Hey Connor,” she says.

“Ya,” he says immediately like a excited puppy.

“Your Grant’s friend right.”


Grace smiles, “Wanna go look at something with me upstairs”

Connors eyes open wide with delight, “Of course.”

Connors mom is 25 minutes from the house.

To be continued…

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