The French Secretary

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To many I have a perfect life. A family, a loving wife, 2.4 children and even the bounding Labrador. So why would I want to go and risk it all..?

Her name was Catherine. She was born and grew up in rural France, and though she’d lived and worked in the UK for the last fifteen years, since moving over here with her French husband, her English was still spoken with a sexy and unmistakable French accent. She was a petite blonde woman, some eight years my junior in her early thirties, with a short, trendy ‘Pixie’ hair cut to go with her cute elfin-like features. She also happened to be my secretary.

I ‘inherited’ Catherine when I joined the company. My boss, and former University mate that head-hunted me, mentioned when trying to persuaded me to join that he’d got a cracking French secretary lined up for me…he wasn’t wrong!

When I started work there that summer, my marriage was going through a rocky patch. My poor wife was well aware of my wandering eye and consequently jealous of most of the women I encountered. With good reason, if I’m honest, as I certainly wasn’t averse to a little bit of extra-marital fun. Indeed the affair I had with a colleague in my last job had nearly cost our marriage, and was the main reason I had to take up work elsewhere… If she saw how gorgeous my latest secretary was, she would go through the roof!

My new job started well and working with Catherine was an enjoyable experience. In addition to her oozing sex appeal she was also very proficient at her job and usually had everything done for me by mid-afternoon. I came to enjoy our late afternoon chats, where we talked about all sorts of every day stuff, including our respective marriages. Seems she liked to lend an ear when I offloaded to her about my marital difficulties.

She was certainly a woman who knew the allure she held over men. Aside from her looks and accent, she also had a very sexual nature, constantly thinking of or talking about such matters. I don’t know if it was a French thing, but she was unlike any woman I’d known. She once even took a tape measure out of her desk drawer, and measuring up 12cm pronounced, “My husband’s cock’s this big…”

Staggered, and for once, lost for words, I simply stammered, “He’s a lucky man, however big it is!” before moving on to another subject.

The sexual under-current was always simmering just under the surface with Catherine. She talked of my boss, saying that she knew he wanted her, but that she though he was a creep.

“He won’t be having me.” she told me quite matter-of-factly, before adding, “Besides, he’s already fucking his own secretary anyway…”

I’d been with the company about six months when we were told we had to go away and attend our first Conference together, one that required an overnight stay. I thought little of it, but on the day we drove down, as it often did, the conversation turned a little racy.

She started to explain how since moving to England she’d noticed that different cultures have different rules.

“In France its acceptable, even expected that a man has a mistress.” she explained, “I don’t mind that, as long as it’s also ok for the woman to have some fun too” she left a silence hanging, as we drove on down the motorway, and I felt a slight stirring in my groin..

“Anyway, I’ve decided I’m not going to sleep alone tonight…” she declared, matter-of-factly, “so I was wondering if you’d like to sleep with me, Jon?”

I nearly veered into the hard shoulder, with the shock of what she’d just said!

In her sexy French accent, she elaborated, “I mean, I don’t want to be unfaithful, I’d just like some adult intimacy. There’s nothing wrong with that is there…?” she asked, as she lightly touched my left cheek.

“No…. I guess not…” I spluttered, just about managing to illegal bahis keep my eyes on the road. “I’ll leave it with you…but don’t leave it too late to decide, because one way or another, I am going to share my bed with someone tonight.”

Wow! If it were physiologically possible for all the blood in your head to leave your brain and go straight down to your cock, then that’s what happened to me at that moment. My prick was straining against my trousers and seat belt, causing me to make an adjustment to my seating position.

She laughed, spotting my physical reaction to her comments, and looking down at my crotch said, “Well it looks like someone would like to…?!” before switching subjects to more mundane matters once more.

The Convention itself was a pretty dull affair, but when we went down for the evening meal, Catherine looked stunning dressed in an elegant long black silk dress, a striking contrast to her short, blond ‘pixie’ hairstyle and fringe hanging over her right eye. Slender and petite, even in her high heels, as I walked into the Lobby I noticed all the men’s eyes fixated on her and a fair few jealous glances my way too. If only they knew!!

The evening progressed, and I toyed as to whether or not I should take her up on her offer. She’d be a great foreign fuck I mused, but I really don’t want to be unfaithful again, especially after all the trouble it got me into last time.

As we moved on to drinks and the dance hall, I noticed Catherine flirting with one or two other guys, both much younger than myself, and even possibly her, and my heckles were immediately raised. Jesus, get a grip Jon! I thought to myself. Jealous over a woman I’ve never even so much as kissed..!?

Chatting away, to some boring delegate, I couldn’t let the feeling subside though, so just after 10pm, I went over to Catherine, with one guy by now fawning all over her, touched her on the arm and said “Ok.”

She looked me in the eyes and smiled, before turning back to the twenty-something , “Excuse me, but there’s something I need to attend to”

Without further ado, she slipped her hand through my arm and we exited the dancehall and headed for the lift. Alone inside the elevator, she turned to me and encircling her hands around my head, started to kiss me, hungrily. I responded with equal urgency as lust surged through my body. God I wanted this woman so much I could have burst!

Grabbing her luxuriously soft bottom and pulling her to me, her hips rubbed tight against my crotch. I could feel her pushing her body onto my hardness, almost dry-humping as we continued to probe each other with our tongues.

Suddenly, the lift came to a halt, ‘pinged’ and we were on Catherine’s floor. As the doors were opening, she backed off me, all the while staring into my eyes intently with her ice blues’, anticipation dripping out of every pore…

We stepped out and were immediately greeted by an older couple waiting to take the lift back down.

“Good evening” the old lady smiled at us.

“Oh, it will be!” replied Catherine, before bursting out laughing. And with that, she slipped her hand through my arm and we left the bemused elderly couple and wandered down the corridor to her room.

Frustratingly, we then spent a minute or so struggling to open the door with the key card! Talk about a passion killer – bloody red light! Once we were finally inside the moment seemed to have been lost. Catherine strode confidently into the room nevertheless, leaving me standing by the doorway like a lost little boy.

“Come in, Jon, make yourself at home,” she pronounced, motioning me to sit on the bed, “get a drink, put the TV on, whatever…I’m going to ‘powder my nose’.”

I poured us a couple of glasses of wine and put the telly on, but there was little of interest. illegal bahis siteleri Moments later, Catherine came back in, and sat alongside me on the bed. “Nothing better than this on?” she asked, grabbing the remote, “How about this?”, and she switched us on to the pay per views’, where some sort of German porno was showing.

“Err, it’s a little better I guess?”

We watched silently, as a couple mechanically went about fucking each other, all thrusts and groans, and zero passion.

“I think we could do a lot better than that, Jon, don’t you..?”.

Before I could answer, she put my drink down and leant over to kiss me, this time lingering, nibbling my lower lip and looking into my eyes longingly. Jesus, she could switch me on and off like a light, I thought.

As we kissed more passionately, Catherine moved her hand down between my legs, grabbing and squeezing my crutch and causing me to almost cum there and then! I wanted her more than I’d ever wanted any woman, truth be told.

I responded by frantically groping at her small, soft, left breast through her silk dress, feeling her nipple harden quickly to my touch, “Oh Catherine!” I breathed, “You’re amazing!”

She responded by standing up and unclasping her dress, so it fell to her feet. Stepping out, she stood there over me, in a black bra, matching black French knickers, stockings and high heels. Wow, she looked stunning and I felt like the luckiest man alive!

“Take off your trousers, Jon.” she demanded. I obeyed and sat back on the bed.

She then lowered herself onto my knee and kissed me again, gently, slowly, passionately. I unclipped her bra, and gasped as it fell onto the bed, exposing her small, perfectly formed, pert breasts. Her pink nipples were large and upturned and stood to attention magnificently, aching for my touch. She was obviously aroused too, even if she wasn’t showing it as openly as I was.

I bent down quickly to take a breast in my mouth, fondling the other. As I sucked and squeezed this sensual woman, I was very quickly overcome with lust, my cock ached for her.

“Let me fuck you, Catherine! Let me fuck you!” I cried.

“Whoa! Slow down Tiger!” she retorted as she got up and took another sip of her wine, “Let’s enjoy the night, there’s no need to rush anything”.

Slowly she came over, dressed just in French knickers, black stockings and high heels and pushed me back on to the bed. She went straight to my boxers, and helped me out of them. On release, my cock sprang to attention like a jack in a box, which made her gasp slightly.

“Hmm, definitely bigger than my husband’s!” she laughed, massaging my ego, and bent down to take my bell-end in her gorgeous mouth. She teased it with her tongue before slurping on it more vigorously. She was quickly taking me to the edge…

Sensing the tensing of my body, she sat back up for a moment and took another sip of wine. She then proceeded to kiss me, lightly at first, with delicate lingering pecks, and then progressed to deeper, more needy French kisses.

Then, fixing her eyes on me, she started to gently stroke my shaft. It’s funny, but I’ve come across very few women who know how to wank a man well, but Catherine was an artist. She lightly gripped the upper part of the shaft and tip in her palm and slowly, rhythmically stroked it, all the while staring at me with those beautiful eyes, a wicked smile on her lips. It was divine…

“Oh Catherine, I want my cock inside you!” I moaned, “Let me fuck you, Catherine!” I pleaded, as she got up again to step out of her heels and French knickers.

“Those aren’t the rules!” she retorted, “Remember what I told you? I’m not going to be unfaithful to Philippe…” Instead, she came up to my face, kissed me and with a devilish grin on her lips said, “…but we canlı bahis siteleri can ’69’ if you like?!”

Already knowing my answer, she moved north / south over me, and lowered her lips once more on my longing cock. As she slurped away, licking and sucking the tip, she alternated between wanking my shaft gently and squeezing my balls, meantime, I started to lick out her blonde cunt. It was already dripping and fragrant with her love juices, so she was clearly enjoying herself too, but very quickly my tongue action on her fleshy labia caused her to moan and writhe into my face.

At this point I decided to insert a couple of fingers up her pussy – if my cock couldn’t have her, then my fingers bloody well would! In response she gasped and immediately started to grind on them, building up a rhythm on her cunt. Catherine was now very much focussing on her own needs, and leaving my cock to twitch alone in the air, was rubbing frantically at her clit, even slipping back into her Mother-tongue as she neared her climax, crying out “Oui! Oui! Oiu!”

Seconds later I felt her pussy muscles tighten hard around my fingers and her hot juices started to flow over my digits, as her body convulsed on top of me.

As her orgasm subsided, she turned round to look at me, her cheeks all flushed “Oh Jon, what am I going to do with you?”.

Not waiting for an answer, she got off the bed and motioned me to sit on the edge “I’m going to suck every last drop of cum out of your big throbbing cock, that’s what! I want you to look into my eyes, Jon, when you cum”

I gasped at her words, spoken in that divine French accent, and as she knelt down and started to suck my shaft it barely took a couple of licks before I could hold back no more… I held her head in my hands and groaned as cum flew uncontrollably out of my cock and into her mouth. Wave after wave came, indeed I don’t think I’ve ever ejaculated harder before or since.

Catherine didn’t bat an eyelid, instead just cupped and stroked my twitching balls, as I proceeded to empty myself dry down her beautiful French throat. All the while her beautiful blue eyes were fixed on mine, revelling at the hypnotic control she had over me, and my obvious ecstasy when I finally came.

I lay back feeling euphoric and completely spent.

Eventually Catherine broke the silence, “Jon. Are you satisfied?” she enquired, whilst laying on the bed beside me, her head supported by her hand, stroking my chest with the other.

” Oh, yes!” I replied, “I’m satisfied!”

That night I lay there, with Catherine wrapped in my arms head on my chest, our legs inter-twined, recounting what had happened. In Catherine’s eyes, we hadn’t been unfaithful, because we hadn’t fucked. However, if my wife ever found out that we’d 69’d each other, I’d finger fucked her to orgasm and then she swallowed every last drop of my cum, think she might have a slightly different opinion! ‘ Different cultures’ I reflected, as I drifted off into a deep, satisfying sleep.

The next morning, I woke up a little after 7am, with Catherine still in my arms and a semi-erect cock poking against her thigh. Momentarily startled, I gazed down at her beautiful, elfin-like features, the dimples in her cheeks, the tiny upturned nose, the way the long fringe she wore hung over her eyes as she slept. God, I could live in this moment forever! As I adjusted slightly, she stirred, opened her eyes and smiled at me, a beautiful sexy smile, that I’d challenge any red-blooded male to resist.

“Morning, Jon” she said, as she leaned over me to give me a little kiss.

“Hello, my little French sex-bomb” I replied, cringing to myself immediately at the corny response, as I brushed her blonde fringe back to look into those beautiful eyes.

“And what’s this!?” she enquired, as her hand moved over my groin and felt my now fully erect cock, “looks like I’m going to have to deal with this naughty little boy again!” she teased, a cheeky grin appearing on her face, as she disappeared under the sheets and took me to heaven once more…

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