The Education of the Wayward Wife

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The Education of the Wayward Wife
Written by C.W. Evans
Chapter One

The midsized town she grew up in had to have more she thought as she desperately tried get her loans for college. Jen knew that if she was accepted that this would be her chance to bigger and better things in life. As she opened the letters from different colleges she grew with joy as she was accepted into a small but prominent college on the East coast. Upon arriving at college she found out just how the little money she had saved went quickly, thus forcing her to look for work. Jobs were scarce in the town so she had to take what she could get, as she took a job in the local diner working the night shift. She knew that she was attractive, standing 5’ 9” tall with long legs and an ample chest. Her blonde hair flowed about her face accenting her deep green eyes.
The work was hard and the clients were cheap when it came to tips, so she started looking outside town as soon as she could. The club she applied at had a large clientele of prominent patrons who were polite and tipped well. After working there for a couple of weeks she noticed a handsome gentleman who always ate alone. Being short staffed on night, she had the opportunity to wait on him. His name was John and he was tall with dark hair and hazel eyes, that caught her attention and had her transfixed from the moment she looked into them. He spoke with a soft voice that was hypnotizing and she became instantly attracted to him. After a few weeks and small talk he asked her out and without hesitation she said yes. Their first date was tremendous; he picked her up in a white convertible and took her up the coast to a secluded restaurant on the beach where they watched the sun set as they ate. As they strode along the beach after dinner she discovered that he came from a very rich family with old money, the kind that always keeps on making more. Jen knew right then and there she had found the right man to make her dreams come true, and with that in her mind she decided that she would do what she had to do keep him for herself. The kiss good night sent shivers down her spine. This is the one she thought, as she tried to fall asleep. On the third date she decided the she would let all of her feminine charm hang out. She had only been with a few boys back home and had never experienced the passions that they had that night. Jen had never been so exhausted from making love as he had shown her what is was to really be a woman. Their passion for each other grew and finally he asked her to marry him and she accepted.
Their wedding was huge and her family was surprised by the man she had chosen to be her husband. The honeymoon was even better as he spirited her away to a small island in the south pacific where they made passionate love on the secluded beaches. Jen’s life was now a dream turned reality, no money worries, the country club life, and two beautiful children. Their love life was great and he always found new ways to surprise her, but as the youngest of her children entered college she began to fell a loneliness that was hard to explain, she felt her life was becoming routine. Jen loved the shopping and the evenings with her friends, but these too were becoming a drag. Saturday mornings were always the same, John would go to the country club and play golf with friends while she worked in the house or had tea or drinks with the other wives in the neighborhood.
While working out back she noticed that the new neighbor was trimming his hedges and she found herself gazing at him as the sweat rolled form his masculine body. To get a better look she went upstairs to her room where she could see his whole yard as he worked. His tan was deep and his hair dark with the looks of a body builder. As she watches him work she couldn’t help the feeling that was welling up inside her as she found herself touching her own body. As she showered she slowly rubbed herself to an explosive orgasm fantasizing about him taking her with careless abandon. As the days went on she found herself masturbating while she watched him from the safety of her room. The day came when she couldn’t control herself and after her husband left for his Saturday golf match, she put on a very shear sun dress without her bra and panties. The pale yellow dress accented her dark tan as her chest caused the buttons to strain holding her in. As she passed through the house the cool air of the air conditioning caused her nipples to stand erect pushing even harder at her dress.
The plan was a simple one, go outback and ask him if he would mind helping her move some of the lawn furniture to the other side of the yard, and with that she walked around the hedges and approached him. To her surprise he did not see her at first but when she spoke he turned with a big smile. His eyes were dark blue and they began to trace her body as they spoke As they went to her yard to move the furniture she could feel him looking at her as the sun penetrated her dress. As they moved the furniture she could see him looking at her tits as her areolas were just beginning to become exposed by the lifting. After they were finished he suggested that they return to his place where he could get them something cold to drink, without a word she followed him back. Entering the kitchen felt like entering an ice box her body shivered as she waited for her drink. Her nipples were harder than ever as she followed him to the den where she sat down on the leather couch. bayan escort gaziantep
As they talked she found herself opening her legs to expose her aching loins and wet pussy to him. It seemed like an eternity had passed since he had poured the first drink, as she finished she stood and reached for him. His hands were strong as he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately causing her juices to flow gently down the inside of her leg. He guided her backwards toward the couch as he unbuttoned her dress letting it fall to the floor as he began to suck her hard nipples. Working his way down her body across her stomach he raised her legs as he began to tongue her dripping pussy. Moaning with ecstasy she began to push herself down as he inserted his thick fingers into her. This was all that it took as she exploded into a gushing orgasm, drenching his face with her juices. Before she had time to even think he turned her around and pushed her down over the end of the couch. Spreading her legs he opened her up exposing her pussy to him as he guided his stiff cock toward her pussy. As her pussy opened up accepting his thick cock as she shook with excitement, then with one fluid motion he buried himself in her causing her to winch as he bottomed out. The fine line between pain and pleasure was hers as he grabbed her hips and pounded her with ravenous abandon. Jen bucked back as he plowed her bring her to a place where she had never been. His hands found her nipples as she started to cum, and pinching her nipples as she screamed in joy, then with one final push he came deeply inside filling her with his hot juices.
They dressed in silence for they were both exhausted and she had to return home and get cleaned up before her husband returned home. Hurrying back she could feel his juices running down her leg as she entered the house and went to the bathroom. Stripping her dress off she entered the shower still shaking from her last orgasm, letting her hands massage her body to yet another one before she exited and dried herself off. Jen was in the kitchen when John got home fixing his favorite meal looking as good as ever, asking what the occasion was she just replied she had missed him. In bed that night Jen laid there thinking of the afternoon as she tried to please her husband, but had to sneak off after he fell asleep and do herself to relieve her needs. Jen’s busy social life had to be kept up as she planned each encounter with exacting skill, as she thought. Late Saturday evening John told Jen that he had to be at the club to close a business deal and that if she wanted to come they would have dinner after, but instead she told him this would give her a chance to do some extra shopping and surprise him. John left her noticing as soon as she said shopping she became very excited like she had already planned something. Running up the steps Jen looked out back and saw Doug working in his yard and put on one of her sun dresses and hurried toward him.
Driving toward the country club John realized that he had forgotten his briefcase and had to go back for it. Entering the house he looked for Jen hoping to change her mind, but what he saw when he looked out the bedroom window was his wife on top of Doug bucking wildly. Anger welled in him, but instead of screaming he grabbed his camera and proceeded to film her in the act, knowing this would be the leverage he needed to punish her for her indiscretions. Closing the deal was difficult but he managed, and on the way home he started to think how he would exact his revenge. A few weeks had passed when one of the neighbors notice that John seemed distracted and asked if there was anything he might be able to do for him, with that John explained his predicament. Doug listened intently then asked John to come to his place for a drink to calm his nerves and let him explain what might be done to fix things. Doug’s wife Sharon fixed them all a drink While Doug told Sharon what had happened and with a smile she looked at John and explained just how Doug had straightened her out with the help of the other wives and she would be more than happy to help if he was up to putting his wife in her place to keep his family together. John listened as Sharon explained that when she was caught by Doug about ten years ago that one of the neighbor ladies suggested to him that her and her girlfriends would be more than happy to help, and to that they did. Sharon told John that it was just the lesson she needed and that she had also found that she was a lot more open to trying new things now with whatever sex wanted as long as Doug was included.
Taking the next couple of weekends off Doug set up the deal with the other wives as there husbands gladly listened. The best part of the planning came when the guys explained that the only thing they wanted to do is watch the movie, and with that the women played the videos of their lessons. John watched with amazement as the women explained that only a woman could push another woman to the limits and beyond, not noticing the men had left John watched as each of the women showed him their video. The last video came to an end with John about to burst when then women approached him and told him to relax that things would be alright as they began to disrobe him. Returning home not only well satisfied but with a new meaning to life, John explained that they were going to throw a party the next weekend.
The day of the party was gorgeous and the guests were having a great time, when John asked Jen to step into the den. Jen was in shock when John played the tape and began to cry when she heard the door to the den open and Sharon, Anna, and Angel entered. The women asked Jen if she was ok and she replied that she had done something wrong and wished to be left alone with John to see what could be worked out, with that the women left without another word. It had been an hour when John returned and told her the guest had gone home and then asked her what she intended on doing about her behavior. Knowing all to well that this meant her life as she knew it was over Jen told him she would do anything he asked to keep her rich way of life, that’s just what he wanted to hear as he smiled at her. Walking toward her he told her to stand up and moved to the middle of the room, as she did he turned all the lights on and opened the drapes to the night. Crossing the room he had her remove all of her jewelry and the with a sinister smile ordered her strip, this started to draw a protest but she realized that it fell on deaf ears as he instructed her on how to do it. Standing naked in the room he circled her slowly looking at her and touching her as he walked by telling her that if she didn’t want to end up standing naked on the street she would obey him without question if she wanted to stay and she did.
Taking her nipples in his hand John squeezed them as her eyes began to fill with tears he told her that she was going to scrub her body to his satisfaction while he watched and only then would she be ready to start to make amends for what she had done, with that he lead her to the master bath where then took great pleasure telling her how to wash inside and out, this was bad enough but when he instructed her to shave her neatly trimmed pussy she commented that the reason she kept it short was to keep it from itching, his only comment was either she did it or he would and if he did he might nick her, with that she shaved herself smooth as the day she was born.
Exiting the shower he dried her himself making her part her legs so he could get a good view her and see that all was done right, as he passed the towel across her asshole she jumped and told him that’s one thing he couldn’t have no matter what, he didn’t say a word he just smiled. Leading her from the bathroom she entered the master bedroom where to her surprise all the lights were out, this seemed strange especially when she heard the door lock behind her. Jen started to speak when the lights came on, standing in front of her were the three women who were her supposed to be her friends dressed in white bathrobes wearing stockings and heals. As Jen started to protest John grabbed her hair gently and told her tonight she would learn to eat pussy and that she would do it or she would be put out right then and there. Jen’s head was spinning at the thought of he so called friends being in on this when Sharon dropped her robe exposing her body which donned a black bustier with fishnet stockings. Slowing walking toward her Sharon asked Jen if she had ever been with a woman before and Jen replied no as Sharon reached for her tits.
After a few minutes Jen decided that if she had to eat pussy to save her marriage that she would do it once and that would be that, but to her surprise John said she would eat them all or else. This brought a cursive comment from her as she turned toward her husband and struck him in the face with a slap, this was her mistake of all time for John grabbed her and pushed her toward the bed where three women were waiting. Jen fought as her head was forced down on Anna who grabbed her head and pulled her close while the other women held her , soon she relented and started to lick slowly Anna’s wet pussy with that the other to began to instruct her on how she was going to do them as they pawed at her body. Angel was next, as she placed herself on the bed Jen saw John was disrobing, but before she could speak the women pushed her down where she began to please Angel, as Jen looked up she could see Johns’ cock in Angels mouth, as she started to talk John said she would get some if she were good as he moaned in joy.
Upon finishing with Angel Jens’ face was dripping with her juices when Sharon crawled onto the bed, the women positioned Jen so she was on her knees with her ass high in the air as Sharon guided her between her legs. They told Jen that she was to give it to Sharon harder than ever since she was the last to get some, with that Jen started to lick even faster, then she felt her husband’s hands on her hips. John grabbed her hips and began to rub his hard cock on her pussy when she felt something cool, it was lubricant and as John held her in place Angel inserted a finger into her ass which caused her to try and get away but she was held tight by his hands. Sharon grabbed her head and pulled her to her pussy as John began to enter her ass. The pain was great as the head of his cock pushed past her virgin sphincter, she tried to move but she could not. The next thing she felt was a massive burst of pain as John thrust his whole cock deep inside with one large motion, she blacked out as he tore her ass up without a care for her begging him to stop.
Jen awoke as the lights came on looking at her husband and the three women who had their way with her, as she began to move her body ached and she smelled like sex. As John approached her she began to back away when she felt something strange about her neck, reaching up she felt a leather collar which was fastened to the bed with a small chain. Tugging at the chain she demanded to be released, and was promptly told that it would stay until she wasn’t so mouthy. Silence fell as she agreed and asked if she could get a shower and get cleaned up, with that the women lead her to the bathroom by the chain and fastened it to the shower head and left her to get cleaned up. Washing her body Jen had never imagined that her husband could have been this way when they met, the women reappeared as she turned off the water and told her that she was almost done. Jen looked at the women and told them she was through, and with that Sharon applied a paddle to her wet ass bringing tears to her eyes as she fell to the floor. The next thing she knew she was being hooked back to the bed where she was given her last set of instructions on what she was expected to do.
Jen didn’t like being told the other husbands were going to get their way with her and she said that she would rather eat pussy than suck their husbands off. The women were furious that she mouthed off and pinned her face down on the bed. Jen raised her head just enough to see Sharon coming toward her with a narrow belt and a set of leather cuffs, as she struggled against the two women Sharon placed the belt around her waist and the cuffs on her wrists finally the cuffs were fastened to the belt. After the women finished they opened the door and all four of the men came in to see her just lying there unable to move her hands and squirming like a fish out of water.
John sat down beside her and brushed her hair with his hand as he told her after this was over she was welcome to stay but she would always remember that if she did it again it would be the streets. The men stood in front of her as their wives took out their cocks and stroked them, seeing the size of Doug’s cock shocked her and she said that no matter what they did, with that said Angel and Anna grabbed her legs and while they pulled them apart John raised up her hips and placed a stack of pillows under her. Stepping away from the bed the men moved allowing her to see Sharon at the nightstand opening a large leather bag. Sharon smiled as she placed the tube of lube beside her face on the bed and withdrew a butt plug that was about six inches long and about two and a half in diameter. Jens’ eyes grew huge as Sharon told her that it would fit no matter how hard she tried to keep it out, with that Jen started begging that she would do anything than have that put in her.
Reaching into the bag Sharon took out a gag and asked everyone if she should use it or just let her scream, with that the men asked how would she suck their cocks if the gag was in place and with that the decision was made to gag her with cocks. The decision was made and John grabbed her ass cheeks holding them open while everyone placed a lubed finger in her ass as she squirmed and begged the to stop, finally John took his turn last as he pushed two fingers deep into her making her cry out. As Jen regained her breath she looked up to see all but Sharon standing in front of her, looking at them she begged one last time as she felt Sharon’s hand touch her ass. The lube was cold and Sharon was enjoying teasing her as she spread it all over the inside of he cheeks, the last thing Sharon did was lean over and kiss her on the mouth before she smiled at the others and began. With one hand on her left ass cheek Sharon applied pressure to the massive butt plug, as Jen began to feel the plug enter her she tried to close her sphincter but it was to no avail, as the plug reached its widest point she screamed this made Sharon pause and savor the moment, then she pushed it in the rest of the way watching as Jen’s ass closed around it base.
Her guts ached as the plug pushed outward on her and she could barely breathe as the first man approached her, his hard cock in hand. Sucking as hard as she could Jen took all of their loads of cum and swallowed as fast as she could hoping that they would finish soon so the plug would be removed, as her husband stepped up last he asked her if she was ready to behave when she was released, she nodded yes. John moved behind her and grabbed the plug and pushed hard eliciting a small cry then he withdrew it slowly causing here ass to stretch wide, then he finished withdrawing it and watched as her asshole twitched.
There was only one thing left to do and John shoved his cock deep inside her ass giving her a large load of him as he whispered in her ear this is mine anytime I want it. Jen found herself in bed the next morning alone and sore, someone had cleaned her up and placed fresh sheets on the bed, as she looked around the room she saw the flowers on the dresser. Crossing the room she found a note taped to the mirror, it was simple she could take the check and go or she could stay.
Reaching down Jen picked up the collar and placed it around her neck and dressed for the new life. Entering the kitchen she found the coffee on and a note beside her cup, she opened it up and it read, I will always love you. Smiling Jen called her husband at work and after telling him how much she loved him she asked him one final question, who’s next. As she hung up and tasted her coffee she knew there would be another and she would have her turn.

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