The Gym Ch. 4

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John arrived at Kate’s house at 6:50 pm. She answered the door in a very tight fitting short dress. “Damn, you look good” John told her. “Sorry I’m so early, but I was so excited about tonight” he added. “That’s fine, I’m always ready early” she said. “And you look pretty damn good, too” she added. She eyed him up and down. He was wearing black dockers, a nice dress shirt, and his black loafers. She grabbed him and kissed him on the lips. Their tongues passionately darted around in each other’s mouths. He looked down, and could see her large shemale cock begin to press against her tight dress. “Maybe we should wait” he laughed.

They jumped into his camaro and drove to Carl and Suki’s house. Suki answered the door in a short black dress. She had white fishnets, and garters on. She looked really hot. Kate grabbed Suki and began to kiss her on the lips. John watched as the hungrily tongued each other. John could feel his cock begin to stir. Suki slid her hand up Kate’s short dress, and began stroking her. Kate’s large shemale cock quickly grew hard. Suki pushed Kate’s dress to her hips, and removed her panties.

“Ooh, how I missed this monster” Suki moaned as she began licking the shemale’s large cock. “Mm, I missed you too, honey” Kate told Suki. As Carl entered the room, his wife was already deepthroating the shemale’s large throbbing cock. John sat on the couch watching contently. Carl sat next to John. “It’s hot, ain’t it?” he commented on his the way his wife sucked the shemale’s large cock.

John felt Carl’s hand as it rested on his bulging crotch. “Why don’t you take your pants down” Carl said to him. John quickly slid his dockers and briefs to the floor. Carl’s hand gripped his throbbing erection and softly stroked him. John watched as the pretty gaziantep escort ilanları asian hungrily deepthroated the shemale’s 10 inch cock. Carl stroked John until his cock was hard as steel. “Why don’t you go help the ladies” Carl said to John.

John quickly dove to the floor. He pushed Suki’s black dress upward. She wasn’t wearing any panties. John shoved his face between her tanned asian thighs, and began licking her pretty asian pussy. Carl began undressing. He stood above Kate, and pushed his hard cock between her pretty lips. Kate sucked him deeply into her mouth. Carl moaned, as the shemale expertly sucked his cock. John’s tongue moved quickly against Suki’s hot pussy. She ground her pussy against his face as he ate her.

Suki removed her mouth from Kate’s very large hard shemale cock, and announced “I need to be fucked hard”. John was on his back and Suki staddled his rigid cock. Suki lowered herself onto John’s thick hard cock. “Mm, hell yeah” she moaned as John’s cock slid deeply into her pussy. She slid herself down onto his cock, and took him all the way inside of her. “I want more” Suki moaned. Kate stepped behind Suki, and began lubing up her large shemale cock. Suki grunted as Kate began to push her large cockhead into Suki’s tight ass hole. “Oh, GOD yes” Suki yelled as Kate’s large shemale cock slid deeply into her tight ass. “Oh, I love to be double fucked” she grunted. She thrust wildly as the two cocks slid into her holes. “Oh, God,” she moaned. Carl pressed the head of his cock against his wife’s pretty asian mouth. Suki hungrily sucked him. Suki thrashed about wildly as her holes were totally filled with 2 large cocks.

She sucked her husband deep into her throat. John thrust upward shoving his cock deeply into Suki’s sweet oriental pussy. Kate pounded away furiously inside of Suki’s hot ass hole. She could feel John’s throbbing cock through the thin skin between the 2 holes. “Oh, yes I’m gonna cum” Suki yelled. She rapidly stroked her husband’s thick cock. John moaned and shot his cum into Suki’s hot pussy. “Oh, yeah” John moaned as his cum erupted inside of Suki’s beautiful pussy. As John’s cock furiously throbbed and pulsated, Kate grunted, and shot her shemale cum. “Ooh, baby” Kate moaned. Suki felt both cocks squirting hot cum into her cunt and ass. She climaxed again.

Suki felt the hot cum boiling inside of her 2 hot holes. Her pussy and her ass hole both tightly clamped around the cocks inside of them. They continued thrusting deeply inside of both of her holes, until they finished cumming. Suki now took her husband’s large cock back into her mouth. She moved her mouth up and down his large cock very quickly. Carl moaned, and his cum splattered into her mouth. Suki hungrily swallowed his cum. “Oh, God” he moaned as his wife swallowed his hot cum.

Kate and John removed their cocks from Suki’s hot holes, and began to kiss each other. John’s tongue deeply thrust inside of Kate’s mouth. She hungrily sucked his hot tongue. John stroked her cock as it became very hard again. Carl shot the last of his cum into his wife’s hot mouth. He withdrew his shrinking cock from her pretty mouth. Drops of his cum dribbled onto her lips, and chin. Suki took John’s cock into her mouth and sucked him. He quickly got hard. She deepthroated his young cock. Kate straddled John’s face and fed him her large shemale cock. He greedily accepted her 10 inch cock into his tight throat. Kate moaned.

Suki sucked John’s cock wonderfully. He grunted as she buried his cock all the way down her hot throat. John moaned, and his cum erupted. Suki hungrily accepted all of his hot, sweet cum into her mouth. She sucked him until the last of his hot cum squirted from his big cockhead. She quickly moved towards Kate, and took Kate’s large shemale cock into her mouth. Suki deepthroated the pretty shemale, and furiously fucked her with her mouth. Carl was now licking the cum from both of his wife’s hot holes.

Kate held Suki by her dark hair, and thrust into her mouth deeply. Suki sucked the shemale’s large cock expertly. Kate moaned, and her shemale cum shot into Suki’s pretty mouth. Suki made loud slurping noises as she ate Kate’s sweet shemale cum. “Oh you sweet asian whore” Kate moaned. Suki hungrily sucked the last of Kate’s cum from her large shemale cock. “God, this was wonderful” Suki moaned. The 4 put on their clothing, and sat and had drinks. “Thank you for such a wonderful time” John said to Suki and Carl. “No, problem” Carl said. “We loved it very much, hope we can do it more often” Suki added. The four sat and got buzzed with alcohol and chatted.

“Same time next week?” Kate asked. “Will you bring John?” Carl asked. “Wouldn’t dream of doing it with out him” Kate replied. “It’s a date then” Suki said. John and Kate both kissed Suki goodbye. Kate kissed Carl on the lips. “Maybe next time, I may have to fuck you” she said, as she patted him on the ass. “Sounds incredible” Carl moaned. “I can’t wait” he continued. “See ya next week” Kate said. Her and John drove away in John’s camaro. John dropped her off at her house. “Call me tomorrow” Kate told him. “Hell, why don’t I just come over at 7” John replied. “It’s a date, then” she said. “What do you want to do?” he asked her. “Why don’t we just plan on staying here and fucking” she cooed. “Oh, yeah” John replied , I can’t wait” They kissed goodnight. John drove away with hot thoughts in his head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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