The Club, Ch. 5 – Back at Work

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The Club

Chapter 5 – Back at Work

Monday morning came around and I wasn’t really sure what to do. How could I go to work with a chastity belt on? What if I needed to pee? I hadn’t even thought at that point about what would happen when my breasts started to produce milk. Mr. Savage got me bathed and dressed. I had been fucked first by everyone in the household. It had been an early start. He now got me into my chastity belt and locked it. Saying nothing. And finished dressing me. “I am dropping you off at work today.”

We drove to work. Mr. Savage walked me into my boss’s office and closed the door behind him. I don’t know why it hadn’t dawned on me until that moment. When I had been working two part-time jobs, it was Mr. Savage and Mrs. Black who had suggested I apply for this job. My boss, Mr. Baxter, walked over and locked the door. “Let’s step into here for a moment.” He had his own personal bathroom off his big office and we stepped into it. Mr. Savage pulled off my skirt and hung it on the door. I stood before them and I instinctively covered myself with my hands. “My dear, it isn’t like you to be so shy.” Mr. Savage smiled at me. Mr. Baxter was older than Mr. Savage. He pulled his wallet out and from a pocket inside produced a key I recognized to be the distinctive key for my belt. “Mr. Baxter will supervise any of your bathroom needs while you are at work and he will also supervise you mid-day milking when needed. You, in turn, will obviously do anything and everything he requests of you, he has my complete trust and always has since I sent you here to work.”

Mr. Baxter smiled at me with his kindly smile. I liked him and enjoyed my work. My brain was having to make an adjustment. I hadn’t thought of him in a sexual way but I found myself suddenly becoming aroused as I made that change in my mind. “This is my company, my dear, nothing goes on here that I don’t know about or have control of. You will be safe here. I promise you. You can leave her with me George, she’s in good hands.” They shook hands. Indicated for me to stay where I was and went off talking, closing the door behind them. I stood waiting. Mr. Baxter returned. “I think it is time for your employee evaluation young lady.” He said with a chuckle. He took off the rest of my clothes hanging them mobil porno on the hooks on the door. The bathroom counter was quite long. He spread paper towels down on the counter and unlocked my chastity belt. I spread my legs instinctively. I had two plugs inside me. He carefully pulled them out and set the belt down on the counter. “Spread your legs further apart for me. And raise your arms. Mr. Savage has given me the details of your milking schedule. We’ll have different ways of dealing with that depending on the day of the week. You won’t be taking the minutes of the meetings anymore. You will be unable to from your position. I will have you in a special apparatus by the refreshment table. Your coworkers are Club Members and that will be one of the times they can use you for their pleasure. I will have your breasts hooked up to supply milk for tea and coffee. You will, of course, be used whenever my client’s our Club Members. Most days you won’t have to wear your clothes once you arrive. You will come to me and I will tell you what your schedule will be and take your clothes off or leave them on accordingly.” Mr. Baxter said all this as he slowly explored my body. He took his time and examined and squeezed my breasts and nipples, pulling on them and pinching them. Opened my mouth and probed it. Ran his hands across my stomach. Spread my ass cheeks. Pulled my pussy lips apart and started probing my pussy with his fingers. “Mr. Savage has been good enough to show me the pictures of your internal exams. So I know exactly what you look like inside. How many times have you been fucked today?” I had to think for a moment. “Twice vaginally and three times anally Sir.” He pushed his finger in deeper. “Oh to be young, you are still so tight. I am going to fuck you now. But I want to take you over my desk. Do you need to pee?” The question caught me off guard. “I can hold it if you would like me to. I don’t need to go badly.” He considered that a moment. “That will work.” He smiled at me. “Come on you naughty thing.”

Taking me to his desk, he bent me over behind it and spread my legs. I expected to feel his cock but first I felt his tongue and it surprised me. He sat in his chair and devoured me, eating both my pussy and my ass. Drawing moans and after a short while an explosive orgasm alman porno from me. Then I was sure I would feel his cock but instead, I felt him inserting things into my ass. I looked back and he was taking the pens from his pen holder and pushing them into me. “Everything in this office is eventually going to make you think of sex.” He said with a smile. Slowly he stretched my ass. Once he felt he had enough pens inside me he slowly started fucking me with them. He grabbed a ruler and spanked me with it. Then finally I felt his cock. He slid into my pussy and fucked me hard. Still pulling the pens in and out. “I love how those look sticking out of your tight little ass. We are going to have so much fun. This isn’t going to feel like work at all I promise.” I was screaming a second orgasm for him before long.

My ass cheeks were red and I had his cum and my own juices trickling out of me. He made no attempt to clean me up. I would like you to assume a position over here for the other employees to come in and look you over. He led me over to the small conference table in his office and pulled my hair back in a ponytail. He produced an open mouth gag and put it on me. He also pulled out some high-heeled shoes. He put them on me. Placed a spreader bar between my legs and tied my hands behind my back. He pulled out a chain. He connected the chain to my collar. “He kissed me on the cheek. Remember my dear, we are all Club Members. No one here will ever harm you. I want you to look your best.” He attached the chain to a loop under the desk. Instructed me to bend over and arch my back. He adjusted my position a little and then seemed satisfied and left.

A few moments later and my coworkers entered the room. For the moment they were all fully clothed. I was embarrassed, nervous but mostly extremely aroused. I was the junior member of the staff. Mr. Baxter had called everyone in. So I assumed everyone there were Club Members. There were two Secretaries/Admin Assistants, one maintenance worker and the rest were Sales Reps of different levels. The Sales Reps were two older men and two younger men. I had gotten to know all of them or at least I thought I had. I was clearly about to get to know them a lot better. Mr. Baxter walked over to me and spread my pussy lips. He pushed alexis texas porno his fingers in and thrust. I moaned loudly. He smacked my ass and chuckled. “Well everyone, I have given us all the morning off to get re-acquainted. I suggest we start with you all taking a look at her lovely young body. Giving her a good inspection. I certainly enjoyed giving her an inspection myself earlier. Then we can get started. Pulling out the swing I think would be good. That way she can take three of us at once if we put the bench under it. We can pull out all the toys and ladies you can use the strap-ons or whatever else you are in the mood for. Please everyone, just enjoy. She isn’t producing milk yet but will be soon I am sure. Then she will be giving you milk for your tea and coffee. Oh, one formality first I think. If you would all present to her your Club Memberships.” They all came up and presented their membership symbols to me. Some were on cards, some were rings and in the case of one of the Secretaries, Vicky, her symbol was on a necklace. The other young Secretary had hers on a tattoo on her left breast. Mr. Baxter removed the gag for a moment so I could suckle on her breast. She had the most perfect breasts. I sucked it eagerly. They were beautiful. As I did this, they all surrounded me and I felt hands wander over my body and explore me, fondle my breasts, pulling on my nipples, fingers pushed inside my pussy, pulling my ass cheeks apart. I was in heaven. And knew I now loved my job in ways I could never have imagined. Mr. Baxter smiled down at me as he took in the scene before him.

After my early morning session with Mr. Savage and the other members of the household, I hadn’t expected to be so hungry for attention, to have so much energy to please, but I did. My body was discovering so many new sensations and I was learning how much I loved exploring other people’s bodies. I was completely overwhelmed and I loved it. I was being used for their pleasure, I was getting load after load of cum. The gag at one point was removed again and my face was pushed into Vicky’s pussy. She rubbed herself over my face. She smelled different to me, she smelled of sex and the other women guided me on how to please her. I had a hard time focusing as my ass and pussy were both being pounded by the two younger salesmen. I couldn’t see who but someone was attaching some pumps to my breasts and teased and tortured them for a while. I had lost count of my orgasms by this point, I was a happy employee.

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