The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No Ch. 01

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“Mmmm, that’s the spot,” Ally purred. The blonde coed arched her back, unaware of the spectacle of her full breasts straining against her t-shirt.

The older man, Dan, continued to massage the young coed’s shoulders, his heavy, strong hands digging deliciously into her tense muscles. Four other guys sat around them, lounging on chairs and couches and even the floor, chatting while they shot increasingly less discrete glances at the sensual girl.

Music throbbed from the other room. Another Friday night party at Pat’s was gearing up. A private gathering of assorted friends and friends of friends, the music at Pat’s wasn’t as loud or the crowd as large and raucous as at a typical frat party, but the tendency for things to get a bit out of control remained. It hovered in the air, throbbing with the music, unknown to Ally but growing in the eyes of the guys watching her.

With a sly grin, Dan slowly slid his massaging hands down Ally’s arching back. His strong fingers slid under the hem of her t-shirt, digging into her bare back. Ally groaned again.

“You like that?” Dan asked, his voice husky.

“Yeah,” Ally purred, closing her eyes. “You can keep doing that forever.”

“Oh yeah, what do I get out of it?” Dan said, his thumbs brushing just under the waistband of the coed’s short denim skirt while his fingers dug sensuously into the small of her back.

“Anything,” Ally sighed, eyes closed, luxuriating in the feeling of Dan’s strong hands on her back, ignorant of the sudden, hungry look in the four other pairs of watching eyes.

With a lusty grin, Dan slowly worked his hands up the young woman’s back, firmly kneading the tension from her muscles. As he did so, he also steadily bunched up her t-shirt, slowly exposing her firm, pale belly until the loose fabric was gathered just below her round breasts.

“Arms up,” he commanded, quietly but firmly.

Ally’s eyes blinked open and she looked over her shoulder at the older man. Quickly she glanced over the other guys in the room, all now unashamedly watching her. With a laugh and a sudden what-the-hell smile, Ally threw her arms up. Without wasting a second, Dan seized the coed’s t-shirt, whipped it off her and tossed it violently across the room. Ally watched her top go with a sudden nagging concern, but shrugged inwardly. A lacy bra of pale blue still covered her full, round breasts.

Even as she took comfort in that, Dan’s hands seized her shoulders at the base of her neck and continued firmly massaging. Slowly his hands slid outward along her shoulders, easing her bra straps off until they fell down her arms. Ally tried to casually shift her shoulders, to slip them back on, but Dan’s hands gripped her arms. Still massaging, he held her arms firmly in place and pushed her bra straps even lower, exposing more of the tops of her breasts.

Dan slid his hands up and down her arms. One hand worked its way down her arm and across onto her belly. His other hand slid back up to her neck, massaging along her shoulders and down her back. Slowly, he hooked his fingers around the clasp of her bra and twisted.

“Hey,” Ally started, but even as the word passed her lips, the clasp released and Dan tugged her bra down, exposing her hard, rosy nipples to the hungry gaze of the watching men.

Ally’s hands moved to catch her falling bra or at least to cover herself but Dan moved faster. One hand seized her arm, while the other snaked around and grabbed her tit firmly. Ally gasped as Dan’s rough, strong hand gently squeezed her naked breast. His other hand wrapped around hers, pulling her down against his thigh. Inexorably, Dan pulled her hand up between his legs. Ally gasped as she felt the hard bulge gaziantep escort ilanları of Dan’s cock straining against his jeans.

With a deep sigh, Ally cupped her hand around Dan’s package. He groaned. Trying to regain the upper hand, so to speak, Ally rubbed Dan’s straining cock through his jeans. He groaned louder, rolling his hips to press himself against her. His hand continued to massage her breasts, his rough fingers rolling over her hard nipples. Ally jumped and gasped as his touch sent sharp jolts of intense sensation through her over and over.

For a long moment, they sat like that, moaning and caressing each other. Suddenly Dan twisted, seizing Ally by the shoulders he pushed her off the couch. The coed gave a little squeal which turned into a laugh as she caught herself and sank to her knees. While she did, Dan released one hand, still holding Ally firmly with the other, and mauled the buttons of his jeans. Struggling, he pulled his cock free of his pants and pulled Ally toward it.

Shocked and unresisting, Ally was drawn toward the long, rampant shaft of flesh looming up from the older man’s pants. Her hands reached out, almost of their own accord, and her fingers wrapped around his hard length. Dan groaned as she stroked him, but he continued to pull her forward.

“Suck it,” he growled. “Suck my cock.”

One hand on her neck, his other hand settling on the top of her head, he pulled Ally toward his crotch. Ally leaned forward. Her tongue darted out and she tasted the salty tang of his leaking pre-cum and the musky flavor of his skin. With quick little licks, she fluttered her tongue along his shaft. Dan groaned and pushed her head down against his body. Ally’s lips parted and the pulsing tip of his cock slipped between them.

Ally moaned, struggling a little, as Dan started to raggedly thrust his hips against her face. This seemed only to encourage him. His thrusts become smooth and more regular, gently but firmly rocking his cock between her lips. Ally started bobbing her head in time to his thrusts. Her tongue swirled over the tip of his shaft. Dan moaned. His thrusts grew faster and more urgent. Ally struggled to keep up, gagging a little as he thrust too deeply.

Dan grunted violently. Ally felt his cock harden between her lips. He made a final, hard thrust into her face and a torrent of cum surged out of his cock. Ally gagged as the thick, salty fluid filled her mouth and dribbled from between her lips. Dan’s hands held her head firmly in place as he continued to unload into her mouth.

With a final grunt, Dan suddenly released her head. Ally rocked back on her knees, gasping and sputtering. Cum dribbled from her mouth, making a sticky line down her chin and dripping onto her bare breasts. She knelt there for a second, her cum streaked breasts heaving as she gasped for breath. A shadow fellow across her.

“I’m next,” a husky voice said and Ally looked up to see another shaft of hard flesh rearing in front of her.

Startled, Ally looked up at him and then around at the others, all leering hungrily at her.

“Come on,” the guy standing over her growled, “you’re not going stop now. That wouldn’t be fair.”

Ally sighed, her full breasts swelling with the deep breath.

“No,” she said softly, “I guess it wouldn’t be.”

The guy grinned and dropped onto the couch next to Dan. With another deep breath, Ally crawled over to him and took his hard cock in her hand. Slowly, she stroked the thick shaft, noting curiously the differences between it and Dan’s longer, thinner dick.

The guy reached out, wrapping his fingers in her hair and pulling her face down into his lap. Ally allowed herself to be drawn down, parting her lips slightly and allowing this new cock into her mouth. The guy groaned, but remained still. His hands rested lightly on her head, stroking her hair while she held the head of his hard cock between her lips. Gently, Ally rolled her tongue over the bulbous tip. The guy groaned again. Slowly, Ally started to move, bobbing her head up and down, licking and sucking along his thick, hard shaft. The guy’s hands held Ally’s head close to his cock, but otherwise she found herself free to suck and lick it as she choose. With increasing confidence, Ally worked her mouth along his shaft, enjoying the moans of pleasure her actions elicited.

Ally jumped as another set of hands touched her body. Strong fingers gripped her sides and started massaging her back again. Ally moaned at the pleasure of it and the guy in her mouth groaned as her noises vibrated against his cock. Ally redoubled her efforts, moaning as the hands roamed over her back and then down her thighs.

Suddenly, she felt the hands pushing her skirt up around her waist. She tried to say something, but her words were muffled by the thick cock still filling her mouth. She tried to raise her head, but the hands in her hair held her firmly. The other hands grabbed her panties and, with a jerk, pulled them down her thighs.

While Ally struggled, her protests muffled by the swelling flesh between her lips, someone gripped her hips firmly. A strong body settled behind her and something hard and thick poked against her thighs, shoving between her legs to press against the warm folds of her pussy. Ally froze, stunned and waiting. Then she squealed as a long hard cock thrust into her warm but still slightly dry channel.

Ally’s mouth, opened wider by her squealing, sank deeper onto the cock that filled it. The guy behind her thrust again, driving himself deeper into her pussy, and pushing her forward onto the cock in front of her. She gagged as the cock in her mouth was driven too deep. Ally struggled to push herself back, to withdraw the cock from her mouth, and so thrust back against the cock in her pussy. The guy behind her thrust again, bottoming out inside her and driving her forward to gag once more on the cock in her face.

Ally struggled, bracing herself between the two hard cock which impaled her. Finally, she managed to find a balance between them that allowed her to accept the cock vigorously thrusting into her pussy without gagging herself on the cock in the mouth. Both men grunted and moaned over her, their hands holding her head and her hips steady as they pummeled her open holes. Involuntarily, Ally’s own muffled moans joined them as her pussy responded to the cock filling it with every thrust.

“Oh fuck,” the man holding her head groaned. His cock swelled between her lips. Once again, Ally’s mouth was flooded with thick, salty cum. Bracing herself, she managed to keep from gagging on the spurting waves of cum. The cock in her pussy still thrusting, Ally’s head continued to bob up and down on the cock in her mouth, sparking louder groans until the cock, still oozing cum, was pulled from between her lips.

No longer braced between the two men, Ally found herself pushed forward by the force of the man fucking her from behind. She grabbed at the couch to keep from falling as he violently thrust into her pussy. With a sudden roar, he made one last thrust deep inside her. His body spasmed over her and Ally felt the hot rush of his cum spurting into her. While she groaned as he filled her pussy, the man on the couch in front of her stroked her head again. Only later did she realize he was rubbing his last rush of his cum into her hair.

The man behind her pulled out with a grunt and Ally sagged against the couch.

An arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her down onto the floor. She was rolled over and another man loomed over her. Grinning, he settled himself between her legs. His cock slid easily into her pussy, well lubricated with the last man’s cum. Ally closed her eyes and thrust back against the new cock pounding inside her.

“How does that feel?” the man looming over her whispered to her. “You like that cock in your pussy? Does it feel good?”

“Yes,” Ally whispered back.

“Say it,” the man moaned.

“Yes, it feels good,” Ally replied, her face flushing. “Your cock feels good. I like it. I like it fucking my wet pussy.”

“Oh fuck,” the man growled. “You love it, don’t you.”

“Yes,” Ally whispered. “Yes, I love it.”

“Fuck,” he groaned.

“Yes,” Ally sighed. “Fuck me. Fuck me. I want you to cum. Please cum.”

“Oh yeah,” he growled. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum in your pussy.”

“Yes,” Ally whimpered. “Cum in my pussy. Cum in my pussy now.”

The man looming over her shuddered. Ally felt him harden and spurt inside her. He sagged over her and then slowly rolled away. Ally felt the sticky fluid drip from her battered pussy.

“What a mess.”

Ally looked up to see yet another naked man, his hard cock in his hand, looming over her. He was grimacing in distaste at the sight of her oozing pussy. With a sigh, Ally smiled up at him. Drawing her hands up her sides, she cupped her own round breasts and pressed them together.

“How about these,” she purred at him.

“Yeah?” He grinned at her.

“Yeah,” she smiled back, “fuck my titties.”

Still grinning, he straddled her chest and pressed his hard shaft in the cleft between her full tits. Slowly, he slid himself between her round soft flesh, groaning as she squeezed her breasts tightly around him. Ally sighed and moaned as the hard cock thrust between her tits. Looking down, she saw the purple tip appearing and disappearing between her firm white mounds. The man’s belly pressed down, brushing against her hard nipples with every thrust, making her gasp. He began to thrust harder, his shaft pressing further up her chest, straining toward her mouth. Smiling, she leaned her face forward and flicked out her tongue, fluttering against his salty cock-head at the apex of his thrust.

“Oh yeah,” the guy groaned.

Suddenly, he rocked up onto his knees, his wrapped his cock in his hand and aimed it unwavering at her face. Ally squealed and shut her eyes as he stroked his shaft feverishly. She heard him grunt and then felt streamers of hot, sticky cum raining down onto her face, neck and tits.

“Thanks,” the guy grunted.

Ally lay on the floor, feeling drained and more than a little sticky. Wetness continued to ooze between her legs, and her face, tits and hair felt stiff with drying cum. Distractedly, she heard a door open and close. Vaguely, she wondered who was coming into the room. A moment later, she gasped and sat up, reflexively covering her naked tits with one hand and trying to straighten the skirt bunched around her waist.

Glancing around, she saw no one at all. The room was empty except for her. The door, she realized, must have been Dan and the other guys leaving.

“Well, that’s just charming,” Ally muttered to herself. “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.”

Looking down at the cum covering her chest, she added, “They could at least have offered me a tissue.”

She stood, feeling something oozing down her leg, and glanced around. She didn’t see any tissues. She also didn’t see her panties, bra or t-shirt.

For a long moment, Ally stood there, naked but for a mini-skirt and spatters of a cum.

“Now what?” she asked, looking at the door and listening to the pounding music and chatter of the party beyond.

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