The Christmas Surprise

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“Damn! I have so much to do before Christmas, And I want to get home early to see Rory,” I thought.

My son Rory is nineteen years old and a freshman in a large Ivy League university. Rory is an only child and has always been his father’s and my pride and joy. A gifted student and a tremendous swimmer, we were so proud when he was accepted to college and asked to anchor the school’s swim team. All of the years of getting up at four-thirty in the morning every day to take Rory to swim practice had paid off. He is an exceptional young man, outgoing, personable, athletic, and hard working. And, of course, he is gorgeous, but, then again, as his mom, I’m a bit biased.

I have missed him so much. We dropped him off at college in August and I have not seen him since. He could not come home for fall break because of swimming practice and studied through Thanksgiving. Five months has seemed like a lifetime. But at least tonight he will be home, under our roof. He phoned us last week to tell us that he was coming home after his last exam of the semester and to ask if we would mind if his roommate, Greg, stayed with us.

Greg was a nice, quiet boy from Florida. Physically, he is the complete opposite of Rory. Rory is six foot three with broad chiseled shoulders from years of swim competition. Greg is five foot six and thin, almost petite in his build. Rory has Nordic features, a strong chin, ice blue eyes and cropped blonde hair. Greg has doe-like brown eyes and brown hair that he wears a bit long. I was relieved when I first met him on move-in day. Rory’s swim coach arranged for Rory to room with Greg, the freshman manager of the swim team. I was happy that I did not have to worry that Rory would be rooming with a party-boy “Animal House” type. I knew that Greg’s parents lived far from school and had no problem with him staying with us during the holidays.

I hurried through my day at the bank, completing my tasks as quickly as possible, so that I could leave early. I rushed to the mall for some last-minute gifts and to the supermarket to pick up the last few items for Rory’s favorite dinner. As rushed as I was, I still took time to enjoy the decorations in the stores. Christmas was always my favorite holiday — a time of happiness and joy, a time for family, and being with loved ones. Rory had inherited my love of the holidays. Even as a boy, he would snuggle under warm blanket near the fireplace downstairs in our Beşiktaş Escort home and watch the twinkling of the lights on the Christmas tree for hours.

I made it home and smiled to myself when I saw Rory’s Jeep, a graduation present from my husband and me, parked in the driveway. My heart skipped a beat knowing that my baby was home.

I quietly unlocked the door and brought the groceries to the kitchen. As I unpacked the bags, I could smell the faint aroma of burning hickory. I giggled. It didn’t take long for Rory to get the fireplace going. I imagined him curled up on his favorite blanket, watching the fire and enjoying the Christmas tree.

I finished unpacking the bags and started down the stairs. As I made my way down the stairs, I found a trail of clothing. Sneakers. A red sweater. A blue sweater. Two pairs of jeans. Four socks. A pair of striped boxers that I recognized as belonging to Rory. And a pair of pale blue boxers that I didn’t recognize at all. I was completely confused. What were these clothes doing on the floor?

My confusion cleared as I stood at the bottom of the stairs. As I thought, there was a raging fire in the fireplace and Rory’s favorite blanket was laid out on the rug in front of the fire. But to my surprise, I saw Rory and Greg naked on the blanket, locked in a loving embrace. My jaw dropped open and I was frozen, unable to move or make a sound. Rory was lying on his back and Greg was on top of him. They were kissing. Their mouths were tight and I could see the outline of Rory’s tongue swirling in Greg’s mouth, his strong hand gently holding the back of Greg’s head, his long fingers stroking Greg’s soft, brown hair. They were moaning softly, lost in the moment.

They remained locked in their passion, kissing and biting each other’s lips gently. I watched as Rory pulled Greg’s mouth to his in a deep French kiss. I had never seen such raw passion.

Greg pulled his mouth away from Rory’s and smiled. He began to kiss his way down Rory’s body, kissing his neck, then his shoulders and broad chest muscles. Greg made small circles with his tongue around Rory’s nipples and then bit them gently. Rory’s nipples grew hard and pointy and he let out a small moan of pleasure.

Greg continued to kiss Rory’s body, his tight abs and bellybutton. He inched closer and closer to Rory’s crotch in steady, deliberate motions. As his neared Rory’s semi-erect cock, Escort Bayan he wrapped his slender fingers around the base of the shaft.

Rory responded immediately, his cock growing to its full eight inches. It was so thick that Greg could not close his fingers around it completely. I had never seen two men make love before. Sure, I had seen some pictures on the Internet, but those guys always seemed like stereotypes, leather, crew cuts and funny porn moustaches. But this was so different… so erotic.

Greg opened his mouth and swirled his tongue around Rory’s large head, licking the underside of his shaft. Rory placed his large hands on the back of Greg’s head and guided his mouth onto his member. Greg opened his mouth to accept the girth as he lowered his head over Rory’s cock. He bobbed up and down, each time taking it in further. The sounds of his slurping mixed with the popping and hissing of the fire. Rory’s cock, now slick with Greg’s saliva, glistened in the light of the fireplace, almost glowing.

I watched as Greg took Rory’s cock in deeper and deeper. Rory lifted his hips to meet Greg’s mouth. I stood transfixed as Greg took inch after inch into his mouth. I watched his throat bulge as his accepted all eight inches. Rory let out a deep groan as Greg’s lips tightened around the base of his cock.

Greg continued his slow pace, sucking Rory’s cock with loving care. I watched him lift his mouth completely off Rory’s cock. He squeezed the shaft gently, causing a bead of precum to ooze from the tip. Greg smiled and licked the sticky, clear fluid from the tip.

“Now, baby,” Rory whispered as he lifted Greg. Greg positioned himself over Rory’s cock, straddling his hips. Slowly, he lowered himself onto the tip of Rory’s cock. Greg’s body was nearly hairless and I watched him reach back and position the tip of Rory’s cock against his puckered pink hole. He pushed the tip against his hole. I gasped as I watched his hole stretch around Rory’s mushroom head. Greg moaned as Rory’s head slipped inside him.

Rory grasped Greg’s hips and lowered him inch by inch onto his cock. Slowly his cock disappeared into Greg’s ass until he was completely inside him. Rory began lift Greg and then lower him. Up and down, in slow, long thrusts. They both moaned as their fucking became faster, more passionate.

I felt dizzy watching this erotic scene, very aware of my own wetness. But istanbul Escort I could not move.

Rory and Greg were completely oblivious to my presence. They were lost in their lovemaking. Sounds of passion filled the room as their pace quickened. Rory lifted his hips to meet Greg’s movements, his balls and thighs slapping against Greg’s ass. Their bodies glistened with sweat, shimmering in the firelight. Faster and faster, they fucked. Each thrust more passionate than the last. I watched Greg’s toes clawed at the fuzzy blanket and knew that their climax was fast approaching.

The sounds of their sex grew louder as they moved together, faster and faster. I watched Rory take Greg’s hands in his, their fingers interlaced. I could feel their excitement, their love. They groaned deeply. Rory’s abs tightened and his thighs began to tremble. With one final thrust, Rory let out a deep, long moan. Oh my god, he was cumming. Greg moaned deeply also, and I watched as white ropes of cum exploded from his cock onto Rory’s chest. The two men collapsed together. Rory’s cock slipped out of Greg’s ass with an audible pop. I watched as Rory’s thick, white cum oozed from Greg’s gaping hole.

The two men lay motionless. Greg slid down Rory’s body licking his own semen from Rory’s muscles and then cleaning Rory’s cum which was now a thick puddle at the base of Rory’s semi-erect cock.

I could not take anymore. I regained my composure long enough to sneak up the stairs and out the door without being detected. I staggered to my car and drove to a deserted parking lot nearby. I slid my now drenched panties off my hips and found my own hard clit. I rubbed myself hard and masturbated to the strongest orgasm I’ve have in years.

I returned home and entered the house loudly, as if to announce my return. The clothes were gone and I found the two boys, now fully dressed, drinking coffee in front of the fire, sitting on the same blanket where they have just enjoyed such passionate lovemaking.

I didn’t say a word about what I had witnessed for the entire visit. We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas dinner and then unwrapped our presents. As the boys got ready to leave to return to school, Greg approached me alone in the kitchen. “Thank you, Mrs. Grangier. I had a wonderful time.” He smiled and I smiled back. As I hugged him goodbye, he slipped a Christmas card into my hand. He whispered, “Open it after we leave.”

My husband and I stood on the driveway, waving as they pulled out. I excused myself to the bathroom, and opened the card. I gasped as I read Greg’s handwritten note:

“Thank you for everything. I hope you enjoyed watching our love as much as we enjoyed making it. Love, Greg.”

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