The Gym Shower

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I’d had a long, hard day at work, the kind of day that makes you just want to smack somebody. So to relax I decided to hit the fitness club to swim and get in the hot tub before going home. It was the right thing to do. All the pissation I’d been carrying around just drained away. It was quite late when I headed for the showers, and almost no one was left. I peeled off my swimsuit,and gathered up my shampoo stuff and headed for the showers.

I heard water running so I figured there was another late-nighter finishing up too. As I rounded the corner there was a beautiful woman showering, short black hair, sort of resembling Ava Gardner. However she was more than showering. Her left hand was rubbing the soap across her breasts in a seductive way and her right hand was moving between her legs I stopped dead in my tracks, not believing what I was seeing. I couldn’t even blurt out anything resembling an apology when she opened her eyes and saw me standing there.

I came to myself after a few seconds, and mumbled something about returning after she was finished. She let out a low hearty chuckle and said “don’t leave on my account.”

“But,” I stammered, “you were, uh — busy.”

She never stopped touching herself and purred “haven’t you ever seen a woman pleasure herself?”

Oh man, I must have blushed from head to toe and said something about yes, in porn movies, but never in person and never in a public place.

“So take your shower and I’ll show you something fun.” She stepped out from under the spray, toweled off briefly, and left for a few moments. I was still standing there, a little stunned by what was going on.

When she returned, she had two vinyl yoga mats. She unrolled them under 2 adjoining shower heads, then turned on the water. Once she had checked and made sure the temperature was right, She laid down on one of the yoga mats and spread her legs. She had a generous black bush, whereas I, a pale strawberry blonde, had only a dusting of pubic hair.

“Come on, lay down on the other mat.” she said. “What are you doing?” I asked, with a hint of annoyance.I just wanted to clean up and go home to bed.

“Trust me, you’ll go home nice and relaxed and sleep like a baby.” So, humoring her, I laid down on the mat to her right. “Now, arrange yourself so the water is aimed right at your pussy, and try to get one of the sprays right on your clit. It’ll blow your mind.” Dang! This horny broad didn’t mince words. gaziantep escort ilanları She wriggled and scooched her hips around until she found the right spot. “aahhh, yes.” She turned her head to face me and said “seriously, find your happy place.”

So, led by curiosity more than anything else, I moved my hips around and managed to find just the right alignment so that one little jet of water was indeed hitting right on my joy spot. Oh wow! I hated to admit it, but it DID feel great. I let out a big breath and concentrated on the pleasurable feelings that enveloped my clit. She was sighing and making the kind of noises a pleasured woman does.

I opened my eyes and gazed down where the water was hitting her, and saw that she was aiding the process with her hand. I was too shy to do anything like that in front of another person, so I closed my eyes again and felt the water dancing on my clit. Ohhh, it was good.

Suddenly I felt two fingers pulling back on my Venus mound. “Here, this exposes your clit better to the water.” She was doing the same thing to herself.

“OK, I think I can handle this.” I said as I returned her hand to her leg. I put my own fingers each side of my clit and pulled back the fleshy mons. I felt the tingling sensations even better. She had done this before.

I laid there enjoying the sensations when suddenly I felt her fingers moving up and down my pussy. What the hell?!!! I could feel the flash of heat on my face.

“Sweetie, I can guess what you’re thinking. Don’t worry. This is just play. Didn’t you ever do this with another little girl when you were small?” I shook my head. “Well, see? Now you can see what you missed. Same gender sex play doesn’t mean you’re gay. It just means you’re willing to be adventurous. Aren’t you even a little bit curious?”

She looked at her fingers caressing me, and said.”doesn’t it feel good to have your pussy gently rubbed and tickled and diddled?” She couldn’t have known that that kind of ‘dirty talk’ turned me on something fierce. Oh God, it felt wicked, but so tickly good where her finger was, and I felt any opposition slip down the drain with the water.

I shivered with a wave of desire, so I took my hand and put it where the water was spraying away on her black bush. It felt so familiar, yet so different to be touching another woman’s cunny. Slick despite the water spray, I moved my middle finger up and down her slit, just as she was doing to me. She continued this movement until my hips began to move as my ass tightened from the pleasurable sensations.

She started adding a tickle to the clit, then backed off and slid her fingers back down, only to slide back up and do it again.. I did the same to her, both of us oohing and aahing and making little squeals when our clits felt the fingers diddling them. We continued this pussy play for a bit.

Then she got up, turned the water off both our showers, and laid back down the opposite of me. “Turn to lie on your right side, bend your right knee, leaving it flat on the ground, and bend the other knee, pointing at the ceiling.” She then did the same and laid her head on my right thigh, so she was looking right at my pussy.

“C’mon, put your head right here.” she instructed, patting her right thigh. Oh I knew where this was leading, and wasn’t sure I could go there, even though I had fantasized about something like this during solo sex many times.

As if to erase any remaining hesitancy I might have, she moved in and started licking my clit. “Unnggghhh!” was the sound that came out of me, A sharp orgasm shot from my clit up my cunny and spread through my body as I spasmed . Without even thinking, I plunged my face into her glistening dark pink pussy and started licking and licking her as if my life depended on it. It was as if I was possessed.

I could feel her tongue running up and down just as her fingers had, but the wet hot tongue was another sensation entirely. Her pussy tasted musky, and the thought “so this is what a man experiences.” floated through my brain.

My tongue danced over her wetness, and her tongue over mine. How I was able to keep tasting her while receiving such incredible pleasure, I had no idea.

I had been following her every move, doing to her exactly what she was doing to me, when she suddenly plunged her tongue into my cunny. I almost turned inside out! I screamed with ecstasy, and then, stuck my tongue deep into her. I could her her scream too, but it was muffled against me.

Our tongues plunged and retreated, whipped side to side, circled our walls as we felt them pulse. I felt her pussy almost grab my tongue and she let out a shriek “Ohhhhhh, I’m comingggg!!!” I kept moving my tongue in and out through her orgasm. Her body shivered and shook with her climax.

While I was waiting for her to return her tongue to my cunny I thought I heard something. Then a male voice said, “would you lovely ladies like to give us some assistance?” We clung to each other, startled as hell.

We turned to look, and there were two good-looking guys, mid-thirties, one taller and dark, one shorter and blond, with their pants around their ankles, stroking themselves. From their buff bodies, they must have been personal trainers, and I thought I recognized them from the club. I was frozen in embarrassment.

“How long have you been standing there?” Ava whispered huskily.

“Just about long enough!” the taller one said,

She continued, amused as hell, “well did you enjoy what you saw?”

They looked at each other, then down at their erect penises, and answered “what do you think?” Not missing a beat, she motioned them over with a sly crook of her finger.

“It would be a shame to waste such gorgeous erections, wouldn’t it dear?” she looked in my direction.

My pussy was still aching to come, and the sight of their buff bodies and stiff dicks made me want one in me so much. “Yes, yes, of course.”

They stepped out of their pants and came over. The taller one knelt down next to me and said “I like redheads.” I smiled and pulled him to me. He moved over top of me and and took his gorgeous penis in his hand. He moved it up and down my wet pussy. Then he pushed himself inside me, and I groaned with delight.

Meanwhile, the other man was kissing Ava and playing with her breasts. He then moved under her and laid down on the mat. She climbed on top of him and lowered herself onto his cock. “Ohhh, mmm, that’s good.” he murmured. She started bouncing up and down on him. “Oh, fuck yeah!” he exclaimed.

My lover thrust himself expertly. All of us could hear each others’ expressions of pleasure bouncing around the tile in that shower room. .I would cast a glance at the other couple, and I noticed them watching us too.

The two men exchanged a glance and then, Ava’s fella had her dismount his cock, and lay down. He then entered her, so we were both in missionary. Both men started fucking us fast and hard, and we watched their cocks going in and out of us in between our gasps and moans of joy.

Ava started moaning loudly, signaling her climax. Seeing her so close, it tripped my trigger as well, my moans joining hers. A few more hard thrusts and my tall, dark, and handsome yelled out in ecstasy and came. Shortly after, the blond did the same.

We all laid there, lost in our climaxes. And then Ava raised her head. looked at me with a salacious grin and said “how about a shower?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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