The Fall of Brooklyn – ch09 – Party Dress

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The lights came on but there was no music this time. It was the older girl from last night. She hit the cage doors.

“Empty yourselves out, I don’t want any accidents tonight.”

The other two girls on her row moved to the back and Brooklyn followed suit.

As she flushed and looked up she saw the redhead moving down the ladder with her practised grace. As she moved to the front of her cage her door was opened and Miss walked away, leaving her to awkwardly climb out on her own.

Herding them into the washroom next door where Brooklyn had first been washed they were joined by the younger Miss from this morning pushing a cart.

“Wash your flaps and cracks.” The older one barked.

The other girls walked up to the wall and grabbing shower heads from the holders proceeded to wash themselves. Done, they were handed a towel, hair brush, hair tie, and told to put their hair up. Once all four were ready and standing in a line shoulder to shoulder, the two Miss’ went down the line putting leather bags over the hands of each girl. Then they padlocked it closed and inserted a ring gag in their mouths. Brooklyn wanted to run. She couldn’t understand how she had been calm so far. It was a surreal trick to make her feel comfortable. What were they going to do to her? She knew the words. Was that all she was?

Working their way back down the line the two miss’ put a hood over the head of each girl. It had two eye holes and a mouth hole. As it was pulled tight around her face she could feel each buckle settle into place and hear the snap of the padlocks securing them. As a finishing touch, they inserted a small rubber dido gag through the mouth hole. Not enough to make her gag but enough to be annoying. With their heads hooded and hands covered there was a sameness to the four of them stood there. Going back to the cart the Miss’ started to prepare something. Walking over to the redhead they bent her over and gathered around her rear. Brooklyn saw what she thought was an oil can for a car, you know one of those squirty ones with the long neck. Then she definitely saw a bike pump. There were a few more things she didn’t recognise taken from the cart and then she saw them open the bottom cupboard. They took out what looked like a metal thong. Helping her to step into it they locked it in place with more padlocks and moved onto the second girl. Brooklyn just stood there as they repeated the procedure on the girl next to her. She wasn’t tied in place, she was just frozen. What could she do anyway? There was two of them and she didn’t even know where she was. The other girls weren’t fighting.

She was startled by their touch as they twisted her hips and bent her over. Her mouth was full and her protests just came out as muffled squeaks. She felt a slash of cold on her rear as a finger started to probe her little button. The older of the girls held her in place roughly with one hand at the back of her neck and the other pulling at Brooklyn’s arse cheek. She was held tight to the girls side. She felt the cold tip of the oil can force it’s way past her rear and deposit it’s cold load inside her. It was quickly replaced by a longer flexible tube. It didn’t feel that bad, Fatih Escort sort of a little unconformable but it was skinny. There was some sort of bar at the end that ran up and down her crack, she guessed it was to stop it going too far in. She was just starting to feel comfortable with it when she heard the bike pump go. She wasn’t sure she felt anything at first but with the second pump she definitely did. If the older girl hadn’t been holding her she would have tried to run up the walls like a cat escaping water. She could feel the tube expanding inside her and pulling the bar in against her. Before she even had time to get used to the new feeling she had been spun around and had a similar contraption inserted in her front. Only this one vibrated. Both on the bar and a bulb on the end of a tube inside her.

Helping her step into the metal thong the Miss’ secured it with padlocks and then turned her to face the girl next to her. With a bit of chain and more padlocks they attacked Brooklyn’s bagged bands to a loop in the girls butt plug. Moving onto the last girl Brooklyn felt the tug inside as they chained her to the line. With the eldest girl at the head of the line they were led back through the cage room and down the corridor. There was another set of rooms with showers and space for cleaning and storage. Then another corridor that led through two sets of doors and to a staircase. The Miss’ opening and closing all these doors as they led the line of girls through. At the top of the stairs was another door that led into a large room with safes and guns on every wall. It looked like you could equip a small army and not have to touch the more decorative looking ones. With all the girls in the gun room the younger Miss closed the door they had just come through. It just looked like a large safe. There wasn’t anything to say what was behind it. With the inner door closed the Large and solid looking double door at the end of the room were pushed open to reveal another set of steps. This one much larger and more well appointed. At the top of these steps another set of double doors opened onto a well furnished gentleman’s study. There were lots of books, green leather, dark wood, and a beautiful view through the window onto a courtyard garden. That’s when it hit her. She hadn’t seen any windows. It made sense if she was underground. As the doors closed she saw that they were just bookshelves on this side. No one would ever think she was down there behind all those doors.

Leading their line of girls through the house, like farmers leading their cows to market. they passed through another set of door and down a corridor before unlocking a door and leading them through. It was a comfortable looking room with bean bags and a few other comfortable looking places to lounge. As her eyes adjusted to the subdued lighting she saw the twins from last night. they still had their ball gags and no collars. They were sat on something, it was like a barrel half buried in the ground. They looked to be tied down to it and were rocking back and forth like crazy. The four of them were guided down onto the bean bags and the redhead at the front of the line was chained to the wall. With them secure the two miss’ Escort Bayan turned to the twins and after fiddling with some knobs lifted them off of their seats and carried them out of the room. They were left there in silence, chained together, unable to talk. She didn’t know how long they kept her like that but it was a while. She had time to think. She thought about how she hadn’t fought. About what would have happened if she did. About how this was her life now.

When they finally came for them they split the girls in half and took Brooklyn and the girl behind her first. Still chained together they led them down the corridor and through the kitchen. As the older girl stopped and talked to the cook, Brooklyn saw it was the woman who had boxed her up. Looking around she saw the twins stood in a corner with their arms pulled straight up above them. They had their hair in a French plate and their whole body except their face was covered in a thick brown mess. After settling some details with Cook they started moving again. Being led through another large room that looked like an event hall, they came outside and the cold air hit Brooklyn like a slap. It felt like a winters evening, not the start of summer. She was in a courtyard made by two wings of a house. It looked like something out of a historic TV show with Victorians and top hats. Leading her up to a large stand the girl behind her was unchained from her but plug and the two girls helped Brooklyn up onto the stand. Directing her to kneel they attached the but plug to an eyelet under her and attached a line from above to an eyelet on the top of her hood. When they were pulled tight she was pulled between them, feeling her head lifted and her innards pulled down. They quickly ran another line and she felt her arms pulled up too. As they bound her ankles to the eyelet under her she was pinned in place, unable to move and inch. She moved her eyes to take in as much as she could. There were rows of tables, easily enough for a hundred people. Then there was a raised stage at the open end of the courtyard, with two large screens. Currently it was just showing blue, but in front of each screen was a long stainless steel trough being tended to by one of the girls from this morning. She was wearing a black and white filly dress and pulling something backward and forward in the trough. As she tried to take in what she was seeing she felt her world go dark. Securing the blindfold over the eye holes and locking it in place, the girls stepped back. She could sense the girls getting down and moving the ladder. Then she felt hands on her breasts. The moved over her body probing her metal thong. Looking for gaps. She felt a slap on the thigh and they were gone. She was left there in the cold and dark with the hustle and bustle of the party prep happening around her. Again she was left waiting. She listened as the sounds of preparation waned. She listened to the eerie quiet as she felt the chill pick up. It must be getting dark, she thought to herself. Then she listened to the distant muffled conversations of people talking and laughing near by. They must be in hall she thought. The noises got louder and suddenly they erupted as the doors to the courtyard were istanbul Escort thrown open and the noisy crowd filled the space.

She felt hands all over her. Pinching and pulling. Some were exploring, some wanted to hurt her. They weren’t all men. The shock and panic of being held naked and surrounded, of not being able to see what was coming or move their path. Every thought of a twist pulled at her insides and her head was held fast against it. She screamed against her gag, her breath filling the hood in a moist warmth. Before yesterday. Was it only a day? She had only ever taken her top off in front of one person. Now she was strung up on display with al these hands touching her. As her panic started to subside the noise and number of hands did as well. She started to make out parts of individual conversations. The people crowded around her were more interested in talking than touching her right now. She gathered this was a club and their big party for the year was at Sir’s house. He was the boss or leader. At one point she felt someone leaning on her like she was just a statue. She thought to herself she might as well be. She was part of the decor, a prop to be displayed as a show of wealth.

The room got quieter and the tone of the crowd changed as she heard a glass being hit with a spoon. She could hear people taking their seats and chatting in hushed tones.

“I’m glad you could all join me tonight at my home. It’s been a long road to get here for some of us but tonight is the most stratifying night of the last 20 years for me!”

It was Sir, she didn’t need to see him. his voice was burned into her mind.

“Tonight not only do we celebrate the twenty year anniversary of establishing The Farm, but we also can celebrate the break even point with the sales so far this year!”

The crowd clapped.

“We have had success in our advanced IVF program. We are able to get eight females per litter as an average now.”

“With have also expanded our live services department. With some of our techniques being unrivalled by any of our competitors.”

“We will be having a demonstration of some of those services after the presentation.”

“Now in line with our current siltation with livestock, all members will be paid a double dividend tonight, and that won’t effect our projections.”

Cheers erupted from the crowd. It was mostly men but there were women cheering along too. The cheering slowly died down.

“To give a run through of events for tonight. First I will have my Cook prepare the barbecue. Then after the meat is on we will have drinks and horderves. During this time members will be approached by staff to take delivery of their dividends. You can either take them now of have them held for later. But remember if you take them now there is a soilage fee for any messes.”

There was a murmur of laughter from the crowd.

“In about two and a half hours we will hold the auction for the 6 special items. Two of them have only just arrived.”

“Then we’ll have a short break before the predinner show. Mistress Sophie and her assistants have got a stunningly brutal show planned for you.”

“Then after that we will serve dinner before open your rooms and letting you retire for a night cap.”

The crowd gave a low laugh again.

A low murmur grew in the crowd followed by a hushed silence.

Something on stage had changed.

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